2007-03-25: We Need A Plan


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Summary: Peter and Elle decide that to save the world… they really need a plan. A lot of people might not like their plan.

Date It Happened: March 25, 2007

We Need a Plan

Petrelli Mansion

Early morning in the Petrelli house. The coffee hasn't even begun brewing. Peter's sound asleep in the Guest bed that's been claimed as his own. The morning after their date, and it'd be reasonable to sleep in. That isn't so much the case, though. The last few weeks have been rather pleasant for him, sleep wise. Little tossing or turning, no major evidence of bad dreams. Until tonight. It'd been bound to catch up with him eventually, considering what he's been through. With a start, he wakes up, sitting up in the bed, looking rather startled and wide eyed in the dark room.

Contrary to most mornings, Elle is up before Peter. Curled up in a robe, she sits facing the window and looks out of it, watching the world waking up. As she stares outside with blue eyes, she toys with the locket at her neck. In her other hand is her cell phone which is currently snapped closed and inactive.

It takes a few moments, but Peter catches sight of the young woman sitting in front of the window. "Elle…" he says in a surprised tone, breathing unsteady, before he starts to settle up into a full sitting position. "You're up early… Everything okay?" Like he's not the one having bad dreams.

Elle lifts her head over the level of the back of the chair and looks to Peter, expression mostly hidden, before she settles back into the chair. "I was just thinking about last night." She's silent for a few more moments before she explains: "It's a happy memory, you know? I haven't had a lot of those in my life. First date. First boyfriend." Tapping the cellphone on the armrest agitatedly, she adds, "I want more like it. I want to go to an amusement park so you can win me some obscenely oversized plush animal. I want to go to the ocean and swim in it. I want… more."

"Elle…" Peter repeats her name, sounding touched by what she's said. Pushing his legs off the bed, he's wearing a loose pair of shorts already as he moves closer. Any agitation from his dream, has faded, as if seeing her had been enough. Could have been… he's just used to waking up before her. "We can do all that. I can take you ice skating— or all kinds of things. There's nothing really limiting us…" Well, there are limits, but really… "Except— maybe the end of the world." That's added on as a joke, even with a hint of a smirk as he moves up beside her chair, reaching to brush hair out of her face.

"There's more than that," the blonde says, turning her head when Peter nears. "There's a lot going on all at once, you know. Sylar… he's out there. And we're trying to protect all these people from him… and, oh, all of New York from some imminent apocalypses. You and I have some pretty awesome power at our disposal, but I don't think it's enough. People are trying to work together but there's no sort of central leadership… That's one thing the Company at least has. They work together, you know? They're better equipped to fight a war than we are. We're struggling just to fight battles."

The optimism fades out as realism starts to set in. Peter sights for a moment, glancing out the window, before he has to nod, taking slow breaths. The longer he talks, the more awake he sounds. "The Company has more resources, better equipt… they also know what they're doing more than— than I do." He'd been going to say we, but she used to be with them. She understands things better already. She knows Kung Fu. "Noah already rejoined the Company to protect Claire. If he thought their resources would protect her better, he'd probably move her back there, with conditions that they can't treat her as they did before. What are you suggesting?"

"I don't know exactly," Elle says, running a hand through her hair and then tucking some stray locks behind one ear. "You know that you can't trust them… at least not all of them. They weren't being honest with you… or for that matter, me. And I'm sure you don't like their methods, either. But I'll tell you one thing I do know about the man who runs it, my father. He may not be an exceptionally kind man and I'm sure he had a hand in some sort of Company torture testing on me, but his end game is always what is best for mankind and that means saving people." She leans forward in her seat, "I could talk to him… maybe we could come to some sort of agreement with them and with some of the people we've been working with independently. Work together to stop what might happen."

At the mention of /her/ being tortured, Peter flinches visibly, but doesn't particularly look surprised. Hand settling on hers, reaching to hold it, he listens to what she has to say. "We'd have to set terms. Erasing people's memories, torturing them, holding them prisoner when they're not dangerous to themselves, or others— threatening people they care about so they'll agree to it— it's not right." Moving so that he's clasping more than just her fingertips, he actually gets down on his knees beside the chair, so he's below her eye level and looking up at her. "If you're going to talk to him— I want to be there with you. At least for part of it. I want to know what we're agreeing with— especially if we're going to bring anyone else in on this." He seems rather quick to accept this idea, doesn't he?

Elle nods to Peter, noting the flinch, but not commenting on it. Better to leave certain sleeping dogs lie. "Both sides will probably have terms. We both have a lot to offer in terms of brute power, but we're not exactly irreplaceable in the eyes of the Company. They have a lot of resources." She decides to clarify: "If they really wanted all of us, they'd have us by now. The most likely reason they haven't is because we've been lying low. So you have to understand, they're going to want things from us, too. That's the way it's going to have to work if it its going to at all."

Closing his eyes, Peter leans forward and rests his head against the arm of the chair, "You're his daughter. How could you not be irreplaceable?" That almost seems to disturb him, especially… A pause, then he adds, "There's certain things I won't agree to. I think you know that." What they are— he doesn't need to list them off, and they might change depending on what they're asked, even. Looking back up, he inhales slowly, "Just— promise me you'll let me be part of these negotiations."

"We'll go together," Elle says and bends down to kiss Peter on his temple. And then a little humor to defuse the seriousness of the discussion: "I have to bring the boyfriend home for a dinner with the family at some point, right?"

Reaching up to touch her face, Peter pushes up enough to return the kiss, this time on her lips. That touch seemed to do quite a bit to smooth the seriousness down quite a bit. "Yeah— you do. Even if you said your dad hates me. And who can blame him. I knocked you out and kidnapped you." If she's going to be humored, he can return it, with a hint of a smirk tugging on one side of his lips.

"I can tell its going to be fun having you two in a room together," Elle quips before kissing Peter, pressing her lips to his. "In the meantime," she says around the kiss, pushing to her feet, "You smell. Take a bath and get dressed, ya bum. We've got places to go and people to see, right?" Pulling away from the kiss, she says, "Chip chop chip, Petrelli."

"I don't smell," Peter responds, though he stands about the same time she does, straighting up to stand on his feet. Despite the correction, and lingering of his hands, he lets them drop and moves towards the bathroom, taking a mild detour to grab some newly washed clothes. "I won't be too long," he adds, giving her that hint of a smile before he closes the door.

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