2007-06-26: We Had A Few Things In Common


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Summary: Portia tells Jane a story, they discuss music and life, and the teen is introduced to Elle Bishop.

Date It Happened: June 26th, 2007

We Had A Few Things In Common

Starbucks, Lower Manhattan, NYC

It's near ten in the morning, and a nearby business is the destination. Jane Forrest emerges from a subway station and turns when she hits the street, her eyes settling on the Starbucks. Feet begin to take her there at an unhurried pace. Clad this day in a red t-shirt with Joan Jett's face on it and dark blue shorts over athletic shoes, she's got that nearly ever-present guitar case and backpack slung over her shoulders. It's a pleasant morning, soon to be even better with the having of coffee.

You'd think that a girl of fourteen wouldn't have had the time to develop a taste for coffee yet. However, most girls of fourteen didn't live in France for a year and have access to all those cute little cafes. Guitar on her back, Portia was heading to Starbucks on more of a whim, simply having spontaneously thought of the idea as she was headed off to go find a good spot to practice her guitar. While she was pretty sure her mother wasn't fond of the idea of her wandering in New York, she didn't want to impose on the Gomezes by staying with them /and/ playing music in their small abode.

Closer and closer she gets to her target, that place which serves such delightful liquid, until Jane is actually there and her hand is pulling the door open. In she goes, not yet spotting Portia, and heading toward the counter to place her order. Memories are brought up by this place, from when Elena worked here and of conversations had with other people. "Hey, Sam," she offers in greeting to the young woman behind the counter. "Vanilla mocha cappucino, please." A debit card is offered, and charged, then her cup is being filled.

Heading into the Starbucks, Portia moves to get in line to place an order. She's craving something a little sweet, and she's got a little cash, so she happily goes to make her order. "I'd like a grande Strawberries and Creme, please." She hands over the cash, then moves to go wait for her beverage when she notices Jane. "Hi!" She calls, cheerfully.

Her head moves when the voice behind her reaches ears, and finds the source. "Portia," Jane replies with a grin. A moment later, the grin turns into a more neutral expression. She looks around, almost as if to make sure there aren't trucks and Porsches about to crash through the walls and obliterate the place. A mild chiding follows. "You didn't guard my gear." Once her order is filled she waits for the younger musician to get her own.

Grabbing her cup once it's finished, Portia grins sheepishly. "Sorry.. got a little distracted. Something came up that I had to take care of. Trust me, I was there, could see your stuff just fine. No one messed with it."

Turning to find a table and occupy it, she replies "I didn't see you. Wild day, wasn't it?" One is spotted and Jane moves that way, setting down carried items on arrival. "It's not every day something like that happens."

"Yeah, it was pretty wild. And yeah.. I was just a little distance away. Like I said, needed to take care of something." Portia smiles weakly. She looks to Jane and moves to sit down with her. "Yeah.. crazy, isn't it, though?"

Her head tilts to one side for a moment as she mulls over what Portia claims, and thinks perhaps to comment further, but ultimately decides, no, the issue of her being told to stay put and moving is between the girl and Desiree. She won't involve herself. Instead she blows lightly across the mouth of her styrofoam cup to cool the liquid a bit. "You're out exploring New York solo today?"

"Yeah. I wanted to get out for a while. Find somewhere to practice, you know? Don't want to subject all of the Gomezes to my music when I don't know if they even like it. So I figured I need to find a new place to practice." Portia smiles, sipping from her straw.

"Is everyone getting along all right with the close quarters?" she asks, blowing on her cup a bit more. Jane's a careful one, not wanting to scald her mouth. "It seems like a college dorm life, with half the space." Finally she judges the beverage cool enough to try, and sips from it. Her eyes close. Ah, the joy of vanilla mocha cappucino. "What colleges are you thinking of?"

"So far it's been okay. I'm not sure what to think of Manuel yet though. He's kinda weird." Portia sips her drink, then seems thoughtful. "I'm not even sure. Whatever my parents can pay for, I guess. I don't even know what sort of college I want.."

"Or ones you can get scholarships for," Jane suggests. "I'm partial to Yale, of course," she adds with a grin. "It's got a great music school. But there are also the other Ivies, along with Juilliard." One hand dips into the backpack to search for something, the guitarist asking "Do you read music, Portia?"

