2008-02-16: Visualizations


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Summary: Some people are better at answering calls for help than asking for help themselves.

Date It Happened: February 16, 2008


Kitty's Apartment

It started with a call.. a frantic one at that. The woman lay curled up in her apartment, after having the glass fixed and Ali and Jane leaving she is on the couch, looking fearfully around her. Finally she can't take it anymore. Picking up the cellphone while muttering to herself she dials the number of a man that she hasn't spoken too in a while.

Peter doesn't answer his phone so here comes the voicemail. "Peter! Peter.. are you there? Ali and Jane said they couldn't hear me but I'm not sure. What if they are working with them." A pause and Kitty's head goes into her hands. "You were right, they are dangerous. They.. I have the Mark.. I think they can hear me right now. I can't say much over the phone. Come to my apartment? I'm not leaving it? No way am I leaving it again.. well maybe one day.." the phone is clicked off and there she waits for however long in that exact spot. Too afraid to go anywhere else.

The last few days, Peter's slept too often. Which is what happened when his phone switched over to voicemail. The message gets played back not long after it's made. The date and the caller are taken into account quickly, but the words. In some ways they make little sense. In other ways… he throws on a coat and goes out the door (of Elena's apartment, actually) and hurries down the stairs after making sure it's locked. No waiting for an elevator on this one. Amazingly, she also lives in his apartment building. He has to wonder if maybe the apartment complex has some fateful connection to everything that's happening…

Once he reaches the door, he knocks loudly on it. "Kitty? Kitty it's Peter." It sounds like Peter. It looks like Peter.

A shriek can be heard and Kitty is at the door instantly, along with her gun. She looks through the peephole, and it does in fact look like Peter and sound like Peter so she opens the door. She is wearing a pair of short shorts that she wore to bed and a black tank top, her hair is slightly ruffled and her eyes are wide as they stare at Peter. "Hi." She offers and the gun is tapped against her thigh. "Are you.. you?" she has to be sure of course. The woman's eyes lack the normal energy it would seem they were replaced with something more.. manic and desperate. Paranoid. That's the word.

There's almost something unrecognizable about this woman. Peter can't help but look at her with surprise. He has the 'just woke up' look, but it looks as if adrenaline and running down the stairs has woken him up more than enough to mask that. "Hi… Kitty— could you put the gun away, please?" he asks, before he tries to step inside the apartment. There's been enough people pointing guns at him the last… lifetime. She does have it at her side, but it still makes him a little nervous. "You said you had… a mark? When did this happen? Are you… okay besides that?" He raises his hands as if tempted to touch her.

Something about Peter convinces her that he is friend and not imposter. "You are you." She smiles in relief and closes her eyes as she nods. "I can put it away." Though when Peter goes to touch her she jerks back and shudders. "Sorry.. it's just.." she can't finish as tears well up in her eyes. She blinks them back and retreats to the couch where she lays the gun on the end table. Her head is bowed and it's then that the Mark that the Company uses to track everyone can be seen.

The mark. The first time Peter saw it, Claude showed it to him. It'd looked as if he cut it out of his skin… the second time Isaac had it. Someone got shot that time too. Now, he sees it far too often. They got Elena too. Moving deeper into the house, he makes sure the door is closed and locked before he sits down beside her. "I'm so sorry, Kitty…" Like this happened to be his fault. Maybe it did. If Elle reported her as a friend… "Do you know when it happened?" He reaches out to touch her hand, genuine concern pouring out of him. She's so… young. And she's talking a lot like she's become unhinged. By the Company. They're the only ones who use that marker.

"Nothing.. all black. Janey wanted to know, so did Ali." Kitty's lip quivers and she lets Peter take her hand. "I think their watching me.. what if they come back?" A dark look enters Kitty's eyes. "We have to be ready!" she says and her hand tightens on his. "I didn't know they knew about me.." Kitty blinks and shakes her head. "Didn't know.."

"Kitty… calm down," Peter says, keeping his hand on hers and squeezing this. It's strange, he can remain fairly calm right now, but there's a dark something brewing in the background. How could they keep doing this to people? How could they do this and claim that it's for anyone's own good? All they did was create an enemy here… "You're not physically hurt— and they don't listen through those." Though he's going to have to talk to someone soon and find out what they DO for sure. Elena has one now too. And so does Kitty. Why have they never given him one? "I think I know how they knew about you— and it's nothing you did. I don't think they're after you… I think they were trying to get to me."

