2007-12-10: Wandering The Zoo


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Summary: If you get into the Zoo after dark, you'll probably run into someone?

Date It Happened: December 10th, 2007

Wandering the Zoo

Bronx, NYC - Bronx Zoo

It was late, but getting into places was hardly an issue for Tyson Harris. Climb over a wall using a well placed tree and you're in; that being the case, Tyson had the run of the place to himself, which he thought to be extremely interesting seeing the animals when they would be settling down in most cases. In fact, he was certain of it; people annoyed him most of the time… "What a relief…" He sighs.

Apparently Persi isn't the only one that enjoys solitude — well, she knew that, but, still, she's not terribly accustomed to having company in what few spots of solitude can be found in New York. Then again, if she were used to company, it'd be a pretty crappy spot to be alone. Anyway, that's what she gets for trying a new spot — somebody else already had the idea! So, Persi decides to just see what trouble she can cause; she comes walking along through the "Mammals o' Africa" area of the zoo as if it weren't closed and as if she were supposed to be there, just casually looking at the (mostly) sleeping animals, peering over a railing here and there.

Elephants, giraffes, a pit full of sleeping lions; Tyson examined each animal and thought to himself on their nature, "Elephants have long trunks to help them while being so large and inflexible, giraffes have long necks to help them reach leaves on the upper parts of trees that were the best, and lions are just fierce predators…" Simply stated, he considers his own nature, "And what about me… You could call me a fighter… with… a wicked sense of depth perception… Does that make the fittest to survival or just some kind of prolongment of a doom to come…?" The thoughts confound Tyson and he hangs his head a moment, continuing his steps past the animals.

Persi overhears some portion of Tyson talking to himself from around the other side of one of the exhibits and can't resist making a wisecrack. Thus, she heads over in Tyson's direction, speaking up a little as she approaches, "Hey, kid, didncha read the sign? 'Please don't confuse the animals with existential quandries.' They mean it, it annoys them. And anyway, it's more thinking than it's worth. Thinking about stuff like that is thinking about whether day is a lighter night or night is a darker day."

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION+SHARP SENSE and got a result of GREAT.
Tyson doesn't stop when he hears the voice, but looks around as well. Seeing the girl approaching the same corner past the lion pit separated by another pit so no one fell into dangerous territory, he thought it wasn't unlikely that someone else had gotten in like himself; what concerned him was discerning whether or not it was threat. "Sorry about that, but who's to say they aren't just as capable of answering those questions? I was talking more to myself, but since you've joined in the question asking-… night and day are just masks of the same experience."

Persi raises an eyebrow at the response and waves one hand slightly, "They're friggin' non-sentient creatures. They haven't quite gotten to philosophy yet. Anyway, couldn't it be said that, since people respond to the presence of night and day differently, they are, in fact, seperate entities? Even if they're the same damn thing, human reaction to them differentiates them as unique, right? Yeah, so nyeah." She even goes so far as to stick her tongue out at the younger guy after saying that.

"I've met dogs that are smarter than most people, and at any rate, different is only different if it makes a difference; to that end, night and day to me don't make a difference, sometimes I'm tired from certain hours to others, but in between, I'm doing what it is available to me by other schedules." As for her sniding tone and toungue being stuck out, Tyson replies, "Could you be any more of a child? You were sounding so smart but then you turned a corner down witch lane."

Persi raises her eyebrows, then touches a finger to the tip of her nose with a grin, "/Me/, a child? Heh, that's like me asking you if you could be any more insolent. Except, y'know, I'd have grounding in fact — what's with the sudden insults? Not my fault you can't tell the time of day and you've got some weird dog fetish. I was just having a l'il walk in the zoo!"

Tyson shakes his head, arriving at the corner and turning to face the girl. "You don't know me and as for not having grounding? How is sticking your toungue out not immature? Confused much?"

Persi shrugs one shoulder slightly and keeps the incorrigable grin on her face, "Hey, it only matters if it makes a difference, right? And it doesn't make a difference to me, so, eh. And anyway, if you're going to be asking huge questions about existence, meaning, and relative definitions of broad concepts, how can you box yourself in with a concept like maturity? C'mon, anyone that's willing to think knows "maturity" is a load of crap."

"Whatever," Tyson sighs, not killing himself by arguing with the girl. "So, you're an existentialist, too? Or do you just like making fun of them." He observed the fact that this girl seemed to have fun poking people's bubbles. "Frankly, I find everyone's got a bit of it in them."

Persi squints slightly, considering for a few moments, then shakes her head a few times, "Uh-uh, not really! If you ask too many questions, it gets tiresome. However, in small doses, thinking can be fun!" Persi hops up to sit on the railing of the lion pen, idly kicking her feet a little, "But yeah. What's your name? Who are ya? Is there anything interesting aboutcha?"

