2007-03-02: We're Dorks


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T.C. takes Claudine out to breakfast and the pair decide to have a da..erm..dinner, later on.

Date It Happened: March 2nd, 2007

We're Dorks

Columbia Campus and then a Crepe Place

It's bright and early Sunday morning when a knock sounds on Claudine's door, a brisk staccato as T.C.'s knuckles rap against it. Outside the door, the boy looks somewhat more presentable than his norm — his hair is brushed neatly rather than its usual scruffy mess, and his polo shirt is hardly wrinkled at all! There's a cardboard tray in one hand, with two large cups of coffee perched in the holders, and he rubs sleep from his eyes with the other fist once he's done knocking.

"Coming!" yells a voice from the other side of the door as well, she just got in from her shower from her early morning workout. So, she's scrambling to finish putting on her applebottom jeans when she opens the door. Her eyes open wide as she's dressed in a simple but snug fitting t-shirt, pink in color as she says, "Oh, hey! What are you doing here?" Her gaze moves to the coffee and her cheeks flush a slight tinge of red before giving him a hug with a gentle squeeze. "Just happen to be in the neighborhood?" she asks with a coy grin before motioning forhim to come on in.

"I — no," T.C. says with a slight blush of his own at the hug; one arm lifts to return it tentatively. "I brought coffee." He lifts the carrying-tray in indication. "I — I just wanted to see how you were doing. Have you had breakfast yet?"

"I'm doing okay. Slept a lot better though.." Claudine admits ruefully as she smiles warmly and shakes her head. "Nope..just came back from my morning workout. I need to run each day or I just feel all bleh.." she says while motioning for him to come in. "But,if you're asking me to have breakfast with you, I'd be honored.." winking before she reaches out to ruffle his hair playfully.

T.C. comes into the room, lingering near the doorway. He plucks one of the cups of coffee from its holder and offers it out to Claudine. "I ran. Once," he says with a wry twist of a smile. "They made us do a timed mile in high school." His cheeks flush deeper. "And I — yeah. I mean. Breakfast. If you want. To come eat! I — I wanted to — to make sure you were still sticking to that not getting shot plan."

"Trust me, if there's a way I can guarantee that I'm on the 'not getting shot' plan, I'd stick to it." Claudine says with a soft chuckle of amusement as she grabs a sweatshirt and her navypeacoat just in case they're going outside. "And of course I'd love to come join you for breakfast, I'm rather hungry afterall. So..where to?" she asks before bowing her head at the coffee so she can take a sip.

"Well, hopefully I'll be able to help you out with that plan at least 'till breakfast's done," T.C. replies with a hint of laughter in his tone. "There's a little place not far away that makes really awesome crepes. Um. If you — like crepes. I mean, I guess they make awesome crepes even if you /don't/ like them, but then we'd have to pick somewhere different —" He breaks off, somewhat flustered, and grins shyly. "You know what I mean."

"Awww, my hero! And yes, I know what you mean.." Claudine says as she finishes putting on her coat before hooking her arm with his. She gives him another gentle squeeze as she nods, "Crepes sound good, they're like really thin pancakes right? 'Cept they're typically filled with stuff like fruit or something savory like chicken?" With that she takes another look around her room to make sure everything's settled and she pats down her pocket so she has her keys and wallet. "I'm ready, so shall we?"

"Mmhmm. They fill them with all kinds of things." T.C. waits till Claudine's made sure she's ready before he starts leading her back towards the exit. "I'm terrible and put — like — chocolate in mine, but it's so tasty. — I don't think anyone's ever called me a hero before," he adds, musingly, and then laughs. "'course, you should hold off on calling me that till we're actually /in/ trouble. I have no idea what I'd /do/ if that happened. Recite the periodic table of elements at them?"

"It might make them fall asleep.." Claudine quips with an impish little giggle before she wets her lips at the thought of chocolate. "Mmm, maybe they have that nutella stuff, it's kinda French, right? And crepes are French.." she says with another shrug of her shoulders as she just lets him lead towards the restaurant. "And hey, you stayed up with me and walked me home. Nothing happened..maybe you're a deterrent.." she says with a sage nod.

