2010-07-22: Walkin' On Sunshine



Date: July 22, 2010


And don't it feel good?!

"Walkin' on Sunshine"

Janet and Parker's Apartment

Carrie heads up the stairs to Janet's place. There's a spring in her step that hasn't been there in a while. Her power works again. It's a big deal. It will always be a big deal. And a carnival miracle worker. It's an angle she'd never even considered before. But who would kvetch if they went to the carnival and really did get healed? Who would complain? Who would call the guys with black helicopters and guns? Yeah, okay, Randall's not been doing wonders for her natural paranoia. She still wants to pursue medicine seriously, and that's what she's coming up to talk with Janet about. Things were too complicated when she was crashing here. She's also brought some food.

"What you want~ You know I got it~! WHat you neeeeed, I tell ya I got it~ All I'm askin' is for a little respect~ YEAH BABY!" Janet rolls around the apartment while singing into her hairbrush. She's shockingly good at this whole wheelchair thing thanks to wheelchair races in med school.

And then there's a knock at the door. Quickly she rolls herself to answer it. Each of the bolds on the door are undone in short order— one at a time. Very quickly. "Mrs. Rodriguez, I wasn't singing that loud! Besides we both know Jorge actually likes— " she stops as she finds Carrie at the door. She perks a little as she stares at the other girl, "Hiiiiiii— sorry, Jorge and Mrs. Rodriguez have been on my case about the noise lately, well, that's not wholly accurate. It's been like this for the last … well however long I've lived here…"

Carrie stares. "Janet! What happened to you?" She bends down to hug Janet, unless the other woman rolls away at the last minute. Sure, it's good to hear the ebullient doctor in good spirits, but… a wheelchair? "Isn't Parker taking good care of you anymore?"

The hug is reciprocated and Janet stays in those bright spirits she's so well known for. "Oh… you know just a museum heist gone wrong— wrong place, wrong time kind of thing… you know?" She issues a weak smile as she leans back into her chair. Her face flushes a little at the mention of Parker and she chuckles, "Parker is always taking care of me. He's too good to me, but it's wonderful to have such a great friend, you know?"

Carrie nods. "Oh yeah. He's a sweetheart. I dunno where I'd have wound up without him. But what about you? You got shot? Are they expecting you to like, heal and get better?" Carrie follows Janet into the apartment, assuming Janet rolls that way.

"I will! It was just a graze— only took a snippet of my spinal cord. It'll get better eventually with lots of physio and lots of time… you know… these things take time." Janet rolls back into the apartment towards the living room. She motions for Carrie to take a seat on the couch. "Come in, hang out… ain't nobody here but us wheelchair-bound-doctors…"

Carrie cringes a little. She closes the door and goes very quiet, following Janet in. "Um. Janet? If I tell you something… really secret, can it stay secret? I mean… something about myself. It's something good, but… people get weird about it." The whole melange of hiding the power feelings come down on Carrie again. She'd gotten used to not hiding it with Randall. But Janet's not going to buy that her injuries just healed on their own from Carrie's kind words or best wishes. She wouldn't even buy it as a carnival miracle worker. Janet is a doctor. "

Janet's eyes narrow at the comment about secrets. "I don't…" she doesn't like secrets, not after that nonsense with the Alpha Protocol. Wrinkling her nose she tilts her head and considers, "I guess I can keep a secret… are you like… batting for the other team? Just so you know that totally doesn't bother me! There was this girl at the hospital who had a life partner… I think they got married in California when they were allowed to y'know— so anyways, point is, if that's your secret… you have nothing to worry about from me…"

Carrie blinks. "Batting for the…" It takes her a moment to make the mental gear change. "Oh, no, nothing like that. I have a boyfriend. We um. We have sex and everything. I should probably talk to you about that, too, since you're the closest thing to having a doctor I've ever had." Not including her protracted stay in the institution. Which she doesn't count. "I could explain, but… I'll just show you. Pull up your shirt."

"Excuse me?!" Janet exclaims about the shirt. "I know I'm cute and fluffy and could make flowers grow on turpentine but seriously, I'm not into girls even if there was that one— no, I'm not into girls— " her cheeks flush a little. But then Carrie has a boyfriend too that she apparently has sex with. Maybe this is something different? Janet wrinkles her nose as she slowly lifts her shirt— almost suspicious in the action.

Carrie kneels down and lays both hands on Janet's belly, and closes her eyes, letting the connection happen. Her hands seem to sink into Janet's body a disturbing amount. She shifts them upwards again, now that she can feel where the injury is. Spinal nerves. She doesn't work on these that often, really only once before. They take some finesse, and some time. Carrie starts by repairing the vertebrae themselves, and the disks around them, so they'll bear Janet's weight and protect the fragile tissues Carrie's working on next. It probably all feels very strange, especially as the two plates and eight screws migrate through Janet's abdomen and into Carrie's hands. Strange. Not traumatic especially. But very odd. It probably gets a lot weirder as Carrie starts the process of healing the nerve damage.

