2007-11-09: Visionary Assistance


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Summary: As he'd planned to, Peter calls up Kitty for assistance in his mission to find a cure for the virus. Specifically, he wants her to accompany him to visit a mourning widow, hoping that she will get visions that might lead them in the right direction.

Date It Happened: November 9, 2007

Visionary Assistance

On the Phone

It's leaning towards the late hours of the afternoon when Peter finally settles down in his apartment again. So much has been going on the last few days, and it's difficult to remember all the things he needs to do— but he does remember one thing. Pulling out his cellphone, he dials Kitty's phone number and waits.

Kitty is currently reading a book on her bed, looks at the phone and smiles as she answers, "Hey Pete," the young woman closes her novel and places on the side of her. "What's going on?"

"There's a lot going on," Peter says into the phone, unaware that he's not that far from this young woman at all. "Elena told me that the two of you talked the other day— I meant to call you earlier but things kept coming up. I sort of… have a favor I need to ask of you, but before I do— how does your ability work? Does it have any side effects?"

"You have a lot going on right now," Kitty comments and then adds, "Remember not to stress yourself out to much." Then with a pondering silence, "Favor? Well I touch an object and I see the past or the future that surrounds that object or has something to do with that object. Sometimes I can be knocked out from it, but that doesn't happen often, I've been using my ability for a while now. The thing that does happen often would be I feel weakened for a little while after the vision is complete."

"So it's probably best not to do more than one vision in a short timeframe," Peter says softly, sounding thoughtful about that. There's silence, as if he's trying to figure something out. "Okay— Elena said she mentioned the man who worked in the meat packing district, right? I'm going to go talk to his widow soon, and I wanted to bring you along, see if you could get a vision in his house that might clue us in to anything that connects him to the rest of us— anything at all."

"I have done more than one vision in a short amount of time. If that was needed," Kitty nods her head, "Elena told me and I will be happy to help you in seeing what I can 'see' at the widow's house. Know how soon is soon?" Kit smiles softly and puts her hair into a tight ponytail.

"I should have done it already, honestly," Peter admits with a grimace before he looks at the clock. "You're not the only one I'm trying to contact for help, though." And she already knows that he's super busy at times— so much to do, so little time. "I need to contact the third person still. Once we figure that out, the three of us can head over together. You wouldn't happen to know Ian already, would you? He's a friend of Elena's."

"Ok I understand," Kit says simply and Tiger comes and meows as he jumps on her bed. Her eyes widen. "Ian, the hot guy that controls static? Yep, I had a vision of him running into some trouble a while back but we haven't got the chance to talk about it. So I'm guessing it hasn't happened yet."

"I'll take your word on him being hot," Peter says, tone lightening for a moment, almost amused sounding. "But yeah, that's the guy. Hopefully this isn't the trouble that he's going to get into… But he's the one Elena recommended to me to bring along. Third set of eyes, that sort of thing. Hopefully it won't intimidate her if more than one person shows up… But the version of your ability I have— it knocks me out every single time, sometimes for hours." So he really couldn't do what he's asking her to do.

"Ouch that sucks, you can't just absorb my version of it?" Kitty asks and then snickers, "He is hot, but I hope the widow doesn't freak either. Maybe we can say that we are with the Health Department?" Kit suggest even though she is a terrible actress. "I agree with having another person to spot things that you or I maybe not see." Kitty then scratches Tiger behind the ears and offers, "Are you doing okay, emotionally speaking? I'm sorry if I'm jumping all in your business but I tend to worry about my friends. It's a habit."

"I was planning to say I'm a nurse that was asked to investigate the conditions of his death, and that the two of you were students," Peter says, explaining his story to her. And the best part? It isn't actually a lie. "We'll just have to leave out what you're students of and let her assume you're medical— you're not medical, are you?" There's a pause. "You're not— it's okay. I'm fine. I just want to fix this before it gets any worse."

"Your plan actually sounds better than what I just proposed and I'm a English major," Kitty says softly and Tiger hops away from her and runs out of the room. "I understand what you mean. Knowing that something bad is coming and you want to do everything you can to stop it. Well, McWonder I am behind you one hundred percent."

There's no way that a smile can carry over the phone, even a hint of one, but there's a sound in his breath that's almost a laugh— that can carry over. "Thanks, Kitty," Peter says, sounding genuine in his gratitude. "It means a lot that you're wanting to help out— and to have you backing me. I'll give you a call as soon as I set things up with Ian and the three of us can meet at my place and go over there together."

Kitty smiles warmly and nods her head, "No problem and I'll talk to you soon. And be careful out there!" Kitty says before ending the call. The young woman feels like she just made a new, and very cool friend.

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