"They totally have it. It's really good with strawberries or bananas. Or both!" T.C. shivers slightly once they're out of the dorm building and into the street, his head bowing against the brisk winter chill; his steps speed up just slightly as they head down the sidewalk. "It's probably my really intimidating bulk that warns people away," the scrawny rail-thin teenager adds, his serious expression belied by the laughter dancing in his eyes.

"Of course, I mean if I were a sixfoot thug, I'd totally be scared of you, I mean, seriously, your brain is HUUUUGE." Claudine quips as she squeezes his arm once more, giving him a coy little wink. As they walk, she leans against him while squinting her eyes as the chilly breeze blows on by. "And sweet! I love nutella! It's sort of one of my weaknesses..I remember my mom shouting at me when I'd just eat it out of the jar with a spoon.." she says giggling once more.

"It's true, I'm pretty terrifying." T.C. puffs his chest out and puts on his most menacing scowl.* It doesn't last, though, dissolving quickly into laughter. "My ma always hated it when I did that /too/. My pa forgave me, though, cuz he'd sneakily do the same thing. I used to have it in sandwiches all the time for school." The walk to the cozy little cafe is not long; it is only a couple blocks before T.C. is holding the store's door open for Claudine.
*not menacing at all

She watches, definitely amused by the attempt at a menacing scowl and she just shakes her head when all she can say is, "Cute..very cute.." It's then that they reach the store's entrance and Claudine bows her head before stepping in, "What a gentleman.." she says with a toothy grin as the smells of deliciousness start to overwhelm her. "Mmm, I definitely think I'm getting nutella with..strawberries and bananas.." she says while peering up at the menu.

"I'm from Texas," T.C. reminds with a blush. "It's like — /law/ down there. Manners, I mean. Not — uh — being — really ineffective at being threatening. I think /that's/ illegal." He follows her inside, relaxing once the door shuts on the cold weather. Inside, the cafe is warm and full of the scents of cooking and the sounds of the other patrons; a low buzz of relaxed conversation, quiet clinks of utensils against plates. "Berries and cream for me," T.C. decides, scouting the room for an empty table even as he approaches the counter to order. Luckily, it is early enough that the place is only yet half-full.

"Aaaah, and I thought Texas just had horses.." Claudine quips teasingly as she follows him, sighing contentedly at the smells of the place. Once at the counter, she starts to reach into her pocket to pull out her wallet. She cant assume that he's going to pay afterall, right?

T.C. grins, and shakes his head slightly. "Horses and guns. We're all cowboys, you know. Real manly men there." He waves away her wallet as he sees her take it out, offering an awkward and uncertain — "I — I got it, it's okay." His own wallet is empty of cash, but he pays with debit card.

"You.." and then she just shrugs it off. Claudine isnt the type to insist when he was morethan willing to afterall. "Just lemme pay next time, kay?" she says while her lips curl into a wry grin at the comment about Texas having real manly men. "And of course, they have food down there thatwill put hair on your chest..or so I've heard. Sort of makesme afraid to have some real, authentic Texas chili.." she says with a laugh.

"Okay," T.C. agrees, though he looks more than a bit surprised at the 'next time'. "Next time. — and I'd offer to make you some sometime, but I don't think anyone would want to eat anything I cooked." He moves towards an empty table, pulling out a chair for Claudine first. "But, man. If I'd known all this time it was the chili that'd make me into a Real Man, I would've been wolfing more of that stuff down."

"So you cook huh? You are a man of many surprises.." Claudine says with another girlish giggle of glee as she ooohs once the chair is pulled out for her. "Wow..I am impressed.." she says, not really use tothis kind of treatment before letting out a hearty laugh. "How about this..before you cook for me, why dont you let me cook for you. Ever have Filipino food before?" she asks curiously.