"True.. but I don't know that I'm that good yet." Portia nods. "I learned a lot of useful things in Paris. That was one of them." She rubs her neck. "But music schools are expensive.. I don't know that I could land a scholarship."

"You also don't know that you can't," Jane asserts. "You're more than good. I've heard you." Her cup is lifted, tasted, and set down again. "It's all well and good to hit it big as a teen, be like Miley Cyrus, but you may find yourself taken more seriously if you focus on learning first. You'd never have the tag of former child artist attached, you know?" She watches the girl, wondering if she's making any sense or just sounding like any other older person. "The experiences gained give your music more life, and lessen the chance you get stuck being someone else's studio creation, playing only what you're told to play."

Portia nods, looking serious. Any advice she's given, she's taking it straight to heart and seriously /listening/. "Okay.. that makes sense. But I want to do stuff now. I already sort of got an offer of a place to play, too!"

"Oooh," she answers, with a grin spreading out. "Where is it? There's enthusiasm, Jane remembers the elation of her first running gig. "That's really great news, Portia."

"Well, I was talking to this guy I met before, and he thought his boss would be okay with me playing there." Portia grins broadly. "It's a bookstore.. Enlightenment Books. Heard of it?"

Has she heard of it? Yes, Miss Maddox. There's immediate recognition in her features, and the distant expression common to reminiscence in her eyes. Inwardly, also, is speculation. Of all the people she's met with abilities in this city, so many of them have ties to Cass and her bookstore. And it extends along a track. Nathan and Pete. Elena and Senor Gomez. Elle and her father with the golden touch. Now Desiree, and… her daughter finding that place. A guy. She's only aware of one man working there. Before emerging from these thoughts to speak again her eyes rest on the girl, perhaps betraying curiosity, and her cappucino is sipped from. "I know the place," she finally replies. "How'd you find it?"

"Well, I met this guy in a park. He was pretty nice to me and.. well, we had a few things in common. He turned out to work at the bookstore when I went in to look for a few books." Portia grins. "I played him some music in the park and he really liked it so he said it'd probably be okay if I played music there. I just have to talk with his boss."

There's a nod as she listens and an understanding, perhaps knowing, look to her face as the information is given. "Who's the guy?" Jane asks, "and what do you have in common, Portia?" A pause is taken to imbibe a bit more, before adding "There's a lot of things you could tell me I won't find shocking, and won't repeat to anyone else without permission or," she qualifies, "really good reason."

Both females, the twenty-something Jane and the mid-teens Portia, are seated at a table as they talk. Jane's backpack is by her feet, the almost always present guitar case leaning against the table. Her jPhone, should she look at it, would tell her it's about 10:15 am.

Elle comes into the coffee shop, yawning. Someone looks tired. The blonde starts up towards the counter, to put in her order; chai, tonight. She waits, looking rather like she could use the caffeine.

Portia laughs, sipping from her drink. "His name's Peter. He's a pretty nice guy." She pauses for a moment as Jane questions what they have in common and promptly mentions the fact that she isn't easily spooked about strange or shocking things. That causes Portia a little bit of discomfort, so she quickly lies. "Oh, what we have in common? Cats. We both like cats. We saw one in the park and just sort of ran into each other."

"Cats." Her head tilts. She doesn't fully catch the discomfort, but the mentioned animal doesn't quite fit with what Jane believes is true. There's a dog at the man's apartment, but no cats to her knowledge. Something of a smile forms, she having the advantage of knowing who the girl is talking about. "Peter. Is that his whole name, Portia?" Porrrrtia, what are you hiding?

Elle looks over, as she hears a familiar voice, and then spots Jane. She blinks, and then gets her chai. A thank you to the barista, and then she starts over towards the musician.

"Peter Petrelli." Portia replies, not quite aware of Elle walking up. "Yeah, we saw a cat." Who knows what she's trying to hide, but she eagerly starts sucking away at her drink. "Anyway, he said his boss might like it if I played music and said it'd probably be okay.

Her focus is on the conversation; she also doesn't register Elle's approach. "I know him," Jane states. "Good guy. Trustworthy." The word is spoken with a tone which suggests there's quite a bit she's trusted the man with. "What books were you looking for when you found the store?" Her eyes move away, the cappucino is lifted again.

