2007-10-23: Watchdog


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As promised, Kory and Cam drop by to pay Lachlan a visit. It's a little awkward, but Lachlan winds up suggesting a watchdog for Cam in case there are any more attempts on his life. Training Niki's dog for such a purpose is alluded to.

Date It Happened: October 23rd, 2007


Cass and Lachlan's Apartment

It isn't a long ride from the Village to Brooklyn, but Kory doesn't rush Cam. He's a kid, and he probably needs to burn off a little energy, by her lights. She's of course told him the reason for the trip; that her friend at the safe place for Specials suggested they meet Lachlan. Thus it is that she checks the directions on her phone and knocks on the appropriate door with the almost-teenager in tow.

Cam chatted most of the way over, about this and that, Micah's video game system or his collection of comics on the list, but mostly about the encounter with the social worker the night before. He's mad at the hospital for calling her, but happy with (at least the current) results. As they get near the door, though, he quiets, fidgetting a bit.

Early evening's a grand time to stop by and see Lachlan, as it's when he's most likely to be awake and clothed. Granted, it helps when he knows he's getting visitors. He even tried to make the apartment not look like a guy has been living in it more or less alone for the past couple of weeks. It takes a few moments before he answers the door, dressed in a dark brown button-down shirt and a pair of black jeans. He actually looks clean and human — and perhaps the slightest bit uneasy. This whole 'entertaining guests' thing is really not his forte. "Hey," he greets, glancing from Kory to Cam and back again. "Ye must be, uh, Kory. C'mon in." Bonnie the Big And Blonde stands a few feet behind, mouth parted in a doggy grin and tail waving genially. New people, ohboy!

Kory nods sympathetically, and makes the appropriate displeased faces when he describes the hospital having informed the social worker. She sounds very pleased that he's got a friend, and that Micah's mom seems okay with keeping him for a while. "Relax. Ms. Cass is engaged to Mr. Lachlan, and so I'm sure that makes him a cool guy. Plus, I think I heard on the radio he trains dogs." Which might make Kory's other job a bit more interesting.

And then there he is, opening the door. "That's me, yeah. And this is Cam." Ooo, look! A Dog! Kory, an old hand at this, offers the paw-shaped-hand in greeting so as to pass the sniff test before attempting the threshold.

Cam grins to Kory and says, "Ain't ever met her neither." Still, when the door's opened and Kory introduces him, he greets Lachlan with a smile, and a little wave, "Hi." He goes to step in, but holds back as Kory greets the dog.

Bonnie gives Kory's hand a thorough sniffing-over and gives it the Doggy Stamp Of Approval with a few sloppy licks. Hihihi, newpeople.

"Hey, Cam," Lachlan adds with a smile and a wave of one hand. "Uh. Make yerselves at home." He indicates the couch and chair with a wave of his arm. "Want somethin' ta drink?" A moment's pause before he very quickly adds, "Uh, juice, water, tha' sort o' thing." Because he doesn't serve alcohol to minors, no.

Kory gets the licks, and in turn scruffles the Bonnie on her head. "Nice to meet you. And thanks for seeing us on short notice." She swallows the giggle on the hasty addition. "Cup of tea if it wouldn't be too much trouble?" She lets the dog lead her to a place where the scritching can continue while the human types talk.
Cam follows Kory in, and asks Lachlan hopefully at the offer, "Got any orange juice? Please," he adds quickly. Then he steps over to pet the dog too, at least for a moment, grin on his face. "Cool dog."

"Sure, yeah." Tea. Lachlan can do tea. Orange juice is easier than tea, but he can definitely do both. Though not in the same cup, that's gross. So into the kitchen he goes to put the kettle on and get some juice from the fridge. "Yeah, tha's Bonnie. She's a softy." Which should be more than evident as she sits by the couch, soaking up all the attention with big broad slaps of her tail. Cam is snuffled at excitedly. Hihi, newlittleperson! "D'ye like dogs, then?"