A soft hand goes to Peter's face, "Oh the trouble you get into." Kitty chides lightly. "If they can't listen.. then I'll be safe?" Kitty can't believe that.. she wants to, but will they honestly leave her alone. "What did you do?" she asks and looks in Peter's eyes before looking behind him out the window. "It's beautiful." She says softly and lowers her head.

"You'll be safe… I'll talk to them, I promise. If there's any way to get rid of it…" Peter has probably given Elena the same promises, whether she listens to him about it or not. He hasn't attempted to find a way on his own yet, though the temptation was there. Once. For a short time. There's no smile. In fact he looks down and away for a moment. How can he possibly say what he did? "I… hurt someone. One of their leaders." Hiro's father. There's a grimace. "It was— I didn't mean to. It's hard to explain. But…" he glances to the window. What did this do to her? "I know someone who you might be able to talk to, Kitty… she's… really good with people. I don't know if you remember her. She was with us when we first met. The dreamer."

"You need help too huh?" Kitty looks at Peter and sighs, "We all do don't we?" The young woman rubs Peter's shoulder and nods her head. "We had a dream.. all of us. I.. think I remember her." Lucidity is approaching Kitty and her sentences are becoming slightly more clear. If Kitty knew it was Hiro's father Peter was talking about then.. things would be going very differently right now. "How do you come back from this McWonder?" she uses the nickname she first gave him when they officially met those few months ago. "You.. don't go blaming yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, it's in our nature."

"Yeah… we all do," Peter admits softly, keeping a hold on her hand, and letting the closeness remain between them. But unfortunately, there's so much going on that… "You don't come back from it," he says, looking down at her hands instead of her face. "Not from some things… but you can live with it. You can always live with it." And that's all he can really do. Live with it. "And make sure things like that never happen again." He takes in a slow breath. "Some mistakes shouldn't be made." His voice is calm, though, calming, at least. "Listen… I'll contact my friend. She's… really good with people. She can help you…"

"Yes.. live through it.." That's all for the lucidity. "Can I trust her? What will she do to me?" Kitty's eyes scan the living room and looks at the front door. "Is she coming now?" Her hands.. which Peter might have noticed earlier are bandaged, new bandages courtesy of Ali but a few spots of blood can be seen. She flinches away and shakes her head.

"No, I have to call her first," Peter says, smiling faintly at her questions, though the smile carries a very worried look to it. He can't help but wonder just what it is that they did to her… The blood on her hands, the bandages, everything… "She'll just be talking to you, she's taken psychology classes. That's all. She won't do anything to you that you don't want." He pauses, releasing her hands a little and beginning to stand. "Listen, we should do something about your hands… I can go get a first aid kit from my apartment, rebandage them at least."

"Ok.. wait- wai!" Kitty stands up and paces. "Jane said something about a.. doctor. Yes a doctor!" Kitty nods her head and looks excited. "Stitches.. yeesh." Kitty looks down at her hands. "Peter.. am I.. crazy?" the question is asked and Kitty looks like she is scared of herself as she turns around and looks in the mirror on the wall. Her hand goes to her hair and she pulls at her cheeks. "I don't look crazy, do I?"

"A doctor? Was she going to take you to a doctor?" Peter asks, stopping in his movement away to the door, surprised by this being mentioned suddenly when it wasn't before. Then again, she's… acting not quite herself right now. "You're not… you're just confused. You've been through something. It's not… we'll get you help, okay?" he says, though he doesn't sound completely sure about how they'll do it. He reaches into his pocket for his phone.

She'd kept watch over the younger woman for quite some time after bringing her here, snatching bits and pieces of sleep while Cat was also in slumber, or seemingly so, having failed to get her to visit a hospital. Peter's arrival matches one of those occasions. Her presence is easy to spot, the backpack and guitar case she frequently carries are in view.

A short time after the man got here, Jane stirs from where she fell asleep behind the couch and stands.

"Ok." Kitty says simply and she sits on the couch, she just stares at the mirror. "Learn a lot.. when you look at yourself." Kitty says with a somber expression. Nothing is said to Jane yet, Kitty just continues to look at the mirror.

The stirring actually catches Peter by surprise. He'd been in the room for a while, and hadn't known anyone else was there. Maybe he was distracted by the crazy friend showing marks from the Company, and the memory loss and everything else. "Oh. Jane." He— really hadn't expected to see her there. There's something in his eyes before he moves away toward the door, not to leave but to dial a number. Especially if Jane is right there, he might as well call someone. It's a number he called recently, for himself. This time he's dialing it for someone else. Bekah Morgan.

