2010-03-20: Water Club



Date: March 20, 2010


Hallis dotes on her new pets while Sydney gives George advance warning of her new apartment crashers.

"Water Club"

New York City

Why did George put his name in the hat for this job, again? Oh, right, because he's crazy. And at least half the city agreed with the idea, otherwise he wouldn't be here. Back in his New York office for the time being, he reviews the main whiteboard, crossing off a couple items and adding a question mark next to another. "All right, I think that's about it for this round," he says. "I'm stepping out for lunch, call me if anything falls apart badly enough."

He really is stepping out— but not quite yet. Rounding a corner, he slips into the Special Projects room instead, and takes the opportunity to dial back the first of several calls that he had to miss earlier. Ring ring.

"I dunno. I don't think it looks that bad brown, does it? I did it myself again though… probably be better if I'd gone to a salon, but there'd been NO time!" the therapist explains. Sydney's ringing cellphone actually causes Syd to jump. Her phone hasn't rung in some time, particularly as it's a disposable. She's dressed more normal as she's been inside all day — even with all of the time she spends in the library she's at Hallis' today, perched on the couch.

Curiously, she reaches for it and glances at the number. It seems vaguely familiar, she'd called it earlier. With furrowed eyebrows she answers in a question, "Hello?"

With a wrinkle of distaste to her nose, Hallis runs her fingers through the psychologist's hair and shakes her head rather forlornly. "You were living with that horrible haired homeless person for way too long if you think this looks good." That's the matter of fact comment from the young blonde's lips is halted by the ringing of the phone. When Sydney goes to answer it, she opts to head to the fish tank and wave at the two little goldfish inside.

It's a huge tank for two little goldfish, but Hallis is very convinced that they'll never get bored. "Hi George Three, hi Adam! What are you two doing today? Hmm?" She pinches a little bit of food from a bowl beside the tank and sprinkles it along the top of the water. The two quarter sized little darlings swim rapidly and begin to gobble up the flakes as though they'd been starved for weeks.

While he waits for the call to go through, George glances over his assistant's shoulder, trying to get a head start on understanding what she's been working on. Every second counts— but no, someone just picked up, and he doesn't want to split his attention. It can wait a minute, or she would've brought it up the second he walked in.

"Hello, this is George, you called?" Everyone who calls him on that number is on a first-name basis, or they've dialed a wrong number. The voice on the other end sounds somewhat familiar, but one word isn't a lot to go on.

"If it's so bad, I'll have it dyed back or something. I'd bleach it myself but — " she scowls involuntarily before returning her attention to the phone. "Oh! Hi George — sorry I recognized the number, but wasn't sure who it was…" Biting her bottom lip, she attempts to remember everything she had to say. "Did Hallis tell you I'm living with her right now?" That's a good place to start maybe. "Anyways, I'm staying here — at her apartment — with two charges. One that might be of particular interest to you based on what you're working on…"

The young socialite is quite taken with the fish, that is, until she hears George's name. Then she turns abruptly and takes in a little breath. "Oh… tell George I said hello!" she whispers loud enough for Sydney to hear, but perhaps not loud enough to be carried over the telephone. "And that I made some dinner if he'd like to stop by later…" Then her attention drifts to the tank again. It's full of plants and other little fishy decorations, enough to keep the amused at any rate.

Ophelia is very good at looking like she's busy. In most jobs, there are times when you're going to pretend like you're working so you can have a break. For Phi, though, this job doesn't give her time to pretend to be busy because she's too busy being busy. Phew. She hardly gives George a glance up as she sifts through a never-ending stack of papers, various books and newpapers scattered about her desk, her computer open with several tabs of Google searches. Multitasking is one thing she's good at, at least.

Leaving Ophelia to her research for the time being, George walks over to the other end of the room. "Dr. Falkland, hi." So much for first-name basis. "I didn't recognize the number." Switching to speakerphone, he sits down and takes out a small notepad, turning to a fresh page. "No, she hadn't yet, but I should see you there in a few hours in that case. So, the houseguests— anyone whose names I'd recognize?"

"Oh, Hallis says 'hi' and wants me to invite you to dinner…" Sydney begins, "…and the number is a disposable cellphone. Unfortunately found myself on the radar a few months ago." She touches a button on the phone and also switches to speakerphone in the event that Hallis feels the need to interject. "Well, my charge may be of interest to you. She was in a rather infamous video that aired on every television station all at once." There's a pause as her gaze shifts, "She turned into water… on camera…"

The young socialite is otherwise occupied with various little tasks in her apartment, such as running a little squeegie up the side of the tank to clean its already pristine sides. The little fish streak around in the water, perhaps disturbed by the almost inaudible noise it's creating but to Hallis, it just seems like they're playing. Another brief glance is given to Sydney before she points to herself and then to the bedroom. With a small finger wave, she disappears down the hallway and the last sound she makes is the closing of her bedroom door.

Ophelia perks up from her desk. What was that? Woman turning into water? She peers over towards George, taking a moment to set down her papers. Now the conversation is something she'd like to listen in on, and it's not as if he's hiding it, since it's speakerphone, after all. She takes a moment to flip through her papers, possibly to look up documents on said water-woman.

Oh, George is plenty familiar with that video, all right; on top of personal interest, he had to field a number of inane questions about it from members of the public. "I know of her, yes." Indeed, he's still got a copy of the clip on his cell phone, and brings it up for Phi to save her the Youtube search.

"She's here. She has details about what they did to her on the train… not comfortable talking about it, but I think she'd be willing. We want to help take down the project any way that we can," Sydney says honestly. "Jamie wants to help as much as she can. And she's a good kid…" The last bit is more of an afterthought. "I don't know what you know about the trains, but maybe having a child witness could help your case…. assuming you're building one…"

Ophelia nods faintly to George, listening in quietly as she sets some of her papers aside. "Anything could help." She murmurs, mostly to herself as she hears Sydney's remark. She glances to George before back at her papers.

George leans back in his seat, frowning. "I've heard some things. And even if people don't believe she has this ability, if she can convince them that the black-ops agents believed it… The thing of it is, we need to make sure we know who's at the top of the food chain, because we only get one shot at this. If we get it wrong, then they just throw a few scapegoats under the bus, the rest of them go underground and keep going."

"I figured as much…" Sydney sighs heavily. "…you'll just have to get it right then, Congressman." She presses her lips together and then nods. "You can talk with her sometime when you're here. I'm willing to help any way that I can as well… " She hmmms quietly before adding, "This isn't any way for anyone to live — and if they're doing this to kids…. several of my roommates were taken at Christmas. They were tortured. And neither were charged with any crime," she frowns again. "Well, I'm sure I'll be talking to you again soon, Congressman. Take care and watch out for yourself. It's dangerous territory. G'bye." That said, she hangs up.

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