Viola Everard Holcombe
Portrayed By Gina Torres
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 9th, 1973
Age 34
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Vi, Everard
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation NYPD Lieutenant
Known Relatives Henry Everard (father), Sarah Everard (mother), Jaques (brother), Benedict (brother), Ford (brother)
Significant Other Ethan, spouse
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Loose Cannon

Viola is a Lieutenant in the NYPD. She plays with the boys and hits just as hard.


Viola Everard Holcombe has lived her whole life in New York. The only daughter and eldest child to Henry and Sarah Everard, the Everards grew up in Upper West Side when it was still dangerous territory. Her father was a fireman - now retired - and worked odd hours. Her mother worked behind the desk at a library. Neither of them had very large salaries, but provided what they could for their children.

Living in a bad neighborhood, Viola took it upon herself to keep an eye out for her younger three younger brothers, Jaques, Benedict, and Ford (her mother went a little overboard with the Shakespeare). She made it her personal duty to make sure that they stayed out of the gangs and off the dangerous parts of the street. While their mother was a bit of a softy and couldn't help give her beloved children everything, Viola was tough. If she found her brothers mixing themselves in something illegal or taking drugs, she wouldn't hesitate to take steps to make sure they never got into it again. Whether that was turning them in, yelling at them, or even getting into fights with them. She believes in definite rights and wrongs and that once you start to bend them you become the bad guys. She tried to instill those values in her younger brothers.

It surprised no one in her family when she went to college for criminal studies. It surprised them even less when she joined up with boys in blue. While it was still mostly an old boys club when she joined up, she showed those around her that she was not lacking in cajones. At least in attitude and not physically. Not afraid to back down, she can hold her own in a fight, is good with a gun, and isn't afraid to go toe to toe with anyone other than the Captain of the force. Hell, she even likes to ride motorcycles.

With the police she brought her ideals and strict morality of what is right and what is wrong. As a detective, she was someone who followed the rules, went by the book. That's what rules and books are there for, after all. It earned her both the respect and contempt of others in her precinct. Most saw it as a way for her to suck up to the higher ups, others saw it as a refreshing breath of air from the rebel cops and those whose morality might be a little greyer.

After a couple of years on the force, Vi took her Sergeants exam and passed. Playing by the rules allowed her to move up the ranks of Detective pretty quickly and passing to Sergeant just showed that it wasn't just a fluke or because she's a woman. Just like anyone successful, she's made her enemies and she's carved out some respect for herself. From there, she went on to pass her test to become a Lieutenant and that's where she's stayed. Though she does have her sights on making captain, she's quite content with her current position.

Viola was set up on a blind date with Ethan "Holly" Holcombe - one of the police's lab scientist - by some of her friends on the force. It did not go well. However, she kept seeing him around and his kindness and quirky sense of humor finally started to crack her initial dislike of him. Eventually, the two started to see each other and two years later, they married. He's a reminder of her gentler side, her more feminine side and he loves how strong she is. The two are good opposites for each other. Though they do have their share of battle royale fights, the marriage is mostly a solid one.


March 2007

  • After Mara is put in the hospital by Sylar, Viola comes to visit. She demotes her.
  • Promotes Matt to Detective, is told by the Captain that Gray was released due to lack of evidence.
  • While scrambling to find out how to fix the Sylar case, Viola is visited by a Fed who wants to help out on the case.
  • On a rare moment of free time during the Gray Case overload, Viola and Ethan have dinner at the Oldcastle.
  • Matt and Judah come to Viola in order to get permission to use Mara as bait.
  • The Fed asks Viola to reinstate Mara as Detective for the Gray case.
  • With Mohinder and Molly kidnapped, Viola takes to the streets to try and get some leads. She comes across the Den of Iniquity, and asks around. She gets bupkis for her effort.

April 2007


  • "Holly. You look blue. This is really good morphine." - to Ethan on morphine after being shot.
  • "It'll never happen. It's impossible to fly and to do whatever it is your superheroes do. So, who cares? Some random Joe thinks he can fly, let him fly. He hovers off the floor for a couple seconds, what am I gonna tell him? Other than recommend him a good psychiatrist. And possibly ask him what he spiked my drink with. If someone can prove something to me, then, fine, I'll believe it. There's a good hundred perps I've believed to be guilty only to be proven wrong about." - to Ethan about superpowers


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