Dail and you shall get an answer. Bekah is just passing over money for a hot dog when her phone starts to vibrate in her pocket. After a glance at the screen she opens it. "Peter. You didn't manage to get hurt again this quickly did you?" She says in dry greeting before munching on the hot dog.

"Peter." It's a simply spoken name, the look on her face is calm, but restrainedly so. There are Things To Talk About. But there will be time for that later. Now Cat needs some attention. She remains silent while he speaks on the phone.

The young seer rocks back and forth, she touches the mirror and shakes her head. "Not me.. not that one." Kitty looks up at the ceiling and then back to the mirror. "Stop.. /staring at me/."

"No, I'm okay— this isn't about me," Peter says into the phone, meeting the musician/lawyer's eyes for a few moments before he looks back at Kitty, watching her own reflection. And talking to it. He can't help but grimace visibly. What the hell did they do to her? "I have a friend. She's— hurt. I'm not sure how badly. If you're not occupied… it's at the same apartment building as you visited last time. Just on the sixth floor. Room 606." She might have a lot more wrong with her than her hands, too…

Bekah nods her head, even though there's no way that will translate over the phone. "I'm in the neighborhood. I should be able to make it in five or ten minutes." Bekah says. "Glad to hear you didn't do yourself in this quickly."

Silence is kept, still, during the phone conversation, Jane looking between Cat and Peter.

Kit is not happy at all.. with her reflection. "You.. you.." she looks extremely frustrated and balls her fist up.

"I try not to, at least," Peter says with a hint of a smile. There's no real humor in it, though, or in his voice. "Thanks a lot, Dr. Morgan," he adds, before waiting to hang up and standing near the door. "A doctor is on the way. She might be able to help you more than I can." He looks over at Jane. There's a mild tension, but he shoves the phone into his pocket and walks over to Kitty, grabbing onto her arms. "You should sit down. There's a doctor on the way."

"The Company had her," Jane states somberly. "They left her knowing about them, and the marks, but took away her captivity. She was taken sometime in mid-January, Peter." Her eyes settle on him, something inscrutable to her expression, as she tells him "People came looking for you. And someone came looking for me about something else altogether. Then there was the one guy who told me something I don't believe. At all."

"Huh- what? Is the doctor almost here?" Kitty apparently didn't hear Peter, instead she stands with Peter's help and her fingers go to his sleeve. "What have you been doing Peter?" she tilts her head and if Peter doesn't know better Kitty is trying to get a vision from him.

"I know," Peter says in response to Jane. "I recognize the marks…" Mid-January. Then what he suspects is probably accurate. People came looking for him. "Kory mentioned it, but I was…" It's very likely he was going to finish, but when she says what she does, his eyes immediately look back at Kitty. They widen in surprise. He's already touching her. He knows she can get visions, past and future, off of people. This is not what… His hands pull away suddenly, as if burned. But it's too late.

'They don't need protection from us,' says a deep and distinct male voice. The face is that of an asian man, older. 'They need protection from you.'

A line of blood traces across his forehead, cutting through skin into his skull. Suddenly he falls from where he's plastered, and another voice can be heard, someone's trying to grab onto him, touching the bleeding forehead, getting blood on his hands. It seems he's trying desperately to do something, anything…

Things shift.

"This is your fault!" A barely recognizable voice yells in darkness. There's ticking. Like dozens upon dozens of ticking clocks. "None of this was supposed to happen." A face, one she might briefly recognize from a time after a dream, someone she shot at once… only he's wearing glasses. And he's the one being attacked, not the one getting attacked. The person yelling… Is Peter.

Darkness. A crackle of electricity. Ticking clocks. Breaking glass.

When a voice breaks back it, it's Peter's again, sounding a little crazy. "I killed Hiro's father. Do you honestly believe he'll ever forgive me? My own mother wants me dead… because I'm not strong enough. You said it yourself." There's actual laughter in his voice, making it sound even more unstable. "And her people kidnapped someone I love. And if I don't turn myself over to them, they might kill her. And it'll be my fault. Just like…" The voice trails off. What follows after is another crackle of electricity, screams.

While all this floods her, Peter looks on, eyes widened in horror, not knowing what she might be seeing. It could be anything. But no matter what it is… he almost doesn't want it to finish. How much more would hse have gotten if he hadn't pulled away as fast as he did.

Bekah made good time, and it's not long after Kitty picks up the vision that Bekah is outside the door, lifting a hand to knock. The half eaten hotdog is still in her hand. The doctor is dressed in ragged jeans, t-shirt, and parka. With the backpack on her back she's more likely to be mistaken for a college student than a doctor.

