2007-10-01: Waking Nightmare


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Summary: Some nightmares aren't content to stay confined to dreams. (Logbitch's Note: Feel free to add your icon if I've somehow missed you. It's late, I'm tired, and I didn't think I would be the one posting this thing. <3)

Date It Happened: October 1, 2007

Chapter Three: Premonition - Waking Nightmare

Lower East Side

Back in the waiting room, Dr. Aldric and Dr. Suresh both look at the clock above the entrance. A simple, round clock with a red rim, its minute hand turns, marking the hour as ten past six.

The dream starts to change again, going soft and corroding, twisting. This time, absolutely everything goes black to everyone's senses. There's no up, no down.

Just the ticking of the clock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

It's a disorienting sensation, waking from a dream that never should have come. Her eyes fluttering open, Elle murmurs in protest of the hard ground beneath her and the pounding in her head. Later, she'll realize there's a dark bruise flowering over the side of her forehead from where she hit when she fell. She flattens both palms against the sidewalk and pushes herself up to her feet, the ticking of the clock lingering in her mind. Once she's regained some measure of composure, she looks to the cafe, searching for familiar faces where she saw them last.

Having been in the process of swinging a chair at Peter's face when Benjamin's power kicked in, Elena's suddenly back in the waking world the moment she steps through the room in the dream to see Angela and the otherPete arguing. Waking in the throes of a very weird nightmare causes her to jerk upwards awake, her breathing somewhat hitched and her wide eyes looking around. What the— how long had they been…? She shifts to a sitting position, pushing back her hair and rubbing her eyes. Odd, it felt like actual sleep, but it wasn't restful at all. Finding Peter's unconscious form sprawled near her, she slides her body over, trying to roll him on his back. "Peter," she murmurs, patting his cheek lightly with her fingertips. "Peter wake up." She even gives him a little shake, looking over her shoulder worriedly. "I think we better get out of here before anything else happens." Whatever or whoever happened earlier could still be lingering around and she doesn't want him to go nuclear. And if he doesn't wake? She'll make him go home even if she has to drag him to a cab.

Waking up. "Nnnnngh," Sharon says, pushing herself up and shaking off the effects of having been asleep for the first time in years. So. Weird. "That was unpleasant," the woman says to nobody imparticular. She straightens up a little bit and stands, trying to get her bearings back after their little trip into the dream.

".. or in case Sylar decides…" Benjamin doesn't dare continue that train of thought. He doesn't want to think about the girl being harmed. She's innocent, adorable, has barely lived at all. On the flip side, her ability isn't one that Sylar needs to add to his arsenal. "On second thought.. we're not going to my place. In case my power fails, we should get her somewhere away from people. I don't want her causing anyone to create another accident or situation." Think Winters, think. Where to take her? Outside city limits? He glances over at Mara, "I'll get a cab."

Slowly rousing to consciousness at the mouth of the alley is a lonely Russian import who has yet to fully reckon how history is about to repeat itself as she'll wake, once again, without her daughter. Mariska groaning draws her brow up from the prickly pavement of the sidewalk, brushing off what gritty debris she might have picked up on her cheek and… then… horrifying realization begins to dawn slowly.

The ticking clock fades into the background noise, and the sensation of someone's hand on his arm lingers, even as the dream fades into awakeness. Peter will probably thank Elle for that touch later— but right now, he's throw back into the waking world, with a hand against his cheek and someone speaking to him. Luckily, whatever happened didn't leave him worse for wear— no heat to his skin, no fever, and his heart rate is only slightly increased— due to the information pushed into him during the dream. Sprawled in the outside café, a few chairs knocked over near him, a little melting on the ground where his hands landed— his eyes open wide and he gasps into awareness, looking up at the dark sky, then toward the girl touching his cheek. It's all his fault. He reaches up and touches her hand, pushing it away as he sits up and looks around, trying to see if he recognizes the people waking up from those he glanced in the dream— the ones who weren't hit by the rain, the ones they all spoke to. He doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get up and leave— possibly still in shock, as he glances over at the ones in the café area itself first. Not just a dream.

