2007-02-28: Visiting Hours Are Apparently 24/7


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Summary: Nathan has some more unexpected guests drop in. Hiro teams up with Noah to go save the world some more.

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007

Visiting Hours Are Apparently 24-7

Nathan's Room - The Petrelli Mansion

It's likely late at night, and Nathan, as much as he /should/ be asleep, is not. Eyes open, he studies what he can see of the ceiling. He's hooked up to some private-care-style hospital equipment, as usual, with a nice steady flow of painkillers that aren't dragging him into unconsciousness, just keeping him at the edge of it.

Hiro Nakamura isn't really supposed to be here, for a plethora of reasons, but that hasn't stopped him from caring about poor Nathan Petrelli. There's a whole stock of perfectly good reasons that he shouldn't at all be here. Still, after a hair-raising teleport jump to the window sill, Hiro kneels a little bit, trying to get a look inside. He taps on the glass. Nathan looks kind of on drugs. "Psst!"

It is late at night, the best time for such activities. Black is the colour of choice, in sweater and pants, as Noah slips quietly through the Petrelli mansion. He stops outside the door to Nathan's room, listening, then edging the door open just a crack. His glasses are put away, though his night vision isn't what it used to be.

It takes a few taps to grab Nathan's attention, and he peers towards the window to see a Hiro-shaped figure outlined against the outside scenery. A moment of paranoia spasms through him until he can see exactly who it is, and he struggles to sit up a little. "Hiro?" he rasps, somewhat disbelieving. "What the hell are you doing?"

Hiro strains a little to pull the window up and open. It nearly loses his balance and dies on the sidewalk below, but it all works out okay. "I came to visit you," he says. "Um, I was going to check if you were asleep, but I guess you were awake. I brought you White Castle," he says, and holds up a bag. Americans love White Castle, right?

Noah stops with the door partly opened, one gloved hand on the doorknob, the other palm flat against the door holding it still. Voices on the other side of the door. A change of plans. Mr. Bennet listens and waits.

More struggling to sit up, and Nathan finally achieves this, mostly, by the time Hiro is standing inside his bedroom for the second time. It's almost as surreal as the first time. Leaning heavily against the headboard and pillows, Nathan glances down at the bag into Hiro's hands. "Thanks," he says, before his attention is back on the other man, and continues to speak in a very patient, if slurry tone. "Hiro? Why are you bringing me White Castle in the middle of the night?"

"Well, I was going to come in the afternoon, but there were too many of those guards," Hiro says. "Um, these might be kind of cold. I microwaved them, but I am not sure how good it is." He holds them out. "I did not want you to get lonely."

Noah leans his head against the door, looking for a mirror or a window where he can catch a reflection of who is inside. The accent tells him something of Nathan's late night visitor. The surprise in Petrelli's voice does too. Another intruder. Noah's hand hovers near his gun.

With a hand that is slightly less messed up than the other, Nathan takes the bag, and can't help but at least peak in. Fast food, check. "And did you teleport to get here?" he asks, with a tinge of disapproval that sounds almost paternal. "You know if you're really so keen on… keeping me company, I can probably arrange for you to just walk in like normal people do."

Hiro nods. "My father told me I had to be careful about visiting you," he says, in a low whisper. "I do not know why, but I trust him."

He has to know who's in there, and if Petrelli is in any danger. Noah inches the door open ever so slowly, moving it a little then stopping, listening for changes of tone or sound.

"If you say so," Nathan says, willing to leave it there. It's clear that he's less than thrilled about Hiro sort of breaking in and probably using less than conventional modes to do so, but evidently doesn't see the harm as he admits, "I kind of wanted to ask you something, anyway. About what you said last time, people… like us," and it almost pains him to use that word, us, "getting imprisoned."

"Hai," Hiro says, and sits down on the nearest sittable thing near Nathan's bedside. He sort of sets out the burgers. "The Company," he adds, in a matter-of-fact fashion. "The bad people. I think part of why I cannot be seen here is that they are trying to find me."

Noah stops again. He has to hear this. This could be very useful. So could the man on the other side of the door, the one against the Company that can teleport.

"Wonderful," Nathan says, now throwing a glance towards his window as if expecting intruders at that moment. He doesn't, however, throw that glance towards his door, just refocuses on Hiro. "They're trying to find you, why? Just tell me what you know," he adds, impatiently. Who knows how much time they have before Hiro's gone again and he's left to ponder things on his lonesome.

"The Company wants to use people with powers to control the world," Hiro says, grimly. "They kidnap people and do things to do. Tests. Like aliens. Sometimes they change your memories. They stole Mr. Isaac's paintings. I had to go to Kirby Plaza and steal them back," he explains. "I do not think they liked that. I took someone they were holding prisoner, too. A girl."