Kory blushes, as Cam seems to be doing better with the manners than she is; a sure sign she's nervous. "I walk a good number of them a few times a week," Kory explains. "Cam helps when his schoolwork and his after school stuff doesn't get in the way. So yeah. I guess it's safe to say I like dogs. We do." She grins sideways at Cam, figuring he won't object to being included in 'we'. And the small talk plus loving on the dog, is helping her collect herself.

Cam answers with an immediate, emphatic, "Yeah," to Lachlan's question, laughing a bit as he's snuffled and petting all the more. He grins back to Kory at her explanation, and then asks Lachlan, "You really train dogs?"

Lachlan returns with the orange juice, which is held out to Cam. "Kettle's on," he explains to Kory, noting the absence of tea at this very moment. All the talk about dogs is definitely putting him more at ease, too. Then again, he's always sort of liked dog people. An element he knows something about! Huzzah! "Yeah, s'wha' I do. In fact, I've been talkin' ta some Hollywood people tha're lookin' fer someone ta werk with the dogs onna set."

"Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun," Kory says, genuinely enthusiastic. "I'm thinking maybe Ares' owners may want to avail of your services if you've got the time in your schedule. He's a bit more aggressive than they like…" she trails off, glances at Cam, and switches tacks. "Of course, that's not really why we're here, so that can wait." Her hands fold around one knee.

Cam's eyes widen a bit at that, "Wow, really? That's awesome! Do ya get your name in the credits?" He accepts his drink then and says, "Thanks." He sips it, then bites his lip again as Kory changes subjects.

Huh, Lachlan hadn't thought of that. He considers it a moment, then grins. "Yeah, guess I migh'." Huh. Who knew he would one day get his name in the credits of a movie? But there's the subject change, and he grows much more sober. A hand goes up to rub at his jaw and neck, some of the nervousness creeping back in. "Yeah, uh, Cass told me wha's up." His eyes go to Cam. "Y'know, the reason I'm so good with dogs s'b'cause I can talk ta 'em. In m'head. S'the sorta thing tha' ye can do with ice."

Kory's eyes light up as Lachlan cuts right to the chase, and shares his gift. "Wow. That explains much," she breathes. She scruffles the dog one more time, and raises her own hand. "Whole roomful of us, then. Did…did Cass tell you why Cam kind of needs a safe place?" In unconscious imitation of Cam, she bites her own lip.

Cam smiles at that and says, "Really? Cool! That's sorta like…" He cuts off whatever he was going to say, then finishes after a second, "the old Ant-man with ants, just with dogs?" He quiets again then at Kory's question.

"Yeah, 'cept I can do it with other stuff too. Like there's a bloody cat inna bedroom over there— " Lachlan jerks his head toward the bedroom door, grinning "— tha' I can talk ta. S'just easier with dogs. An' I canna turn it off. 'M hearin' 'em alla time." To Kory, he adds, "She said there was a bit o' trouble, but dinna say wha'." The Scot's expression isn't so serious or concerned as either of their's — it's a little more inquisitive than anything.

"Cats too," Kory repeats, charmed. That, plus the accent. But she remains focused. "Yeah. Trouble. The thing of it is — there's this woman who puts out acid from her hands. And she means harm to Cam. And — well, I expect, anybody she meets. Saw her in a dream before she showed up for real. But I've got nothing to stop her with. And Cam? His gift isn't quite that developed yet." She gets up and paces, hands shoved in her pockets.

Cam pulls up his sleeve to show Lachlan his bandages on his shoulder, "She got me already, just a little. Hurts *lots*!" He doesn't make a comment on the rest, though, letting Kory do the talking on that.

Acid? Lachlan's brow furrows with worry. A woman who melts people and a kid who controls ice. He peers at the bandages with some distaste, frowning. This isn't one of those villain people Cass mentioned, is it? "Christ. Well, we'll werk on tha'." Cass is the better one of the whole 'working on finding out and fixing powers' stuff, but hey, he promised her he'd give it the ol' college try. "An' I've got m'self outta some rough spots b'fore. 'F ye ever need ta get outta one, I can help ye. 'F she melts shi— " er, uh "— shh, uh, stuff. 'F she melts stuff with 'er hands, ye just have ta stay outta reach."