Kitty's eyes snap open and she rises to a sitting position quickly. She is nearest to Elena and Peter and so she stands and walks over to the two, "Are you guys ok?" she asks and rubs her shoulder. OWW. Her hair has fallen out of her ponytail and her eyes are red. She surveys the area around her and beckons for Sharon, "Maybe we should get out of here guys," Kitty offers with a glance around them, not wanting questions to start getting asked. The young woman rubs her temples, "My head hurts now."

"Don't even suggest that," Mara warns. "You can take my car. I've got… a farm. Upstate. And trust me, there's nothing there." Not for a big city girl, anyway. "It's Bishop-approved, so it should be as good a place as any." She glances over her shoulder. "They're waking up." That means Mama Misha won't be long. "Bollocks."

His eyes dart back and forth between the multitude of people on the street, who are just now waking up from whatever it was that caused them to fall into their slumbers. He's been watching them for a little while now, rather curious as to what exactly what was going on, hanging back so he could gather more information. They weren't all asleep, however, so it was wise that he keep hidden. The African American woman seemed to have some idea of what was going on, as she tried to explain it away to those who were watching. For those that were asleep, the detective woke up before anyone else, and he had to restrain himself from killing her right then and there on the spot— after all, it would have been so easy.

"My, my, my," the killer finally says, betraying his location as he steps out from the darkness of a nearby alleyway. Not the same alleyway as Benjamin's. "It seems my luck is looking up today," Sylar says, a wicked smirk crossing his face. With that said, he turns his attention to the person nearest what has become his nemesis, Peter Petrelli: Elena. He raises his hand, fingers curled inward, and with a quick motion he opens his hand, palm extended outwards, the telekinesis aimed directly for Elena.

Rubbing at the spot on her forehead where she struck the ground, Elle turns away from the café and begins searching the street for any sign of the car which had brought her this far. When the black vehicle is nowhere to be seen, her shoulders drop. "Son of a—" That's as far as she gets before movement in a nearby alley catches her attention. Instantly, her eyes snap to Sylar. "You can't be serious." Her palms begin to glow with blue light, and she nearly finds herself clipped by surprised drivers as she dashes across the street. At least she stops to consider whether or not it's raining, this time - now that it's the real world again, or so she presumes. "Get down!" she yells to the patrons of the café, just in case any of them hadn't noticed the particularly dangerous killer headed their way. One hand extended in front of her, Elle sends an arc of electricity crackling through the air, straight at him.

She eases back a bit when Peter finally wakes - he's alright. No fever, and he isn't going to explode. The others? "Are you okay?" The first directed to Peter, and then to Kitty when she hears her voice near them. "I think we're okay," Elena tells the fellow NYU student, though she sounds a little unsure. "You alright?" Her eyes wander over to Sharon who's also rousing from where she's sprawled. She turns her head to look for the rest. The woman, the dreamwalker. She can't see her anywhere. Elle she spots a bit away, and another woman (Mariska) who she doesn't recognize waking up. The onset of grogginess makes it hard to think, and see, so she rubs her eyes a bit to clear out the fuzziness. "The dreamwalker…I don't see her," she murmurs. Had she actually been there with them at all? She could've been asleep somewhere else in the city… but she at least knows how to find her just in —

She's suddenly yanked backwards by an invisible force. The hand that had slid onto Peter's shoulder jerks back away sharply and suddenly as she's dragged along the floor, crashing into tables and chairs at her wake. She doesn't even have time to cry out.

Oh snap. Sharon doesn't know who that is, but given the electric chick is trying to fry him in front of the masses, it must be a serious threat. Sharon reaches over to grab her gym bag and darts along the side, out of the main line of fire. She doesn't get tired. She doesn't do TK or Lightning or any flashy powers like that. Instead, she tries to make like one of the uninformed masses, but try to get into position to intercept Sylar if he advances at all. All while looking totally shocked and confused. Which isn't that hard, given the circumstances!

