2007-10-31: Vote Petroljelly


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Summary: Halloween at the community centre, the Sanders family runs into a campaigning kid. (Guest starring Kennis.)

Date It Happened: October 31st, 2007

Vote Petroljelly

Queensbridge Community Center, Queens, NYC

Queensbridge Community Center. What is normally a good and peaceful place has become a dark and sinister haven for the ghouls and goblins. Death, murder, mayhem, destruction…

And Candy.

That's right, the Community Center has been turned into a Haunted Mansion of sorts, as there's Halloween Decorations all over the place, as well as people all up in costumes without so much as a second thought.

It's a pretty early evening party, considering that children shouldn't be out late on their own, though the party is filled with chaperones up the Ying Yang Twins. There's a DJ (who just happens to be dressed like Darkwing Duck), playing many cool tunes to keep the party jumping, as they say. Not to mention the fact that there needs to be some background noise. Bowls of candy are all over the place, so children can fill their bags up, in case the houses on the way were being stingy. This is the LAST STOP on the TRICK OR TREAT TOUR.

Current Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-DGdIs1du0

Darkwing Duck!!!! Who /doesn't/ love Darkwing Duck? Well, maybe Micah as it isn't exactly his forte of cartoons. "Come on Cam!" he shouts, hopefully with Cam and his mom in tow. "There's like….candy! Everywhere!!!" The stingy folks along the street haven't seemed to muddy his attitude. Dressed for the night, Micah is sporting the latest in Halloween costume technology. Well, not quite. But he did manage to save money by making it himself. The helmet, cape, and body armor look oddly like…Magneto! Leave it to comic book boy to dress like an X-Men character.

There is a little girl with curly dark hair and intense hazelygreen eyes and tanned skin, well she's put aside her usual KinderGoth gear! Her hair has been soaked and combed back into a tight bun at the nape of her neck, and she wears a pair of fake eyelashes and naturally a little dark blue suit, complete with slacks and coat and white button down shirt and Fugly tie, it is orange with black pumpkins and she has a flag pin too. - This is Kennis, carrying a plastic briefcase shaped candy bucket. Behind her, hitting the button to lock the hummer the exited from is Emery wearing a black suit and pair of sunglasses, he looks thrilled. And by thrilled I mean sick to his stomach. They enter…behind Micah and entourage and Kennis looks from side to side before reaching into an inside jacket pocket with a look of intense concentration.

Cam comes in, dressed up as what's probably Jack Frost. He'd fallen a bit behind, but at the shout he's soon right behind Micah, carrying his bag. He grins to Micah and then around at the candy available, following his friend. "Awesome."

Gregory has set up shop at a small table a stone's throw from the dance floor, armed with a small tray of face paints and a plastic brush - one of twenty from a dollar-store pack. Sporting a bright red Cornell hockey jersey, it doesn't look like he put too much effort into a costume, but hey - better than nothing, right? He bites his lip and focuses on the task at hand: painting a spider on the cheek of a fidgeting toddler who keeps squeeking about Spiderman. "Almost done, little guy, just oooone more leg…"

If it weren't for Micah and Cam, Niki wouldn't be here — Halloween would go by as just another day, since her mood is not exactly festive this week. She's only been out the hospital for a few days and nothing is exactly how it was before. Children make he holiday something special; she can't say no when it'll make them happy. Happy and normal.

Niki lets the boys run in first; she follows at a distance, watching them burst into the Halloween-y center. She has a long, white, fitted trenchcoat-style fall jacket, some imitation of leather, wrapped tightly around her as she steps foot inside, protection against the fall air on the way over. 'Cause, well, her costume— you can blame her son for her costume. A mixture of articles of clothing she had lying around (like the gold belt and the fire engine red, gleaming knee-high boots with heels to kill — they have their uses, okay?) plus less authentic and more kid-friendly last minute department store bargains (the red, white and blue and a cheap plastic gold somethin' on her head) transform her into a blonde Wonder Woman.

