2007-05-29: We're Getting Nowhere Here


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Summary: Elle makes contact with Jane, who comes to a realization and takes action.

Date It Happened: May 29th, 2007

We're Getting Nowhere Here

Forrest - Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

Ring. Ring.

It's been two days and change since she and Elle last spoke, and Jane is in her bed. The apartment is a bit messy, she's left things laying around unlike herself since that time, being busy with time spent at the hospital in addition to normal activities. Instead of placing her Fender Strat back on the stands when she came home the night before, she took it into the bedroom and laid it on the floor. The television is also on, currently showing some early morning informercial because she fell asleep watching it. And at just after four a. m., her phone rings. The woman stirs a bit, and on the second ring registers what the sound is. Groggily, she reaches for the device, not finding and lifting the receiver successfully until the third ring. "H - hello?" she says. Through the phone, there may be the faint sounds of some man and woman extolling the virtues of an exercise tool.

Elle isn't on her usual line, so the number's probably an unknown. And there's actually a decently-long pause after the line is picked up. Finally after a long moment there's a familiar voice on the other end of the line. "Hey."

The fog is clearing from her brain as the moments pass, Jane listens through the silence before the voice is heard. When it comes, her own is a blend of happiness and concern in the reply. "Elle?" she asks, "is that you? I'm so glad, so relieved to hear from you." Mostly awake now, she fumbles around on the bed for the remote and presses the mute button. Infomercial man and woman are instantly silenced.

The blonde's voice returns. "Yes…it's me. How are you?" There's some concern there. Yes, she used taser modulating, but still, she feels the need to ask. Plus, it saves her from answering the very same question.

"I'm good," Jane replies quietly. There's no trace of anger in her voice, no suggestion the way Elle left, making her unconscious, is an issue between them. "Better, for hearing from you."

Another awkward silence. "I didn't…really have anything to say. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Really, I'm not even sure why I called." Yes she is. She wanted to hear her friend. But she won't say that.

"I miss having you here, Elle," Jane replies in a solemn voice. It's been so quiet. Ate some ice cream earlier, watched a DVD, but… it was just me." She pauses, a quiet moment passes before she adds "I hope you're okay too, and happy. You deserve to be happy."

She's not. She's miserable, to be honest. And she's rather surprised at the first part. "I was just in the way anyway, Jane. You don't need someone taking up your space."

"I don't see you as in the way," Jane answers. "You're always welcome here. This is your home, if you want it to be."

There's another long quiet. Mostly because Elle is trying to keep her voice controlled. "Besides. This way you can focus more on your music, and I can focus on my work." Cause she's so focused now, y0.

"You don't distract from that. You never did." Jane's words are spoken in that same solemn tone.

Elle snaps a little bit. "Dammit, Jane, this is hard enough without you making it harder!" She's frustrated. This was a lot easier when people used to hate her. "I'm unstable, I'm -dangerous-. I'm not the kind of person you want around."

Her own voice changes, becoming less soft, but no less sincere. "Maybe it's hard, because this isn't what you really want, Elle. I respect your choices, they're yours to make, but I won't pretend to agree with them when I don't."

Elle replies "And what happens one of these nights when I decide I'm too bored and it would be a lot more fun to hear someone screaming than watch the TV?" She demands. Dangerous. Sociopath. Says so right on her file.

"It would hurt a lot, maybe even kill me, but no one lives forever, Elle. I don't believe you'd do that to me, anyway. Besides," Jane adds, trying to perhaps lighten things with a little humor, "you'd not hear me scream. No one hears me scream anymore. They just know it happened by the shattered glass."

Briefly, her mind goes off on what an interesting challenge that would be. Get an audible scream out of the woman who doesn't. She tries to banish the thought. "I'd do that to you, Jane. I think you think I'm a lot nicer than I really am."

"I believe you value me as a friend, and would stop yourself, despite the temptations that might come. You called me, to talk, at four a. m. That says something. You can try to convince yourself otherwise, but I don't think it'll work."

Elle protests, automatically. "I was just making sure that you were okay. That you didn't hit your head or anything when you fell."

This could go on and on, Jane thinks to herself, while listening to the phone. And it's four in the flipping morning, at that. She thinks back over conversations they've had, and finds herself back in the kitchen, after Candice and her ability were mentioned, she'd suggested using an illusion to draw Sylar out, and Elle had snapped. The wall got scorched, angry words were spoken. She'd shown calm, and that only… made her angrier. A decision is made. Her vocal tone changes, exasperation entering into it. "We're getting nowhere here, and I want to sleep. This is your home if you want it to be, and I think you do. I'm not going to try forcing you to stay like the Company does. I'm not going to steal away memories when I see you being happy. But I'm not going to stay awake all morning listening to you go on and on about how better off I'll be with you gone. I don't believe that. Neither do you. Want to talk? Come home. We'll talk. You've still got your key. But don't wake me up again before ten." And what comes next? Silence. She hangs up.

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