2007-03-09: We Need A Code


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Rose is traumatized for life.

Log Title We Need a Code

Winter's Apartment

At some point after the movie ended, Benjamin wound up sleeping there on the couch. With Angie. His arm had managed to find its way over the woman's shoulders and his head drooped towards her. The movie wasn't boring, far from it, he found himself quite liking the Matrix. He just.. got comfortable.

Angie made herself comfortable too, guiding Benji to the crook of her arm as he started to doze. Of course, she ended up falling asleep too, through no fault of the man's. Black-haired head laying against Benji's, she snores softly with her fingers curled around his shoulder.

Which is about when Rose arrives. The key in the lock isn't the loudest part of her entrance, mainly because she's doing her best to keep that particular action quiet. She hasn't even closed the door when her eyes fall upon Angie and Benjamin on the sofa. There she stands, one hand on the doorknob, the other holding the strap to her bag as she slides it off her shoulder. "What. the. HELL." Timed perfectly with that last word, she swings the door shut. Hard.

Benjamin bolts upright, taking Angie with him at the slamming of the door. Eyes fly open as he looks around, "Whazza.." His gaze goes straight to his daughter and he remembers oh yeah, he's got his arm around Angie. "Bat snot.. Uhm.. Hi.. Rose.. what time is it?" Way to play it casual old man.

Angie doesn't startle so easily. She stirs, sure, but mostly because Benjamin is moving around. Yawning, she says, "Morning." She doesn't go so far as to start trying to extract herself from the man's clutches, though. Stifling another yawn, she glances over her shoulder and smiles lazily at Rose. "Hi again."

Screwing her features into an expression of distaste, Rose turns away from the pair on the sofa with an obvious shudder, dropping her bag on the floor unceremoniously. "So not morning, that's what time it is," she says, shaking the snow out of her hair and sliding her coat down over her shoulders to toss over the back of a chair. "It's like four in the morning. Thanks for playin', though. Seriously, what the hell?" Before the pair can disentagle themselves, she sidles up to Benjamin and leans over him, smelling his hair. "I don't get it. What the hell cologne do you use?"

Deer. Headlights. Hello. That's about the expression Benjamin gives Rose. He blinks at his daughter and stammers for an answer. "I.. what? What does cologne have to do with it? I don't wear any." Then.. "Hey, if it's .. oh jeez, four in the morning, what are you doing just now coming home?" He never gives her grief about her schedule, mostly because he remains ignorant of it! He looks sidelong at Angie and with a faint look of apology, retracts his arm from around her.

Angie smiles at Benjamin, clearly trying desperately not to outwardly burst out in a laugh. She stands up to give her legs a stretch, which might not be the best thing to do. It gives Rose a better look at her clothes. A corset and a black skirt, actually. She looks about twenty years too young to be macking on Benjamin. "Don't try and put the concerned father act up after the fact, Benji. It just looks tacky. Remember what I said about being honest?" Looking between the two, arms crossed, she asks, "Anybody want some pumpkin pie?"

"Don't ask me that," Rose says with a snort of laughter. "You definitely don't wanna know." Glacing back to Angie, she gives her a full half minute of appraisial, like on the subway, as her eyes travel from the woman's hair to her clothes. And back again, actually. She doesn't look impressed. "Can we establish some kind of code or somethin' for the next time you're doing the booty call thing? 'Cause if I'd had to come in while you two were gettin' hot and heavy on the couch or something, I think I mighta lost my dinner over it, and that would so not be my fault."

Benjamin slinks down into his seat at the chastisement. He looks from Angie, oh jeez, he forgot what she was wearing, then he turns his head towards Rose. ".. I wasn't being dishonest or anything," he protests. "Sure, I'll take a slice." He chokes and just sputters at Rose, "This.. wasn't.. That wasn't what was going on! We were watching The.. what was the n.. oh yeah, Matrix." Sure they were huh? "And.. hey.. maybe I want to know."

