2009-12-23: Warm Place for the Night



Date: December 23, 2009


Mandy wants some shelter, and God always provides for herself.

"Warm Place for the Night"

The Bronx, NYC

What could be cooler than practising on the field at Yankee Stadium?

Of course, it's December, so not only is it cool, but it's damned cold, as well. Still, this opportunity doesn't fall terribly often to traveling softball teams, so those who were in the area took advantage of the 'Christmas Cheer at the End of the Year' session.

It's late, though. The sun went down hours ago, and while a good time was had by all in attendence, it's time for those gathered to go to their cars. Most leave in pairs or in groups to designated parking zones that will cost them ten to fifteen dollars out of pocket as soon as they leave.

Others - braver souls - parked a little farther away, and are chancing the walk because they won't have to pay for where they put their car. Still, one never knows what's out there on a New York night. It's wise to be careful.

There are bad people out here.

Squinting toward the lights of the stadium, Mandy rubs her arms to warm them. There are places she can go for the night to keep warm, though those places are few and far between now. After all, people get on her nerves, and keeping a low profile is essential at the moment. That means she can't exactly start killing the squatters in the homeless shelters she frequents, nor can she maim the people who run them. A woman can only take so much bullshit before she snaps.

There's always a backup plan, though. And that's exactly what she's searching for right now. Despite being several blocks from the stadium, she's seen cars parked down the way, so someone will be by to collect them…


In contrast to the grumpy, lurky person that she knows nothing about, Mika seems downright cheerful. After all, it's Christmas Eve Eve, or is it Christmas Eve Eve Eve? Either way, it's a festive time of year! As such, Mika, even after tuckering herself out playing, has a bounce in her step as she heads back to her car. In a display of her usual common sense, she's got earbuds in and an mp3 player going, despite it being all dark and New Yorky.

As she makes a B-line for her car, trotting across the fairly well abandoned street, she's singing a song to herself, albeit fairly quietly, as if to respect the near-silence of the night, "There's a zombie on your laaawn~…" As she approaches the cotton candy pink jellybean-shaped generic coupe she rents far beyond her budget, she jingles her keys forth from her pocket.



The shadows are on Mandy's side as she approaches her latest victim; they stretch behind her, rather than in front. For awhile, she just has to marvel at the idiocy - then again, she thinks most of humankind is completely moronic. Hell, they should be thankful to her for culling the herd. She never hurts anyone who doesn't have it coming… But when, in her opinion, everyone has it coming, well, it doesn't narrow things down very much.

Tilting her head, she sets eyes on the girl's earphones. Specifically, the cord leading from the MP3 player to her ears. Man, anyone could come up to her and have their way! This is a woman who has never faced the hardship of attack, or - by the looks of that car - poverty. Good thing Mandy came along when she did, because she is a very good teacher.

Snickering to herself, she reaches forward, pinching the cord between two fingers in order to simply melt through it. That should get her attention.


Mikayla flinches a little as the cord's melted through and the staticky noise that graces her ears for a half a moment as the actual burning happens; then there's silence. She pouts a little at first and mumbles something about a stupid battery, but then realizes that her earbud cord got real light all of a sudden so the looks down, then over at Mandy, blinking, "Oh! Um. Hi." Out of habit and courtesy, she takes her earbuds out so she can talk to this random…weird person that just apparently screwed up her headphones. How rude. She's surprised and off-put enough that she doesn't even think about beforehand or realize afterward that, thanks to the cord being cut, her earbuds just sort fell on the ground after she released them.

Putting on an awkward, obviously-forced smile, Mika raises her eyebrows at the woman, "Is there something I can help you with miss, um…miss whoever you are?" Trying her best to make this situation anything other than super-awkward and quite possibly frightening, she puts on a bigger smile, "Did you want an autograph or something? I didn't realize anybody was watching!"


"I'm Mandy," the woman says, almost too sweetly. The best part of that is, it's not even forced. The voice is like silk - not grating or impatient or angry. This is a woman who has all the time in the world. Of course, that won't last forever, as her patience is notoriously thin.

She could go into the fact that it's dangerous to walk alone at night. That someone could hurt her. But all that buildup just takes too long. "Well." Mandy places her hand on Mika's car. The paint sizzles, pops, and melts. Using that hand as leverage, Mandy hops up onto the hood, drawing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them. A handprint remains behind where she touched, acid starting to eat right through the metal of the car. "Here's what's going to happen. You're going to get in your car - there." She points to the passenger side. "You're going to give me your keys and tell me where you live. Then we're going to drive there, and I'm gonna spend the night. I'm kind of cold. Don't want to have to find a park bench to stretch out on." Mandy winks. "And if you don't annoy me too much, I won't kill you."