Nathan is looking at Hiro with obvious intention, as if not only listening to him, but trying to pick apart his words and find what he's looking for. "The paintings," he repeats, with recollection and a slight grimace, then he breathes out a sigh. He's very careful with his next words, as if trying hard not to leap to any conclusions. "So you've been there. You got someone out. Hiro, did… are there more people like us, there?"

Hiro nods, very, very, gravely. "… Yes," he says, pulling his sword off of his back. It's put into a neutral-looking black tube, but it is still a long, mysterious cylinder. He rests it between his legs, leaning forward. "There are others. At least two. One of them…" Hiro stops, before he bows his head. "I am sorry. I promised I would not tell anyone, even you. But there are people who are still trapped. I am working on a plan to get them out. But the first time I went in, we barely escaped. Something like that would take even more people.

"I might be able to help," Noah says, stepping into the room. It seemed like the appropriate time. He holds up his hands and lets the door swing shut behind him. Palms out in the I surrender or come in peace gesture, hands empty. He's put the pieces together when Nathan said his name. "I think I'm uniquely qualified," Noah says and smiles, then adds, "Mr. Nakamura."

General movement is not something Nathan has the luxury of doing quickly, but his head still snaps towards the darkly dressed man as he walks in. In the half-light, Nathan clearly doesn't recognise him, but he manages to register all of what's said, comes to a conclusion, and asks Hiro, "Friend of yours? This is my /bedroom/."

Something perhaps somewhat surprising happens. And it's that within a few frames of motion, Hiro Nakamura goes from being seated to being standing. More concerning is that he holds a sword. Which is long, sharp, and made of metal. He was fast, but he wasn't /so/ fast that it seems like a power. Somewhere along the line, Hiro just got kind of fast. Perhaps that happened in Feudal Japan. But when he registeres who it is that's here, his mouth goes kind of wide. "… Glasses man," he says. It's like a ghost from his childhood.

He's not wearing them at the moment, but that would be a fitting name he supposes. "I used to work with your father," Noah says, still keeping his hands up while Hiro has a weapon. He looks entirely at ease. "We have met once before Mr. Petrelli, and you did swear you'd remember my face." Or something along those lines. "I'm here about your daughter."

Now he gets it, and Nathan's ruined face goes stoic in recognition and obvious wariness, glancing at the phone beside his bed. "I remember it," he says, glancing to Hiro— and takes the time to do a nice double-take to see the usually gentle young man holding a wicked sharp sword. Nevermind. Back to Bennet. "If you want something from her, you're barking up the wrong tree."

Hiro keeps his sword out, stepping slowly around Nathan's bed to get on the same side as Noah. "Not all of the people who worked with my father were good men," he protests, but the shock of seeing him, here, seems simply to stun him.

"Mr. Petrelli, just over 14 years ago the Company conducted a raid on the home of a Meredith Gordon," Noah says in a level voice, his eyes on Nathan watching for the recognition. "There was a fire. Gordon was either fled or killed. The Company Mr. Nakamura told you about took Miss Gordon's daughter and gave her to an agent of theirs to raise as his own. They've now taken her away and her adopted father will stop at nothing to bring them down and get her back." Noah looks at Hiro when he finishes, looking him up and down quickly. "No. They weren't."

"Claire," Nathan murmurs, and just… shuts his eyes for a moment. One might guess there are many times wherein Nathan feels completely useless, and now is one of them. Whatever's going on between Hiro and Bennet, Nathan ignores, and he fixes Bennet with a look. "And you're on, what, her side?" He hasn't completely made the connection yet. Blame the morphine.

"… the cheerleader?" Hiro says, and looks at Noah… and then Nathan. And then Noah. "I know where the cheerleader is! She told me that her father would be in danger if I helped her escape. I was going to teleport her away, but she said they would kill her family. She helped me break into Kirby Plaza."

"Always," is the simple answer to Noah's question. Noah loses his calm demeanor and advances on Hiro urgently. "You know where Claire is? You have to take me to her, her family is safe and hidden. Where is she?" There's real fear in his voice now.

Click. Nathan looks at Bennet with a kind of incredulous wonder, and he turns a calculating gaze to Hiro. He opens his mouth to speak but decides against it, just listening for now. This is important.

Hiro lowers his sword, trying to gauge Noah's honesty. What if this is a man who's out to find Claire? Can he break his promise? A few seconds pass, before he makes a decision. "They are keeping her at Kirby Plaza. I do not know where. I have a way to contact her. Someone is helping her. I do not know who."