"Does Dr. Morgan know about things like this, Peter?" With Peter being busy tending to Cat, Jane moves toward the door and opens it, admitting Bekah. "Dr. Morgan, I presume? Thanks for coming."

A scream is followed as the vision happens and Kitty gasps as the vision comes down upon her. "/Peter/! Why did you do that?" Kitty is scrambling backwards away from Peter and she is quite dizzy, her head is spinning. "Sylar.. oh I remember. I met him at a store. He wasn't Sylar.. different." Kitty shakes her head frantically. "Killed.. die.. die.. die.." Kitty repeats the words and tugs at her hair. "Blood, you're.." she coughs as she is having trouble breathing. She threatens to blackout but she hangs on. "You've been in a lot of trouble." She says softly and stares at Peter. Her eyes dart towards the gun on the table, she can't be sure if Peter won't attack her now as well. She dives for the gun in a panic.

That… Peter winces as the door opens and is answered, the time it took for the vision to process giving him some hope that— maybe it won't be— she screams. She yells at him. She dives for her gun. "Kitty. Listen to me. It's not…" There were a couple ways he could make sure she doesn't get the weapon, and none of them work. He's still not sure what abilities he has. He does know that a bullet will be pretty bad for him, even with the doctor who heals right there. His hands raise up. "What you saw— there's— things happened. There's no excuse for them, but I'm not going to hurt you. I'm trying to help you. Believe me. Please. Put the gun away before someone gets hurt."

Bekah nods over to Jane. "Or just Bekah. Not in the hospital, no need to be formal." She states and then scans the room. And whoa. There's Kitty with a gun. "Well, geez. No need to shoot people on my part." She says dryly.

Her mouth opens to speak, she gets out J…" when Bekah's mention of shooting causes her to turn. The gun is sighted, and she tries to move fast, hoping to get there before Cat does and grab it away. Confusion reigns on her face, she hasn't the first clue what's just happened. The sudden movement causes her ponytail to shift, and the twin marks at the back of her neck to show.

Kitty does indeed get the gun and she points it first at Peter, then to Jane and then.. at Bekah. Bekah will notice that Kitty looks like a much different woman than she first saw him. She then points the gun at the mirror, the reflection of herself. "No.. I wouldn't shoot you." She says to Bekah but her gaze is on the mirror before she looks to Peter again. "I'm sorry.. I don't know what I'm doing.. it's not.." Kitty hands the gun in Peter's direction and her eyes are sad, confused.

The hands remain up as she points the gun around, though Peter's rather worried with the whole… looking in the mirror thing. And talking to it. It slows when she holds the gun out to him. He lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding, stepping forward to take it, making sure the safety is back on, and then unloading it. He may not be a gunslinger, but he can unload a gun. "Kitty, I don't know what you saw, but— things are different now. What happened to you… it's my fault." His eyes shift to Jane. "Whatever it is they told you, it's probably true, but they didn't know the whole story and… I never wanted to hurt anyone. I never meant for anyone to get hurt because of me. I tried to stay away from everyone in hopes that they wouldn't go after you…"

He takes a few steps away, no longer looking at them. "It's her hands. And she's not herself right now either," he says to Bekah. "I don't think she has any head trauma, but she's… someone messed with her memories."

Bekah lets out a breath when Peter takes the gun. "Right." She shifts her backpack down and then pulls off her coat, revealing a t-shirt, and flashing the matching marks on her own neck, more visible with her curly hair up in a ponytail. "Kitty. Remember me?" She asks, though really, maybe that wouldn't be a good thing. For once, Bekah is actually nice to her though. "Can I see your hands? Does anything else hurt?"

Jane falls flat, going for the gun and not getting there in time. It takes her some moments to pull it together and get back up, she doesn't notice the weapon being aimed at her. She looks around at the various people now present, and mutters under her breath. "I see we've all had the benefit of their hospitality."

Then she looks over at Peter and shakes her head. "You didn't want to hurt anyone, you stayed away. Peter Petrelli, have you met me? Have you ever known me not to try coming to a friend in trouble?" She just rolls her eyes. "They came at me anyway, claiming to be FBI. I tried to warn Elena, sent her an email about that, but she didn't answer, then suddenly went on a weekend trip to the Hamptons, that lasted much longer. Couldn't find you, got stonewalled…"

"But I did play the lawyer card and cover for her at NYU, even gathered coursework for her."

