2008-02-20: War of Words


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Summary: Gabriel receives a mysterious phone call while he's at his watchshop.

Date It Happened: February 20th, 20088

War of Words

Gray & Sons, Brooklyn

Needing to get out of the empty apartment, Gabriel eventually found himself heading in the direction of his watchshop. Keeping himself invisible and taking the back alleys, he's avoiding drawing any attention to himself, or stumbling on anything like he did when that woman was getting mugged. The less trouble he finds, the better.

Finally arriving at the shop, he slips inside, taking a slow walk around to inspect the damage. Maybe he could salvage it… but it would be hard for a known killer to run a legitimate business. Especially when you've been evading the law for this long.

When Gabriel comes into the store, he will notice two things. First, there is a motion detector, which goes off once he moves through the back room. Regardless if he doesn't notice the device placed near the floor, the (ex-)killer might notice something that would draw far more attention…

A ringing phone.

Moving to the middle of the shop, the loud ring from the phone startles Gabriel. His head snaps to it, and he immediately begins to look everywhere around the shop. He doesn't notice anything else, missing the motion detector amongst the debris, and he slowly steps over to the phone. Picking it up off of the cradle, he looks at it in his hand for a few moments before placing it against his ear. "Hello?"

The voice is unmistakable, the tone the usual 'business neutral' that comes whenever work is involved.

"Hello, Mr. Gray."

"… Bennet," Gabriel states simply, eyes darting around the shop. Out each window, to the door, behind him. He has no iea where the other man is, and to be quite truthful, that frightens him. "What do you want?"

Bennet is no where in sight. If Gabriel attempts to hear with that awesome hearing of his, he won't hear HRG's voice, meaning that he likely isn't in the building. Of course, that fact might not alleviate the fear.

"This isn't about what I want. If it was, you'd be dead right now. Maybe if you WERE dead, Peter wouldn't be a murderer like you, Bishop would still be alive, and my daughter would be living a life without terror forced constantly upon it."

"And these are all my fault how?" Gabriel says, stepping away from the table and looking through the building. Fortunately, the phones he had installed had long cords. Noah must have somehow rigged up a connection to the line. "Peter forced himself into my dreams. That was his fault. I warned Elle about her father. He got kidnapped by Pinehearst. That was his fault. Your daughter lives a life of terror because of you, Bennet. That's your fault." He stops in the middle of the wrecked shop, looking around. Noah is nowhere to be found. He can't hear him, either. "Don't place the blame on me."

"You ALWAYS had a choice, Sylar. Always. You could have said no, even as the hunger consumed, but you took the weak way… Regardless, you look to blame everyone for what you are. A victim that is never accountable for his own actions. No wonder you get along with Peter so well now."

The voice is calm and in control. But he's not around. Not upstairs, not downstairs. The only sign other than the phone ringing and perhaps the motion sensor is a simple broom has been used to sweep up the floor. But why would Noah be sweeping Sylar's store?

"Why do you think I'm trying this whole.. normal life?" Gabriel says slowly, still looking around. He's beginning to become unnerved. The distinct lack of Noah's presence rather than the phone, and it's obvious that he's been in here. He knew when he was in here. This means that he can see him. Somehow.

"I'm not asking for forgiveness from anyone. I never said I was a victim." How could Noah possibly understand? "You work for the Company that made me the way I was, Bennet. We all have skeletons in our closet. You, me, Claire, Peter, everyone."

"My skeletons were to protect my family," Noah states firmly, a little anger entering into his voice. How could Sylar possibly understand? "The only hide you ever cared for was your own. The only reason why you aren't killing now is because of your guilt, not because you really want to be a better person. It's fear of what you were, not a desire to be something better. If it was, you'd make things right. But you'll just hide, like I knew that you would."

"At the cost of what? How far would you go to protect your family?" Gabriel moves to middle of the room, staying as far away from the windows as possible. There's no telling where Noah is. He could be watching him right now. "I'm not killing because I've turned my back on my old life. I don't want to be that person. Shouldn't that be good enough? That's all I can offer. If people won't accept that, then that is their choice." Gabriel pauses, and he takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Do you want me to die? Is that how I'll make things right? Pay for my sins?" His voice drops, eyes narrowing as he speaks to the other man. "Because I can't die, Noah. You can thank your precious little Claire for that."

The voice of Bennet continues. There is no red dot, no spotlight. Nothing… Maybe he really isn't going to do anything to try and kill him. The offer that he makes at the end suggests that possibility, a rare first for Gray/Bennet interactions.

"Don't remember this conversation's start'? I thought you were supposed to be such a smart young man, bright future and all that. I said it before and I'll say it again: If I wanted you dead, I'd kill you. If needed, there's a long list of HOW I could, but I'm sure you can use your imagination. However, if you want do the right thing, there's a way. You're going to do something… Not for me, but for her. And if you are smart with all those gifts you have, you won't even have to harm a single person to do it."

Growing more restless by the second, Gabriel vanishes from view. Still unsure if Noah is watching him, he doesn't want to take the chance and remain a visible starget. It should be much harder to hit an invisible man. Hopefully he doesn't have infrared. He listens to Noah's words, frowning, and he takes a pause before responding. "… do what?"

And here it comes… The marching orders.

"The wonderous people of Pinehearst have taken a great deal of Claire's blood and are abusing its power for personal gain. For a multitude of reasons, that blood needs to be taken out of play. This is your chance to be the hero, Gabriel. To do the right thing and help someone that you wronged so badly."

"I'm not making any promises," Gabriel says, hanging up the phone. Not a yes. It's not a no, either. Gabriel closes his eyes, tilting his head down as he rubs his temple. Be the hero. Do the right thing. He opens his eyes slowly, taking one final look around before heading towards the door of the shop. He has things to think about.

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