Helping her? A look of understanding comes across Noah's face. It may explain why a certain friend has been out of touch. "I think I know who. And I know how we can find out exactly where she is." Noah pauses, and turns his head to look at Nathan with a strange look. "I came here because I thought she may have visited you."

"She hasn't," Nathan says roughly, with a tight smile that doesn't quite work, injuries pulling his expression away from anything that isn't a grimace. "Last time I saw her before the explosion, she dived out a window to get away from me, I think we can safely say she's not gonna schedule any visitations." He looks at Hiro. "I need you to do something for me." This is abrupt, but this meeting is between three people wherein two aren't supposed to be here - they're stolen minutes.

Hiro nods, and sheathes his sword. The weapon is slipped into its bag, and then back over his shoulder. "I will do anything I can do to help," he says. "You can count on me. I failed to save the cheerleader in Odessa. I will make it up to her. I swore."

"We will find her," Noah says to Hiro, and speaks it in Japanese. Promises like that seem to sound better that way. Noah looks at Nathan somewhat impatiently. If this isn't about Claire he doesn't want to hear it. "There is a little girl in the city who can find anyone just by thinking of them. We need to go see her."

Nathan casts Noah a look, and then gives Hiro a similar glare as well. "Not to break up the party," he says, sarcastically, but his tone softens as he continues. "Peter Petrelli. He regenerates, like Claire. He comes back from the dead. No one's found a trace of him since… He probably /is/ dead." That hurt to say, it's true, but he continues. "But I flew very high to get Peter away from the city, and I do not remember landing. Hiro… if there's even a snowball's shot in hell that he's alive, I need you in this. Figure you can…" Wry grimace-smile goes here. "Maybe check that out along the way."

Hiro looks away. "Peter Petrelli," he repeats. His first ally, after Ando. "I will. If he out there, I will find him." He bows, again, probably out of respect for the probably-very-dead. "I met her. I think she helped me find a friend of mine. She said Kellie was in Hartsdale," he says. "I was not sure if I should believe her, but…" Well, this is a bit of confirmation. Then, Hiro's eyes widen a little bit.

"She said I made the boogeyman go away," Hiro says, whirling quickly to Nathan. "But Mr. Isaac's last paintings — Sylar is alive." This is bad for Nathan, who is totally immobile and easy to find.

"We'll ask her to find Peter," Noah says in a reassuring voice, meant for both of them. "/And/ Sylar," he adds. Noah has a few scores of his own to settle there. "The Company is probably keeping tabs on this girl, she's too valuable to let anything happen to. Can you take us directly there?" Noah asks Hiro.

Really, that seems to be all Nathan wanted, confirmation that someone will at least look into that, someone not just reassuring him that Peter is dead and gone and he needs to stop going over that, and he shuts his eyes, relieved for a moment. Then he opens his eyes, at the mention of Sylar, although confusion reads plainly on his face. The name means nothing. At the mention of both of them leaving, Nathan says nothing, but anxiety is written on his features and posture.

Hiro shakes his head. "I do not know where she is," he says. "I was going to talk to her, but I — ran into somebody," he says. "An old friend." Hiro's tone is a little conspiratorial. "Nathan. There is a man out there who kills people like us to take their power. Sylar — he was the man on the ground at Kirby Plaza. He knew about Peter. He may come for you."

Noah can and does easily rattle off the address of Mohinder and Parkman's apartment. "We can deal with Sylar, but first we have to find my daughter," Noah says with a fierceness in his voice. "Can you get us there?"

Oh, fun. "Excuse me," Nathan says, raising a bandaged hand. "So there's a murderer who may or may not want to kill me too and you guys are off to go on a big adventure?" There isn't panic in his voice, only frustration. It's a long night. He then lowers his hand again, dismissive. "Fine, I'll just keep a gun in the drawer. If you find Claire, tell her I say 'hi', and Hiro - keep me up to date, will you?"

"To Kirby Plaza? Yes," Hiro says, with a confident nod. He repeats the gesture to Nathan. "I will let you know as soon as anything happens. Just be careful," he explains before turning to Noah. He probably knows his name, but. "My name is Hiro. Hiro Nakamura."

"Noah Bennet," Noah answers in a polite tone. He is controlling his impatience admirably. He offers his hand to shake, and after glances at Nathan. He can't think of what to say. Thanks for helping create his daughter? "We'll find out where your brother is."

Nathan doesn't join in the naming thing. If they're in his room, they know who the heck he is, after all. He lies back against his bed. "Godspeed," he tells the two, with no lack of irony.

Hiro reaches a hand out. Once Noah takes it, the both of them /disappear/, leaving just a big sack of White Castle, all for Nathan's perusal. And they reappear in the middle of My Two Dads.

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