Kennis has her home-made 'Vote Petrelli' stickers, blank white labels scribbled on with red and blue markers in her shaky hand righting 'VotE Petroljelly'. Okay? The young girl though is quick to unpeel a sticker and then reach out to slap it on the nearest person who passes by her as she continues on, her father (Emery) following, covering his mouth with a hand and just shaking his head.

DJ Darkwing keeps the crowd rocking! Current Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-pQ-lv-N9M

If this were a video game, Micah would probably be like Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead, he's a kid in a candy store. Well, public candy store. "Whoa…check out some of these costumes." His finger flicks in the direction of a Wookie. He doesn't get too far into the crowd though, casting a glance back to make sure Niki is still with them. After what happened, he's not about to let her out of his site. But then….candy! It calls…beckons….EAT ME!

Cam fills up his bag from a few of the candy buckets available, grinning, and keeping up with Micah. He nods emphatically, "Yeah, they're amazing!" He glances towards 'Darkwing' and asks, "Wonder what he's supposed to be?"

Niki isn't the most enigmatic of superheroes tonight — she stands alone a few feet from Micah and Cam, trying not to look too incredibly worn down. Well-applied make-up helps. As she leans lightly against a table displaying jack-o-lanterns, the homemade Vote Petrelli (or something?) stickers causes her to do a double take as Kennis wanders past.

D.L. has been nowhere to be found. The rumor around the house is that he was putting the finishing touches on his costume. And well, there's a window… off to the side of the building. A window that's being pushed open from the outside! A black bald head can be seen for those that are paying attention to it and soon there's some stumbling and tripping over the cape of his costume!

Thumping to the ground, right next to the DJ Booth, it's pretty easy to see that it's D.L. but he's not dressed as himself. He's dressed as: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALU7xlaTfyc

Ok, so the mom Sanders looks ok. Micah can now turn his attention back to the matter at hand. "Snickers. SCORE!" he exclaims, coming upon a bowl of the snack-sized candy bars. Only a few are taken though, as he moves on to the next bowl. "Hey Cam. Check these out." he chuckles, holding up a twist-tied back of those orange circus peanut candy things. "Why do they insist on handing these out?" Maybe it's cost. Maybe /some/ actually like them, Micah.

Current Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDe5Ckt4joQ

Cam laughs as he looks to the candy Micah's holding up, "I dunno. Maybe for people allergic to sugar or something," he says in a wild guess. He starts to say more as he steps towards the next set, but when he spots the window opening from the outside he stops, blinking. Then he's grinning again as D.L. stumbles in.

For Niki, who mostly watches Micah and Cam, but lets her gaze wander over the crowd, D.L.'s belated appearance is not missed. Mostly because he comes in through the window, but also because she was inherently looking for him. He draws nothing but a curious squint of what the— ? from his wife, at first. Despite her sullen mood, though, she can't help but twists her brightly painted lips — red, of course, to match her costume — into a silly smirk, trying to repress a laugh, especially when Cam notices D.L. too. "Hey, Micah. Look who finally got his costume."

Kennis is busy campaigning! But she does slow down after passing Niki to walk backwards and /stare/ up at the blond woman for a few moments. Then she moves back to Emery to tug on his arm. And she points at Niki. "You told me boots like that were for hookers but you wouldn't tell me what hookers was is that a hooker?" She inquires in that lilting bastardized accent of hers and Emery just slaps a hand over her mouth and tugs her towards the candy.

Blankman struggles to get back to his feet and holds out a hand towards anyone that may be trying to assist him! He struggles with his utility belt of junk and straightens out his sock mask, before clattering his way towards the the children that he knows: Jack Frost and Magneto. "Excuse me, citizens! But does anybody know where I can find some diabolical fiends?!" He may or may not be hamming up this entrance, but a glance towards the Niki is there to make sure she knows that he's trying his best here. For all their sakes.

