2007-04-21: Very Secret Diaries


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Summary: Ethan plays nursemaid to a rather put out Viola.

Date It Happened: April 21st, 2007

Log Title Very Secret Diaries

Holcombe Residence

Day 4: Wife is vry upset. Chucked the alarm clock at my head. Refuses help. Vry annoying. Wife vry scary.

But that's not really how things are at the Holcombe residence.. sort of. Fortunately, Ethan's demeanor is easy going and has a good natured temperment to counter Viola. The wife isn't taking this need of rest and assistance very well at all. Despite his threats, Holly has been good about restricting visitors, sensitive to his wife's mood and low tolerance for pity parties and offers of help. That said, he is not letting the woman railroad him and have her way. Completely. It's been little things (bribes) he's been attempting to placate her with, along with a LOT of patience. Ethan is taking a short leave from work so that he can babysit Vi and make sure she doesn't damage herself further. The bribe of the evening? Her favorite dessert.. picked up from one of the nicer shops in the neighborhood.

To say that Viola has not been taking bed rest well would be to say Godzilla was a big lizard. That is, a gross understatement. Currently on the couch with her injured leg propped up on a pillow, the lieutenant - off duty - is staring viciously at a large vase of daises that is sitting right in plain sight on the end table. "Holly. If you don't get those things out of my sight, I'm going to rip them apart one by one. And tell them to /stop/ sending me flowers. I don't /want/ any flowers. Tell them to send me /case files/ if they want to send me anything. Just because my damn /leg/ got shot doesn't mean I can't /read/. I feel like a damn leper." Grumble grumble grumble. "Did you bring dessert?" Okay, so being tended to isn't exactly /all/ bad.

"Uh.. sweetheart? Those daisies are from your family," is the gentle correction coming from the direction of the kitchen. "And I'm not telling them to stop sending flowers." As far as what the guys sent from the precinct? Holly so kept that from Vi, otherwise heads would /roll/. "I'll see about sweettalking the chief for you, getting you some work you can do from home." No promises. As for dessert? Ethan heads into the living room bearing a plate containing a generous slice of Vi's favorite cake. "But you make for one sexy leper baby," he says with a grin. The plate and fork are handed to Vi, accompanied by a light kiss.

"So?" Viola is indiscriminate in her hatred of cutesy daisies. They could have come from the Pope and she'd still want them out of her apartment. She's off morphine, in pain, and grumpy. Daisies are just /mocking/ her. "Fine. Give me the phone and I'll do it. 'Dad? It's Vi. Stop it.'" She sighs and readjusts herself, itchy to stand up and help Ethan with everything. "I'd rather make one sexy functioning Lieutenant. This couldn't have come at a /worse/ time." Taking the fork and plate from Ethan, she absently accepts the light kiss. "Thanks, baby."

"I dunno, this makes it easier for me to take advantage of you. For a change," Holly teases his wife before taking the vase of daisies elsewhere in the house. Like putting them in the kitchen for now. There is no handing over of the phone. Nope. "Now baby, be reasonable about the get well gifts. It's that or folks come to visit. I can't stop all of it and neither can you." The mocking daisies now out of sight, he returns to the living room. He settles onto the arm of the sofa next to Vi. "Need another pillow?"

On any other occasion, Viola would be joking about with the idea of Ethan taking advantage of her. Like that would ever happen. However, she cheers up a little when the offending daisies are taken away. "I'll be reasonable about them when the stop. Not to mention I'd be fine with visitors if they brought me something to /do/. And if they didn't try to treat me like some invalid." Waving a hand to the offer of another pillow, she shakes her head. "No. I'm fine. Thanks, hon." Unable to keep her mind off of work, she decides to discuss it. "Any leads on the Sylar case yet? Or where Damaris has gone? Or, hell, who burned down her apartment?"

Ethan slides an arm across Vi's shoulders. "Hon, didn't you ever get hurt or sick as a kid? This is what normal humans do when someone they care about, or fear, is out of action for a bit." He groans just a little and leans in to bump his head lightly against Vi's. "No honey, no leads that I've heard of.. on any of that. Damaris has just disappeared like Hoffa. As for the apartment? Everything I was given to look over is just bizarre. Even the fire investigators are stumped as to what started it. Dunno what to tell you hon, this whole thing is just weird, like something out of a creepy movie."

Viola moves up so that Ethan can actually sit on the couch and she can lean on him. This will work better than an extra pillow! "No. Never." It's said so quickly and with such a straight face that she may even be telling the truth. Unlikely, but still. "God, I hate this. First Gray getting out on a technicality, then Damaris slipping out from under our noses. Makes us seem like goddamn fools." Still grumpy, for sure. "I hate creepy movies. They're stupid. No one should go into a vacant house without backup. And you certainly don't go 'hey, let's split up' without checking to make sure where your exits are. Or ever."

