2007-03-03: Visions Of Violence


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Summary: Mara seeks out Mohinder's assistance on her ability.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Log Title Visions of Violence

Reed Street Laboratories

After having made his rounds at the hospital being used by the Company, Mohinder has returned back to Isaac's loft, now his laboratory. It's fairly empty of employees as the man does a lot of the work on his own. There are a few assistants running more menial tasks, but for the bulk of the work? It's all in Suresh's hands. He takes the cold storage box containing a new batch of samples to his work station. A fresh pair of surgical gloves are pulled on as he preps his equipment for working with the samples.

There's a knock on the door, followed by the strange mingled accent of Detective Damaris. "Doctor Suresh? I was wondering if you could spare a minute?" Mara gnaws on her lower lip anxiously as she waits outside for an invitation.

Mohinder looks up from his workstation and blinks. Oh dear. "It's open, please come in Officer Damaris." He leaves the cold storage box closed and sealed for now. The items should remain viable inside for quite awhile yet should this take too long.

Mara lets herself in and looks around the lab. It's been cleaned up since she was here last, obviously. No… dead time travelers on the floor this time. "I hope I'm not interrupting… If this is a bad time, I can always come back later." All the same, she's slowly approaching the work station, rather than lingering near the door.

Mohinder shakes his head and gestures for a high stool across from him where he sits. "Not at all, please have a seat. Did you get my message?" He looks briefly back over his shoulder. Good, the assistants he has are out of earshot. His attention is returned to Mara. "I want to thank you again, for helping, especially for getting Molly to Matt."

"For Parkman… And for Hiro… I couldn't not help." Mara shakes her head, keeping her voice low. "He's doing all right, isn't he?" It's unsurprising that the officer would worry for Hiro's well-being. She's used to finding corpses, not seeing them restored to life.

Mohinder nods and continues to speak quietly. "Yes, that he is. It was very touch and go for awhile, but he should be good as new by now. I monitored him over the weekend." He carefully avoids going into what he did, or how this was achieved.

While horribly curious, Mara doesn't pry for details. So long as Hiro's rejoined the living, that's what's important to her. "I would like to talk to you about your work… And about my abilities, if that's all right with you."

Mohinder is thankful that Mara doesn't pry. He'd rather not expose a few matters. "Wonderful! I am more than happy to!" Enthusiasm starts to take root as he's genuinely interested to discuss this. The gloves are pulled off and disposed of before he roots around the work area for a notepad and pencil. "You don't mind if I take notes do you?"

Mara seems to consider for a moment before she shakes her head gently. "No, I suppose not." She takes a deep breath and smiles nervously, "Honestly, until I met Mister Nakamura, I thought I just had some sort of brain tumor or something. I never really thought that… I'm not sure how to explain what's been happening to me over the past few months."

At the top of the page, Mohinder simply notates Mara as 'O M D', not wanting to put her name down on paper. He listens to Mara and nods his head, smiling gently. "A lot of people say that, the details of course vary between persons and their ability. How about we start at the beginning? That's typically the best way to start."

Mara lets out a huff of rueful laughter. "I've used that line in interviews so many times. You'd think I could take my own advice." The homicide detective purses her lips and stares off into space at a spot just over Mohinder's head. "The first time it happened, it was… Late November or early December. My partner had just informed me that we didn't have an accidental death on our hands, but a murder. Something about the blood spatter not being quite right. So I was trying to figure out what our murder weapon would have been. I picked up a paperweight off the desk and the whole thing played out in front of me. My vic was arguing with his business partner. He picked up the paperweight and just started hitting the victim over and over again. Then I saw him cleaning up the blood and staging it to look like an accident, like we saw it when we originally came in. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the hospital and being told by my partner that I've been unconscious for thirteen hours."

Mohinder chuckles in amusement, "It /is/ horribly cliche, isn't it?" He smiles across at Mara before turning to the paper and jotting down notes as she speaks. Unlike most note takers, his are fairly concise and legible. When he's not writing in 'code'. His lips purse and he hrms. "That's.. fascinating. It's not unheard of for say.. a room to have a bad vibe, or negative energy, but for you to be able to see what an item had a part in.. Has this only been for instances with violence?"

"It /tends/ to be more prevalent with violent acts," Mara admits, "But I think that comes with the job. I've had a few visions that didn't involve violence, though." She leans back and rakes her fingers through her hair. "It doesn't happen with /everything/ I touch, but it does happen more than I'll admit to my superiors. I touch something, I faint, I have the vision while I'm unconscious. The… 'downtime' has more or less decreased after each vision. I'm usually out less than an hour now."

"That would make sense, generally speaking. Violent acts tend to carry more.." Mohinder fishes around for what he's trying to say, but it's fairly obvious what he's meaning. He taps the point of his pencil against the paper as he listens. "The intensity varies, again, that is sensible. What you pick up off these objects, the power, the aura, would vary and affect you accordingly. As time goes on, you adjust further.. I would like to get a sample of your blood, to study, and I would like to run a series of tests by having you pick up objects and I monitor your reactions."

"Sure. Do… Do you think I'll be able to figure out how to control it?" A few months ago, Mara would have been asking for a cure. But now? "If I could just stop the fainting, I think I could deal with this… I don't get any warning at all before it happens. I don't know if what I touch is going to knock me out, or if it's going to be fine."

