2007-05-21: Weathered Conspiracies


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Summary: Ryan's effort to track down Dr. Suresh pay off.

Date It Happened: May 21st, 2007

Log Title Weathered Conspiracies

Waldorf Hotel

It took a little longer than usual for Mohinder to collect his messages from the apartment. His schedule has been more hectic than usual, as he still isn't staying at home, not with Sylar still out there. So having found the message from one Ryan Cochrane waiting for him, the geneticist had returned the call and is now on his way into the Waldorf to meet with the man. (Not alone of course, there is that ever present agent on his tail for security purposes.) Upon approaching Mr. Cochrane's door, he knocks, the security detail just a few steps away.

Ryan is sitting behing the desk in the hotel room, going over information packets from Columbia and NYU and absently watching TV when the knock occurs. He turns off the TV as he passes on his way to the door and peers through the peep-hole. Not recognizing the man standing there, he checks the door latch (this is New York, after all), and opens the door. "Yes?"

"Ryan Cochrane? My name is Mohinder Suresh. I got your message, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you," greets the young looking Indian man. The non-descript agent behind him does not offer introductions, his identity is of no consequence and the man remains silent.

Ryan looks a bit relieved and smiles a bit. "It's okay. I'm just glad that you came. Here, hang on a second…" He closes the door to undo the security latch, than opens it back up. He notices the man standing behind Mohinder and pauses. "Ummm….is he with you?"

Mohinder smiles in return at Ryan and nods. The man behind him doesn't get another look. "Yes. I apologize, his presence is an unfortunate necessity these days." The man does scream security or government spook. "Please, try and not feel nervous, he is here for security only."

Ryan nods a bit, still nervous. "Umm…well okay. Come on in…." He stands aside from the door to let Mohinder and he guard in. "Umm…I'm guessing that he knows about…"

Mohinder doesn't blame Ryan at all for the case of nerves. "Thank you, and yes, he does, and he will be very discreet I assure you." The geneticist enters the modest room (by Waldorf standards), as he does, the guard stands just inside the door and to the side. "I hope that I didn't keep you waiting long, my apologies. I have not been able to stay at my own apartment as of late."

Ryan closes the door after the men enter. "It's alright. I told my dad that I was flying out here to check into transfering to Columbia or NYU, so I had to do some research and bring back some literature." He sits on the edge of the bed and thinks for a bit before continuing. "So…I guess my first question is, is your father's theory right?"

Mohinder remains standing, and clasps his hands behind his back. He looks around the room briefly before settling his gaze on Ryan. "Columbia is an excellent school. I know a few of the students that attend there. Which, I should apologize to as my lecture date keeps getting rescheduled." At the question of his father's theory, the man smiles. It's wide and enthusiastic, showing little sign of fading as he answers, "My father was right."

Ryan smiles back. "Wow. That's….it's really a relief to hear that. I mean, I've just been wondering if I really can do this or if I've just…convinced myself that it's real." He starts to get more excited talking. "How many others are there? Does your guard mean that the government knows? SOrry…I've just got so many questions."

Mohinder laughs a little at Ryan's excitement. It is on the infectious side. "The questions are normal, and quite healthy. To answer your first, we have no real number of evolved in the world, just as the list of abilities is incomplete. As for the government, they might be aware, but we are not involved with the authorities." Switching tracks a little, the scientist regards Ryan curiously, "What makes you believe that you have an ability? Tell me about it, please."

Ryan nods and settles down for a bit. "Yeah…I should probably get to that. Well, I grew up in California, had a pretty good life, except, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it after high school. My dad's a pretty rich and influential lawyer in San Francisco, and he got me into Stanford. BUt, like I said, I really didn't know what I wanted to do, I just just floated from major to major for a while. And 6 years of tuition there isn't exactly cheap, you know? So, back in the ned of December, my dad is less than thrilled with my academic perfomance and we got into a yelling match. I'd been having headaches for a while and it was just getitng worse with the argument. There was a big wind storm outside, and I rememberthat it got stronger the angrier I got. Then, it felt like something popped inside my head, there was this huge bang and some shattered glass, and I wen unconscious."

Mohinder pulls out a notepad and pencil and starts jotting things down as Ryan speaks. He does not interrupt, letting Ryan tell his story. This is where most people would try to reassure Ryan that it could be pure coincidence, but not Mohinder. "What you say is similar to what I have heard from others. Some abilities when they manifest are triggered by strong bursts of emotion. Others lie mostly dormant, giving the person no realization of what they possess. Essentially it differs between each person and power. What had happened that night?" The geneticist has a few guesses, but he'd like to hear it from Ryan.

Ryan listens to Mohinder before continuing. "Well, I wok up in the hospital with a bad bump on my head. My mom said that lightning had struck and wrecked my bedroom wall and that the wind had blown of a tree branch that hit me in the head. The wierd thing is that….I felt like I had some kind of connection to the storm. Like my anger was fueling it. Anyways, I was taking a class in genetics and had choosen to do a report on your father's book." He looks a bit sheepish. "No offence, but I kinda choose it because it seemed like an easy 'A'. You know, crazy theories out of comic books, pop science. But I started reading it seriously after that. And I started to practice a bit. After a while I could move clouds and change the wind. I could even make some ground fog. But I didn't get too deep into it. I figured, if I really could control the weather, the last thing I should do is seriously screw around with it. I mean, what if I made a huricane or created a heat wave? So, I mainly did research on your father and on meteorology, trying to figure things out. After I read about your father's murder, I kinda lost hope at finding answers to my questions. But then I read about some of your leactures and that you were continuing his work. So, I convinced my dad that I was getting serious about pre-med and that maybe away from home I could buckle down more. It got me a trip out here once finals were done, anyways. So after a few days of trying to find your apartment, I left the note."

