2010-04-04: We Have To Go Back



Date: April 4, 2010


Jack: We have to go back, Kate.

We have to go back!

"We Have to Go Back"

D.C. and Tracy's Safehouse

Instinctively, Tracy looks up at the sky now that they're outside. It's bright, blue. A beautiful day in the nation's capitol outside the congressional offices where she and Nathan left George. She still sticks close to Nathan, expecting the rush back to New Jersey soon — not here, in the open, certainly… "I have to say, that couldn't have gone better if he came up with the idea himself," she tells the Senator, turning to smile. "Good job."

There's something almost hopeful about a clear blue sky, but optimism is hard to cling to in such trying times. "I'm actually surprised it went so well," Nathan admits with a small smile of his own while tugging on the bottom of his jacket. "And thanks. Honestly, I don't think I could've done it without you." He presses his lips together with a quiet hmmm. "I guess we're onto the hard part now."

"No, the hard part's behind us. You made the decision. Now you're well on your way to where you belong — making a difference. All you have to do is wait…" After a glance around the area — the familiar architecture typical of D.C. everywhere, the open space sparser with people than it would normally be — Tracy steps in front of Nathan a moment. "And… hope that something worse doesn't happen before Dawson can get it together."

"They have people already," Nathan says quietly. "Dangerous people." His smile is gone and only strain and worry are reflected in his eyes, but he pushes confidence into them. One year ago, he couldn't have imagined ending up here. It almost feels like it never happened now. He reaches into his pocket and extracts his sunglasses, but doesn't put them on just yet. Instead, he stares at Tracy intently, "I don't know what will come of all of this, but I know we're playing with fire here. If things go…" his eyebrows furrow as he continues to look intently at Tracy "… poorly, people like us are going to rally. It's already started. There will be war. And we won't be able to do anything about it." He frowns before pulling the sunglasses over his eyes. It's concealment, really.

Tracy may not be able to see past the barrier of the sunglasses, but she stares intently at Nathan as if she can, meeting the strained gaze she knows is there. "There's always something we can do," she insists with stony determination, fighting against the notion of being helpless in any situation. She's been there and it she's no more at peace with it now. That said, the thought of all-out war seems to unnerve her and her resolute stare wavers for a second with worry. "We're not going to let that happen, Nathan."

"Being gathered and treated like animals is wearing on many. The tide is changing, and I'm trying desperately to stop it," Nathan observes quietly, his eyes still fixed on Tracy, even if they are hidden. "Just look at people like us. KeLyssa for one." His frown deepens. "She's different. I can't explain it, and it's not just the proposals, either." Finally he looks away, "When she didn't come to work in January, I visited her apartment. She had small ice statuettes in her freezer. And now? She's virtually lost her mind. And according to Baker they'd tracked her the other safehouse. She's not the same…" He shakes his head.

"But then are any of us?" he finally asks.

To that, Tracy answers with visceral honesty. "…No." Her lips press together. A concerned curiosity piques over the matter of KeLyssa. Ice? Her head tilts slightly to one side, her lips part again and she wonders about that girl, but wonder quickly turns into something more dire the more she thinks — and comes to a realization. Alarmed, concerned, Tracy says a curtailed "well— " under her breath. "We have to go back!" she says. "And Baker's— ? If KeLyssa was tracked to one safehouse already…"

Nathan nods a little. This is why Baker told anyone in the first place. "Agreed." He begins to move again, reaching for her hand as he glances around the street for an alley. They tend to be some of the best take-off points as they garner less attention, and by the time he's above the buildings, he's moving too quickly for anyone to really pay attention. Finally spying an alley, he pads towards it rather determinedly.

Holding on to Nathan's hand, Tracy moves with a similar quick-paced determination to the alley — between two undoubtedly important buildings. Between the walls, she looks around with keen eyes rather warily, behind them and beyond. She steps in close to the flying Senator, ready for takeoff, as it were, with her free hand coming to his shoulder. However— "You know, if it's easier for you to go alone, I … have other methods've travel…"

"Other methods?" Nathan quirks an eyebrow behind his sunglasses. And then he remembers the water incident with Tracy in his office. Although, this doesn't exactly explain how she can travel, it sheds some light. "It's not a big deal," he begins before he adds with a small smirk, "You're light." He wraps his arms around Tracy's waist. "Hold on…" And then he pauses, "Unless you'd rather travel a different way…"

Tracy allows herself to smirk, tempered by just the vaguest hint of something softer. Through a brief laugh under her breath, she says, "No." Her arm winds around Nathan's neck, the bright yellow of her sweater's sleeve at his neck as she prepares to hold on tight. "By all means."

"Hang on," Nathan warns again before the pair shoot up high above the buildings. In a way all of his recent flight time is making him better at his ability, an irony as it's something he never really let himself explore (not as himself, anyways) before this whole fugitive thing. The pair disappear into the sky…

…only to reappear some time later in the forested area near the safehouse where they both reside. Nathan lands softly on the ground, Tracy in tow before he releases her. His hair is once again windblown so he finds himself smoothing it down post-flight.

It's definitely faster than any method Tracy could have utilized. A series of fast blinking of mascara'd lashes is really the only evidence the woman shows this time around after they touch down; if she's disoriented from the flight, she does a good job of hiding it. She does take a moment to step back, though, and brushes a leaf off of her shoulder, giving Nathan, and the tree behind him, a skeptical look as if to say was that really necessary?

Through the trees, she can glimpse the back yard and the house beyond. A few of the residents, refugees, are gathered, talking amongst themselves out back. From here, all seems quiet, and as normal as it can be in the tough circumstance they've all found themselves in. Tracy's gaze past the foilage is thoughtful and takes a strangely regretful turn. "I can't tell them they have to leave," she says suddenly. Sincere as she sounds, part of it is a lie: it's not can't. It's doesn't want to. "…if I find out they're in danger again… because of KeLyssa… because Baker sent her here," she goes on with some anger. "It's not fair to them, Nathan. To have them run again…"

"I know," Nathan says quietly. Although what can be done at this point is unclear. "Maybe they haven't managed to track her here… if they haven't the safehouse is still safe," he suggests with a wrinkled brow as his attention is turned to the backyard of the safehouse. Although what's to be done with KeLyssa? "But even if they haven't tracked her here, if she's not careful, it's only a matter of time." He runs a hand through his hair.

Tracy runs a hand through her hair, too, a thoughtful gesture as much as it is an effort to smooth it down after the flight through the skies. Her eyes stay on the yard nearby. "I'll talk to her," she says, a frustrated edge to tired words. The thoughts are clearly churning, planning in her head before she moves on.

Before she heads back to the safe house, though, Tracy turns back to Nathan. She boldly brushes a kiss to his lips, looks at him — through those aviators — for a moment after, and then stalks out of the woods.

"Thanks," Nathan murmurs quietly. He reciprocates Tracy's bold kiss, and watches her begin to head back to the safehouse, hanging back for a few moments, contemplating everything. He sighs heavily, wholly unsure of everything at this moment. But then, when the world is hanging in the balance, is anything certain other than doom and gloom?

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