2007-02-12: Wake Up Time


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Guest Starring: Dr. Aldric

Summary: Benjamin wakes up to find himself in the Company's hospital facility in Hartsdale.

Date It Happened: February 12th, 2007

Wake Up Time

Primatech Research - Hospital - Hartsdale, New York

Mr. Benjamin Winters has been settled in to a room and made as comfortable as possible - or at least as comfortable as a fairly standard hospital room can provide. Standard, that is, except that it's even more Spartan than the norm. Benjamin has been cared for well, however, his head bandaged from the unfortunate injury Anders had to inflict on his skull, and has been placed in a bed and propped up by pillows. A faint, natural light shines in from the half-open blinds that look into the hallway; sun must still be filtering in through the window near the entrance of the facility. It's then that the door creaks open and a middle-aged man in a white lab coat walks in, holding a clipboard and a bottle of water. "Mr. Winters?" he asks quietly. "Benjamin?"

Perfect timing! Or perhaps not. Benjamin was beginning to stir just prior to the door opening. His eyes crack open, and promptly regrets the invasion of light. The brief moment open has the illumination aggravating the concussion he's sure to have sustained. He doesn't respond, save for a sickly sounding groan, as he struggles to not puke on himself… and it's a mighty one at that. Pardon if he doesn't talk right away. Surely the nice man in the white coat will understand.
The nice man in the white coat does understand. In fact, noting Benjamin's discomfort, he closes the blinds and walks over to the bedside table, where he places his clipboard and turns on a dim lamp. "My name is Dr. Aldric," he tells Benjamin. "You sustained quite a jarring there. How do you feel?"

Benjamin groans again and takes his time slowly opening his eyes again. Take two, hold the contents of his stomach, thanks. ".. how do I feel?" From his initial view of the room, he can tell he's in a hospital. "My head feels like Gallagher tested his mallet on it, how else am I supposed to feel?," he says thickly and rather sarcastically. As things are pretty darn fuzzy and dark in his noggin, the next logical thing to come out of him is, "What happened?"

"We've taken good care of your injury, but some headache and sickness is to be expected; I suspect you might have suffered a concussion," Dr. Aldric explains to the the new patient. "You're in good hands now. And safe. Can you recall last night's events?" He's not asking not out of mere curiosity, it should be noted by his tone of voice. He takes a seat by Benjamin's bed and makes a mark on the clipboard, starting to take a penlight-like device out of his front pocket.

Benjamin closes his eyes, fighting against the overwhelming urge to vomit. Thinking hurts just too darn much. "Someone call my mo…" before he finishing getting out the word 'mother,' he opens his eyes again and frowns at the doctor. A look of puzzlement reigns as the doctor asks about last night, and then the comment about good hands. Wait.. something's connecting. There are the dots, but they keep moving around and won't hold still. "Safe.. what hospital is this?"
The doctor leans over Benjamin and attempts to look in his eyes while shining a slender stream of light into them. "You can talk to your mother when you're feeling more up to it," Dr. Aldric says. "You're in a special facility designed to keep you and others safe. You're here to learn about your unique abilities. That is, once you've recovered slightly. That Norwegian…" He shakes his head slowly, disapprovingly, trailing off. "Are you experiencing any nausea?"

Oh bugger, that's what Benjamin was afraid of. Or at least.. wait… aha. Now there's a connection. "No," he mumbles as he tries to move his arm to throw off the sheet. He can't remember exactly how he got here, but owing to the colossal amount of pain in his head, it can't mean anything good. Unless he blacked out and fell down some stairs.. or caused a taxi accident. Errr. The movement, struggle rather, to get up wasn't the smartest of ideas. Neither was thinking of the doctor taking an impromptu nap. Add those things together, and he answers the doctor's question of nausea by vomiting over the side of the bed.

Well then. Dr. Aldric makes another note on Benjamin's chart. He takes the bottle of water, unscrews the cap, and offers the bottle to the new patient. "The pain will subside soon enough." Note the IV drip. "I'd like to run some tests as soon as I can. We did an initial CT scan you arrived, but I'd like to assess your brain via MRI."

There is no telling what's in that IV drip, although Benjamin doesn't really think about that. He falls back against the mattress and eyes the offered water. A mental debate wages, but it doesn't last long, and he takes the bottle. Small sips of water are had, and fortunately, they stay down. (So far.) "What's going to happen to me?" he asks. It's not really in him to put up much of a fight, and he /was/ going to come here of his own volition. Maybe things will be easier if he just cooperates.

There’s a rap on the steel door and, without waiting for an answer, the handle is turned, the door is opened and in steps Anders, dressed down a bit today in a pair of blue jeans and a white dress shirt. He nods to the doctor, "Aldric, is the subject awake? I need to talk to.." he begins before he notices Benjamin is indeed awake. So he waves, "Morning, pleasant dreams?"

