2008-01-16: Vanishing Act



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Ramon is the very unfortunate victim of very unfortunate circumstances. He won't be around for a while.

Date It Happened: January 16th, 2008

Vanishing Act

A parking garage

He's turning into one of /those/ executives. The guy with the blackberry plastered to his ear with one hand while he strides across the crosswalk. The guy who spent dinner on his blackberry at the restaurant he is now leaving. Ramon Gomez finds his way into the parking garage. His levels of paranoia aren't high enough today. He's listening to the guy on the phone, not any telepathic brainwaves. It's after dark, but he's secure in the knowledge that he can handle everything that might come his way. He's got no peripheral vision because he's stuck the phone to the ear on the side of the head with the /good/ eye. Its been a long, exhausting day, and he's got a raging headache from spending it delving into the minds of executives and making decisions, then setting them into motion. It's the exhaustion, more than anything, that has caused this distraction and carelessness as he makes his way towards his vehicle.

When Ramon gets to his car, he'll find a few pieces of notebook paper stapled together with several names listed alongside positions and the like. It's in very poor handwriting, but is somewhat discernible and has been placed under the windshield wiper. Lachlan's name is signed at the bottom along with a quick thank you.

But unfortunately, that's not all Ramon will find at his car. His carelessness will prove rather costly. For no sooner has he reached the vehicle's door when a pair of thugs come from seemingly nowhere and attempt to smash him into the side of the car.

He was reaching for the notes, confused. The blackberry hits the ground and shatters as he grunts and gets slammed. His head is ringing, and his vision is having A Moment. The good eye doesn't even want to cooperate from that slam. He struggles out of reflex, trying to shove himself back up /off/ the car in spite of his unknown assailant. This is what he gets, really, for giving up his van. Since he's gotten the nicer cars one has been blown up and another has been a place where his face has gotten slammed in.

It works for a moment, as both thugs even have to recover from the momentum, but they're soon shoving him hard again in an attempt to smash Ramon's face into the side of the car a second time. Once was not enough, apparently. Those damn dirty drug lords and their skulls of steel.

Ramon's damn drug lord skull doesn't make it a second time. He's out cold on the second smash, soon enough that he doesn't even manage to let out a cry. He just sort of slumps from where he's pinned there. He manages to look cranky even unconscious, but that's probably the whole eyepatch thing.

Perhaps so, but he's still less intimidating when he's not able to hit back. As soon as it's apparent that Ramon is out, the thugs sling an arm each over their shoulders and proceed to bodily drag him away from the car (one snatches the notes on the way) toward a nondescript brown van across the way. There he's loaded (flung) into the back and one grunt leaps in after him to bound and gag him with duct tape. Much like the half-conscious Scotsman who lays inches away. This will be a fine waking up process.

Ramon isn't half-conscious yet. He's not even semi-conscious, or even a little bit conscious at all. He's zero trouble, and he's even a lot lighter than he looks. Most of his size and intimidation is more presence than substance. Kind of like when he tries to throw a grenade or a decent punch in all his middle aged glory.

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