Angie gives Rose an eyeroll before proceeding past her to the kitchen. "If this was a booty call, you'd have seen more than your father and I watching a movie. There would have been nakedness. And sweat. And orgasm faces burned into your retinas for the rest of your life." Helpful, she is.

"Thanks for the lesson, Ravenwing," Rose chirps back to Angie, both her expression and her tone indignant. "And the mental image." She shoves her hands into her pockets, looking back to Benjamin with a dubious gaze. Questioning him, almost. She doesn't even grace Angie with a response to the offer of pie. "Right. Okay. I used my fake ID to get into a bar with the TA from my theory class around eleven. Watched some old movies that were freakin' hilarious because we were high, fooled around, and then I left when he passed out. How much of that you wanna believe?"

Benjamin's eyes damn near bug out of his head as he whips around to stare after the woman, "ANGIE!" He's … horrified.. and the unbidden mental image of Angie that he gets? He'll keep that to himself. The heel of his hand is pressed hard against his forehead. "Rose.. you're right.. I really didn't want to know, but I don't know if you're just messing with me right now or if that's the truth."

"Angela Alvarez. I don't buy into the goth lifestyle, thanks. Just the clothes." Angie works on getting a piece of the leftover pie onto a plate for Benjamin, but does offer more commentary: "Rose, why don't you tell your father what you were doing at the Kirby Plaza building the other day?"

Her only response to Benjamin is a smirk. Guess he'll have to figure it out for himself, huh? "Yeah, like I've never heard /that/ before," Rose says with a scoff, waving a hand dismissively to Angie's remark. It's that final question that garners a strange look from the girl, and she tips her chin down, one eyebrow raising. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Benjamin takes the plate, only to set it back aside as he stares between Angie and Rose in puzzlement. He's not sure about what Kirby Plaza has to do with anything.

"I just think it would be spiffy keen if you, you know, were actually honest with your father about what you've been up to," is Angie's reply, returning to the room with a slice of pie on a plate. A scoop of vanilla is next to it. She hands it and a fork to Benjamin. "She was-" That's about when her cellphone goes off with: 'Oh, well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor and I can't help but to hear, no I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words…' Reaching into a pocket of the coat she left on the couch, she comes up with the sleek little phone and flips it open, reading a text message she's been sent.

Very little of what Angie is saying is making any sense whatsoever to Rose. She stares at the woman, notably perplexed, and doesn't quite formulate a proper response before Angie's phone rings. Glancing to Benjamin, she holds both hands out, shrugging in obvious confusion and helplessness. "No idea, man. Not a clue."

Benjamin turns his gaze onto Rose, even as the plate has ice cream added to it, it's ignored. There's skepticism in his expression. Naturally, he's going to trust Rose's word over Angie's. Which is weird, but, bloodties. "What's Angie talking about, Rose?" He frowns, at Angie, and then in puzzlement as his daughter professes ignorance on the topic. "Look, we don't have to talk about this now. Rose doesn't know what you mean."

Angie smirks and nods, half-distracted by her cell phone message. The plate is set down on the nearest end table and she gathers up her coat, "Look. I'm going to let you guys get to bed. It's late." Specifically to Benjamin, she says, "It's work calling. I have to run, but don't be shy about calling me, alright?" She dips low, giving the man a good cleavage shot, right before she frenches him. It's a short frenching, but a frenching nonetheless. Straightening up, she slings her coat on and starts for the door.

And that? That's right about when Rose makes an obvious gagging sound, turning away from the pair abruptly. "Gross," she says, in true childish form, waving a hand as if it might help her forget what she's just witnessed. "Disgusting. I'm serious, man, we need a code. I should so not have to see this." She doesn't even offer Benjamin so much as a 'goodnight' as she heads down the hallway towards her room.

Angie's tactic works. The man hasn't seen breasts in .. well since the last time his ex-wife let him see hers. It's been awhile. Benjamin is definitely distracted and there's no resistance put up. Yow. Uhm. Sorry for the trauma Rose. He turns bright red as his only child gives the natural response to parental 'activities'. "Sorry.. good night Rose.. sleep well.."

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