2008-03-06: Waffles Plans Puppies And Waffles


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Summary: Kory works out some of her post-kidnapping-and-stalking issues over Waffles. Hiro comes to the rescue. As does Lee. Sophie is supportive. Randall is adorably supportive.

Date It Happened: March 6, 2008

Waffles, Plans, Puppies and Waffles

Lucky Joe's Diner

Kory is curled up by herself in a booth with The Daily News, the NY Times, and the Village voice spread out in front of her. There's also a cup of tea she's nursing, while she compares the classified sections of the three newspapers. She's being very organized: the Daily News has a green highlighter. The Times has a blue one, and the Voice has an orange one.

Occasionally, she will see something she likes and either circle or checkmark an ad. She's apparently been doing this a good little bit. Her cellphone is also on the table beside her. And a pad, with a regular black PaperMate pen, on which she occasionally pauses to write herself a note. The waitress smiles and pours her a refill into her tea carafe. "Thanks," Kory says, looking up with a calm smile before going back to her papers.

Hiro makes his way into the Diner which, it seems, has become his favorite place to eat waffles. In fact, he's coming here so often that one of the waitresses behind the counter actually addresses him by name and calls him over for a quick conversation. The muttered conversation, whatever it was about, causes Hiro to frown noticably and tug on the lapels of his jacket a little nervously.

"You are gonna eat something, aren't you, honey?" the waitress asks, giving Kory a worried look. It's not that she's worried about getting stiffed for the tip off a cup of tea, either.

"Huh?" Kory asks, looking up. "Um. Oh. I should get a menu, shouldn't I?" she asks, glancing at the bar. Is that Hiro? Maybe. But she's not sure. And so she doesn't call him. "Um…are there specials? Or anything you recommend in particular?"

"WAFFLES!" comes the reply from several of the regulars.

Kory blinks. "Um. Waffles, huh? I guess I could do that. Double side of bacon?"

Mmm. Waffles. Hiro entirely forgets his concerns over the news he just received and turns about, moving to walk past Kory on his way to his regular booth. He offers her a wave, taking the many different papers and magazines as a sign that she's busy and doesn't need to be disturbed.

Kory, as fate would have it, is still looking up as Hiro walks past her. "Hello, Hiro. Long time no see. How've you been?" she asks, greeting him with a hopeful expression. Maybe she's not so busy that company wouldn't be a welcome change of pace.

Sophie pushes open the door, pausing to breathe in the aromas. She cannot resist the lure of the waffles, after all. Who could? She seems cheerful enough, actually. Glancing around, she finds at least one or two familiar faces.

"Good," Hiro answers, pausing on his way to the booth and sitting down across from Kory - he can take a hint, it seems, "How are you?" He doesn't spot Sophie for the moment, having turned all his attention to the Comic Girl.

"…um, working on good," Kory answers Hiro after a moment to think it over. "It's been an odd few weeks." He may have heard; he may not. He is a traveler of time and space, after all; he could've been off doing who knows what. "I'm just looking for a couple things, but I guess I'm not as focused as I'd like." The ads are for puppies that need homes, and apartments. Hence the checkmarks and the circles. Puppies get checkmarks. Apartments get circles.

Sophie moves further into the room. She breaks into a smile as she passes by the two. A touch more worried as she glances at Hiro, but she says, "Oh, hey there." anyway, to them both.

"Looking for what?" Hiro cranes his next to get a better look at the newspapers Kory is examining, "My ad should be in there in a few weeks." Sophie's arrival surprises him but he attempts to look as welcoming as he can, "Sophie!"

"Your ad?" Kory asks, tilting her head curiously at Hiro. Then, spotting movement that isn't her waitress with the waffles, beams. "Sophie!" she calls. "Sophie Sophie! Help Hiro help me pick a puppy!" She turns back toward Hiro. "You're selling a puppy? Or an apartment?"

"Apartments," Hiro answers, moving slightly so Sophie can sit down, "I am buying a building … there are many apartments. I do not need them all."

"Well, I'm looking for something a little bigger now," Kory explains, casting her eyes downward, as if embarrassed. "My old apartment…well. I'm gonna have to break the lease. Which is okay. I think the scary guy is going to give me enough money that's not gonna be an issue. But yes. This dog is gonna have to work, not just sit and be cute."

"Really?" Kory asks, suddenly thrilled to hear that from Hiro. "That's awesome. Do…do you think that you'd be able to hold one for me?" A friend as a landlord…? Maybe not the best idea, but Kory knows she can trust Hiro.

Sophie settles by Hiro, as he moves over, with a smile and 'Thank you.' She then nods. "Ohh.. you mean, well, hmm.." she thinks a bit. "There's lots of breeds good for that."

Hiro doesn't know much about dogs so he stays quiet on that front. But about the apartments he simply nods his head, smiling, "Of course."

Kory beams, and reaches to clasp Hiro's hand. "Thank you, thank you! Hiro, I don't know how you knew I needed you to come along just now, but — that's perfect!" She flips closed the newspapers and cheerfully shoves aside the highlighters, looking much relieved. "Well, I will need kind of a …service dog," she explains to Sophie, now that Hiro has single-handedly solved her housing problem. "…to…y'know. Protect me."