This is not all right. And it's about to get worse. Remember that ticking clock in the dream? Apparently it'd been part of prophecy too… Peter's looking around at the people he recognizes, eyes lingering on Elle for a split second, but then he hears the cry of warning, and looks to see what it's at— and then looks back to see Elena ripped away from him by an unseen force. No. No. This reminds him far too much of a situation in the past— or in the future— and this time there's even more innocent people in danger. As Elle lifts her hand to throw lightning, he starts to stand up, reaching out towards objects in the café— specifically chairs— and tries to send them flying at the other man. Being subtle about things? That's for a time when it's not Sylar in the immediate area.

Kitty doesn't get a chance to reply to Elena's question because Elena is thrown away from them. Kitty blinks and then ducks, her hand going to the messenger bag that was at her feet. Her hand grips Suzie Q and she narrows a gaze at Sylar. She watches as Elle throws lightning at the serial killer, her eyes grow wide and she stays down as her gun is gripped tight in her hand. While she can't throw lightning or use telekinesis, Kitty can shoot /very/ well. But if there are others that have more offensive powers than Kitty will let them handle it for now while she checks on Elena. While crouched Kitty runs over to towards Elena, "Stay down Elena!" she says and looks worried as she looks behind her.

Benjamin nods to Mara. That sounds good to him. "Perfect. Even if she wakes up, we'll hopefully be away from people." Then again, if Sasha wakes up, but stays calm, all should be well. Still. Not a chance he wants to take. "Fudge buckets," he says to the waking up. "Mariska's going to kill me. I hate doing this to her, but it's for everyone's good." He glances over his shoulder, as if expecting the Russian woman to be /right/ there. "Lead on to your car." The pair haven't made it very far from the initial scene. They're maybe a block away by now. Again, he looks over his shoulder, "Did.. did you just?" The electricity in the air, and the noise from the altercation is bound to be attention grabbing.

Telekinesis and lightning and showdowns, oh my! Mariska barely has time to resolve her senses and let agonizing reality set in when all paranormal hell starts to break loose. There is little recognition to be gleaned behind her eyes for the participates of the ultimate showdown and thus, her gut impulse is to get up and run in the opposite direction, while simultaneously screaming the name of her missing little girl. And so she does. "SASHA?!?!"

Someone is yelling for people to get down? A shame. This means this person is potentially interrupting Sylar's fun. And we wouldn't want that, now would we? Sylar turns his attention towards the electric blonde, already raising a hand in her direction— wait— didn't he kill her? No matter. He can do it again. He snaps his head to the left, ready to grab a table, only Petrelli has tossed some chairs in his direction. Excellent. "I wasn't aware that you were on my side!" he calls out, taunting the other man as his own telekinesis takes the chairs from Peter, launching them directly in the path of Elle's lightning, the chairs cracking and burning the moment the electricity hits them and travels all over their wooden bodies. They drop to the ground, still sizzling with a final crackling noise that dies out. "Let me try!" he calls out to Elle, only his attention is focused on Peter for the time being. His left palm opens up, a ball of lightning slowly forming as it sparks and crackles in his hand, and he draws his arm in, shoving it forward to launch the ball directly towards Peter.

She knows that voice. It's the one that wakes her up at night commenting on how easy it would be to kill her while she sleeps. Even with this distance, she knows it's him. Mara wants to just hand off Sasha and tell Benjamin to flee with her. It would be a great idea, if Benjamin were capable of even holding the child. "Winters, it's showtime! Put him down!"

Those chairs weren't meant to be used like that. Peter blinks, surprised at the use, shocked at the sight of the way he's using things— and then the man's using lightning as well. He thought he didn't kill Elle? At first, he does the only thing he can think of, exactly what the man just did. Use an object to intercept. He starts to lift up one of the tables, attempting to toss it in the same direction— the table and the ball miss each other— he was just a little too slow, and it hits him right in the chest, knocking him back a few feet, and then back to the ground. It looks, for the moment, like he's unconscious. And his shirt is heaving singed, but not quite on fire.

When the chair is thrown in front of the blast, Elle sneers. She doesn't like missing. She especially doesn't like being shown up at her own game, like when Sylar starts throwing his own lightning around. Watching as Peter is blown back by the electric shock, Elle sets her features into a look of determination. Both hands in front of her, she quickly forms a new ball, hoping the man is sufficiently distracted with Peter to miss it as it sails towards him.