Mikayla immediately puts on a big, bright, sunshiney smile and responds with an automatic, "I'm Mika!" Just before she pauses and stares at her car's paintjob totally getting ruined. It takes her a couple of seconds, but she realizes quickly enough that this Mandy person must be "special" like certain others. After staring for a few moments, she blinks and looks up at Mandy, "I, um…okay…but wouldn't it just be easier for me to give you the keys and, like…leave?" Mika gets a sheepish look on her face and raises one hand to rub at the back of her neck with a lopsided smile, trying her best not to seem too contrary; after all, acid-handed chick and all, "I mean, I could just run away if I really wanted to, so I guess you could say that would be a fair compromise or something…I mean, really. You don't look like the runny type." Despite her half-serious attempts at talking her way out of anything that involves getting in a car with acid-girl, Mika does start around her car toward the passenger side.


Mandy considers this. It's a good idea - somewhat. "No. For two reasons. First, I don't know where you live, and i'm not sleeping in a car. Second, I really like seeing people squirm. And third, if you run, I will find you, kill you, and then track down your whole family." So she lied, that's three. Half-lidded eyes smile at Mikayla; there's no guarantee Mandy isn't just going to get bored and do away with the girl anyway. Turning, she spins on the hood until she can slide off the car onto the driver's side, and she holds her hands up for the keys. "Besides, if you run, I shoot you, so you end the game right there. At least this way you can try to beat the dealer, huh? We can take bets on how long you'll last.


Mikayla frowns more and more the more Mandy talks, not to mention being made all the more uncomfortable by Mandy's smug attitude. However, the furrowing of Mika's brow only comes when there's a mention of a gun, which totally screws both her running plan and the other she was starting her brain to work on. With a resigned sigh, she hits the "unlock" button on her fob and tosses the keys across to Mandy before getting in the car. Of course, she mindfully puts on her seatbelt and acrosses her arms like a contrary child, whining just a tad, "You know, I probably would've let you stay at my place if you'd just asked. You don't have to, like, carjack me and threaten to kill me. I like homelesses as much as the next girl!"


Mandy's half-smile as she catches the keys is, indeed, smug. "But that would negate point number two - namely, that I want to see you squirm. Besides, I don't like handouts." She'll take what she wants, thanks, and be better for it. Opening the door, she slides into the car beside Mikayla, and fake squeals. "Oh-Em-Gee, this is gonna be so much fun!" Suddenly, her voice is flat. "I can't fucking wait."

Once the car is started, she asks, "Okay. Direct me. Ah— Shit, I'm getting sloppy. Hand me your cell phone, before you try to contact the police. It's for your own good. If I even see a cop car on our way to your place, they won't be able to save you from what I'll do to you."

With both hands on the wheel, she smiles sweetly at her hostage. "Do you believe in God, Mika?"


Mikayla can't help but be a little embarrassed at the automatic surge of glee that wells up in her at Mandy's exclamation, even if it's obviously to mock her, but it only shows outwardly in a sudden unwillingness to meet Mandy's eyes and an interest in the floorboard of the car. When she's asked for her cell phone, she blinks and wrinkles her nose, "Aw, why didn't I think of that?" As she hands it over, she just Stares at Mandy, absolutely stunned by that question; not because it's hard to answer so much as because she's terrified by why Mandy would be asking it. As such, she hesitates a few moments before answering, "I…um…that depends, do you?" Mika tries to put on a smile, but it only ends up being a slightly less frowny frown; that, and she scoots as far to the right side of her seat as she can, now thoroughly convinced of Mandy's crazy.


The cellphone is taken, easily crushed in Mandy's grip, and is thrown into the back seat where it sizzles and pops as it melts. Likely, it'll go right through the seat with a little bit of time, too.

Does Mandy believe in God? "Got to believe in yourself, babe," she says in answer to the question. Crazy? No. Delusional? Oh yes. She was supposed to be locked away forever, and even they couldn't stop her.

"You know what irony is? The very people who think they're doing a world a favor by locking people like me up? They put away all the good boys and girls that could possibly save your ass now. And they let me out. Go figure. I'm untouchable, which makes me God."

For a moment, both hands are back on the wheel of the car. When Mikayla doesn't give her any sort of direction, though, she will reach across the center console, one finger threatening to trail gently along the girl's arm, if she doesn't pull away. Any contact at all will burn like fire. "I said, which way."


Mikayla Stares a bunch more, or maybe it's a STARE this time. However, she instantly yelps and draws further away into her corner if that's at all possible, whimpering a little as she hurries to fix her mistake, "Forward! Just go forward! Like, down the road. I'll tell you when to turn!" That said, she goes silent for a long few moments, staring seemingly despondently down at the floor of the car again, and only after several long moments, she finally speaks up again, "…I can't believe you broke my phone. I just traded up to that one…" Then, suddenly, an idea occurs to Mika; a fact that, unfortunately, shows pretty clearly on her features as she perks up and suddenly smiles, after which she quickly straightens her face back into a Sadfrown and half-mumbles, "I uh…I have to ask, what're you gonna do when we get to my place? Since, y'know…I live with my brother, and I wouldn't want you to hurt him or anything." Cue innocent smile of innocence!


Mandy steps on the gas. She's been in lockup for awhile, and hasn't actually driven a car for many, many years, so on her way out of the spot, she takes out the front fender of another vehicle. Oops.