Ethan does in fact slide into place there on the sofa next to his darling, wounded bear of a wife. He keeps his arm around Vi's shoulders, "I know hon, no one likes this at all… and why does that not surprise me? No sick days with mommy tucking you into bed with chicken soup." He shrugs a little, expression going neutral, which means, he's probably as upset as Vi. "We know we aren't fools, but try telling civilians that the evidence stumps us. Normally you have signs of combustion with fire. What started it, etc, but that's .. not the case. I heard the investigators are going with an electrical issue as the cause. But that still doesn't explain how Damaris disappeared. It's like she flew off or something, and we all know /that's/ not possible."

Viola cuddles onto Ethan. As much as she likes to be in charge and to be strong, sometimes it's nice to just snuggle with someone you love. Nothing wrong with that. "Hey, my mom /tried/." Just like Ethan's trying now. But Vi's always been the stubborn one. "God. We might as well just start locking ourselves up and letting the prisoners go free. This is like the insane patients taking over the asylum. Right now I'd start looking for feathers to make sure Damaris didn't change into a bird and just took off. That's the kind of end of rope I'm getting to."

Ethan chuckles as he lifts a hand to toy some with Vi's hair. "I'm sure your mom did… she's uh.. sending dinner tomorrow night.. you're warned." The mum in law wants to help, so Ethan's letting her! "Did you just make a funny? Cause, I just don't see Damaris as the type to suddenly turn into a bird. Not that sort of thing happens outside of cartoons." He grins just a little, despite the weirdness of ongoing cases, the unexplainable. "I'll fire off an email to the chief for you in a bit, get you some work from home. Any case preferences, or just whatever they wanna throw your way?"

Sighing, Viola lets her head loll a bit to the side. Her energy swings between fidgety and wanting to do everything to exhausted for no reason. Groaning at the mention of her mother sending over dinner, just looks up at Ethan. "Make sure to order something after she leaves. You /know/ she can't cook." The woman /tries/ but, really, the only thing she's made successfully in the kitchen are small fires. "Yeah. I don't think Damaris is a bird person, either. I just can't imagine what the hell we're missing. I know we've /got/ to be missing something. And it's probably right in front of our faces." As for what she can do on the cases, she shrugs. "I'll take whatever they need help with. But I'd prefer to do some of the brainwork on this Gray case. I've already spent so much time on it."

Ethan delivers a kiss to Viola's temple, "I'm already on it hon." Thankfully, Holly's a passable cook, and he has the Chinese place on the corner on speed dial. "Alright, I'll tell the chief. I need them to send some stuff my way too since I'm babysitting you. I think I can suffer through paperwork for a bit." Before he goes crazy as paperwork isn't nearly as fun as playing with evidence. "Finish up your cake hon, it's almost time for your medicine." Yes. He's carefully timing her medicine schedule.

"You tell me you're babysitting me one more time and you're the one that's going to need one." Viola tells her husband sternly, though it's mostly an empty threat. As much as she's blustering and grumpy, she does appreciate his care. For the most part. "Blech." That's for the thought of medicine after such good cake. It /ruins/ the taste. But, strangely enough, Vi obeys her husband's request and makes quick work of the rest of her cake. Not tha thard to do, after all, as it is her favorite. And delicious.

Ethan aws at the threat and gives Vi a light squeeze in return. "You're just so cute," he says with a grin, obviously not taking her seriously. "That's a good girl," is then said as he starts for a hasty retreat, still grinning like a cheshire cat. "Want to stay on the couch, or get some help to bed?" The plate and fork, well, he makes a move to intercept once Vi's done, in case she chooses to utilize them in a weapon-esque manner.

"That's it." Viola reaches out to grab Ethan in order to torture him somehow. She's not sure how. It could involve tickling or pain. Or various other ways wives have to punish their husbands. But out of her reach too quickly. Unfair. Frowning, she narrows her eyes at him. "I think I'll stay here for a bit. I feel like all my time is either on this couch or sleeping. Might as well pretend to watch TV for a little while." As for her silverware, she doesn't use it as weapons. She doesn't actually want to /hurt/ Ethan, just threaten it.

Ethan snickers at Vi, "Too slow baby." The plate and fork are taken to the kitchen. When he returns, he's got a glass of water and Vi's medicine dosage. He settles back into the spot he just vacated. The water and pills are handed over, then he changes position so that he's comfortable and Vi can lean into him. Brave man, Holly is. He slips his arms around Vi's waist and rests his chin on her shoulder, "So I guess I should let you control the remote huh?"

Viola takes the medicine and dry swallows it, then chases it with it water. That's the real way to take medicine. "I can't walk. I get remote privileges." Snuggling into Ethan, she takes said remote and turns on the TV. Nothing like Law and Order, oh no, she decides to turn on Oxygen. That's right. Vi has a secret dirty pleasure. Chick flicks.

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