2008-01-12: Waiting Up


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Summary: Contrary to popular belief, ogres have feelings too! Hiro returns after his trip with Gabriel.

Date It Happened: January 12th, 2008

Waiting Up

Hiro appears outside the door to Rochelle's place and promptly realizes that he doesn't have a key to let himself in. Hmph. Oh well, solution. Another flicker of concentration and he's inside the door, practically cradling in his arms something that he never truly thought he'd see again.

The Kensei sword. Easily recognizable from the mark on the scabbard.

Once he's beamed inside, he takes a quick look around. Are Rochelle and Ando alright? They were gone by the time he beamed Gabriel back to the 7-11.

Ando has gone upstairs to likely fall into bed in the meantime, as he is frankly probably used to Hiro disappearing by now. Oh, he'll come back, eventually.

Rochelle is an entirely different story. All of this is pretty new to her, and so she has planted herself in the kitchen, sitting at the table with a half-empty bottle of Blue Moon in her fingers, and one foot propped up on the next seat over underneath the table. Oedipus lies in the living room, lifting his head when Hiro blinks into view over at the door. Rochelle turns her attention to her dog first, then with almost a rumble: "Hiro? That you?"

"Hai, Rosherru!"

It may be sleepy late time but Hiro is far too excited to heed such conventions right at this moment. He bustles over towards the kitchen, his replacement sword sealed away in the cannister on his back while in his hands he holds the original Kensei sword. He places it down on the table reverently, grinning from ear to ear.

"Syl—," No, that man isn't Sylar anymore, "Gabriel gave me my sword. He had it all along."

Rochelle tries her best to watch Hiro with a frown on her face, but it seems to flatten as he bustles his way into the house and stops at the table; as he sets down the sword onto the table, Rochelle blinks quietly at its visible grip as he explains.

"Gabriel?" Rochelle repeats, her voice gone from irritated to curious. …Is that his name? We're apparently turning biblical. "What happened, Hiro?" The woman has to pretty much force her attention from the Kensei sword and up to Hiro's face.

"Gabriel is Sylar's name," Hiro says, repeating the S-word with great difficulty, "His real name. He is good now … he wants to be a hero. He didn't think that he could be but I talked to him and now I think he wants to try. He gave me the sword back."

He looks down at the sword quietly for a moment, "He deserves a chance."

Rochelle lifts her elbow to the table, letting go of the bottle in her fingers and instead using her knuckles as a leaning post for her cheek. "In the store, I knew there was something else. He wasn't like what I thought he would be like." Rochelle bites at her bottom lip, remembering the fact the duo was actually getting a slushee. And then that other woman. Who was that, then?

"He wasn't- I didn't see anything back there worth bein'scared of. I was surprised. He looked at me funny for a second, but that was prolly cause I was starin' at him." She glances down at the sword on the table again. "What'd you do, after you left? Where the hell'd you go?"

"The Sahara," Hiro answers before realizing that he'll probably need to explain why he took Gabriel to Africa all of a sudden, "I did not know he wasn't Sylar anymore. I had to ask him questions and I had to do it somewhere that he could not escape from. And then we went to a house here in New York and he gave me back my sword which he hid there."

Rochelle can feel her eyebrows leap upwards for a second. What. "…you took him to Africa?" Maybe she just should not… ask any further.

"I see." Instead, she lets her curiosity show again, lifting her hand tentatively towards the sword, but not touching it. She wants to, very much so- that little golden symbol is practically saying 'Hi, Rochelle, touch me!'. "He's not Sylar anymore? Was it really a different man up in there?" His head, she means. The name also seems to be hard for Rochelle to mutter now, largely because that implies she is not an understanding person.

"He is Gabriel," Hiro says with a nod, "He is not the same. Sylar only cared about power for himself. When I took Gabriel to Africa, all he wanted was to get back so he could see that Elle was alright - the blonde lady who shot that other lady."

And Hiro realizes that somebody got shot, "Is she alright? Did you call an ambulance for her?"

Rochelle just nods, glancing up at the Japanese man back from beyond. "She should be fine, they said. Ando and I helped her before the paramedics came." As for what Gabriel was worried about, truly- she simply lets that sink in.

Yeah, and the sword is still charming her. But she can't touch it! Yet. Must be polite. It is like Hiro's child, or something. "May I?" Rochelle diverts momentarily from the Gabriel Task to motion towards the sword's grip.

Hiro nods his head. The sword has survived for centuries being passed from person to person, has stabbed Sylar and has been stored in a wall for months on end. It isn't going to fall apart when Rochelle touches it.

"You like swords?"

If she were the type of person to snigger with glee, Rochelle might- but she isn't! She does stand up, though, placing a careful hand around the sheath and pulling it up off of the table. The woman's other hand moves to let the handle perch in her palm, and her thumb runs gently over the golden 'Godsend'.

"Yeah. I do, I guess."

"So do I," Hiro replies with a happy smile, watching Rochelle as she looks over the sword, "You can take it out if you like. Just be very careful! It is very, very sharp."

Rochelle tilts her head to Hiro as he responds. Is that a good idea? Sure it is! She does know how- and a couple beers won't hurt someone her size in doing it, eh?

Rochelle lowers the sword, wrapping a palm around beneath the hilt in order to pull it free from the confined sheath; she holds the blade out into the empty air beside her, a slow and almost girlish grin sneaking onto her face. "…It looks way better in real life."