Benjamin glances aside at Mara, and says what he probably shouldn't say, "I don't know if I can now!" Orders are to contact Noah, well, that's what he does. He fires off a 9-1-1 message to those Agents are instructed to in a Sylar sighting. "Follow me," he says, backtracking towards the corner scene, making sure to stay out of sight. Sylar knows his face, and Mariska's liable to realize he's got Sasha. He raises a hand to press against the wound in his chest, trying to keep his breathing regular. With Sasha asleep, he no longer has that boost to his ability. So now he's just depending on his own normal level.

She's not getting up for a bit, curled into a tight ball and squeezing her eyes shut when Kitty gets to her, splinters and cracked wood leaving a trail on where she'd been dragged. Elena grits her teeth, tapping into her own ability to make things a little easier on herself as she pounds a fist in anger on the floor. It doesn't hurt, but her temper is up, and she's pretty pissed off. Shoving herself off the ground, she moves away from Kitty when she grabs a…is that a GUN?! "Holy shit, Kitty, where'd you -get- that?!" She didn't look like someone who'd just carry a gun around her handbag! "Stay behind this," she says, gesturing to the pile of wood and debris her own body made before crawling away from it…only to watch Peter flying back. What the hell was going on?! She's never encountered Sylar before, so when she finally gets a good angle to see, she doesn't recognize him. But the fact that he's attacking everyone in the vicinity is good enough for her. She throws her hand out, and attempts to make her own blast, but to do it is to let go of her painkilling abilities, and once it lets go, she can feel it all over again and she's forced to bring it back up.

Sharon is apparently stupid, or crazy, or overconfident. Take your pick! Out come a pair of Eskrima sticks from the oversized gym bag, which would be a pair of two foot long rattan sticks, and darts back behind Sylar. Lets dispense with the fancy smancy power attacks. Instead, lets just resort to the best way of resolving conflicts. Hitting people with sticks! And then she wants to get back from the man after the strike, regardless of it hits or not.

"My dad taught me how to shoot and told me to always carry her with me because the city is dangerous" she says as if that explains it all. After partway getting behind the wood that Elena indicated Kitty points her gun steadily at Sylar. "Elena, duck" is all she says and she fires off a few rounds in Sylar's direction. If her aim is true, he should be hit in the chest. Her eyes squint as she pulls the trigger and she thinks to what her father use to tell her to do if she ever had to shoot another person. Breathe, relax and shoot. Simple right?

Mara purses her lips and follows Benjamin. "Dammit. The kid's a double-edged sword. You're no good without her, but he'll be unstoppable if we wake her up." She fixes the other agent with a steady gaze. "What do we do? I can't run from this. Won't run from this."

Distracted by Peter enough it is. Sylar just catches Elle's ball of lightning in time, but he isn't quick enough— the ball slams into him, lifting him off of his feet and sending him flying into the tables and chairs of the nearby café. He slams through a table, landing on the concrete that serves as the patio. He doesn't get up. He doesn't move. He's out.

He's down. Elena lifts her hand to shield her eyes from the sudden flash of light that takes the superpowered serial killer down. Getting up and choking a bit, she floods her system with more pain blockers, and moves to where Peter had fallen. No one else that she could see had been hurt - though she does notice that another someone seems to be missing from the party. Her eyes wander back over to the Russian woman - she had been screaming earlier, a name… crouching down next to the younger Petrelli brother, she helps him up into a sitting position. He should be healing back up now, but she checks him over anyway to make sure he's not going haywire, having lost count of his ability usage earlier.

The moment the ball hits and Sylar goes down, Elle starts to close the distance between them at a cautious pace, swiftly taking stock of who's nearby. "Get back!" she says sharply to both Sharon and Kitty, her tone appropriately commanding. "Don't assume he's down for the count." She'll gloat later, when they get him back to the facility and he's locked up nice and safe in the glass room. Her hands shimmer, an electric crack suggesting that her guard is high. She's taking her own advice, for once. "Damaris," she says, raising her voice. "Did you make the call?"

