2008-02-03: Viral


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Summary: Kory, Cam, and the 'geeks' at the Lair plot a way to help Lee get his job back.

Date It Happened: February 3rd, 2008


The Secret Lair

It's a cold and quiet Tuesday evening in New York City. Yesterday, the groundhog predicted more winter, but that doesn't stop the geeks. Nothing stops the geeks. Kory's got the shift at the Lair now, and is bobbing her head rapidly along with whatever's on her headphones. She's singing, too. In Japanese, it sounds like. In a very high voice, almost a falsetto. Her fingers are tapping on the countertop.

At the back, there's a game of Teenagers from Outer Space being played, and for a change, Leslie, the alpha geek who goes by many names, isn't the GM but one of the players. Though he's currently smiling beatifically at the boppity Kory jamming away behind the counter.

Cam comes in the front door of the shop, looking somewhat less cheerful than usual. Not the worried he has been lately, either, though. As he spots Kory he quickly makes his way over to the counter, "Hi."

Kory blinks as Cam arrives at the counter. "Oh, Cam! Hey!" she says, a bit too loudly, as she realizes belatedly she needs to cut off the headphones. "What's the matter? You look …" she trails off, worriedly.

Cam makes a face and says, "Mr. Jones got in trouble at school. He showed us this awesome music video yesterday and today they had some stupid substitute in."

Kory nods. "Oh, you mean this?" She plucks the remote up, and turns on the TV, hits a key on the laptop. The YouTube page is loaded, and she gets the same video playing at fullscreen. "They yanked him out of class for this? But it's killer!"

At the back, Leslie looks crestfallen as Kory turns on the video, but goes back to his game. "What? No way, I'm the head cheerleader!"

Cam looks up to the screen and nods quickly, "Yeah, that's one one. Yeah, it's great! Dunno why he'd be in trouble, but it's stupid." He leans a little against the counter.

Kory hums a bit more of the song she was humming when Cam came in. "Mainly because school boards and the PTA are the most uptight grownups you're ever going to meet." The geeks have paused in their game to look at the video. The drummer has come out from in front of the drums and is dancing in a manner one would find on MTV. "Half your class knows the song already, don't they?"

Cam nods quickly and says, "Maybe even more. Everybody's talking about it, it's great. Well, some say it's stupid, but think they'd say that about anything." He looks up to watch the video a moment more as it plays.

"It is great. I think they're just mad because it's unorthodox. You know, not a normal way of teaching. But it got everybody's attention. Which makes me go —" Kory throws her hands up in a confused gesture. "Because isn't that what they want? For you guys to pay attention in class?"

Cam nods a little to Kory and says, "I guess." He makes a face and says, "It isn't fair, though." He shrugs then again and says, "I'm gonna talk to Mr. Church. Bet he can do something to fix it."

Kory beams; Cam actually cares enough to act on it. "That's awesome, Cam. I hope it helps. I bet it will. I've been playing this a little all day, and everybody seems to like it who hears it. By tomorrow, people who love that he did it are gonna speak up with you. Betcha any action figure in the discount box." Kory winks at him.

Cam smiles again at that and says, "Ok!" Then he grins and says, "I hope so, anyway. Gotta do something to help. This whole thing's stupid."

Kory nods. "It really is. If you want to help, here." Kory pops a handful of packaged mini-DVDs out from below the counter. "Hand these out to your friends. The more popular this video gets, the more the school is going to have to accept it's not as bad as they're trying to make it out. Especially when you ace that standardized test."

"We'll take some, too, Kory," the guy Lee calls Professor Neckbeard addresses Kory, with a sidelong look to the alpha geek who's not GMing tonight. "Shouldn't be too hard to make it go viral with all of us working at it, hmm?"

Cam takes the DVDs, looking them over and then nods quickly, "Sure! I can get them to a few people." He looks over to the guys at the end of the store and smiles, "Awesome, yeah."

Kory nods, determinedly. "Good. They won't be able to resist the media attention. I should twitter about it." She turns to the laptop and begins typing rapidly. "There. Hashtagged and retweet requested. It should start spreading like wildfire!"

Cam blinks, looking to Kory in confusion at her computer terms, and then says, "That'll work? Cool. I'll get Micah to help too, bet he can get it all over the place. If he's ok with helping."

