Volume 04: Phantasm


Maury Parkman has stepped into Peter Petrelli's dreams and trapped him there, sending him into a dream-coma, where he's locked in a constant state of REM sleep. He's weaved a nightmare world where the world has fallen into a war between those with abilities and those without.

What does this mean for others? Well it means you can haunt Peter with how horrible your character could become in a world like this! Peter's player does not need to be present for these scenes, as many of them he will just witness and not interact with. This is a chance to play yourself dark, to step into your character in a situation that's become grim. Think of it as an alternate timeline where you don't have to explain how you got that bad.

RP Notes

  • All scenes will take place at night. The dream is locked in perpetual darkness.
  • The scenes may take place anywhere in the world.
  • The theme of the world is Evolved vs Not.
  • Peter does not have to know you to have you appear!
  • These dreams can take place out of order and in any timeline. They do not have to follow any continuity. Dreams can pass through years at a time.
  • Anything at all can happen in these scenes, including displaying new aspects of your abilities without need for approval (because it is just a dream!). You can also die multiple times and not need to explain how you died in one dream and appear in another. Anything is possible.
  • The war will not end in any of these dreams!

Dream-walking Note

Peter happens to have the ability of dream-walking, which leaves the odd option that these dreams may leak out and touch the dreams of others. Once Retrospect is over, you can RP having experienced nightmares based on what happened to Peter.

Final Notes

This is an optional plot.

As it happens OUTSIDE of time, the logs will have (Phantasm) added in the Title of the page to add on to the date of posting and title. These logs will be parented to Volume 04 - Phantasm, rather than Volume 04 - Convergence. Though this is considered part of Convergence.

The date of posting will be used for the date on the Log Page. Phantasm will have a section separate from Retrospect, which is running at the same time.

These logs will have their own icons, available upon +request, or to be made after you post a log.

The plot will take place from 01-16-2010 - 02-14-2010.

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