2007-02-15: Waking Up


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Summary: While Elena is off talking to Rose, Ramon wakes up. When Elena returns, she updates him on what she has found out.

Date It Happened: February 15th, 2007

Waking Up

Eric Walker's Apartment, High Rise Apartments, Greenwich Village

While Elena is out, Ramon is waking up at last. He swings his feet around on the edge of the bed he's been put in, rubs his hand over his face, and looks around. Where the Hell is he? He stands up and picks up a book, then picks up a picture. Oh. The kid. Eric Walker. What's he doing here? But there are more pressing concerns, namely that the taste in his mouth resembles eating a gym sock. He wanders into the bathroom, finds some mouth wash, and slams down a capful. God.

After a few moments, Ramon can hear the door opening. Elena wanders in, shutting the door behind her and leaning her back into it heavily. She isn't wearing any winter stuff, which means that wherever she went, it was inside this building. Moving over towards the bedroom, she almost misses her father in the bathroom, absentmindedly making her way and passes the bathroom. There is a pause, and a sudden backtrack takes her to the doorframe of it again, her eyes wide. "Papa! You're awake!" she exclaims. "You've been down for over twenty-four hours, how are you feeling?"

He spits out the Listerine and wipes his mouth on a hand towel. "In desperate need of a shower, a change of clothes, and a meal," Ramon rumbles softly. Its so /quiet/ in here that he breathes a sigh of relief. "I am sorry if I scared you, chiquita." He decides he better tell her what happened. So with his mouth twisting he admits, "Too many thoughts at once."

"I know," Elena says with a nod. "You breathed easier after I sent them away. You said you could read minds. It wasn't much of a leap of logic. But by the time I figured it out, you were already gone. I called Eric….I didn't know who else I had in my phone that has access to a vehicle. He came by and we brought you to his place." She pauses. "….we can talk while you eat, Papa. I'll make you something. Meanwhile why don't you shower?"

And yes, Eric's apartment? Pretty freaking clean. Spotless, even. Elena set to work on unpacking the rest of his stuff and dusting and everything. She even bought groceries to stock up the bachelor fridge, considering she's been eating and drinking his food too. Using her own money. It was the only way she could think of to repay her TA. She didn't even know why the hell he was being so nice and helpful - they didn't know each other that well.

She leaves the doorframe, and heads for the kitchen. Taking out bread, cheese, and a can, she proceeds to make grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy tomato soup. At least Eric had pots and pans. She was actually quite surprised he had them.

Ramon goes to take the shower, and sort of washes his clothes in the shower too. He wrings them out and then just sort of throws them on wet. Making do. So when he pads out, he is damp as can be. He goes to stand by the heater, watching his daughter cook. As he's so often done. But now in someone else's apartment, a place he's resigned to being in for the moment. If they didn't kick down the door because he was here already…Abruptly he puts two and two together. "Do you have another friend in the complex, or did you go over to the Winters apartment?"

"I did." There is no hesitation. "His daughter was there. Rose. Did you know he had a daughter?" Elena asks, looking up at him. "She's around my age." She slices the grilled cheese sandwiches, two of them, diagonally into triangles, and ladles up some soup in a heavy bowl. She sets them on the table, and gestures for him to go eat something. Meanwhile, she pulls out a can of Diet Pepsi from the fridge, and takes a seat. "We have the place to ourselves for now. Eric mentioned he had to go visit his family for a couple of days," she tells him. "Anyways. I told her. This Benjamin managed to call her, and tell her that the place he was being held got set on fire. It's somewhere in Hartsdale….or we think it's somewhere in Hartsdale. We found a form on his desk with the name of a hospital and an address on it. I called Xander from the DA's office to see if he can help us trace the call. Meanwhile, Rose wanted to do something and see if she can get the records on her own, so she went off. We thought it was best to split up for a while. For all we know, they could be after her too."

Ramon picks up a grilled cheese and nearly inhales it…but he starts to stare at his daughter. "No," he says, after a long moment of silence. "No. I didn't know." He contemplates this while he eats and drinks Pepsi, his brows furrowing. "You really found all that out, chiquita? All that?" He shakes his head slowly from side to side, amazement in his eyes.