Not that she seems to care much. Or maybe she did it on purpose.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she says insincerely. "Thing is, those things can potentially be located by GPS. I mean, I'm a little rusty on all the new stuff, but that I'm pretty sure about. You hear about that guy who fell through the roof of the mall? After I killed him, I pulled his phone apart. They're so tiny now, aren't they?"

Another smirk follows, but that quickly turns into a frown. "You'll have to hope he's not home, or you're going to be one brother short," is her answer. Mandy has absolutely zero time to deal with some punk-ass's chivilrous bravado. She'll just have to kill him.

"You know. I think I've decided that you know too much."


Mikayla flinches when her car is screwed up yet more, yet doesn't seem too fazed by learning that Mandy's a killer and willing to kill her brother; though, she's not sure she's willing to risk putting Caleb at danger for her own safety…and what happens if she goes to his apartment and he's not home? She'd be SO dead. However, when she hears that last bit, her eyes suddenly go wide in a very much deer-in-headlights way, "W-wait! Whaddayou mean? I don't know too much! I don't know anything! I don't see how you can think I know too much! All I know is that you killed some guy and your name might or might not be Mandy, and that you're not very good at driving! I'm sure there are lots of Murderous Mandies that can't drive! Even if I do know stuff, I promise I won't tell anyone! I remember there was this one time when I was in school when there was this girl that had this really big crush on this guy that I was really good friends with, but she didn't want me to tell him, 'cause she was shy, and I got all the way through high school and graduated and everything without EVER telling him, even though I SO wanted to, so I promise I won't tell anyone about you or your nasty acid hands or anything, just don't kill me!" By the time she gets to the end of her babble, tears are starting to well up in her eyes now that, y'know, she's realizing that that's a real possibility.


Oh, for Christ's Sake. Mandy's eyes roll as she drives right through a red light. It's okay, the roads aren't very busy tonight, anyway.

She's been learning about Mikayla, too, as they drive through the city. First, she's kind of dumb. Second, she's really dumb. And third… Bitch likes to talk.

As the rant ends, Mandy's hand reaches out again, grabbing the scared girl around her upper arm. It will hurt, but it won't burn. Yet. "Shut. Up. If you don't, I'm going to pop your god-damned arm right off!"

Nails will dig into skin if Mika doesn't pull away. The threat is there, very real. "On second thought, keep talking. This car could do with a few decorations. I'll hang your hand from the rearview mirror — how's that sound?"

Maybe she is a little crazy. Taking her eyes off the road to look at Mika, Mandy nearly strike a guy who's just trying to walk from one side of the street to the other. When she realizes this, she lets loose on the horn for about half a mile, and when her hand comes away, it's only after the horn has stopped functioning. It's been melted through. "You little pukes. You would have been one of them. I'm doing the world a favor by taking you out of it. Holy hell."


Mikayla's talkative nature is instantly quelled by the threat of violence and/or death, and the tears are staved off…for about five seconds. Mika WOULD pull away if there were any further she could get away and still be in the car! So, instead, she just snuggles up against the door and cries as quietly as she can, wincing every time she can't help but let out a little sob or whimper. The only times she even lets out so much as a WORD after all that scariness from Mandy is just to say "turn here" and, eventually "park there" when the abused car finally finds her apartment. Assuming she's not physically held in place once the car comes to a halt, she'll instantly fumble for the seatbelt and door handle to get out as quickly as humanly possible, even if she's still tethered to Mandy by the threat of death.


All Mandy really wants is a place to stay for the night. She's not ready to leave another body yet. These things take time and planning, and while she has no aversion to random murder, it's just not prudent at the moment. The time will come.

Her grip relaxes on Mika's arm, to give them all time to get out of the car. As much as she'd like to just end the annoyance here and now, she isn't going to. She'll settle for destroying a good portion of Mikayla's worldly possessions and leaveing the girl staggering to pick up the pieces.

Looking up at the apartment building, Mandy smiles, standing next to her poor victim. "All I want is a warm shower and a warm place to sleep for the night. You leave me alone, don't bother me, and stay out of my way, I leave in the morning, and you don't get hurt. No cops. Cops come after me, they find you hanging by your own small intestine from your shower rod. Got it?"


Mikayla shudders a little at the mental image she gets of that particular fate, but then nods quickly and shuffles toward the front door (because that's what people do when it's cold. They shuffle.). However, she has to stop there and defer to her captor since, she has the clunky, overfull keychain that carries all of Mika's keys. While she waits and fidgets, Mika half-mumbles, "Why'd you have to pick me, anyway? I didn't do anything to anybody…I'm a nice person!" The whole thing seems a little bit rhetorical, as she doesn't exactly look up for an answer, but maybe it's not, who knows?

Either way, once she's let in, she leads Mandy right up to her apartment, number 404, and, once they're in, points off toward the bathroom, "Shower's in there. I'll be…out here. Somewhere." Once again, Mika's quickness to be helpful and easy to get along with all of a sudden might be a little suspicious, but what's she going to do, call the cops and get herself killed?

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