2007-04-30: Vote Petrelli


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Summary: Peter and Elle have a chat in the morning, before she's planning to go and see Bob. He gives her a keepsake to take with her, which just happens to be a Vote Petrelli keychain.

Date It Happened: April 30th, 2007

Vote Petrelli

Elle's Bedroom - The Forrest-Bishop Residence

While the young man in her bed is shirtless, he's wearing a pair of undershorts, so there's nothing inappropriate there. Laying on his side, Peter's watching the young woman in bed with him for as long as he's allowed to. It's dawn now, but he'd been awake well before that, with this very purpose. This wouldn't be the first time he's watched her sleep, and he's hoping it's not the last. Reaching over, his finger runs along the edge of her cheek, and then along her lips, such a light touch that it could even register as tickling.

Elle shifts just a little in her sleep. She's just in an extra-long sleeping-tee, something borrowed from Jane the first night she got here. It helps her feel at home here, somehow. She murmurs slightly in her sleep, having some kind of dream as Pete's touch brings her closer to awake, but not quite all the way there yet.

It's odd, but Peter wonders if dreams could be erased. They're not quite memories, but they are— Then again, after some of the dreams he's had in his lifetime, maybe he's got an interesting perspective on it. Leaning down lower, he presses his lips against her own, just as feather soft as his touch, and whispers, "I love you." It'd taken him so long to say, and now he's afraid not to say it as often as he can. The more he says it, the more she'll remember it. Maybe this one'll seep into her subconscious, even if they try to rip him out again.

Elle stirs at -that-. She opens her eyes, surprised at first, but then closes them again, reaching up an arm to hook it around his neck. "That's a good way to wake up." she says, approving. "Nice."

As she's approving, Peter doesn't look too embarassed, though a little sheepish. Leaning back down for a kiss with a more solid feel, he responds after a moment, "Glad you like it…" The smile he has is flawed, lopsided, oddly lined thanks to imperfections in his face, but and his eyes are wide open and already adjusted to the current light. "Good morning."

Elle smiles. "Morning." she says. She reaches up, runs a hand through his hair, her fingers crackling just a little as she does so. "Sleep well?"

The crackling is an odd static charge, that builds up along his still short hair. Not painful, but definitely not his favorite sinsation. Peter leans back down and nudges his nose against her own… and sends a light spark right back at her— Yeah, he can even smell the electricity in the air. "I like sleeping next to you," he says softly, finally beginning to shift back onto his side, so he's no longer hovering over her. "What about you? Sleep well?"

The blonde smiles at the little spark. "Mostly, I think. I was having some kind of dream, something at the Company. But it's gone now." Dreams have a way of doing that.

At the mention of the Company, even if just in dreams, Peter's smile falters a bit, but he settles down against his arm and continues looking at her. "Doesn't seem like it made you upset, though— so it must have been a fairly okay dream." He can hope it was a lost memory— that'd ne nice. He doubts it, the telepath said it was gone, but… "You'll be careful today, right?"

The blonde smiles, but it's a wistful smile. "Most of my dreams from there aren't particularly happy ones, Peter. And I'll be as careful as I can be, I promise. He's still my dad. He's not going to hurt me."

"Maybe you weren't afraid because I was here," Peter says softly, reaching to find her hand and drawing it to his mouth once again. "He won't hurt you," he agrees— to a point. "Not physically. Just wish I could go with you. Even if I went invisible— I bet they have heat sensors set up by now… I'd probably just make him more upset if I tried to go with you."

Elle can't help but nod at that. "This is something I have to do by myself, Peter. One way or the other. I'll go in, I'll talk to him…somehow we'll get it worked out. There has to be a way."

"I know— just like I needed to talk to him alone too," Peter says, understanding what she means, even if he'd still like to go with her— somehow. "You'll call me as soon as you're out of there, right?" Assuming, of course, she remembers this conversation.

Elle nods. "I'll keep my cell phone with me. I'll call you before I go in, and I'll call you after I'm out. If you don't hear from me, you know something's up." she says. She sits up in the bed. "We've taken most every precaution we can."

"Yeah— if you haven't called me back in half an hour— I'll know something's wrong," Peter says, sounding worried, even if, as she said, they taken precautions. "Can't promise I won't fly in there and try to tear down the whole building if they take you away again— but I'll try not to…" He hadn't quite made mention of his partial threat to her father. As long as she's the woman he loves, he won't do a thing to derail them, or bring them down.

Elle considers it. "Give it an hour." she says. "I haven't seen Daddy in a while, and I don't want this to feel pressured. I want to cover my back, but at the same time, I don't want to push things that don't need to be pushed."

"Alright, an hour," Peter says, leaning over and kissing her again, taking the time to nudge his nose against her cheek afterwards. "Wish I'd learned how to teleport— it'd be a lot easier if I could just use Hiro's power to pop in, grab you, and pop out— then again if the Haitian is already there… that wouldn't work." He sighs, wanting to think of some way to stop this. "Wish I could share feelings with you— not just thoughts, but— everything."

She smiles. "I think you already have enough powers to keep track of, Peter Petrelli. Besides, I'm a big girl. Done reasonably well taking care of myself so far." She ruffles his hair, trying to project a confidence she doesn't entirely feel herself.

"Yeah— you do," Peter says, enjoying the hair ruffling a little more now that she's not running static along his scalp. "You take care of yourself better than I do, so maybe I shouldn't be the one worrying." Sure, his memories are intact, but considering how many times he's very nearly died?

Elle smiles. "You know, I don't mind people worrying about me. It's nice having people who actually are concerned about me."

"I'd be worrying about you anyway," Peter explains softly, shifting his hand up to push her hair off her forehead. "I can't go with you— not in person. But— I could give you something to take with you. A momento… good luck charm." Which he'll have to storm in and demand if it gets taken away again, but hey, it's for /her/.

The blonde looks concerned. "I'd like that…but there's a decent chance that it might not come back out, so…it might not be the best idea."

"I know it might not come back," Peter says, keeping his hand near her face, and thinking of all the things he could give her from his apartment, because he's not a thief, he'd only take something from himself. It doesn't work out this time, though. "If it's taken away, you won't remember I gave it to you, though…"

Elle smiles. "I'll be happy to take something from you there, Peter. I'll even make sure it's hidden so that no one sees it."

Something hidden, so it'd have to be small and fairly easy to hide… that limits his choices, but Peter thinks of something. Hidden away in one of his many drawers, he knows exactly where it is. Consentrating, all of a sudden he's holding something in his hand, something that dangles. A keychain. With Vote Petrelli etched across it, and a very American design. Red, white and blue. "…I know this was from my brother's campaign, but… you can pretend it's about me instead. Since you— did give me a vote of confidence, at least."

Elle beams brightly. "Awesome." She thinks about it, looking at the keychain. Where can she hide that? "I'll tuck it away somewhere where they won't find it just by checking my pockets. That way, if I do get blanked, I'll wonder what it is."

"That's perfect," Peter says, leaning over her to kiss her on her lips again, before he nudges his nose along hers. Only now does he start to move as if to get out of the bed. "Want to go get some coffee and breakfast, before you go see your dad? I'll have to wear the same clothes as yesterday, but…" Maybe he should bring over some changes of clothes?

Elle smiles. "Sounds good." she says. "I'll go get cleaned up, and then we can go get some breakfast. Spend the day together." Since, you know, it might be their last for a while.

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