Frustrated with himself, Benjamin gets back to the corner, keeping ducked behind it. He really needs to get a backup, like a tazer, or tranq gun.. but first.. he needs to learn to use those better. Until then? He uses the gift God or whoever gave him. He tries again, keeping his focus on Sylar. "Keep holding onto her, I'm trying again… and thanks for the confidence." Was that a sour, sarcastic tone? Why yes.. yes it was. Fortunately, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem that his power is needed. "Elle's got it, let's go before Mariska spots us. I sent the message to Bennet." Then.. dammit.. Elle's calling out for Mara. "Here," he says, quickly reaching to take Sasha so that he can duck back.

It is either unfortunate or fortuitous that Mariska's chosen path of flight is sending her directly toward Agents Damaris and Winters as they waffle while watching Elle Bishop extol some staticky sweet revenge onto one Gabriel Gray. Her frantic gait slows to a powerwalk as she foregoes temptation to take the short way over. Why the desire for subtlety in the wake of the wacky that just occurred? Who knows. "Give me… my daughter. Now."

Sharon was about to totally crack Sylar's head open when…there's a nasty blast of electricity. And two bullets striking her left arm and shoulder. "MOTHER…!!" she screams as she crashes to the ground, well behind Sylar, and does a few rolls before stopping and using the remains of her power to keep coherent and awake. But that really, really hurts! Just ignore the blood over here, kids. But she seems to still be moving, amazingly enough.

The burns from the electricity have healed away, and Peter gasps into awareness not too long after hitting the ground. He probably shouldn't be getting up at all, but he does, sitting up to look around, trying to make sure everyone is still alive. Then his eyes fall on Sylar. Down. Then he glances at Elena, who's pushing him up. "You're okay?" he asks, just to be sure— but then looks back toward the serial killer— the down Is she all right? How long was he out? And— he looks back towards the man who would eventually kill him. And spots bystanders who got hit by stray bullets. There's a wince and he pushes himself up. He doesn't seem pleased with the idea. "I have to help them— there's already enough of a mess here. Stay here— please." The further away she stays, the better. There's Company around. There's no laying low this time— and they have a lot to clean up with the bystanders anyway. What's one more thing? They're still not killing him, are they? Someone has to someday. If only Elena hadn't talked him out of it.

"Bennet's on his way!" Mara calls around the corner to Elle. She passes Sasha off to Benjamin without a fuss and pulls her gun, leveling it at Marsika. "She's a danger. Her ability could have killed us all. She's going back to a Company facility - and so are you. It's your choice whether or not this happens in a bodybag, Dmitryeva." She narrows her eyes, at the teleporter, but calls to Elle again, "I'll be there in a minute, Bishop!" Because she can't just leave her there to watch the unconscious killer by herself, can she?

That flash of light? OWWWIE. Kitty closes her eyes and bites her lips. As she blinks a few times to make the stars and birds go away. "That hurt," she says and rubs her eye with the hand that isn't holding a gun. She then quickly makes her way over to her messenger bag that is near Elena and Peter, "Sorry about the gun, but he hurt you. I hate when people hurt my friends," she says hurriedly as she stuffs the gun back in the bag with the safety on. Kitty then looks up and sees Misha, "Misha! Are you ok?" she asks and stays down next to Elena and Peter, so she is kind of sorta listening to what Elle said. Kitty then sees what happens to Sharon and she gaps, "Sharon!" Kitty looks to Elena and then to Peter and then back to Sharon. The young mechanic gets up hastily and begins to make her way to Sharon, "One of my bullets hit her!" she says to Elena as she moves some of the wrecked tables and chairs out of the way.

Benjamin winces, taking child, heavier than what he should be lifting. "I'm sorry Mariska, but no. Damaris is right, and I have my orders. I won't let anything happen to her." He gives the Russian a look before turning and heading off, leaving Mara to handle the woman. He'll take Sasha away from here and call Noah later with a meeting point. If Mariska chooses to pursue, he'll just have to try and put her out. Again.

