Victory Celia Ames
Portrayed By Jennifer Garner
Gender Female
Date of Birth Just another identifier
Age Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases Vicky, Julia Thorne, Jenny Perotti, Jenna Rink, Elizabeth Sullivan
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Dancer, Henchwoman
Training Unknown
Known Relatives Unknown
Obsession Ivory
Known Abilities Taking Names and Kicking Asses
Skills Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Disguise, Manipulation
First Appearance Victorious Wynn

An enigma, mystery, and general sex-kitten, like a transformer, there's more to Vicky than meets the eye.


Presumably she was born and lived a childhood, but little is known about her childhood or her life before meeting Ivory, in fact, it is as if Victory hadn't existed prior to meeting Wynn.

Plot Hooks

Coming Soon


vicvol5.jpg A mysterious woman with excellent skills come into the service of Ivory Wynn.


  • "Memorable quotes!"


  • Interesting miscellany.
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