Elle comes closer, and announces her arrival with a "Hey there, Jane. How's it going?" The short blonde is in her traditional fashionable+heels outfit.

It seems that Portia is quickly finding herself in a bit of a hole. She had thought Jane would question her on music, not on Peter and the books she had come out with. "Oh, I was just looking at some stuff. But all of the books were a little weird, so I didn't get anything." She lies again, sipping her drink a little faster now. She looks over to Elle, who seems to serve as a nice distraction, and offers a polite smile. She doesn't say anything.

Ah, the joys of inside information, being an Evolved type herself. Jane remains suspicious, but… Portia is in fact saved by the Elle, for now. She turns at the voice and greets with friendship. "Morning, Elle. It's a good one. We were talking about music. Portia plays and sings well. Portia," she introduces, "this is my roommate Elle. Elle, Portia."

Elle nods. "Oh, that's nice…" She looks to Portia, and then offers a wave to Portia. "Nice to meet you, too. Are you two busy, or do you mind another?"

"I don't mind." Portia smiles, sipping from her drink a little. "It's nice to meet you Elle. Do you play music too?"

"Plenty of room," Jane replies, moving her guitar case to not block a third chair at the table so she can sit. "Have a seat." The cup she has is picked up again, more vanilla mocha being drained from it.

Elle laughs. "No, I would probably abuse the instrument if I tried. But she has worked with me a little bit on singing." She sits down. "You're a musician too, then?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to make a career out of it." Portia insists, looking to Elle. "So did you guys go to college together or something?" She questions.

Her eyes rest on the girl's own guitar for a moment, a smile forming. "I believe you'll get there, Portia." How did she and Elle meet? Ah, yes, it seems the earlier cornering of Portia has shifted, and now Jane is in the corner. "No," she begins, "we ran into each other not long after I'd been really sick, she was with her boyfriend, and a few weeks later we met up again and started talking."

Elle nods in reply to what Jane said. "Yes. Just chance and circumstance, and then I needed a new place, so Jane offered to let me room with her. I don't have an artistic job." A wry grin.

Her eyes rest on the girl's own guitar for a moment, a smile forming. "I believe you'll get there, Portia." How did she and Elle meet? Ah, yes, it seems the earlier cornering of Portia has shifted, and now Jane is in the corner. "No," she begins, "we ran into each other not long after I'd been really sick, she was with her boyfriend, and a few weeks later we met up again and started talking."

Elle nods in reply to what Jane said. "Yes. Just chance and circumstance, and then I needed a new place, so Jane offered to let me room with her. I don't have an artistic job." A wry grin.

"That's cool." She looks back to Elle, then to Jane. "Well, that's kinda a shame. Artistic jobs are fun." Portia finishes off her drink. "So do you think I should try out for scholarships instead of trying to break into music right away?"

"I think," she answers, "you should get as good as you can. Study music. Play. Practice. Learn. If you do that, the rest takes care of itself. You'll have a better sense of who you are, and the style of music you want to create." Jane pauses. "Check out the stories of famous musicians and how they began. How the Beatles, for example, are legendary, along with the Stones, and Zeppelin, among others. Compare them with the careers of people who started out as teen acts, and where their lives headed."

"Okay." Portia smiles a little. "The Beatles are awesome. Too bad I'm from Mississippi and not at all British." She giggles. "I suppose I'll just try and play and just see how things go." She looks to Jane. "I'm surprised you haven't made it big time. You're pretty good.. and you're really impressive, too. The law degree and all that."

"I'm getting there," she answers with a chuckle. "I've only been living here in New York four months, after all, and already have a studio where I play sessions and a band pulling together material." Jane glances over to the blonde roommate as she wanders toward a door marked with an icon indicating what lies beyond is for female customers.

"Oh. Well, I guess that makes sense then. I bet you'll make it big, though." Portia insists, giving a bit of a nod. "I think I'm going to do some research about colleges now, too.. see what my options are. You know?"

The reply comes with a brisk nod. "You've got all of high school, of course. Lots of time to plan your path. " Jane's cup rises from the table again, guided to mouth by hand as a grin forms. "I've lots of dreams, and I see them happening." Then a playful gleam comes into her eyes. "When you were in Paris, did you ever take your guitar and just start playing near the Eiffel Tower, or the Arc De Triomphe?" Apparently she has a plan to do just that.

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