2007-03-04: Watch Your Mouth


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Mr. Hendrickson comes into the store for some books, managing to inimidate Cass and Lee by simply standing.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

Watch Your Mouth

Enlightenment Books

It's a lazy Tuesday evening and Enlightenment books is starting to wind down. The store is mostly empty, but for the few diehard readers ensconced in their books. Cass is quite involved in her own book, looking up only occasionally to see if the customers need any help. So far, they're all regulars and she knows that they're going to want to be left alone. This leaves more time for her to catch up on her fiction reading. It's not always serious here at EB!

Lee is hanging out here grading papers on My Favorite Founder, because Nima's LARP pals have turned the Secret Lair into the actual secret lair of Chordax the Invincible and they're whopping each other with boffer katanas and saying "thee". "Whatcha reading?" he asks her. "Please distract me from 'James Madison is my favorite because his wife invented the cupcake.'"

Mr. Hendrickson steps into the store from the cold, cold street. He may have to duck to enter the bookstore, and if there's a bell on the door, you can be sure it rings when he opens it. He is currently dressed in his usual atire, with a dark grey overcoat and black fedora. Mr. Hendrickson takes a moment to remove the fedora, and walks over to a shelf of books, glancing over them skeptically. He doesn't even glance at Cass, and he doesn't look the type to believe in UFOs. What does he want?

Cass flips the cover so that Lee can read it. It's 'The Dante Club', some sort of mystery fiction novel. While normally Cass would love to see people attack each other with fake Katanas, she's stuck doing the work thing until official closing time. "Did Mrs. Madison really invent the cupcake? Because if she did, then he's totally my favorite president now, too." When the door opens - there is no bell, just the whoosh of displaced air - Cass turns to greet the new customer with a happy face. However, she recognizes Mr. Hendrickson the moment he steps in. How could she not? He's pretty unforgettable. Even when he's /not/ picking you up like you weighed nothing and reprimanding you. The welcome dies in her throat. What does he want, indeed.

Lee's eyes go wide at Hendrickson's appearance, and Cass' reaction. "Er." he says uncomfortably. "No, Dolly Madison did not invent the cupcake. It's just…it's just…" Ah, yes, the 'quip dying in throat' reaction.

Mr. Hendrickson pays the two near the counter no mind, and instead continues to peruse the books, starting at the front of the store and slowly working his way toward the back. He looks to be in no great hurry, altho it is apparent he isn't finding whatever it is he is looking for. He also doesn't seem very enthusiastic about his search.

Lee says, sotto vocce, "Who the hell is that guy? Don't tell me the Dominicans are starting up protection again…" Referring to some 'difficulties' in Village businesses several years ago.

Cass doesn't notice when Lee's quip trails off. In fact, she doesn't even hear the correction of how Dolly Madison didn't invent the cupcake - a fact that she'd be quite bummed about were she to actually hear it. When Mr. Hendrickson pays her no mind, nor Lee, she stands up. "He's trouble that's what he is. And not of the Dominican variety." She's not quite sure what that means, but, oh, it means something! Of course, she doesn't approach the large man, but she does cross her arms in front of her in an intimidating manner. Or, well, as intimidating as Cass can get. Pitching her voice to carry, she asks crisply, "Can I help you…/sir/?"

Lee helps Cass by looking like he'd rather be somewhere else. That's helpful, right?

Mr. Hendrickson frowns slightly, upicking up a book and examining it a moment before placing it back upon the shelf. When Cass finally works up the nerve to address him, he turns to regard her for a moment before walking over to the desk and look down at the relatively small, if defiant, young woman! He pauses a moment before he speaks, as if he were about to pronounce her doom! But instead, he simply asks, "Do you have anything on the Nostradamus Prophecies? Or the Kennedy Assassination?"

Very hepful, Lee. Well, Cass isn't about to back down. When Mr. Hendrickson comes closer, she stands her ground and allows her chin to tilt up and up accordingly so she can still look him in the face. The sudden, almost polite question knocks her for a loop. How dare he deflate her righteous indignation! It takes her a bit to answer. She's flustered and can't remember where her Prophecy books are and where her Conspiracy Theory books are. "I…uh…yes. I do." She frowns and hugs her arms tighter around herself. Now she's just confused.

Lee instinctively opens his mouth and says, "What, Miss Cleo's stock tips aren't working out so you're taking a step down the ladd…the ladd…ladder?" The quip trails off into a mortified please-don't-hurt-me expression, as Lee's loudmouthed instincts are slowly shouted down by whatever sense of self-preservation he has.

Mr. Hendrickson blinks and turns his head slowly to regard Lee, the Loudmouth. He frowns, and speaks to Lee, his voice threatening violence! "Watch your mouth." When he speaks, the glint of metal can be seen inside his mouth! Scary. With the threat delivered, he turns back to Cass, his expression and tone now neutral. "Can you point me in the right direction, then?"

This is all very surreal for Cass. Her eyes widen when she sees the metal inside of Mr. Hendrickson's mouth. Under other circumstances she'd tell Lee to be quiet, but she's kind of mystified by this whole interaction. "Hey, you watch what you say to my friend." Customer service, what? "I'll show you where both those sections are if you just resist the urge to tell others what to do." Yes, she's still a little sore about that Starbucks incident. If /he/ doesn't remember, she still does. Finally getting both her astonishment and temper in control, she weaves her way around Lee and leads Mr. Henrickson to the appropriate shelves.