Sophie nods as she says, thoughtfully, 'Hiro is amazing that way.' she says softly, 'By the way..' she looks to Hiro, 'I..' she tries to be a bit discreet, 'I missed things when they were gone. It was like.. a part of myself. I guess I really am supposed to be the way I am.' then turns to Kory, saying, 'Big, then, I'd think. But well trained. And probably to protect people, rather than a place."

"I'm glad," Hiro says in return to Sophie, trying to be discreet as well. To Kory, he just smiles, "The rent should be very reasonable, I think … I do not know what it will be yet, though. You can come by and look." He looks thoughtful, trying to recall the address, "It is on the Upper West Side. The Deveaux Building."

Somewhere in the midst of this, Randall eases the door open, looking around and heading for Kory's table as he spots her. Sophie is also a familiar face, to a lesser extent; Hiro is not. "What about a seeing-eye dog? Your vision isn't going blurry again, is it?" No, but his hearing might be a quart low today. Or it could just be the background chatter.

Hiro and Sophie may want to look away. Kory lights up like Times Square at the sight of Randall. If one really looks with their mind's eye, they can probably see those dancing cartoon hearts over her head. But it's a brief display of gigawattage. "No, my eyes are fine," Kory says, scooting over on her side of the booth to make room for Randall. "I just …well, you work so many nights, and I can't crash on your sofa all the time until I get a new place, so…" she trails off, flushing, and looking embarrassed to be embarrassed. Good trick.

Sophie can't resist looking, her expression both happy for Kory, and a little wistful. She grabs a menu, though, and starts lookin at the offerings. A little touch of privacy.

Hiro can resist and he does, looking a little awkward. He turns about slightly to pick up a menu, holding it up in front of him to obscure his face - partially to see what he should eat and partially to avoid the uncomfortable looking.

The new arrival settles in by Kory, blinking as he takes in this new information - the only reason why his own share of returned glowing doesn't become downright sickening. New place? Well, yeah, the old one has been tarnished with some nasty memories by now. "Makes sense— let me know when the move comes? I'm sure there'll be lots of boxes to haul. —Hi, I'm Randall," he adds, offering a hand toward Hiro, "and you are?" He's seen and heard about the Japanese man on a couple of occasions, but only barely.

"It'll be a few weeks yet," Kory tells Randall, kissing his cheek and keeping it to that since there's a full table of them now. "Hiro says he has a building full of apartments and he doesn't plan to use them all…and I still have to tell Mr. Carcharias I'm going to take his deal, and it'll include moving expenses and suchlike. But I have to talk to Lee, first, because Lee doesn't want a deal, except…" she trails off, shrugging. "He's stubborn. But I'll get through to him."

"Hiro Nakamura," says Hiro with a small degree of uncertainty, shaking the offered hand before turning back to his menu. Waffles or waffles?

Sophie knows everyone at the table. So she hmms, "I was thinking the chicken. I'm starving for some reason.' she hmms, 'Or maybe breakfast for dinner?'

Randall squints. That name sounds kind of familiar… he'll have to come back to it later, see if he can place it. For now, he leaves the other two to their food choices, turning back to Kory and nodding. "I wouldn't blame him for being stubborn about this, not after what he was put through— I wouldn't want to have to face that." Like Leslie had intended him to. "I might not have made it. You might not have made it…" He trails off, drawing closer and wrapping an arm round her shoulders.

Kory nuzzles into the crook of Randall's arm. "But he did. And you would've too," Kory says, with the blind refusal to consider any other possibility. "But the thing is, how is he going to explain it on the witness stand?" she asks, with a not-so-subtle emphasis on those last three words. Hiro may not be familiar with the story, but the other two are familiar enough that the emphasis may get through.

Sophie pauses, and says, softly, "You have a good point. It would be difficult." as she finally says, "And I think.. eggs and bacon."

Randall makes a face. "I never did hear the exact details, but yeah, I can imagine there'd be something in there that would be… awkward. Maybe several somethings." He picks up a menu as well, idly perusing the a la carte section. "Besides, you were right, Dirk needs treatment more than he needs five-to-ten."

"Yeah," Kory agrees with Randall. "On all counts. He's just not thinking of anything other than how he'd been maligned, I expect." No, Kory hasn't heard the tap tap tap of Lee's expensive and swanky shoes as he enters the diner. "So it's a vendetta, unless I find the right thing to convince him." She finally agrees with Hiro. "Waffles, yeah. Could you throw a bunch of pecans on top of mine?" she asks the waitress. "Thanks."

Sophie says, softly, 'That will be a difficult thing to do. His memories of you, of what happened before? It is so.. there's all this anger there.'

