2007-04-24: Video Diary



Summary: Drake takes steps to secure his past, and future.

Date It Happened: April 24th, 2007

Video Diary

Drake's Bedroom

As Drake walks into the bedroom, and closes his door behind him, he lets out a soft breath, running his hands back through his blonde hair. His mind is a whirl of emotions since he received the text message while he was sitting in class, bringing him news of a worst case scenario. Everything by now, is starting to make sense, and the pieces are being put together.

Glancing outside his window for a moment into the dark, dreary New York streets, he watches the cars race back, and forth along the busy avenues, creating a symphony of engine roars, and loud honks that echo impatiently. It seems that he is taking the time to admire, and to appreciate everything that he has at the moment. Every color, every detail that screams out to him — he simply takes it all in.

Once he pulls back from the window, he makes his way to his closet and opens up an old shoe box, pulling out a dated camcorder, and a few cables to hook it up. As he attaches it to his VCR, and slips in a blank cassette, he sets the small device up on the desk, about eye level, and hits the record button.

"..Hi. I'm Drake Maxwell. The reason why I am recording this, is because there may be a chance that one day, I will wake up in my bed, and not remember anything of the last year or so. This scares me, because in the last few months, I've come to care more about the real world than I ever have. I quit taking things for granted, and I've been giving the chance to really take a step back, and admire what God has gave all of us."

There's a slow, heavy sigh, before continuing on.

"I am special. I have the ability to slow down time, and travel faster through it when needed. I have been working on this for months now, and I'm finally at a point in my life where I actually really love my gift. I can dodge bullets… kind of like Neo. I have a costume, sort of, that I made.. shoved into the back of my closet, stuck up in the hidden attic compartment. I go by the alias of Omega, and I go out into the night and I try to save those who need a miracle. I've saved people from being raped, killed, and mugged. For me, there is no greater joy in knowing that somewhere out there, you made a difference in a person's life, and that they have a second chance to have a good day."

Glancing over his shoulder, as if he heard something from the hallway, he pauses, then looks back to the camera.

"I'm in love with a girl named Claire Bennet. She's like me, special. She is beautiful, confident, and has the greatest smile. She makes me feel complete. Because she is special, there are those who are out to hurt her, especially one by the name of Sylar. He wants to cut her head off, and steal her gift, so that he can live forever. I know this sounds crazy, so if I'm watching this for the first time, believe me.. Drake.. it's real."

"My best friend is Elena Gomez. She's also like me. She's the one person I can open up to about anything. She's taught me so much about my abilities, and have really kept me grounded at times I most needed it. As soon as you see this tape, call her, immediately. She will explain everything."

"Right now I am on the run from a place called The Company. It's so vague, but they seem to have a cover called Primatech paper. Deep down, it's a group of people mixed with specials like us, and normal people, who take those of us with gifts in, brain wash them, and make them forget. I got the marks on my neck because I was taken in by them once, and they made me forget. For all I know, I may have been great once before, but… I will never know. I see this as my second chance. Hopefully I won't need to have a third."

With another look towards his bedroom door, Drake looks a bit antsy, shifting somewhat as he listens carefully, then once more begins to speak into the camera.

"My mother doesn't know anything, and she can't. If she did, she would probably call the cops and have me locked up in a mental ward. Super powers are not supposed to exist, it's supposed to be science fiction, but for some crazy, stupid reason, it does. Here.. Drake, I'll show you an example.."

As he reaches over to his notebook, he tugs out a few pieces of paper, then holds it up for the camera. As he concentrates, he begins to unravel time, fast forwarding it so that the paper withers slowly, and rots away in his fingertips.

"See? Cool special effects, huh? I can move time forward and back. I rotted the paper by pushing it to it's peak timeline, and then it stopped at it's furthest point. I can always do it backwards, though I'm not as good at that as I'd like to be, at least not yet, I hope."

Standing up, he gives himself a bit of a stretch, then moves to the window to peek out it for a moment.

"They're coming for me..you.. Drake. Next time, keep your head down, and do what Elena tells you to do. Don't put yourself on the radar, and trust /no one/ outside of the list of people I'm going to attach to the tape. Do not deviate from this, or next time, you may end up dead."

As he heads back to the camera, he turns it off, then slips the cassette out. Wrapping it up with a piece of paper, and taping a list of contacts to it, he stuffs it at the bottom of his sock drawer, then lets out a soft breath. Peeking out into the hallway, he catches sight of his mother, having just got home from work, looking tired, and worn down.

".. Mom? Hey.. I love you." He calls out with a smile on his face. "I'm going to bed."

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he hopes that his mother's smile won't be the last thing he sees.

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