Characters on Heroes and, as such, Heroes MUSH, love waffles! Waffles are a recurring theme on Heroes and they've made their way here. Take a look at these tasty breakfast delights at any time of the day.

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Waffles In…

Volume One: "Beginnings"

Gin And Waffles
Some folks have waffles at Oldcastle's on Sunday morning.

Waffles, Blood And Emo
Peter takes Claire to Lucky Joe's diner and has blueberry waffles with a side of raisin toast.

Peter gives Mara some waffles to go.

A Little Bent
Jack takes Tamara out for dinner/breakfast and tries to understand a little more. She has waffles.

Stop! Waffle Time
Candy makes very sugary, chocolatey waffles for her and Jaden.

Brinner In Purgatory
Mara and Nathan have waffles outside Schenectady.

Volume Two: "Shadows"

On The Waffles
Nathan and Heidi have waffles for dinner.

Shot Through The Heart
Elena makes the Petrellis breakfast and is interrupted by a drug-addicted Jack.

The Lives Of Others
Peter and Elena (mostly Peter) make waffles for everyone at the Petrelli mansion.

S O R R V and EMO Pancakes
Waffles are still a comfort food in a Dark Future. A few years in the future, the Saints have an elaborate breakfast, including waffles.

Volume Three: "Corruption"

Ayla Head Go Boom
Hiro is eating waffles when Rochelle calls.

To Waffles And Hiros*
Rochelle and Hiro meet face to face over waffles.

The Masked Fork Avenger
Hiro eats waffles while Charlotte works at the diner. It's robbed, but there's a hero afoot!

Waffle Emergency
Gabriel and Elle happen to meet Hiro at an International House of Pancakes and enjoy waffles before Peter falls from the sky.

It Really Is All About The Waffles
McAlister encourages Sophie to try the waffles at Lucky Joe's.

Library and Diner
Sophie orders some ever popular waffles.

The Plan
Hiro, Gabriel, Peter and Elle discuss their plans for Pinehearst. Waffles are involved (in the planning, not in the plan).

Waffles, Plans, Puppies and Waffles
Kory works out some of her post-kidnapping-and-stalking issues over waffles with Sophie, Hiro, Randall and Lee.

In Search Of...
Sophie and Kory plan over waffles.

Hot Streak
Sophie really likes waffles! Here she is eating them again while a human lie detector wins some bets at Lucky Joe's.

Egging On The Cheerleader
In a dream, Kory turns Claire's breakfast into waffles.

Volume Four: "Convergence"

Dragging Em In
Gene orders waffles while talking to Sydney about a dangerous world.

I Voted For The Other Guy
Nathan (AKA Brayden) craves waffles, which leads to meeting Charity at an IHOP in Washington, D.C.

I Am Brayden
Nathan (still AKA Brayden), this time in NY, is forced to begin facing his demons when Noah and Kitty recognize him. Over waffles!

The Protector
After getting fired by Hallis, Sydney makes tonnes of waffles and then has a chat with Tiago about stuff.

The Incredibles
In a flashback, Niki is about to make waffles when she's interrupted by D.L. discovering Micah's heroic pasttime. Later, Micah and Cam decide to finish making the waffles.

A Starting Point
Sydney attempts to make waffles for Jamie while the pair are fugitives living with Fred, but only makes a mess. A plan is then hatched as Fred makes waffles.

Think You Know Your Waffles?

Here's some trivia.

  • Waffles are talked about almost as much as they appear in scenes!
  • Places waffles have been served on Heroes MUSH: IHOP, Lucky Joe's Diner, the Petrelli mansion, the Bennet household, Oldcastle's Pub & Restaurant and more.
  • The first appearance of waffles on Heroes was in Season One's "Collision" at the Bennet breakfast table. See this page's inspiration on HeroesWiki for more (may contain spoilers).
  • Mr. Muggles likes waffles.
  • 'Waffles' is Maggie's safe word.
  • Check out +help +waffles in-game for a way to give fellow players tasty kudos for being awesome.
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