Current Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEQUpAICv6w

Micah was about to stick his hand into a bowl of candy corn for a handful when his attention is diverted thanks to his mom. "Dad?" he questions, peering for a moment before….breaking into laughter. "Blankman." The helmet on his head wobbles a bit as he laughs. "That's classic, dad." Turning to Cam, he starts to stifle the laughter. "I think my dad has us both beat costume-wise."

Cam laughs too, at both the entrance and the question. "I saw some, but I think you scared them off," he says to 'Blankman', grinning. Then he nods quickly in agreement with Micah, "Yeah, for sure."

They are pretty much hooker boots. They're also Wonder Woman boots in a pinch. It's called… being… thrifty? Niki is poised in a frozen expression of politeness-turned-shocked, having been about to say hi to the cute little campaigning girl before said girl opens her mouth and is hauled off. Anyway, Niki is saved by D— Blankman. She turns a gracious smile on him. She appreciates the effort.

Blankman is dropping down to throw an arm around both Jack Frost and Magneto, hugging them both. "You guys have fun trick or treating? Get some good stuff?" He's trying his best here. Doing the Father thing. Even though he should be not having a good time, he is. This isn't for him anyway. It's for the children. And that fine superheroine that he's about to give: The Look to. Yeah, Micah and Cam are going to have to go to bed early tonight.

Kennis works on getting her 'briefcase' filled with candy, Emery monitoring her carefully before she munches on a piece of chocolate, and then waves the wrapper in the air announcing, "VOTE PETROLJELLY!" Then OMNOMNOMNOMNOM. She devours another piece of candy.

"I think this is the best stop so far." Micah answers, grinning as he rustles his two-thirds full bag of candy. Yeah. With all that sugar, you really think they're going to bed early? Giving his dad a wide grin, Micah pokes at his costume. "The stumbling was a nice touch, dad. Very…in character." Kennis' shout manages to tear his eyes away for a second and earn a snicker. Petrojelly.

Cam grins and nods in agreement as he says, "Yeah, wasn't much until we got here. Everybody must have been saving the good stuff for this place." He reaches a hand out to get some of the candy Micah was reaching for a moment ago, then he looks to Kennis, looking a bit confused.

Blankman grins at this kids… yeah, he's already counting Cam. This is going to be one crazy family by the time they're all done with this craziness. His eyes are drawn over towards Kennis and he shakes his head, not really understanding what in the world Petroljelly has to do with anything. "You guys wanna' hit any more streets? I know Dear Old Dad is late to the party but…"

Yeah, maybe, D.L. Niki folds her arms across her half-hidden comic-book-style outfit and watches the kids continue to go candy crazy, a faint smile on her lips - but her look is a distant one. Even Kennis's enthusiastic shouts don't earn any attention, this time, but she isn't completely lost in space. "You guys gonna share any of that candy or what?" Wonder Woman the Blonde interjects, managing, at least, a little twinkle in her eye as she hones in on the candy bowls.

"I don't know. People seem to be stingy tonight." Micah's skeptical, but willing to attempt another go at some other streets of necessary. "What do you think, Cam? Hit more, or call it and tally our loot?" The last is said with a bit of a grin directed at his cohort-in-candy-crime tonight. "Of course I'll share, mom. But I got dibs on the Snickers!"

Kennis pauses as she just hands a peppermint over to Emery with a grimace. Then she licks her lips and clears her throat, eyeing her stickers and marching over towards the happy family. She looks from person to person, looks back to Emery who is following and then back to the family. "Hello." She tries to lower her voice. "Vote for me." Then she offers one of her stickers.

Cam nods quickly to Micah and D.L., grinning, "Sure! Can always try." He seems happy enough to be included in the family, even if it's only temporary at the moment. He glances to Kennis as she approaches, blinking but taking the sticker, "Um.. ok." Then he nods in agreement with Micah as he answers Niki, "Yeah, I'll share too."