Hiro has to agree. He heard so many tales about the Kensei sword throughout his life but nothing can compare to the first time he saw it in real life. The first time he got to use it. He tilts his head to one side to watch Rochelle hold it out.

"It is light, isn't it? Lighter than you think it will be?"

"It's got a svelte quality, yeah." Is her reply, testing the weight in her wrist and hand. Rochelle's grip is good enough that she can really hold it properly with only one hand- though katana are indeed made for two. The blade lifts slightly, and she tilts it enough to catch the light from her fixtures.

"I think I'm startin' to see all the hubbub about these swords." It's really a pretty thing, isn't it?

Hiro nods his head, still smiling broadly as he watches Rochelle move the sword about from place to place and admire it. He can't help but admire it himself, getting the first good look at it that he's had in almost a year.

"I am glad."

But then he pauses a little, deciding suddenly that an apology is in order, "I am sorry if I scared you by disappearing, Rosherru."

"You really did." Rochelle, in what wisdom she possesses, was not going to say it. It would have only made him feel worse, if she had told him herself. Her brown eyes glance down at Hiro from their examining the Kensei sword. The woman has a somewhat harried look for that moment. "But it's okay." It'll always be okay, really. Rochelle isn't that highstrung; she only needs to know when not to worry, and right now Hiro is often someone to worry about. Up until he learns the ways of the Badass.

Rochelle doesn't dwell, either, which may be best for this more awkward pauses. "This symbol on the grip-" She lifts the sword back into its sheath, still holding it in her hands. Her thumb along the hilt passes the embedded helix again. "-either it never said what it was, or I've forgotten."

"It means … "

Hiro pauses, looking at the symbol for a long moment and trying to translate the meaning into English. How was it that Ando put it?

"'God sending great ability'. Like … Godsend."

There's no real telling what else Rochelle might recall about the sword, but with the newest development, she seems to allow her curiosity in. "That's sorta like all of us, isn't it?" It's partially asking what Hiro thinks about said connection. "Cause hell if I know how I ended up like this. Maybe it was a godsend."

"Maybe it was," Hiro says, enigmatic on purpose with a sidelong glance to Rochelle, "Do you want to learn to use a sword? My father taught me and I think I could show you the basics. If you want to learn, of course."

"I know pretty much diddly squat about swords other than how to not cut myself unsheathing them, so that invitation seems like it's falling in my lap." Rochelle holds the Kensei sword out to Hiro on her palms, as a gesture of finality in her examining of it. "I'll learn if you want to teach me. Like everything else you've taught me so far, which if I've not said lately, am very grateful for."

"That is okay. I want to teach you."

Hiro nods his head, taking the sword back and returning it to the scabbard. For someone who falls over more than his fair share and seems generally clumsy, the way he handles the sword is with great grace and dexterity. He returns it to the sheath and holds it at once side.

"Maybe after less beers, though."

He uses the sheathed sword to tap one of the bottles on the table, grinning broadly.

"Well, yeah… that." Rochelle smiles and winces at relatively the same time, and it results in a laugh that is at least a little weird. "I had to do something while I waited. Ando was watching Home Makeover or something."

She blinks through her being caught and subsequently being mildly embarrassed, promptly picking up the bottles and turning to put them into the corner of the kitchen counter. When the back of her shoulder is still facing Hiro, Rochelle does speak again. "Did I tell you not to disappear quite like that again, or just that it's fine if you come back in one piece?" Okay, so maybe she had one thing to tack onto that.

"I will do my best."

Hiro is used to really only traveling with Ando and Ando doesn't seem to worry that much whenever Hiro disappears suddenly. He can't promise he won't do it again, but he can promise he'll try to give a warning of some kind in advance.

Rochelle pushes herself off of the counter, wandering back through the kitchen and clapping a hand to Hiro's shoulder as she moves back into the house proper. "Your best is good enough for me, Hiro." She quickly debates heading upstairs, though for just a moment turns her head back for something else. "If you wanna ever keep the sword somewhere safe when you're not using it, the basement is the safest place in the house." Just in case.

"Thank you," Hiro answers, nodding his head to the offer of keeping the sword in the basement, "But I think I will keep it with me for now."

Nope, he definately does not want to let it out of his sight. Just in case it vanishes into the ether all of a sudden.

"So long as you know." Rochelle tilts her head a bit and smiles. "I think- I'm going to get some sleep. You probably should think about that too." Because everyone knows it's good for you! As she says that, Rochelle does finally turn and depart upwards. Behind her, the great dane occupying the floor stands up and strolls to the stairwell, peering up in his own personal debate, and glancing back at Hiro in the kitchen as if the Japanese man might make up his mind for him.

"<You should go to bed, too,>" Hiro says to Eddie with a nod of his head, looking at the sheathed sword for another long moment and simply pondering the strange day that he has had. But all things considered, it certainly wasn't strange bad. There is somebody in a hospital somewhere that he feels he should probably meet but that can wait until later.

Another glance upstairs and then he decides to trundle up there, yawning widely and stretching his arms out to either side.

What. A. Day.

Trivia Note: In the Dark Future, Rochelle possesses a tattoo of the helix/Godsend symbol on the inside of her left wrist; isn't it funny how things fall into place?

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