"Nothing spreads faster," Kory says, with a playfully devious smile, "Than dirt on the internet that the boring suits don't want spread. Information …" she trails off.

"WANTS TO BE FREE!" shouts the table full of geeks, finishing her sentence. Their fists are in the air. Except the one guy who's been gazing dreamily at Kory for most of the evening when the game's not going on. But now that the video's on its third replay, they're going back to what they were doing. "Now you're the quarterback," Professor Neckbeard says to Leslie, who had been protesting he was the head cheerleader.

Cam laughs at the shout, not mocking but just cheerful. "This'll be awesome. Hope it'll be enough to fix things." Then he asks, "Think Mr. Jones is ok and everything? Bet he's mad, but want him to know we're helping."

Kory actually starts typing again, eyes sparkly with that 'I have an idea' sort of light. "Nah, he's not mad. He kind of expected this might happen. So keep it under your hat."

Cam blinks at that and then nods a little, "Oh. Ok." He looks curiously to the computer, climbing up to sit on the counter to tr to see what Kory's doing.

Kory turns the laptop around. She's just made another twitterpost telling people to call their local radio stations and ask the DJ to play "Represent" by Number Two Pencil. "And at midnight it'll crosspost to my blog."

Cam grins at that and says, "Oh, cool! I hope they do it. That'll get even more people listening to it, people who don't use computers. Or wanna say they don't, cept for work."

Kory grins and touches Cam on the nose. "Yup. You don't mess with people who know their internet."

"As usual, Kore, you're brilliant," says the geek who was complaining earlier about being the cheerleader. "I hope this guys is aware of how lucky he is to have your love."

"He's like a brother to me," Kory replies, without batting an eye. She gets that a lot when she talks about Lee. "He'd do it for me without hesitation."

Cam looks to the 'cheerleader' with a curious look, but then shrugs and looks back up to Kory again, smiling. "You wanna keep all this as a surprise for Mr. Jones? I won't tell if you do, promise."

"Oh, he'll be surprised," Kory assures Cam. "I doubt he thought of all the possible ways to give his video the exposure it deserves. But that's what he has me around for."

"What were you playing earlier?" the cheerleader asks. "That wasn't more stuff by you brother-friend?"

"Oh, no. I was playing some of the music you burned me," Kory tells him. "Here, let me put it on for everybody."

"Allow me." The guy pops a CD into the laptop's drive, and the paused video is replaced by perky Japanese Ska.

Cam grins and says, "Cool." Then he looks to the cheerleader again as the CD's placed in the computer. After the music starts he nods and says, "Yeah, that's good too. What're they saying?"

"I have no idea. It just sounds cool," Kory and the cheerleader announce together. They exchange a startled glance, and then laugh at having said the same thing in response to Cam's question.

"I don't actually speak Japanese," Kory explains. "I only know the lyrics because I've played this song so much I can hear the syllables well enough to sing them." At which the cheerleader looks impressed. And pleased.

Cam blinks, "Oh, ok. Cool." He then grins and says, "It is cool, yeah." Then he adds, "At school, a couple kids were playing this video of a… um, I dunno where he's from, but he wore what looked like a towel on his head, and there were like four of him in the video all in different colour clothes. They were laughing at how funny he looked but that song was cool too."

"Don't think I've seen it, but I'll have to look for it. I'm always looking for new things to spin on the weekends. Thanks, Cam!" Kory types herself a reminder into the laptop. "You want me to tell Lee that you came by to see how he was doing? I expect he's probably over his friend's place, trying to keep his mind off all the drama."

Cam nods quickly and smiles, "Sure! I can help you find it later if ya want." He nods quickly and says, "Yeah, ok. He's why I stayed at school, ya know. Was gonna quit again after I found my dad, but knew he wanted me to stay. And he was a lot cooler than the other teachers, even if he doesn't like comics." He then hops off the counter and says, "Guess I gotta go. I'll make sure lotsa people get these DVDs."

"Sure. If you find it, I'd love to play it. Too bad you're too young to club. You'd love the stuff I play on the weekends." She ruffles Cam's hair, in lieu of kissing his cheek because he's at that age where it's embarrassing. "Good. We'll make Number Two Pencils a household name, and then the School Board will have to take him back!"

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "Yeah!" He grins and then gives a wave, "Bye." He turns and hurries out, putting the DVDs in his coat pocket as he goes out the door.


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