"Undoubtably yes. It does take time, but I think with your ability, you can learn control and no longer suffer blackouts.. in every day instances that is." Mohinder seems quite sure that this will be the case. "For now, I just want to draw the blood sample. I'll set up an appointment for you to return and I will have a series of objects for you to touch as I monitor." He seems so sure of Mara's ability to control her body's reactions and he smiles confidently at her. "I think you'll be quite fine. There isn't a guarantee that somewhere down the line that an item with significant violence attached to it won't make you faint or such, but for everyday purposes, you will be fine."

Mara nods slowly and unbuttons the cuff of her sleeve so she can begin to roll it up. "You believe me, though? I mean, just like that?" Spoken like a woman who isn't used to being believed. "Mister Nakamura said there were… others. Are there many?"

"Of course I believe you, why wouldn't I?" A few months ago, Mohinder was cautiously skeptical, but now? He's a believer. Whole heartedly. "There of course isn't an accurate headcount in existance. Suffice to say, there's a large number of people out there with abilities as varying and as unique as each person." As he speaks with Mara, he's getting out a fresh pair of gloves to slip on. After that, he's getting a couple of sterile needles with vials for collecting samples. Along with alcohol swab, band-aid, it's no different than going to a doctor's office for a blood test. He even produces a rubber ball for Mara to squeeze onto. It's got a little smiley face on it too. "You aren't squeamish over blood are you? If so, you might want to focus elsewhere."

Mara chuckles quietly as she clutches the ball in her hand. "If I were squeamish over blood, I'd be in the wrong line of work. I'll be fine." In fact, she seems to be watching intently. She knows there shouldn't be anything different about this, but, you know… just in case.

"Of course, how silly of me," Mohinder says. He's not hamfisted as he works on tapping out the desired vein in Mara's arm, but there are gentler hands when it comes to this sort of thing. At any rate, his bedside manner makes up for it? Right? With gloved hands, he ties off a rubber tube just above Mara's elbow. Area swabbed with alcohol, he inserts the needle and begins drawing blood. "However, some people do tend to become ill at the sight of their own blood being drawn. I do have a refridgerator here with some orange juice if you feel you need some after this, and of course there is plenty of water if you prefer."

"I never decline the juice. I have enough issues without worrying about my strength after having a little blood drawn." The detective rolls her eyes with a small smirk. At least she can make fun of herself. "Is there any way I could get in touch with Mister Nakamura?" Mara watches the blood slowly filling the vial, switching gears. "I would like to check up on him…"

Mohinder chuckles again at Mara. When that first vial is full, he repeats the process with number two. "I will let him know that you want to check on him. He should be up and about by now. Last I heard, he was working on contacting his friends to let them know he is okay. You can let go of the ball now." When the second vial is full, he sets it aside too then places a cotton wad against the minute puncture mark. A bandaid is then put over it. The tubing is removed and put in a biohazard container. "There. Let me go get you that juice then." He slides off his stool to go fetch a single serving bottle of OJ.

Mara presses two fingers against the cotton ball on her arm, even though the bandaid is already holding it in place. She slowly looks around again, silently amazed by how things can be 'business as usual' so quickly. "Thank you, Doctor Suresh…"

Mohinder returns promptly with the juice and a straw should Mara want it. Both are handed to her. "There's no need to thank me Officer. This is my job and I'm happy to do it." He then writes 'O M D' on a label for each bottle, carefully applying it against the glass.

"I feel like I should, all the same." Mara takes a sip of her juice and watches her little code name being attributed to the bottles. "Do… /you/ have an ability?" It seems a fair question to ask, after all.

Mohinder laughs softly and shakes his head, "No. I'm completely unremarkable." A sterile glass slide is procured along with an eyedropper. One of the vials is opened long enough for him to take a few drops, then it's sealed up nice and tight. A few drops are placed on the slide which he takes to a nearby microscope. Looks like he can't wait to start the studying.

"I wouldn't say that," Mara disagrees gently. "You seem a pretty remarkable sort to me." There's maybe just the barest hint of flirtation in that rebuttal, intentional or otherwise. "Will my blood look different than… the blood of someone without an ability?"

"Allow me to rephrase then, I'm just an unevolved human." Mohinder refrains from saying normal as that implies there is something wrong or ill about those with abilities. Which is not the case. "To the trained eye, yes, I will be able to see differences between your blood and say, my own. There's a different makeup at the cellular level." He turns to look through the microscope and hmms with interest. "Yes, I'll want to take a better look at this.." And run those tests. "What day and time would be convienent for you to return and test your abilities?" He pulls back from the microscope and withdraws a blackberry from his pocket.

Mara leans forward to fish her own blackberry from her back pocket. "Is tomorrow too soon? I've got the day off…" She pulls up a calendar and nods. "Whatever works for you, though. I /will/ make time for this." It's obviously just as important to her as it is interesting to him.

"Not too soon at all," Mohinder says as he punches in a timeframe for Mara. "Let's say.. around 11am? Try not to eat a heavy breakfast, just in case. If you have a music preference for calming you, let me know or just bring the CD."

"Eleven…" Mara sets the date and nods. "That'll be perfect." She glances upward for a moment and nods again as though confirming something in her own mind. "For now, I won't take up any more of your time." She rises from her chair, "I really appreciate you helping me to understand all of this."

Mohinder holds out a hand for Mara to take, "It's quite alright. I appreciate that you're allowing me to help you." As Mara rises, so does he so that he can walk her out.

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