Pursue? Not so much. Flat out disappear? Why yes.


"Nothing I c….can't walk off," Elena says, maintaining her hold on her powers and her lips pressing in a grim, determined line. He's asking her to stay behind….when the danger was over. In other words, she's looking at him as if he's crazy. When Kitty screams at her and tells her Sharon's got shot, and yelling at Misha to ask if she's already, the young woman's eyes wander over to the carnage. She sees Sharon on the ground, the bystander. The other woman, Kitty seems to know. And then, once her gaze travels to the Company crew….well. She knows Elle, or her doppleganger anyway. Mara is unfamiliar, but there is one she recognizes. "……Mr. Winters…?" she says softly as she watches him walk away. And then 'Misha' just disappears with a crack. She thinks she imagines it at first. But she's pushing herself off the floor. "Take care of Sharon," she tells Peter, and she turns around, running as if whole towards the bystander who doesn't -seem- to be getting up to start administering first aid.

Mr. Winters. Peter hasn't seen you since the future. He pauses for a moment as he looks over— and there's Mara as well. Another one he hasn't seen since the future. It distracts him a moment— there's a gun drawn on a woman too— a woman who disappears. That makes him blink, but then he's told to go take care of Sharon. Right. Sharon. "I'll take care of it," he says to both Elena and Kitty, before he starts moving toward the woman. Over by Elle and Sylar. His expression is pained, serious, and he glances at Elle as he gets closer. "Can't believe your still leaving him alive. I thought you were going to kill him next time you had the chance," he says, looking down toward the man— and reaching out to touch Sharon instead. "It'll be okay— just— hold on a moment, okay?" He puts his hand down over the area she was hit— and starts to heal it away— That worked a lot faster than he's used to.


"DO NOT TAKE HER TO THE RALLY POINT. Considering how many Evolved are in that building and her range… If you're at the Plaza, I'll just try and come there myself. Considering I'm currently outside of New York, it might be a bit. Whatever you do, do NOT move the child far and keep her asleep."

"… Yes sir.. understood. I'll keep her asleep. We aren't near the rally point. I'll take the two of them to my place instead."


Moving through the New York Night with incredible speed, a black Nissan Maxima runs red lights, cuts off cars, and drives with little regard for its safety or those around it. You know, just like most people that drive in New York City. Passing a young woman and her date, the woman crumples over. "What's wrong?" the man asks, helping her remain standing.

"The person in that car… He carries much rage in the depths of his lake-like soul. It as if he is an elephant with many lions living in him."

"Um… Right. You not making sense again. Let's get you drunk so I can make out with you and your best friend again."


Of course, the driver of the car doesn't care about random empaths or the possibly of a cop giving him a ticket. He's above the lower Evolved and he's above the Law. Who is this person? The answer is soon given as the car screeches to a halt. Out steps the Troubleshooter Noah Bennet. In his hand is a tranq gun. Sylar, highly powered children almost dooming a city, fanatic protective parents… this seems like something out of his nightmare, but like all things, he plans to handle this swiftly and decisively. He watches as the teleporter disappears from view and as Benji goes. While he said that he would be there to handle things, he will allow the accountant-turned-agent to leave. Considering the change in situation, he would do the same. His first words are simple enough.

"Where is he?" he calls out, figuring that someone is going to be telling him exactly where Sylar is. After all, if there aren't already Company agents on scene, he's gunna flail someone with their own teeth.

But Noah is not alone. In the distance more cars come, filled with various agents. Police are headed off by Company, being told that the area is being locked down due to an issue of international terrorism. Some reporters will try and have this tale get into the papers after getting what they can from police. The editors won't let them cover it. The lock-down has already started.

"But what are…ohhh," Sharon says, looking at her arm as it heals up quickly from Peter. "You're a rather multi-talented man," Sharon says, standing up. "Thank you". And then there's Noah. With a tranq gun. Well, as long as he doesn't point that thing at the woman, she supposes she's alright with that. She'd really rather avoid sleeping again anytime today. Or in the next few years.