"You don't like me very much." Kitty comments and she looks at Bekah with wide eyes. "I- they got you too.." Kitty places a hand on Bekah's neck. "I'm sorry." Kitty shakes her head. "Nothing else hurts.. my head yeah, that too." That's only from the recent vision. "Peter.. you, we have to talk later." She says softly and here we go again. Normal Kitty for a moment or two. "Ok?"

Peter's jaw tightens as Jane speaks to him. "I was trying to stay away from you so they didn't just take you too. You don't know what was going on. There's nothing you could have done." And nothing he was willing to ask for help with, most likely. "But Elena's fine now, she's busy catching up on school work, though." He sets the dismembered gun down on a table, bullets in one place, the actual pistol in another. "Maybe." He's not exactly eager to talk, it would seem. "We need to worry about getting you better instead. I'm fine now." His voice is rather thick for someone who is fine, though. "I need to go."

Bekah looks over to Peter. "Is it safe to do this the fast way?" That's probably not the most subtle thing in the world, but well, Kitty recognizes the mark on her neck. She takes Kitty's hands in hers, taking a look at the damage. "What happened?"

"Safe.. Peter.. safe." Kitty looks at Bekah and gestures to the newly fixed window. "I broke it.. had to get out." She says simply.

Her head shakes slowly, and she just stares at Peter in disbelief. Stayed away to protect, so they wouldn't come for her… But they did anyway, just because she knows him. Too late, and she doesn't care. Jane fumes inwardly. "We'll talk soon," she simply asserts. "Danny Ferrera turned up. Take care, Peter."

Then her back turns to him, she's moving over toward Bekah and the patient.

"As long as she didn't go to the doctor before this, it should be safe," Peter jaw tightening even as he talks. Withdrawing from the situation, hardening. It's all his fault. It cold be guilt making him do this. Danny Ferrera. That name makes him stop, blinking a few times as he looks over. He doesn't make it to the door. Instead he glances around until he finds paper and pencil, stepping over to write something down. A quick single word, whatever it is. "I tracked that name down to this Company. Research it, but stay far away if you can avoid it. And I mean this, Jane. Stay away. No matter what their sales pitch is."

That single word? Pinehearst.

Bekah looks over to Peter. "Thanks. Expect a call from me soon. I think it's nothing, but news to share." She says before she turns to look to Kitty. "This won't hurt. It might feel a little funny, but in a minute it'll feel all better." She may not like Kitty, but at least she's nice when she's in doctor mode. She pauses to concentrate, and soon Kitty's hands are healing. It doesn't take long before the other woman is good as new.

She takes the paper and looks at the name on it briefly, nodding, as she somberly tells him "Danny said he knew about my ability, he had a surveillance photo of me in my kitchen, and he tried to shoot me. Haven't been back to my apartment in nearly two months. Cops got him that night, but there may be others, and I can't exactly explain it all to the police." Jane's attention goes back to Cat, but she's still addressing Peter while watching Bekah's healing talent at work. "I've no idea why they wanted her, and held her for so much time, apparently. Last piece of mail I found when we got here was dated mid-January."

Next, she speaks to the Doctor. "I'm Jane Forrest. Thanks for coming out, Bekah."

Kitty blinks and when her hands are healed she looks down at them.. her eyes go wide with Bekah and she gives the woman a fierce hug. "Thank you!" Kitty's gratitude is short lived as she looks to Peter and nods her head and smiles at Jane. "Bye now." She doesn't mean it as she leaving the apartment, just the room. Off to sleep!

"The people he was working for don't go around shooting people, I can tell you that much. My bet… he was working alone. Learned about… things he decided were freakish and tried to attack those Pinehearst was surveying for other reasons." Peter looks over at Kitty as she starts to leave to her bedroom, following her with his eyes. "I might be able to find out why they kept her as long as they did. But I know exactly why they took her. Thank you for the help, Dr. Morgan. I'm sorry I called on you so soon…" He moves to walk her to the door at least. He'll go that far. But he has someone he needs to talk to now, more than ever. He needs answers.

Bekah gives them a quick smile. No broken bones or bullet holes, so she's not even shakey afterwards. "I should get home and sleep. My shift at work tomorrow will come plenty early." She says, and with that she'll excuse herself.

"So I'm safe, then, the cops probably got the other guy we found with Danny that one time," Jane muses. "Except for Pinehearst watching me. Great. My guess is they're like the Company somehow?" But she doesn't seem to expect answers, her voice is quietly speculative. One hand goes to the back of her neck and rubs the marks there a few times. "See you, Peter. Take care." She still doesn't believe he killed anyone.

And with Kitty gone to her room, seeming to need observation for her mental state at least for a while, Jane stretches out on the couch.

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