"Badly," T.C. amends sheepishly as he moves to take the seat across from her. "I cook /badly/. But I order takeout like a pro. — And no. I don't think I ever have. You cook?" He lifts his still-warm cup of coffee to take a sip.

"Of course I do, it's a necessity that one learns how to cook in the Philippines, especially if you're a girl.." Claudine says matter of factly while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "Drop by the dorm's kitchen sometime and I'll make you some..or,if I screw up, I'll go order some Filipino food instead so you can still try it.." she says with another soft chuckle as she starts to dig into her crepe.

"That — that'd be nice. I mean if it wouldn't be trouble. I mean I'd like to try —" T.C. falters and looks abruptly down to his food. "How's your — breakfast?"

"Great! It's a date then!" Claudine chirps brightly until she realized she just said the 'd-word' and her cheeks flush brightly. "Or um..rather, you know, it's dinner.." she says while shuffling her feet for a few moments. "And um..it's really good.." she says sheepishly in the end, as her gaze remains focused on the crepe with a glance every now and then up towards T.C.

T.C.'s eyes open wide, cheeks flushing deep crimson again as his head jerks up suddenly, looking back at Claudine. "Oh — oh. It's — I didn't mean — it's not — I mean, not that I wouldn't — you're very — I —" He bows his head again. "Dinner," he finishes meekly. "Right."

"It's a 'not date' then, just dinner.." Claudine says softly once more as she starts trailing her fork over the leftover nutella, just making little designs here and there. "So um..yeah.." her cheeks still bright red as she chews on her bottom lip.

"Yeah," T.C. agrees, cringing slightly. He lapses into embarassed silence as he stares down at his plate, unconsciously mimicking Claudine's actions; his fork swirls absent patterns into his whipped cream.

"You okay?" she asks curiously,looking up from her plate once more, now that she's finished it all. "I mean, I didnt..ya know..I didnt want to assume,and well..um..I..I'm sorry..if I made you feel uncomfortable.." she whispers softly before looking down at her plate once more.

"I'm okay!" T.C. replies swiftly. "Sorry. I'm — yeah. No. I mean yeah. I mean I'm — good. Great. Wonderful!" He picks up his coffee and gulps it down too-quickly, eyes watering as some of it goes down wrong and sends him into a small coughing fit.

Claudine winces a little feeling a bit bad so she cants her head to the side while peering at him curiously once more. "You sure?" she asks, just wanting to make sure and whatnot.

"Mmhmm!" T.C. rubs at his eyes and then looks up to flash a watery-eyed grin across the table at Claudine. "Sorry. I need to not drink so fast. Uhm. When do you want to — do — dinner?"

Claudine lets out an amused chuckle escape from her lips as she leans forward and hrmms. "I dunno, when are you free? I'm pretty much down for whenever ya know. I mean, all we do is study, right?"

T.C. gnaws at his lower lip, and he actually pulls his gloves on before slipping his cellphone out of his pocket — a slim Blackberry that he fiddles with a moment before looking up. "Uh — It looks like — Well, Mondays are bad but Tues — no, Wednes — no, wait, I have —" He frowns at the screen. He glances up at Claudine. He presses a couple more buttons. "Okay. Tuesday, after all?" he suggests sheepishly. "I — have a ton of classes," he explains.

Claudine simply watches for a few moments as she watches him get all techno-geeky with his fancy little Blackberry. She giggles every now and then as he continues to say days he cant, but when he finally gives an answer, she nods and says, "All right. It's a nondate then. And I can sympathize, I have a bunch of classes too..I'm in a couple of yours, remember?"

T.C. nods with a lopsided smile. "Just — y'know. In case you had the misconception that I've got a whole /horde/ of pretty girls asking me to — dinner." He taps another button, and the screen dims before he puts it away. "Just had to clarify. Dorky, not popular."

"Hey..Bill Gates..that's all I have to say about that.." Claudine chirps brightly while waggling her brows as she looks down at her plate once more, chewing onher bottom lip a bit. "And nothing's wrong with dorky..we're all dorks.."

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