Kitty gasps and stares at Peter, "Yeah, multi talented," she says and smiles softly at Peter, "I'm Kitty by the way," she says and then hugs/kind of tackles Sharon. "I'm so sorry I shot you! I was just trying to help and I would have hit him but that lady hit him and- nevermind, I'm just sorry," she says and looks sheepish and then Noah is noticed. "Crap" Kitty mutters and readjusts her messenger bag.

The police are headed off, thank goodness. Elena crouches down next to the wounded bystander, checking his vitals. She's ill equipped, but she was going to have to make do. She'll check his vitals first, see if he's still alive. If he is, she'll continue administering first aid and bleed out the shock from his system. If not….there's nothing left to do but close her eyes. Still she watches Company agents swarm the area, and while she's starting to get a little antsy seeing them, she keeps her focus on what she's doing. The damage by one bullet is severe and she can tell just by the way he's bleeding and gagging that his lung had collapsed. "This man needs a medic," she calls out to the people in charge, this one directed to Noah who LOOKS in charge, so she doesn't have to pretend she doesn't know him. She'd prefer it NOT to be Peter…she lost track of his abilities spending today so his stamina can go at any moment. Meanwhile, she unzips her hoodie, taking out a swiss army knife from her pocket to cut up a sleeve into strips and stems the bleeding. But that lung's going to require surgery.

"So I'm told," Peter says, wincing a bit, and looking mildly pale. It isn't really affecting him so much, and all of a sudden he's just not TIRED at all… still weak, and rather strained in general, but not so much tired. It's an odd sensation, really, since he was starting to feel tired. "I'm Peter," he adds, to both of the women. Though— they might have heard his name already. When someone in the dream told him that this was his fault. So much to fix. How much did he change the future? And will any of the information he brought back be relevent now at all? And there's Mr. Bennet. And Company. His eyes narrow. They're not going to remember any of this, are they? "I'll try and find you two later," he adds, before moving away from them and toward Elena, touching the person she's attending. Not as good as the last one, but it should help her along. But then he says something grave. "We need to get out of here." With memories intact.

Mara curses under her breath as Mariska does - Well, it wasn't entirely unexpected. She's a teleporter. That's what they do. With Benjamin retreating, Mara emerges, gun still out, though pointed safely toward the ground. She approaches Sylar's prone form quickly, a murderous look in her eyes. "This is for my apartment!" She kicks the bastard in the ribs savagely. "And all the sleepless nights!" Again, her boots find his ribcage.

"Don't worry about it," Sharon says, shaking her left arm a little bit to shake it off. "I'm in one piece. Had worse in Eskrima tournaments," the woman says, slipping her sticks back into her gym bag, which is slung over her shoulder again. "Lets move," she says. And now she tries to find herself a way out. Seeing as they're getting boxed in, Sharon is just going to go find herself a sewer cover. And exit, stage sewer. Hopefully Mara is providing enough of a distraction with her temper tantrum on Sylar's body that she won't be noticed.

Kitty nods at Peter and watches as he goes to help the innocent bystander. "I hope that guy is alright, maybe we need to go and help out?" Kitty looks to Sharon and looks around also, "It seems like this place is getting hot, guess we need to try and find a way out of here" she bites her lip and looks to the man that she accidentally shot. She can't just leave him.

She doesn't say anything for a while. When Peter heals the man to the point where he's not in danger anymore, and the bleeding trickles down to a flow easily controlled by the strips of hoodies she had pressed onto the wound, Elena nods, though she doesn't look at him yet. She reaches up a hand, pressing the bleeding man's hand into the bandages. "Just keep putting pressure on it, okay? Can you breathe easier…?" She offers an encouraging smile. "Good," she murmurs. She wishes she could do more - but her abilities don't equal healing. The lack of shock and the partial heal should be enough to secure his life at least. But she's not done, she finally looks at the young man crouched next to her, reaching out to touch his shoulder. She has to let go of the painkiller, so she bites back a gasp when the searing pain of cracked bones and ribs return in favor of fixing his levels to ensure he can get them home. Her eyes water a bit, but she's determined to keep going. "Let's go," she chokes. "Invisibility out…we can figure out how to get home once we're out of this perimeter."