Lee comes bopping in, with his super-suave shoes, talking on his phone. "…and that's why she ends up with Mrs. Wix. Yeah. Exactly. Right." He approaches the table. "Yeah, I gotta go." He hangs up. "Hey, Kory…Randall…Sophie? Sophie, right." He remembers the name from the other night, gives everyone a smile. "Tito mentioned he thought he saw you down here." It's not that far from the Village. "Who's got a vendetta? Vendettas were abolished at Worms in 1495, someone hasn't been reading their Habsburg Reichsreform codes." he joshes.

His order made, Hiro goes back to sitting quietly in the booth. He's fine with leaving the others to their conversation - he didn't really come here looking to have a party.

Kory looks up at Lee, smirking faintly. "Yeah, okay, that'd be you," she ripostes. "Might as well join us, get it over with." A pause, a breath, and then she says, "You know we can't go to trial, right?"

Randall rises to his feet, offering Lee a brief handshake. "Looking well." For a split second, he considers a bathroom break as an excuse to dodge the upcoming topic, but it soon passes, and he sits back down again with a resigned expression.

Lee sits down and casually says, "Oh yeah. When the guy told me you were settling I folded like a dry-cleaned shirt. Buckled like a belt. Whatever clothing metaphor you want. Of course if the cops ask me, if I get a subpoena, I'm telling the truth. But that doesn't look likely at this point." Wha? He gave up? "I wasn't the target, you were. Ultimately." He gives Randall a slight nod as if to acknowledge he was nearly murdered. "I can't believe you're still concerned about that jerkoff though. He should be locked up forever."

"It's not that," Kory says, surprised that Lee has gone from steadfastly digging his heels in to folding like some sort of clothing metaphor. "It's that you'd probably have a hard time explaining how, without the assistance of John Cleese, you escaped the 'No Mr. Jones I Expect You To Die' thing." She's trying to make light of it all. Mostly succeeding. Mostly. Randall, being closest, can probably tell she's trembling a bit, having to speak up the ugly events. Again.

Sophie looks at Kory worriedly, but she nods, "She's right. So many things really can't be explained."

Randall rests his chin in his hands, glancing back and forth. Apropos of nothing, he glances around and artificially perks up. "So! How about the Yankees? I hear they're doing well and/or badly." Obvious subtext: c'mon, guys, let's leave further rehashing to the guy on hash brown duty.

Lee pauses. "Well. The lawyer did say he knew 'it was possible' that there was a backup tape of what happened in the warehouse. Of course that would hurt his client a lot more than me, so it would be a bit of a nuclear option for him, if he wasn't just bluffing." He shakes his head. "I did my part, I cooperated with the police, you're safe, the guy's going to be in the loony bin where he belongs, and I got a new crap Volvo." Trust Lee and his misplaced sense of propriety to only take a replacement for his old beater and not get a new set of wheels.

Kory flinches back against the genuine naugahyde seat at the idea of a backup tape. That Leslie wanted Randall dead badly enough to have made a movie of it to watch repeatedly. She gathers up her multiple newspapers, highlighters, and notebook to have something to do with her hands. "Thanks, Lee," she tells him, grateful that she doesn't need to push him on the subject. "So — um…back to puppies?"

Sophie looks relieved at that idea. "Puppies, yes." she then hmms, 'Did you want purebred, or a mutt?'

"I always had a soft spot for chihuahuas, personally," Randall chimes in, "but I guess they're not much use as guard dogs. Unless your would-be attackers have really sensitive ears, then they might get yapped half to death." As the waitress stops by, he finally settles on an Arnold Palmer and a bowl of spinach dip.

Lee says, "Right, puppies. Hey…Hiro, right? Explosiontown guy. Great to see you again, I see you hooked up with the comics crowd. You getting a pet, Kory?"

Sophie looks at the others. She says, as she gets up, "I guess I really should get going. But.." she chuckles softly, "I'd suggest something more like a mastiff or a rottweiler, if they are well trained."

"Guard dog," Kory admits. "And maybe a little service animal. Dr. Volleyball…" (Volleyball?!) "…figures I might have anxiety issues for a while after what happened. So. Yeah." She shrugs, helplessly. "At least, no nightmares." She nods at Sophie. "That's what I was thinking. Something big and smart and loyal."

Randall leans back, considering. "Depends on whether you want the bad guys mauled or lacerated, I guess. What about a Doberman? Or an East German shepherd, I've heard good things about those."

Kory bags her supplies. "Dobies tend to be a little skittish. And Pit Bulls have the rep to work against. I guess I'll do a little research. Maybe ask Lachlan. He helped out when the Chrises had some trouble with Ickle Ronniekins."

Sophie says, 'Well, never hurts to do the research. And you want one you care about too.' she glances at her watch, "I think I should head to the library. I need to do some studying."

Randall scratches his head. "Lachlan— that's the guy with the radio ads, right? Should've figured you'd know him." And the voice in those ads is familiar from the bookstore, so that's another link.. "I really should drop by Enlightenment again," he muses to himself, slipping back and forth between words and thoughts. He wouldn't be himself if he didn't do that from time to time.

He's so cute when he's distracted. "Tomorrow, okay? Walk me home?" Kory asks, nudging Randall toward the aisle, and taking her waffles in a to-go box.

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