"Small doses are fine, but sometimes questions find you." Tyson answers, keeping an eye out for mishaps. The girl was direct and he wasn't disinclined to oblige, "I'm Tyson and I'm a fighter, I guess." He shrugs, "Is that what you wanted to hear? Do you want me to tell you my whole backstory? What about you? I assume you've got a name?"

Persi cants her head to the side and furrows her brow a little, "Tyson? A fighter? That's kinda ironic. Isn't Tyson famous for its chicken?" A shrug and Persi puts her grin back on, "I'm Persi, and I'm less forthcoming. Really, though, I pretty much do…whatever the hell I feel like."

"Ironic, yes? Impactual, no? I'm just able to fight, I'm in transition towards finding something else to occupy my time with." Tyson replies, adding an introductory statement when he remembers one has just happened, "Sorry I don't know any quips about your name, but I guess that makes sense if you're doing whatever you want? But can you do as such because you don't care or because you don't think anybody else does?" Perhaps he was trying to hurt the girl, but he thought she could take it.

Persi smirks a little and rocks to and fro where she sits on the railing, hardly mulling over that for more than a moment before responding, "Both! I mean, I care — it's what I feel like doing, after all, but the whole 'nobody else caring' thing is even more important. I mean, if everybody cared what the hell I was doing, it'd be kinda annoying. I'm better off flying under the radar, y'know? Nobody knows crap about me — hell, nobody even knows my real damn name, much less where I come from, where I've worked, what I know how to do. Nothing. And it's actually pretty cool."

"And then you meet random people who you tell your name is Persi when it really isn't…" Tyson nods, feeling a little sorry for the girl; but not because she didn't have anybody, but because she didn't seem to see the importance of it. "Well. I'm can see how that would be pretty neat. It's like being invisible to the grand scope of things, hell, I bet if you could have that super power, you would. I just think it's nice to have basis of connection."

"Tch, yeah, I know. All these people that say they'd want to fly are obviously retarded. I mean, c'mon. That has limited potential, and it's really damn obvious. Invisibility opens up a whole range of things! As for connections…like you said, you've met dogs that're smarter than most people — think about what impact that has on my desire to have connections with people. If I ever meet somebody interesting enough to keep contact with, maybe I'll stay in one place for five seconds."

"That was almost an insult…" Tyson scoffs, "Flight would be cool though… going through a cloud? I bet it'd feel like a wet puff, I mean obviously it would, but still…" He shrugs, "With your high standards, maybe you could tell me what constitutes an interesting person? Are they funny? Do they break things randomly? Or do they actually have to turn invisible?"

Persi opens her mouth to throw back a retort, but catches herself and shuts it again, for a moment. When she opens it again, she's grinning, "Yeah, okay, so, that'd be too mean. Anyway. It's easy to tell if somebody's interesting. There are a few telltale signs, but generally it's more of a lack of qualities than a presence of qualities. Not annoying me is Step 1 in the process of becoming a worthwhile human being. At least, Step 1 of the beginner's program."

Tyson laughs for a moment, caught off guard by Persi's explanation, "Yeah, I bet… but you make it sound like it's actually a good thing to get to know you. All I've been getting is a since of being maybe a little too condescending. I mean, not being annoyed by someone is a great way to start liking them, so I suppose the the 102 course is being able to talk to one another without much miscommunication?" Two courses he wasn't certain he was passing.

Persi nods a few times and raises a hand to rub at the back of her neck, sheepishly, "Yeah, actually, it's a plus if you understand a word I'm saying. Most people really don't. Oddly enough, of all the folks I've talked to, a /cop/ came the closest to understanding my outlook on things. He's still way far off, though."

"That is funny. Most people are quick to say they hate cops, but wouldn't you know it; they're just like you, only wearing a uniform." Tyson considers for a moment, "I guess it makes sense, but I really don't want to be a cop…" Shaking that thought off, he presses towards another topic, "Not to be a downer, either, but I'm going to guess you had some kind of messed up childhood?" Tyson realizes it is a personal question, but he doesn't think she'll be phased, "It's just that me and a friend have a running totally of messed up people we know, and I know so you, so I'm wondering… Since you seem to have footloose nature about you and all…"

Persi raises her eyebrows yet again and chuckles a bit, "Actually, not really. I'm just naturally cool like this. My folks had respectable professions, they're both still alive, et cetera, et cetera. Nice try, though, but you're gonna have to try harder than that to try to find the root of my so-called attitude. Best not to think about it, really; just accept it how it is, hm?"

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