Elle's words are the first one that he chooses to acknowledge. "No worries on that." THUNK. Much like how he handled the KOed agent at Madson's house, Noah handles Sylar as he shoots a tranquilizer dart right for his leg, aiming for an area that would ensure a nice dispersion. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a second tranq, figuring that if Sylar doesn't need it, someone else will. Elena's cry gets his attention. She's here. With Peter. "Stay there, there are medics coming." And if they don't stay there… Noah is going to have to put in some overtime.

Meanwhile, as Company people continue to climb out of the car, one in particular is familiar. A man with a bald head, dark brown skin and sexy duds comes out of a car, glancing about as if searching for something. To many, he is a silent stranger. To a select few He's the Haitian. Glancing toward Sharon as she tries to get away, he merely shakes his head.

Orders to the Company are soon given out by Noah. "Elle, make sure that all the bystanders in the area are rounded up. Mara, stop being unprofessional and help her. We'll talk on this LATER."

The second Mara's foot connects with Sylar's ribs, Elle shoots the woman a sharp look. The second time, she reaches out as if she might lay a hand on Mara to pull her back. A few inches from the woman's shoulder, a shock leaps from Elle's hand to the detective's arm with a snap. "Back off," she tells the woman, beneath her breath. Then she turns, finally looking to Noah. "Got it, boss." Flashing a smirk to Mara, Elle says, "Let's go."

Sharon reaches out to grab Kitty, and Kitty will feel a rather firm grip on her. Hooray for maximum human endurance, especially when it comes to boosts of strength and activating the adreneline. "We go now". And she's going through the sewer unless she's stopped, booking it well and truely out of the area, quite literally hauling the small woman with her in her arms.

The sight of a woman curb stomping someone she's married to in the future might be amusing— if it was at all amusing. Which it isn't. And while Peter would love to stick around and chat, but he nods to Elena and takes her hand, glancing back towards the car and— "…damnit." Go. Now. He tightens his grip on her hand and starts to pull her in a direction away from the Haitian, hoping to be able to turn them both invisible as planned, so that they can break for it.

Mara yelps and rubs at her shoulder gingerly. "Yes, sir." No, she isn't sorry, and the redheaded agent won't pretend she is, either. After a deep breath, she mirrors Elle's smirk. "Oh, I do hope we get some visiting hours at the zoo." Now, she'll follow Elle's lead. She may be younger, but she's the more experienced agent. And the Big Boss' daughter. Rank and privilege, Elle.

Her dark eyes fall on the other Company cars coming when Peter curses under his breath. Elena's gaze focuses on the Haitian, a certain expression crossing over her face at the sight of the man who secretly helped her family many times. But yes. Go. Now. While they could still use their powers. She is pulled up, throwing her ability back onto herself so she could keep moving, and she's tugged to another direction. She turns her head, keeping her voice low, whispering softly under her breath at him when they fade out of sight and hopefully to safety.

HRG looks away to handle crowd control and when he turns back to Peter and Elena, he notices that they are gone. "…For all your bravery, Peter, you still lack brains," Noah points out with a noticeable frown in his features. He doesn't want to do what he wants to do, but clearly he's left with little choice. Pulling out his cell phone as Elle and Mara do their dirty work, Noah just begins to text.

Company agents continue to route traffic. A couple of medics look over the injured man, trying to figure out his wounds and what sort of care he needs… As well as keeping him stable in the meantime. Also from the 'other' side of the Company, a couple of 'unimportants' from the research division come out to look over Sylar, checking his vital signs before preparing to give him the medication known for blocking powers. They don't ask Noah where they are taking him, having already received orders from higher up. Noticing what they are doing, Noah leans over to speak with them. Whispers are exchanged, Noah's being the more emotional, heated and unpleased. Dismissing them with a nod, Noah merely returns to the phone to continue his texting. He's old, it takes time for him to send these things.

Hearing that Elle and Mara are send to deal with those trying to escape, he merely lets them take the lead before he strolls calmly behind them. After all, with these two ladies on the job, he can take as long as he needs to get the two.

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