"Yes." Elena has the good grace to look somewhat guilty about it. "Look, Papa….I know how much this means to you, but after you collapsed…..I had to do something. You can't do this alone. I'm an adult now. If I want to help my own father, I should be able to. I'm sorry I disobeyed you and put myself at risk - I mean….Heaven knows who could've been inside the apartment at the time I went, you know? But I'm not afraid. And I don't want you to collapse again." She looks down at her hands. "When you went down there was this moment where I didn't know what to do and I was so scared. But I pulled through because even if you didn't want to I knew you were depending on me then. And you can depend on me, if you'll let yourself on occasion."

Ramon sits in still silence to let her talk, and he cradles that can of Pepsi. He doesn't betray much with his expression. He just listens. And then he's quiet some more. And then he lets out a long, slow breath. "I'm not ready for you to be an adult yet," he admits. "I…suppose its time to get over that. You've done more than I have managed, and perhaps she opened the door for you because you are young, where she took one look at me through the peephole and said 'no way'. I want to protect you so badly, chiquita. Its sometimes hard for me to remember you have a good head on your shoulders and skills of your own."

"I know." Elena looks up at Ramon and she smiles slightly. "I'm sure if I ever have children on my own I'll be the same way," she tells him. "Overprotective and willing to risk. And I know you want to protect me and I promise I'll try not to do anything very dangerous. But if -you're- at risk….then…I have to help do something. I'm a living part of you and Mama. And I know if she's watching me right now, she wouldn't want me to just sit there and let you take care of everything by yourself. Especially when you're so tired." She pauses, and then she smiles. "So now what?" she asks, folding her arms on the table. "A trip up to Hartsdale?"

He lets out a resigned sigh. "If it was burned down there might still be cops and fire marshals crawling all over it, but yes. Perhaps I'll 'hear' something, and if nobody /is/ there then we can dig through the ashes. If someone is, well, when Eric gets back he can perhaps conceal himself and dig where we cannot. Just let me finish eating." And drying off. He doesn't relish walking into the Februrary cold in wet clothes.

"He's clearly still alive," Elena muses. "Benjamin called Rose -after- the facility was burned down. Chances are, he was moved - but he might still be in the same area and if we looked around enough, maybe someone would let his thoughts slip for you to hear and maybe we can find out where he is." She shakes her head. "Take your time, Papa. I don't think Eric will be back until tomorrow or the next day. And I think we should bring Rose too. She's smart, and this IS her father. I don't think she'll be happy with us just leaving her here while we go out and look for Benjamin."

"Alright," Ramon says. "I don't think he's there, so we can head over that way and just sit nearby and I'll 'listen' to see if I can't hear anything of worth. We won't try to get past any police lines or dig. We'll wait for Rose and Eric. You're right. We can't take on these people without supporting each other. Maybe later we'll go see to our old house as well."

"Yes," Elena says agreeably. She hasn't forgotten about the -other- case. Maybe after they try and look for Benjamin and help him get back to Rose, they can finish what they started and put a three-year old ghost to rest. She stands up from the table. "I'll go take a shower, Papa. You finish your dinner, and maybe watch some TV? You need to relax, otherwise you might fall over again." She ponders. "I was thinking actually….I am a premedical student, and I'm taking on a Neuroscience emphasis. I was thinking if I study you and Drake and Eric long enough maybe I can figure out your triggers. You all can manipulate your abilities in some way….but I think it would be helpful if someone discovered your actual limits."

Ramon stares at her as if he's having trouble figuring out what he's talking about. "Study us? Triggers?" Clearly Elena has gone right over Ramon's head. But 'eat more' doesn't go amiss: he dives in and does so. "What is it you're wanting to do to us exactly?"

"Observe." Elena hesitates, before she continues on. "Papa. All I'm saying is that I want to see if I can figure out a way to test your powers and see, after everything, if there is a way for you to be able to shut your powers out and away from, say, an entire room full of people like what happened in the Castros. If we're all going to be living with the things you all could do, I think it might be a practical idea if we figured out how it works, and at which point to stop using them before harm could be done to the body."

This makes more sense to Ramon. "Ok," he says at last. "Do you have some sort of plan for how you're going to go about doing this?" He reaches for yet /another/ grilled cheese half and devours it too. He wasn't eating much either, running all over New York like a chicken with his head cut off.

"Not yet. Let me work on it while we wait for word from Rose and Eric's return," Elena says, pushing away from the table and heading for the doorframe. "I mean, I don't exactly have access to a lab - but I'll think of something, little things we can do in our own home." She smiles winningly at him. "I'll figure it out, I promise." And with that, she slips out of the kitchen so she could grab some clothes and walk to the bathroom so she, too, could take a shower.

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