Pushing up from his crouched position, D.L. finds himself trying to put everything else behind him. This is one of the reasons that he sticks around. Moments like this. Moments when the family can be a family. Perhaps he's going too far, but he slips around behind the Wonder(bra) Woman and attempts to wrap his Blank Arms around her. That should be worth something. Anything. It's a gesture of love. Looking down at the Kennis as she approaches and then at the sticker. He's black. He don't vote.

"Good," Niki tells the boys good-naturedly, getting into the spirit of things. When her be-costumed husband gets close, she turns her head to just look at him for a few moments, wondering, before leaning into him a little. "Just make sure this crazy masked man over here doesn't eat half of it before we get home," she kids. Mostly.

She gives the tiny costumed campaigner a funny look, but the kid is endearing in her weird support of a certain politician she happens to know. "…Thanks," she says, smiling down at Kennis as she takes a sticker. She tentatively pats the misspelled endorsement onto the lapel of her coat. It matches the patriotic getup she has on underneath, that's for sure. "It sounds like he could use the support."

Micah giggles as he accepts a sticker from Kennis. "Sure." he tells the little one and sticks the sticker to his candy bag. Maybe, with the misspelling of the name, he won't get tapped to rig another election. A boy can dream! "Oh, don't worry. If dad managed to eat the candy, I'll get it back from him in change." A click is heard as he flips a switch trigger in his palm. Inside the candy bag…a metallic ink pen some jokester gave them comes shooting up and sticks to Micah's hands. Magnetism. Comes with the character.

Kennis seems to be pleased, 'smiling' sweetly and batting her eyelashes and then looking back to Niki's boots and then looking over Micah and Cam's costumes with a critical eye and then she looks past them to the big black man and she looks thoughtful. "If…I lick you?" She seems to be addressing Blankman. "Will you taste like chocolate or just regular salty human?"

Cam looks to Micah as he does the trick with the magnet, grinning, "Cool." He looks back up to D.L. and Niki, and starts to say something, but at Kennis' question he blinks, looking to her, and then grins and rolls his eyes.

"Micah. What did we say about building awesome toys and not building anything for Dad first?" It's a little playful question, though his playfulness is pulled away when he's approached with a question of doom. He has to remember that its a child and goes with the safe question. "If you lick me, I'll go to jail, so how about we never find out the answer to your question, hmmm?" At least he's smiling?

Niki laughs at the Littlest Magneto's trick. "When'd you make that, Micah?" She figures it to be some gadget or other, but she can't help but be surprised (and proud!) every time he comes up with something like that. She's quickly distracted (who isn't) by Kennis's unusual question and starts to glance the colourful crowd for her parent.

Micah snorts. Loudly! He can't really muster up a response right now as he's too busy trying to keep from laughing. Once it's under control though, he's able to respond. "It was a last minute thing, mom. Had the parts laying around." Well, in a bin, anyhow. "I would have made something for you, dad, but Blankman doesn't really have any useful gadgets."

"When I am president! You can have a pony." Kennis offers with a little cackle and a bounce, turning to look where Emery is just /staring/ at his daughter with a confused expression on his face. "Da, write that down. When I'm president the Hers-hersey…Hershies? Kiss? He gets a pony." Her 'parent' just finally swears under his breath. "…Jesus, Kenna." He scoops the little politician under her arm, catching her candy bucket and managing to keep her from squirming. "I'm so sorry." His accent is polished and 'crisp' and Britishy, hiding his Irish roots. Kinda. "Thank you for your patience." Then he turns with the squirming little girl, headed for the exit.

Cam laughs a little more at Kennis, but he looks up to D.L. and Niki, and asks, "Are we still going to check more houses?" Just making sure, before he fills his bag too full here.

"No problem." D.L. looks over at the rest of his family and gives a bit of a nod. "We should probably start heading back…" Though the words are completely different than the situation that he's got in mind for Wonder Wife and her Lasso of Honor….

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