2008-01-17: Wabbit Season


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Summary: Randall's note on the whiteboard during the Bad Day at the Geekatorium leads to an anonymous e-mail conversation, culminating with Portia's coming clean during Fox on Ice.

Date It Happened: January 4-17, 2008

Wabbit Season


Nightcrawler: You're very daring to even leave a message like this. What are you hoping to find? There's nothing here to look for, and we're all a lot safer with no one knowing. You should stop looking before something bad happens.

Yesod: I'm trying to put together the world's biggest jigsaw puzzle. We both have secrets, and no one knowing is never going to happen. We're all a little safer with someone to turn to.

N: Some jigsaws are missing pieces and don't fit together. It's not some big, clear picture. Things are complicated. The future is complicated and it is best for those involved to keep those who can get hurt out of it. Don't get yourself hurt. She would care.

Y: I don't have a choice about being involved.

N: You need to forget it. Forget you saw whatever you saw and get out. There are bad people and bad things.

Y: You don't understand. _They want me too, Malachi._

N: Are you one of us? How can I trust you?

Y: How do you think I noticed you? You were smart enough to wait for someone else and then sneak in with them.

N: How can I really trust you? You could be HIM.

Y: Do you honestly think _he_ would do the things you've seen me do?

N: I'm not sure. Why are you so interested in us, though?

Y: Why is a bunny interested in bunnies?

N: Bunnies get shot by hunters. And everyone's a hunter. Even some bunnies. Best not to tell people about bunnies, who they are… the less known to everyone, the better. It stays quiet. The bunnies can hide.

Y: I'm not suggesting telling *people* about bunnies. Bad example, though; see _A Bug's Life_.

N: So what are you suggesting then?

Y: That the bunnies meet each other, that's all.

N: I've met a lot of bunnies. Could be okay. But you've already met me.

Y: Bumping into you at the laundromat hardly counts.

N: We've talked once or twice. You don't know it's me.

Y: This is terribly unfair of you, sir and/or madam. You should be ashamed.

N: But don't you know that it's more fun if it's a mystery? You have to figure out who I am.

Y: Random metaphors I can do, but Fun is not on the agenda this month.

N: Why no Fun? I hope there's no Sylar lurking in your life.

Y: …not directly, no. Any of us is *potentially* lurked upon.

N: He can't sneak up on me. I can see him… and he can see me.

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