Portrayed By Dante Basco
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 11, 1989
Age 17 (Says he's 18)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Vic
Place of Birth Toronto, ON, Canada
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives None in America!
Significant Other None.
Known Abilities Replication, woo!
First Appearance

Victor Li, student and violinist extraordinaire. Fun to kill. Err, uh…


Victor grew up in Toronto, Ontario, in the East end of the Canadian metropolis, born at Toronto General Hospital on June 11th, 1989. He's the middle child, and since he's been bookended by two large, very masculine and sports-oriented brothers his entire life - he's been shorter than Isaac, his younger brother by two years, from the age of five - he subconsciously rebelled against anything his brothers did his entire childhood, and ended up being a very feminine boy, with long hair until he hit puberty. Anything that he was better than his two brothers at, he threw himself wholeheartedly into - which ended up being a lot, as Victor was declared Gifted at age seven, while his older brothers were slightly below average intelligence.

Perhaps the first inkling of his later talent at all things musical came at age five, when he picked up his father's old violin - he had played when he was younger, and while he was never very accomplished, he enjoyed it, and kept it up well into his adult life - and immediately played the tune to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, without being told how it worked! He was immediately thrown into the world of music lessons, both on the violin and the piano (one of which was immediately bought by Victor's well-off parents).

By the time Victor graduated high school - a twig of an eighteen-year-old, heading off to Columbia University to study to become a lawyer - he had been teaching both piano and violin for a few years, and had picked up the flute and singing, establishing himself as the section leader of the tenors in each of his (rather large) school's three choirs. His friends thought he was crazy for his choice of undergraduate degree - he was going to double major in Music and Psychology, and then go on to Columbia's Law school.

Perhaps fittingly for his major - well, one of his majors, at least - Victor was 'outed' at his high school in the eleventh grade. Surprisingly for a high school that was mostly white people, though, the bisexual, short Asian guy was fairly popular, and very little negative was said about him - it was the hot topic in the halls for a week, but it faded into the background. Not many people were surprised by the rumour, mostly because while he'd had a girlfriend until a month or two before being pushed out of the closet, he had also always seemed… different.

The stress of having to come out of the closet with each of his friends individually, combined with the stress over exam week - the bastard who decided to out him had picked a grand time to do it - and a flute exam with his private teacher during that week, on top of the exams for school, seemed ready to make his head explode - and, on top of that, the girl he liked at that point was having boy problems of her own, something Victor always felt duty-bound to help, even at his own expense. Eventually, it seemed like he was needed to do way too much at once, and his head seemed ready to split down the middle - and then out of the blue, it did! An entirely autonomous copy of himself pulled itself out of Victor's body, and, without even needing to be told what to do - since, really, it was also him - the copy picked up the flute lying on the bed, untouched for days despite the looming exam, and began practicing. The original Victor finished his report after about an hour, and moved to take the flute from his copy - but instead, phased through him, and when their heads overlapped, the copy disappeared, and the memories of practicing the flute - as well as the benefits of practicing - melded with what the original Victor had experienced over the previous hour.

Victor played with this newfound ability over the days leading up to exam week, and discovered that he could have as many as three copies doing what he had to do at once, but they couldn't seem to last for longer than about a day, and he needed to make sure to accept their memories - he called it 'inloading', taken from a scifi book he'd recently read - before they disappeared, or whatever that copy of himself had been studying would need to be relearned. That ability, strengthened what little he's been able to over the intervening years, is the reason that Victor feels able to pull off a double-major - and how he's been able to have a ninety-five average since about halfway through grade ten, for some reason…


Orchestras of Sound and Knowledge in which Victor goes to Starbucks, is introduced to Gene and Alfons - and then realizes he has class! Scatterbrain. Well, literally.

How to Tick Off a Flaming Woman in which Victor is crushed by a piece of a recently-exploded car. Yeah, that's right. He's helped by Nathan and Lachlan, then scampers off to avoid undue worry, when that replica's just going to disappear soon, anyway…

Dinner at the Pub in which Victor goes to attempt to order a bottle of Guinness, and ends up being given two of them by Sean and Riya.


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