Kory pauses in her pacing, clasping her hands together in front of her. "Thank you. That really means a lot to me. I…" she sighs, and sits back down, putting an arm around Cam. "He's kind of like a little brother to me, and I'm not much use in a situation like this. I can't even see the future unless I'm in a dream with somebody who can." She glances at Cam. "But I said I'd do what I could to help, and …is there anything I can do to say 'thank you' to you?" she looks up at Lachlan, with big guileless eyes.

Cam smiles at the offer of help, "Thanks!" Then at the suggestion he nods quickly, "I didn't even see her comin' last time, just…" He shrugs a bit, instinctively with both arms with gets a "Ow" out of him, but then he says, "Just… wanna protect myself better, is all. And not accidently freeze stuff when I don't wanna."

Lachlan shakes his head at Kory. "Nah, dunna worry 'bout it." Cass said to help, he's helping. That's just what he does. He watches Cam for a bit, thoughtfully rubbing his jaw before the idea seems to click. "Tell ye wha': 're ye anywhere tha'll let ye keep a dog?"

Kory smiles tightly, and nods, but by the set of her jaw, she's probably going to try to do something nice for him at some point anyway. The being helpless doesn't sit well with her. She widens her eyes, and the smile becomes a bit less taut as she hears Lachlan speak. She looks inquisitively to Cam.

Cam is taking another drink of his orange juice as Lachlan asks that, but pauses, lowering it, and grins. He almost says something, but pauses and considers a moment, biting his lip. "I'd haveta ask Niki, but bet it'd be ok. They've already got a dog."

Oh, he's staying with Niki. That gets a grin from Lachlan. "'Course they do, I gave 'er ta 'em." That changes things a little, but it's workable. "'ll talk ta Niki. Was thinkin' I could train ye a watchdog. Somethin' tha'll be able ta keep an eye out fer ye in case she comes back, y'know. Tha' way it'll be harder ta sneak up on ye. Migh' just be able ta train Niki's dog an' ye can take 'er with ye when ye go places." Dog-friendly places, that is.

That worked out better than expected! Kory looks between Cam and Lachlan. "Wow. That's really great. I could almost think this was fated to work out for everybody." She squeezes Cam's good shoulder gently. "What d'you think? Feeling safer already?" she asks him hopefully.

Cam grins at that and says, "You know Niki? Cool! Yeah, she's the one that saved me, after the park. Been stayin' with her since." He pauses then a moment, and asks, "Don't tell her I'm too scared or anything, ok? 'Cause she gets super-protective of Micah and I can take care of myself ok *most*'f the time." He looks up to Kory again and nods quickly, smiling back, "Yeah."

Spfff! "Nah, c'mon, yer no' too scared. Yer a tough kid," Lachlan grunts, reaching out to give Cam a good-natured slap on the good shoulder. "Hell, ye faced down a woman with bloody acid-hands an' yer standin' here now. Most people'd still be whimperin' in a corner somewhere. 'll just tell 'er Kory's forcin' ye ta get a watchdog." Lachlan's got your manliness covered, Cam. Lord knows he's the expert on keeping an ego intact.

"Oh, great." Kory mock-pouts. "Make me the bad guy." But she's only joking; she nods along with the plan. "Actually, given I walk dogs so much already, it just kind of makes sense for Cam to have one look after him when possible." She rises to her feet. "Thanks so much for letting us bend your ear on this one."

Cam smiles at that and says, "Awesome, thanks! That'll be good. Bet she'd be ok then." He looks up to Kory again and laughs a bit, "Not a bad guy, just…" He shrugs, this time just with his good shoulder. As she gets up, he quickly finishes his orange juice and gets up too.

When everyone else starts getting up, so does Lachlan, and he moves to the door to see them out. Bonnie wags her tail and peers forlornly up at them all. Newpeople leaving :( "Nah, dunna mention it. S'nothin' big. Ye take care o' yerselves an' drop by anytime ye like. 'M sure Bonnie'd be glad ta see ye again." And he would know.

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