"As I said, I'd like to run some tests. Your head injury is fairly mild - I'd like to establish a baseline for our files," the doctor explains, as doctors sometimes tend to do at length. "We'll test your abilities once you're feeling better and that will provide us with more material to compare…" Dr. Aldric trails off, regarding Benjamin. "Your health and well-being is—" When the Norwegian enters the hospital room, he nods deeply and is quiet.

While there's no real solid memory of last night, Benjamin does get a gut feeling that Anders is Bad Mojo. He stares at the thug as the man enters. What Aldric had to say, isn't really paid attention to. (Otherwise, he'd remark that he's not some pet guinea pig or lab rat. 'Cause that's what this sounds like!) Instead, he focuses on Anders, perhaps trying to place the man, or put him on the floor. It's a tossup really.

Letting out an exaggerated sigh (that might have originally been a yawn), Anders responds with "I am sorry, Mister Winters, but you are neither my type nor agent Alvarez's. Perhaps you are looking for another response in kind?" he asks, tapping a finger against the side of his head, "After all, we have a medical doctor in arms reach." Threatening? Some!

"Mr. Skaargard," Dr. Aldric says with a mildly threatening tone of his own. It's more like a warning. "Would you assist me in moving the patient to Imaging?" He stands up and unlocks the mechanism in the hospital bed that lets it be moveable.

Benjamin eases his head back against the pillows, grimacing at the contact through the bandages. Ugh. Pressure. He closes his eyes and looks green around the gills. "… You're a contemptible… lout.." Darn it all. Insults just lose their sting when you don't swear. Alas.

"Yes, doctor, Imaging," Anders says as he goes around the back of the bed and begins guiding it out, "How is your head, Mr. Winters? I tried to pull the blow as much as I could." Not true concern this, only really professional concern, frankly, "I was worried I'd put you to sleep permanently."

Benjamin manages to retort thickly to Anders, "Put /you/ to sleep," right before he vomits. Accidentally of course, as the thug passes around to the back of the bed.

"Mr. Winters has a mild retrograde amnesia," the doctor reminds Anders, even if the man likely had no way of knowing that, short of guessing. And then Benjamin vomits in Anders's general direction. "…I suspect the memory loss is temporary." He walks carefully beside the wheeling bed, guiding the IV stand. The hallway they emerge into is empty, save for a lone man in scrubs who walks by in the other direction, but they pass several other hospital rooms, all with windows like Benjamin's, which is one of the closest to the entrance of the wing, it seems. They pass a room with a sleeping man, a woman in the next sitting up talking to another doctor in the next; one contains Niki Sanders, asleep. "This way," Dr. Aldric says, turning the corner and into a room marked 'X-Ray'.

If it wasn't for being snapped up by the company, Anders would have probably made a decent hospital porter, not even flinching at the vomiting patient, "He does? Is he aware of why I introduced him to my pistol?" he asks the doctor as he pushes the bed, "That Sanders woman is pretty, isn't she Aldric? Have you performed her physical yet?"

Benjamin will just keep his eyes closed for the trip. Thanks. Motion, light, dry heaving might be next on the list.. and that's even less pleasant. It's a shame he doesn't see the other rooms, and occupants. ".. You .. hit me?" Smart man. Although it doesn't take a genius to really add up the numbers. "I think I dislike you," he utters, then his ears perk up, not literally though. Sanders? The name is familiar.. but it's a common surname.

Dr. Aldric hesitates. "We're not performing any tests on Ms. Sanders until it's deemed absolutely safe to do so… and she needs her rest." Pause. "Please don't provoke her," he adds before gesturing for Anders to stop his impromptu porter duties. The room they now find themselves in is full of imaging equipment. "How are you feeling now, Mr. Winters? Dizzy?"

"My heart bleeds, Mr. Winters," Anders deadpans, making an effort to 'accidentally' bump the bed against the doorframe as they pass through, "It is understandable though." He nods at the doctors instructions re: Niki, smiling, "Mr. Winters has some questions to answer for me, when he is feeling better."

"M'fine.. when things are still," Benjamin answers helpfully. The 'accidental' bump sure doesn't help. ".. I don't wanna answer your questions." At least he's honest about it. "Sanders.. the name's familiar," he murmurs aloud and more to himself.

Dr. Aldric is preparing the highly expensive equipment for awhile, before he strolls over to take Benjamin's water away (tragic!). "I think we can take it from here, Mr. Skaargard."

"Very well, Aldric," Anders replies, locking the brake on the bed, "Please page me when Mr. Winters is feeling talkative." Then he turns to Benjamin, smiling a customer-service-smile, all fakery and well hidden dislike, "Have a good day, Mister Winters."

"I really don't like him," Ben mutters as his water is taken away and Anders bids an adieu. He proves to be a star patient for the imaging. Seeing as he passes out for a little naptime.

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