"No offense taken. I myself have been on the receiving end of those who doubt. It comes with the territory you could say." Yes, it does rankle a little when there are those who can deny the facts there in their faces. It makes Mohinder's job a little harder, but when there are those who believe, and people he can help, it's worth it. Hmm.. second weather manipulator that he is aware of. As he ponders that over, he speaks up. "There are a few facilities at my disposal where we can run some non-invasive tests on you. With your consent of course. It is a correct presumption that a hurricane or heat wave is a possibility. This is why the study of abilities and the person wielding them is important. With more knowledge, we can help you gain control, to help circumvent any accidents."

Ryan nods. "Yeah. That's why I came out here. I want to learn how to control this. And to learn more about what happening to me and others. I mean, I don't want to put on spandex and fight crime or anythign like that. I just want a regular life and maybe help out when I can. I mean, look at the damage from Katrina. If someone had my powers then, the impact could have been lessened, maybe. I'm not talking about making the huricane disapear completely; I mean, nature has to take it's course, right? But if it could have been more controlled, you know what I'm saying?"

Mohinder doesn't laugh about the spandex or fighting crime. He doesn't know of anyone who does that. It's just silly! "I understand completely. Almost everyone that I have spoken with who has an ability, they want just that. As normal a life as possible. Control won't be learned over night. It takes time, patience and practice. The facility that I am associated with, there is a specialized staff of others like yourself and doctors that can help you."

Ryan nods, thinking for a bit. "Okay. Then what's the next step? What do you need for me to do?"

"I won't need you to do anything that you aren't ready to do." Mohinder seems patient with this, but he also realizes Ryan could be similar to a ticking time bomb. A business card is produced, it's for a private hospital facility nearby. "You can call and make an appointment, or simply walk-in, when you're ready. As I said, non-invasive tests. No different than any yearly physical, to establish baseline health information. There will also be a controlled environment where your abilities can be tested."

Ryan nods as he takes the business card. "Okay. THanks. I'll be flying back home this weekend, so at least I have a couple days to figure out an excuse to get back out here for the summer." He looks thoughtful. "A medical facility, huh? Maybe I could tell my dad that I looked into summer internships to boost up my extra-curriculars…"

Mohinder chuckles some. "The tests won't take very long at all. It can be done on an outpatient basis in fact. It can mean one or two very grueling days once we get to testing abilities. But it won't be as if you'll check in for the summer."

Ryan smiles, "Well yeah, I know the tests won't take long. But what aobut the training? I mean, I doubt that's something that I can run out and buy the Cliff notes for."

"No, not as such. We can do the initial testing, with that will be some exercises for control. Just to get you started." Mohinder explains this patiently, but something is warning him about caution inside. Ryan has questions, and is naturally eager.. "Full control comes with time and practice."

Ryan nods. "Yeah, that's what I thought. I don't want to rush things and create a potential mess down the road. I kow that what I can do has the potential to be increadibly destructive, and that's the last thing I want." He thinks for a bit before continuing. "Do you know of anyone else with my kind of ability?"

"It is good that you are aware of the negative aspects." Again, Mohinder feels a little ill at ease. Perhaps it's the frequent and unwanted contact he's had with Sylar.. not every person who is aware of the destructive potential of their abilities is like that murdering madman. "I know of at least one other." Who has gone missing, but he'll not relay that information. "Should we expect to see you this week?"

Ryan nods and smiles. "Yeah, how about if I come by tomorrow? I would kinda like to do some sightseeing while I'm here."

"Understandable, one cannot visit New York and not sight see." Mohinder takes a step back for the door, "Then I shall let the staff at the hospital know they can expect you tomorrow. I will do my best to be present."

Ryan smiles and stands up, exending his hand. "Thanks, Dr. Suresh."

Mohinder shakes Ryan's hand and smiles some. "You're quite welcome. I'm glad that you came forward. There are so many that are scared to do that."

Ryan nods and looks at the security man. "Yeah. I mean, I can understand both sides, I guess. But I figure that if it's all a big conspiracy, you'd already have rounded me up and taken me away in a black helecopter, or something like that."

"I don't think we have a black helicoptor. If we do, no one's told me yet." Mohinder does not confirm nor deny the rounding up. It's a process he doesn't agree with in most cases. Not unless there is concrete evidence that it is necessary. "Realizing that you are different, with a special talent, it can be frightening." He has seen many reactions in people in just the past few months alone. "Enjoy your sightseeing, I'm partial to the museums myself." For which he's thankful that Molly has an eager and hungry mind for learning. "I shall hopefully see you before you go back to California." Another smile is given before he turns to head out the door, security on his heels.

Ryan nods and shows them to the door. "I'll be in tomorrow morning. And thank you."

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