2010-07-07: Warmer



Date: July 7, 2010


Erin starts to recover in the hospital.


Hospital Room

After visiting Janet, Erin mostly just… Slept, actually. She's not aware of the passage of time; night has blurred into day and back into night without her ever being able to grasp the day. Granted, if they hadn't drugged her to keep her in her bed, perhaps she would be a little more lucid.

As time passes, the latent ability within her DNA starts to wake up again, slowly, as if it's not quite sure what to do. During one brief period of wakefulness, Erin can either see the multitude of viruses in her system, or she's hallucinating. Hoping it's the former, she tries to feel them out to kill them, but it's so hard. The viruses are so dim and hard to find. Despite her best efforts, she passes out again, and her power goes to work, albeit slowly, preventing the spread of any more viruses. The doctors note with relief that whatever it is that Erin has, it's not getting any worse. Many believe that her compromised immune system is finally catching up with itself.

Anyone in her room still has to wear a mask, though. Opening rather dazed eyes, she stares at the ceiling tiles above her; it takes a moment to figure out where she is. Eventually, she finds a man standing near her, and makes her eyes focus. It's hard… She has to blink a few times. "Taine, whaddaryoudoin here?"

Wearing a mask! But he doesn't respond with that obvious comment. Not only is Taine wearing a mask, but he's been asked to change his clothes multiple times as he comes and goes, wash his hands often, and make sure that he doesn't bring in any more germs. The relief is something he can hear in their voices, it's something he feels in the way they look. "I said I'd be with you, remember?" he says, sitting up from his slouch in the chair to lean closer to her place on the bed. His eyes are still bright and blue, the same as she always knew, but his hair is pulled back out of his eyes, secured in a small tail. The upside of growing his hair out more, it can actually be pulled back, sometimes.

"The doctor says you're doing better," he says, reaching a hand forward to touch her own. His hand has been washed many, many times, and his hand feels warm strangely enough. Though no, the doctor didn't actually say better. But that's how he's taking it.

Squeezing her eyes shut, making a face, she mutters in a rusty voice, "Bastards drugged me." The painkillers made her sleepy enough, but to add a medicine actually designed to knock her out was just unfair. She can certainly acknowledge that if it wasn't for the staff here, she might have exerted herself to death. Janet would have told her to get back to bed if she was in any condition to do so—

Oh no, Janet! "Hey, Janny got— " Grunting, she tries to move, but finds that everythings still hurts. She can sense the viruses unravelling, but it's as if they're confused, or that they've never done this before. "Got… shot. I otta go see 'er. C'mon, help me up before they shoot me with the T-Rex tranquiliser again." Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she starts to stand, and then, much like her sister, falls directly to the floor.

"…Ouuuuugh…" She pauses, resting her face against the floor, despite how gross it probably is. Since Erin's so warm, she doesn't notice the warmth from Taine's hand. But she certainly notices how nicely the air conditioning has chilled the floor. "Jus' leave me here for a few minutes."

"They're not going to let you out again for a little while, Erin," Taine says, reaching to grav b her arm and try to lift her up a bit from the chilled floor. "You need to get back on your bed and rest— your sister has good doctors, they take care of their own, you know. And I knew she was in here. You're not going to be able to help her if you pass out on the floor on the way to seeing her." Whether shot or not— "The doctor says you're doing better, so please just stay in bed and get better. Then you can visit her all you want."

He wasn't able to stop her the first time, but he can certainly try to stop her right now. "I don't want them to drug you, but you need rest, so please, just get back into bed and rest— you shouldn't be walking around the hospital right now. They won't even let me come in here without washing my hands a dozen times and wearing a mask."

"No, no, no, it's not— " She grapples for the word, coming up with "dire." Not quite right. Not… "Necessary," she amends. As the floor gets farther away, she reaches for it, but her fingers can only brush it before Taine has her back in the bed. It's too warm. "Water?" she asks, eyes meeting his again. Her own are still dull.

"It's— " Collecting her thoughts after the slight over-exertion, Erin breathes until she can string a sentence together. Before going on, she checks the rest of the room. "I can feel… Just a little. You know what I mean? It's not as good as it was, but maybe if I…" Squeezing her eyes shut again, she wills the room to stop spinning.

"You know what's wrong with me," she says. One eyes opens just a fraction, and she stares at him through it. "But I think it… might just be… What's the word…"

"It might be… over?" Taine asks, moving away for a few moments to fill up some water into a glass and bring it over to her. The water is still a little warmer than it should be, even though he used the cold side of the tap. Maybe it just isn't as cold as it should be, or maybe it feels warm. "Or better, at least?" It's such a private thing that she wouldn't want to talk about, that he keeps his voice down.

"You'll be out of here in no time, then, if things are… less dire." Not quite the right word, he knows, but it works at the same time.

"I don't think your sister is doing that bad, either. I'm sure they'd tell me if you needed to see her, and they haven't." Need. That would probably mean the younger sister would be dying— he'll hope that will never be the case. For either of them.

"Not over," Erin says. "Close, though, I think." She can't make herself uncontagious, but the good news about that is that she doesn't have anything that the average New Yorker couldn't survive. It's just that it is, for some reason unknown to the doctors, killing her.

It really bothers her, too, that she can't go see Janet. It seems like when something goes wrong, she can never be there for her younger sister. Maybe if she's patient, they won't drug her tonight! Of course, Erin and patience don't exactly mix.

Ah, water. Taking the glass in her hand, she makes a bit of a face. She expected it to be cold to relieve some of the fever. Instead, she can barely feel it through the warmth of her own skin. "Taine, I'm burning up. What'd you do, use the wrong side of the sink?" Warily, she eyes the glass.

She's so warm.

They're going to kill her, but she dumps it on her face.

"You weren't supposed to pour it on your face," Taine says with a soft laugh, before he moves to get her a towel. "I'll go get them to bring some ice— dry yourself off," he says, leaning over to kiss her forehead, with warm lips, before he moves toward the door, to find some ice.

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