2007-11-10: Waiting For You


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Summary: Cooome to my laaaaaab. Mohinder finally gets back to Niki with a possible solution.

Date It Happened: November 10th, 2007

Waiting For You

Queens / ???

PHONE: Your phone begins to ring. The Caller ID says 283-4363.

PHONE: You answer your phone, "Hello?"

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Niki? It's Dr. Suresh. I'm sorry that I'm just now returning your message. Some… unforseen circumstances took me away for a few days."

PHONE: Niki sounds surprised to hear the voice on the other end — to the extent that she's taken aback. "Dr. Suresh. Is… everything okay?"

PHONE: There's a brief moment of silence before Mohinder answers, "Everything will be fine. Your message sounded quite urgent. What can I do to help? I'm still working on what we were discussing. Matters just.. got put on hold."

PHONE: Niki's end also has a brief moment of silence, filled with hesitation. "It… was." Was. "I … had some problems … with the medication. But I stopped taking it."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "What sort of problems did you have with the medication? Niki, depending on the problem, I may need to see you immediately."

PHONE: Niki says, "No, it's… it was my fault. I was trying to do the impossible. To make it better."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "I see.. Niki.. If I'm to fully help you. I need to know. What were you doing?"

PHONE: Niki says, "It doesn't matter anymore." Cue evasiveness. "It's not like I can change the past."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Niki.. No. You cannot change the past. What happened?"

PHONE: Niki doesn't answer right away, which, considering she doesn't sound like she wants to answer Mohinder at all, shouldn't be surprising. "I took some other drugs, okay? Along with the meds you gave me."

PHONE: Mohinder can be heard sighing audibly, but he doesn't berate the woman. "Niki. I want to help you, but you have to be able to help yourself at the same time."

PHONE: Niki says, "That's what I was trying to do. I thought, maybe they'd even out or something. Make it so— the side effects weren't so bad." The woman sighs tensely. She knows she messed up. She doesn't want to hear it anymore. "I don't want to talk about it, so unless you know if you can help me…"

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Niki. I can help you. I just need some patience and a little time. I told you, the virus is taking up most of my time.. Getting kidnapped only pushed back the research." There's a pause as the geneticist gathers his thoughts, paying no mind to his slip. "My research is now hinging on speaking to someone else within the Company.. Come to my lab tomorrow. We'll see what can be done. Before something terrible happens."

PHONE: Niki takes a second to … understand all of that information. She'll ask about the kidnapping comment later. Now, she answers, her voice low and utterly serious. "It's too late for that." Something terrible has already happened. A moment later: "I'll come."

PHONE: Mohinder doesn't argue the point further, he can press for details later. "Tomorrow morning. After Micah goes to school?"

PHONE: Niki says, "… I'll be there."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Alright Niki. In the meantime, try and not be too hard on yourself. I'll be at the lab bright and early, waiting for you."

PHONE: The phone call has been ended by the other person.

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