2007-03-06: Walking Down Fifth Avenue


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Date It Happened: March 06, 2007

Summary: The title says all.

Walking Down Fifth Avenue

Midtown, NYC - Midtown East

Evening in New York City. Fifth Avenue. Home of old mansions, old money, and some of the best shopping in New York. Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Versace and more. The crowd includes wealthy locals, tourists, and tonight, at least one minor celebrity, one Candy Cain (nee Cynthia Walters), in fur coat against the winter chill and heels, walking along the storefronts, looking to see what catches her eye tonight.

Click clack, click clack. aaah, the sound of stillettos on asphalt. It seems Ling has had a rather productive day as she's dressed in her usual pinstripped business suit while making her way down Fifth Avenue. "So, Scottie..what shall we do next" she asks curiously, while canting her head to the side as she walks alongside him. "I'm hungry..are you hungry?" she asks, before looking around the area for something to do..or kill. You never know with her..

It's not easy for a working joe to find himself on the ritzy side of town, but it's possible. Some are merely bums, others attach themselves to wealthy patrons, and then there are those who manage to land a working gig. And so it is that Randall winds up here today, standing outside a place called Michael's Consignment Shop, hanging things up on hangers that cost an awful lot more than the pedestrian name of the place would suggest. The dresses /are/ still Vera Wang and Dolce & Gabbana, used or not.

"I'm six foot seven. I'm /always/ hungry." is the answer Ling recieves from the male in close proximity to her. Standing out from Ling and most of the crowd, not only for his height, but for his clothing as well - A black long sleeve shirt that isn't all that odd, but extremely baggy black pants covered in chains and handcuffs do add even more of an odd aura to Scottie along wtih his multiply pierced face, and the choker around his neck… with a chain leading to a bracelet on Ling's wrist. Bright blue eyes glancing over the crowd for any familiar eating place, they pause over Candy for a short moment, thoughtfully. Does he /know/ her?

Candy pauses outside one of the stores. Shoes! One can never have too many. She hasn't yet noted Ling or Scottie yet, both because she's looking at the shoes and because, well, there are a LOT of people out here. Noting two strangers in a crowd would be the exception. However, Scottie does catch her eye, mostly because he's a good head taller than most of the crowd, and the piercings are an eyecatcher too. She looks over, curiously, and from a full-on view, her identity is a little more obvious…even if it isn't her -face- most guys are usually wont to remember.

Ling pauses for a few moments as she was about to suggest heading back to her penthouse for some home cooked food, but she looks on over to Scottie and then to Candy, blinking blankly for a few moments. "Another one of your clients?" she asks curiously, as she's short and thus cannot recognize the soft core star. With that, she just turns her attention to Michael's Consignment Shop and lets out an amused giggle under her breath. "Hrmm..maybe I can donate some of last week's clothes there.."
Randall glances up at the right time to spot Ling's approach, though he's too far away to hear her clearly. "Hi there, can we help you with anything?" he calls out, draping the unsorted goods over one end of the rack and walking over to point out the other. "I think the stuff in your size is over on this end— you'd have to check to be sure, though."

Eyebrows raising, Scottie smirks, shaking his head in answer to Ling. "Nah. Definitely not a client." He /wishes/. "Just someone I recognize. Can't really think of her name, though. Candy… something." Glancing down at the giggle, the tattoo artist looks as if he's about to ask something when Randall pops on over. "Uh… I'm not sure she wants to /buy/ anything…" He answers, not really sure /how/ to answer. This is not his circle of familiarity.

Candy's curiosity gets the better of her, and it's not as if she's in a hurry. Shoes can wait. Instead, she decides to walk closer towards the rather tall young man. After all, there's clearly a store there too. The fact that this path brings her nearer to Ling and Randall too is an unexpected benefit. She pauses with surprise as she sees the shop name…a consignment shop isn't the very last thing she'd have expected, but it's up there.

"Oh, it's all right. I dont want to buy anything, I was just thinking of donating a few things..it just seems that things made from sweatshops would go to a waste and all.." Ling says with a soft chuckle of amusement before turning her attention back to Scottie, her brows raised. "Candy.." and she squints a little.