The feeling and the action render Janet completely speechless. Wordlessly she stares as Carrie uses her gift to heal the doctor. Her eyes widen and her skin pales as the weight bears difference in her spine. Clutching the arms of her chair she stares at the other woman, still unsure of what to say or do, but all she can do is watch.

It's like combing hair, to find each nerve, sort it out, figure out where it is supposed to go. But Janet was right. There's a lot less damage than the broken neck Carrie once fixed. A whole lot fewer nerves. Each nerve probably produces another strange feeling as it's reconnected - especially the ones that cause Carrie to mumble "oops." and disconnect, to reconnect somewhere else. After perhaps half an hour, she sits back on her heels, and rests her hands on Janet's thighs. "How's that?"

Janet doesn't really hear the question, she just continues to stare at Carrie, gaping, and still silent. She opens her mouth several times to try to speak, but nothing comes out. Not even when she's healed, better, and could walk if she so desired. Putting her weight on the arms of the chair she pushes herself up slowly, standing on her feet she manages a few steps before turning back to gape at Carrie a little longer. And then the word vomit comes out, "Ohmygosh everyone in the entire world has an ability except for me— everyone else is all look at me lookit how special I am and now here I am all healed and I swear everyone has something they can do but that's okay I have the power of sunshine, right?" her face flushes now she's just talking for talking's sake and so she shuts up.

Carrie gets up and hugs Janet tight. The second connection, the push? That's an accident. Carrie's power is tired. Her control is tired. It just happens. Carrie staggers from it before letting go of Janet, and somewhat shakily holds out one hand to Janet, offering her all the metal junk that used to hold Janet's spine together.

The hug is reciprocated again, even if that's not the intent. The metal objects are accepted, taken from Carrie's grasp as an odd kind of grin appears on Janet's lips. "That's amazing! Thank you! Seriously— my sister can like cure diseases and germs 'n stuff and you can like heal people or something and like there was this crazy scary lady who destroyed my doorknob! UGH! You have no idea how annoying and frightening that was— I thought she was going to hit me with the cold! I was going to be like Cold Slapped or something, y'know? Or… maybe you don't?" She flickers a smile at Carrie. And oddly, coming off of the woman is something strangely reassuring. If Janet could make people happy before, this ability has increased. Considerably.

Carrie stares. "You know another healer?" She laughs softly. "Oh man, I was worried you'd report me to the guys in black vans and all that. That's the big secret. It's what I do. Why I'm so gung ho to be a doctor." Carrie hugs Janet again. "Although I'm thinking of joining the carnival now. I mean, who'd worry too much about a carnival miracle worker whose patients actually do get better?

"Guys in black vans… yeaaaaaaah…" the fact that Janet worked for the guys in black vans is something most people probably wouldn't bring up right now, but Janet isn't most people, "Ohmygoodness! I worked for them without knowing what they were doing and then I freed all of these prisoners from the evil government people by making them look like they were dead with these crazy sedatives and then we like took them out of the building through the incinerator me and one of the agents… Erin, my sister, she helped. And she's not really a healer… she can like make people sick or like cure diseases so she's almost like one except not… " She pauses as she wrinkles her eyebrows, "A Carnival, really?! Isn't that like a waste of talent or something— I mean I'm not not one to judge it's not like I've worked since the black van job, but …. a Carnival?"

Carrie sags in Janet's arms, the barrage of words sliding into her ears like gentle rain on her head, blending into a soft, pleasant hiss at the warm, comfy feeling she's getting. That sore feeling? From before? The one that says she's pushed her power too far again? Doesn't matter so much. Very, very little matters. "Mm. Carni… Carnival, yeah. I mean. Cause dis… that's weird. I can't do that. I c'n just cure them. And heal people. And when I work on other powers, it always seems like they can get me high afterwards. Or maybe it's just me. You sure you're not…" Carrie sags slowly to the floor, still holding Janet's legs.

"Nope! No abilities here! I just make people feel good which is a talent rather than an ability really?" Janet winks as she bends down to help Carrie onto the couch. "You know what… I think you should have a nap, right here! I'd drag you to my room, but I'm not sure you'll make it that far you seem pretty-well exhausted! SO! We'll get ya all cozy here on the couch and you can have a niiiiiice long nap! And then, once you're ALL rested, we will talk medicine for REALZ!! YES?!" She beams happily.

Carrie settles into Janet's sofa and stretches out in that sunny feeling she's having. "Okay." She looks at Janet languidly, and idly wishes for company on the sofa - not in any romantic sense, just the sense that snuggling would be nice. That Janet is nice to be around. The idea that she'd probably get no sleep at all doesn't occur. "I'd like that. To talk about medicine." she says, but her eyes are closing, and the great cat of sleep is almost on her.

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