2007-03-25: Wakey Wakey


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Summary: Riya and Sean have the traditional next-morning talk. Food is involved, and another date is set.

Date It Happened: March 25, 2007

Wakey Wakey

Sean's Apartment

Sean rolls over in his bed - they moved to his bed after knocking over the plate of perfectly good cookies, dammit! - and looks at the still-asleep Riya, and smiles. Wow, a week ago he practically knew… no one in this damned city anymore. Now… He puts a hand on Riya's warm, bare shoulder.

The cookies were good, but the bed was better! Riya is using one arm as a pillow, and her hair's strewn over her body, reaching down to her hip. She does mmm gently though when she feels his hand, and one eyelid cracks open. "… Sean?" She murmurs, thickly.

Sean pretends to be shocked. "Who's Sean!? Jeez, Leanne, I didn't know you were…" He trails off, and shakes his head sleepily. "Mmmm, never mind… too tired for joking around this early in the morning." He lies back down, cuddlinh against Riya, not bothering to check what time it actually is.

Chuckling, Riya reaches over to swat Sean wherever she can reach before her eyes open all the way. "Sean, what time is it?" Riya asks, almost worried. "Rockette practice starts at nine a.m… and I am going to get killed if I'm not there on time!"

Sean lazily rolls over and checks the time. Eight o'clock. Ehn, enough time. "You've still got forty-five minutes, hon." He raises himself on his arms. "Plenty of time for breakfast, I'd say. Omelette sound good?"

"Oh gods yes. Do you have lots and lots of cheese to put in it? Along with some meat?" She inquires, before she sits up all the way, stretching as she does so.

"Of course! And probably a few things you wouldn't expect, as well!" Thinking through the stuff he has in his fridge, he decides upon two beef, celery, and apple omelettes with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Mmmm. He sits up all the way, beside Mara, and reaches over and kisses her. Mmmm.

"Sounds good." She says, leaning over to kiss Sean back gently. "Busy day today, lover?" Riya asks thoughtfully, grinning at him as she moves to stand and look around for her clothes.

Sean looks around for some clothes, shrugs, and puts on a pair of shamrock boxers he bought for the hell of it on the 18th - when they were on sale, of course. "Not really - I've got work at the pub for the lunch shift, a break for dinner," he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, "and then working until the wee hours of the morning at the bar." He sighs. "So, uh, I guess yeah, come to think of it."

Unfortunantly, Sean does not keep women-clothing on hand, so Riya finally wanders out to the living room looking for her clothes as she goes. "Dinner? What time?" She inquires. "I can probably meet up with you.

Sean thinks, as he sets up butter to melt in the pan, for the omelettes, starts chopping up apples and celery, and frying beef. No, not quite all at the same time. "I'm off up at the Irish Pub at 4, I believe, and then I'm on at work again at 8, until 2."

"Yup, I can do that." Riya says simply as she finally starts getting dressed, one hand working to braid her long hair before she finally makes her way into the kitchen. "Mmmm. That smells delicious." She says, giving him a quick kiss.

"Awesome." Sean kisses her back, then puts the omelettes on two plates and brings them out to the living room, and stops in the doorway, laughing. "Crap, we never picked up the cookies." He starts walking again. "Ah, well, I'll do it later - you need to eat before you have to leave. How long does it take to get to work?"

"A long time." Riya admits, taking her plate and downing the omlette. "Ack!" Then with another quick kiss, the girl grabs her heels and is out the door before Sean can say, AAAAAAAH!

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