Aaaah, all those bored nights flipping channels when she couldnt sleep. "Candy Cain! Oh wow..now what an interesting surprise. I've seen a couple of your movies..rather entertaining actually.." she chirps.
"Oh, okay," Randall replies, leaning back to duck his head inside the shop. "Hey, Jerry? Got a seller out here." A nod, then he turns back and arches a brow at the mention of Candy's name; he doesn't look like he recognizes her, but with that sort of name, it's not hard to guess what sort of movies might be involved.
Glancing down at Ling in surprise, Scottie again raises his eyebrows. "You've seen…" Trailing off, the tattoo artist chuckles, shaking his head slightly. "Shouldn't be surprised." He mutters to himself, before turning his attention to the Skinemax star. "Entertaining, definitely. Know a few guys who'll probably try and beat me when they found out I met you. Couple of girls too."

Candy smiles pleasantly at both; it's that patented celebrity-smile-for-the-fans bit that they all seem to learn. But there does seem to be some genuine pleasure in the fact that she was recognized. It's in the eyes. "Thank you." she offers to Ling and Scottie. I'm glad you liked them." A nod to the consignment store. "Just doing a bit of shopping?"

"No..more like deciding what I should donate, but yes, your films have kept me entertained.." Ling says with a hearty laugh before she looks over to Scottie, waggling her brows a bit. "What..you dont think I watch those sorts of movies too? Please..you'rejust deluding yourself then.." she says matter of factly before extending out a hand (the one without the bracelet) to Candy. "I'm Ling Po by the way..a pleasure to meet you."
Randall contents himself with listening in as greetings are exchanged, putting a hand over his mouth to cover a smile as Ling teases Scottie, then going back to getting the latest merchandise sorted out. It takes a minute for Jerry to get around to coming out of the shop for his own look-see.
"Minx." Scottie mutters in Ling's direction before sticking out his own hand, the fingernails covered in chipping polish of varies colors. "Scottie Grant. And the pleasure's all mine." He introduces himself with a lop sided grin, trio of lip rings pressing into his bottom lip. Somewhat distracted as Jerry exits the store, he again directs something mainly at Ling. "Looks like you're needed, babe."

Candy looks over as Ling mentions donating things, and blinks. "Oh, that's a good idea!" Okay, so it's not going to win any prizes for estimations of her intelligence. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She shakes Ling's hand. "Candy Cain, of course." And then a shake of Scottie's. "Goodness, you're tall." She looks up, apparently impressed.

"That's not all that's big..but as you can see..he's mine.." Ling says with a wry waggle of her brows as she was never one for sharing as she jumps up and steals a quick kiss on Scottie's cheek before turning her attention back to the store. "I have more than a few things that I could donate..can I drop them off sometime tomorrow?" she asks curiously while looking over to Randall.

Randall glances over at his co-worker, who nods to Ling after shooting her an amused look for the not-all comment. "That should be fine, ma'am. We're open from ten to five tomorrow— I won't be on shift, though, I'm not sure who is." A card is offered, to make sure the store doesn't get mixed up with one of the many others on the block.

Lips twitching into a smirk, Scottie answers Candy as if Ling's comment wasn't heard, though a hand does come up to flick at the chain leading from his neck to her wrist. "Yeah, well. Drinking milk. It works." He says in explanation, with a small shrug. Very eloquent.

Candy smiles up at the taller man, and then an eyebrow goes up at the chain in question. "I see…" she looks amused, and then grins to Ling. "You're very lucky." she tells the other woman. She considers the store, apparently making mental inventory of old things she can get rid of, too.

As Ling takes the business card and tucks it away, Scottie doesn't have much time to answer Candy as the woman says her goodbyes and starts off, jerking slightly on his 'leash.' Being able to do nothing but follow, Scottie turns as much as he can, raising a hand to wave. "Nice meeting you!" He calls back with a grin, before the duo disappears as much as they can into the crowd.

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