Lee is about to say 'or what', but survival instincts barely win out and he settles for muttering bitter and cowardly imprecations once he thinks Hendrickson is out of earshot.

Mr. Hendrickson scowls at Lee a moment before nodding to Cass, and following her to the correct shelves. He begins to pick through the books one by one, apparently either searching for something specific or just attempting to decide on which one he wishes to purchase. "Think of it as healthy advice," he says, paging through a particularly thick copy about Kennedy being cloned by Aliens.

"That one's a favorite among some of the regulars," Cass replies, helpfully. If a little grudgingly. "Well, I consider it more of a threat than anything else." She frowns and glances over to where Lee still sits. It's kind of a check to see if he's fainted. Or a, make sure he doesn't punch me, check. Either way, it's good to just take her attention off of the hulking mass that is Mr. Hendrickson. "And I don't like people threatening me or my friends. Especially in my store."

Lee doesn't punch anyone, but he can't get past the first sentence of the next paper he's grading, he has to keep looking up to see what's going on. "It's okay. Forget it. Just forget it." he says, waving a hand. "It's done. Forget it. I have." O rly?

Mr. Hendrickson tucks the Aliens Cloned Kennedy under his arm, and then picks up some books on Nostradamus, paging through them as well. He glances at Cass momentarily before nodding. What he could possibly be thinking, who knows! He answers her, however, "I see." With that, he picks up a book about the Prophecies, with all sorts of commentary, and tucks it under his arm as well!

Cass looks over at Lee, unsure of what exactly he may be muttering about. She gives him a 'what are you doing?' look that she hopes conveys her meaning without having to say anything outloud. Then, she's turned back to Hendrickson. "Um, right. Good. Glad to have the seeing." It's awkward again. "So, uh, can I help you with anything else?"

Lee waves a hand as if to emphasize his previous forget-it statement. He is still listening to what's going on but he has been thoroughgoingly scared.

Mr. Hendrickson hmmms, and and ponders a moment before shaking his head, and bringing the two thick books back toward the counter, where Lee sits, doing whatever it is he is doing. He places them on the counter, and simply waits for Cass to ring him up, or what have you. He appears in no great hurry!

"I'll….take that as a no." Cass quickly makes her way over to the counter. Whether this man speaks or not, he's certainly freaking her out and she'd be glad to have him out of the store. She frowns at Lee when he makes his hand waving, but just passes by him to write out the receipt. Then, she states the total and takes the books from the counter to place in a bag. "Cash or credit?"

Lee says, "No liberty dollars. U.S. money, the kind with the alien tracking chips in them." He /couldn't/ leave it alone.

Mr. Hendrickson raises an eyebrow in Lee's direction, having no idea what he is babbling about. He eyes the schoolteacher a moment, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a billfold. "Cash, please."

Cass snickers as Lee finally makes a comeback to his snarky comments. "They're not alien tracking chips, they're government tracking chips. Which is probably even worse." That, at least, seemed to break her nervousness. Sort of. She takes the proper cash from Hendrickson and then gives him the change. Dropping the receipt in the bag, she holds it out to him a little apprehensively. Normally, she'd thank him for coming in and tell him to come back soon…but she's not sure she wants that to happen. So, she goes with the truncated version. "Thanks for stopping in." He bought something, she can't be /too/ rude to him.

Lee clearly seems to think that his quip got the better of Hendrickson, all the moreso since Hendrickson didn't get it and isn't mad at him. "Keep watching the skies." he intones, Rod Serling style.

Mr. Hendrickson nods slightly to Cass, and takes the bag, before removing his Fedora from the crook of his elbow and placing it on his head. The huge man doesn't make a reply to Lee, and instead walks toward the door. However, as he places a hand on the door to push (pull?) it open, he turns his head slightly to speak to Lee. "Keep watching your back," he says, smiling as he does so, metal teeth shining in the light. Mr. Hendrickson then opens the door to the shop, and steps out into the streets of New York, destination unknown! Was he joking? Was he serious? Only the Shadow knows.

Lee hahas weakly, hahas.

Cass sits down a bit heavily once Mr. Hendrickson pushes his way out of the bookstore. That was surprisingly taxing for some reason. "Well, Goodnight and Goodluck. I feel like I just ran a couple city blocks." Resting a hand on her head, she leans back. "Did you see his /mouth/? Wow."

Lee says, "I hope he got a good settlement from suing the hell out of whatever mad orthodontist thought /that/ was a good idea. Did you know that guy?"

"Maybe it's like his version of a grill." Cass shivers slightly. "A very scary grill. And he doesn't really seem to be 'pimping'." At the mention of knowing him, the store owner shakes her head and then shrugs. "Not really. I tripped over something and spilled tea on him at a Starbucks once. He bodily picked me up and told me not to ever do it again. I don't think I've spilled tea /since/."

Lee says, "I told you Starbucks was evil." in a tone that implies it's all her own fault. "Well, you must be cool with him, since he came here and gave you money. It's better than a Hallmark card."

"Starbucks is evil. It's true. But I just can't help myself sometimes." Cass finally straightens slightly, her strength coming back. "Ha. I guess so. If he even remembers me. He probably accosts random women on the street all the time."

Lee says, "Those that don't cross to the other side of the street when they see him coming." He relaxes back into his seat and picks up his papers again. "In case you didn't hear before, Dolly Madison did /not/ invent the cupcake…"

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