2010-01-09: Weaving of Webs



Date: January 9th, 2009


Direction is given and made between the Company Founder and the illusionist.

"Weaving of Webs

New York

She's been a busy little bee, has Candice Wilmer. Multiple plans, all in the works. But she needs intel, and she also needs to back things up thanks to Nathan Petrelli's stubbornness. So she takes out the number given to her by the Company matriarch, and lets her fingers do the walking. It's time to consult with Angela Petrelli.

The woman known as Angela Petrelli hasn't been seen nor heard from by most in many a day, after the meeting with Bennet at Coney Island a mysterious disappearance thereafter; more than a week is a lengthy span of time when one is a fugitive. Dangerous times. When her phone rings, it's not from some shady bunker or dark hideaway (nor is it Fiji) — it's a lovely living room. Rich, and familiar, but not the Petrelli's. "Yes?" she says into the generic black cell phone, moving to a doorway. Sliding doors, into the cold.

The voice on the other end of the line is her Candice voice. "Ma'am." One of the only people on the planet who could actually get a title of respect out of her. "I need to talk to you about a few things. Is this line secure?" She trusts Angela to know whether or not her lines have been tapped. It's Angela.

As the glass doors open to the winter, Angela plucks a coat from a hook on the wall. She starts to slide into it, as she listens. It's heavy, and fur, borrowed, temporary. She shrugs against the weight of it, settling it on her shoulders and narrows her eyes into the yard, past a swimming pool sealed away forlornly for the season. "For now. Yes." And for now, so her current refuge seems to be also.

Candice speaks. "I told you when we talked last time that I can't do this in a vacuum. I need information. And I'm only one woman. I've established contact with Nathan. "Masumi" from "Chimera" is proporting to help him in his project, and I led him to believe that you were on affable terms with the higher-ups of that little made-up organization. He's going to call you to verify my bona-fides. I'll need you to confirm it so he trusts me. I'm sure my talent can be useful to his project, but he's got to trust me enough to let me in, and that's where you come in." There's a pause, and she continues. "You claim both your sons are working the angle. I want contact information for Peter." In many ways Candice is a smaller version of Angela…both tend to sit at the center of a spiderweb of manipulation and intrigues.

"I see." Candice gets the benefit of ignorance from the displeased expression on the older woman's face. "Well, I'm afraid, by doing that, you may have missed your chance if you wanted Nathan to trust you," Angela goes on. "Had you let me take care of it first rather than pulling something out of your magic bag of tricks, he might've. To be ahead of the game, you have to know the players and the rules." She knows her own son, how he thinks. "I'll speak with him. I'll mend it. As for Peter, yes, but I don't see the point."

Candice replies "I don't need him to trust me." she says, her voice dry. "I need him to think he can trust me. Or that he can use me. Either one works. He doesn't have to like me or trust me to work with me…for the moment we have the same goals. And this way gives you a layer of "plausible deniability" in case the situation gets tight on you. This isn't exactly my first rodeo." A pause, then she adds "And things like this are exactly why I said that we need to communicate. If I'd been able to reach you before now, I wouldn't have had to wing it. The Company had handlers for a reason. But…thank you." See, she can be gracious. Really.

"And Peter's going to work this from a different angle than Nathan. Nathan's political. He'll fight them with intrigue, manipulation, backroom politics. Peter's…much more direct. He always has been. Nathan's going to need me because of my talent. He isn't going to need me to teach him how to be devious." A wry grin, as she adds "He already had a good teacher for that. The reverse is true for Peter. The last thing he needs is another power…" Especially hers. "But he needs someone who needs how to be sneaky, someone who knows how to be…pragmatic." Someone like Angela. Or Candice. "You, he'd resent the interference. Me…well, he won't like it, necessarily. But I'm not his mother. And I can play nice when I have to."

"Peter isn't a leader," Angela says in a reminding tone, as if Candice may have forgotten or didnt realize this trait in the first place. "He's not a soldier either. If you help Nathan, you help Peter." That's enough. "You've been around the block, but I can see why you worked better under strict orders." There is a pause, albeit a brief one. "I am sorry," she starts out, slightly insincere even though she speaks the truth; a feat, that. "I was unreachable, but the game changed slightly and I had to make sure it was safe. Speaking of. There's something else you can do in the vein of playing nice."

"Peter may not be a leader or a soldier. But he's going to try to be. You know that. At absolute worst, I can help keep him from screwing anything up. At best…well, he's got a lot of power. He might be the ace in the hole." She doesn't make comment for better or worse to the comment about orders, because honestly, she IS an operative and she knows that. "I recognize you aren't going to be there 24/7. That's why I need your help to get my foundations set up so I'm not hamstrung when you're not. That's all I'm asking." The last sentence Angela gives, of course, is an order, even if it's not couched as such. "What do you need?"

Angela says nothing more on the subject of Peter. No confirming, no agreeing, no denying. "Palisades Boarding School," she delves in. "It's basically the last facility the Company has held onto. It's separate enough that the government hasn't caught on to its association. It needs to be watched more than it currently is, what with… our agents so scattered, and with your particular skills…" she trails off. "It also happens to be where the young girl who made the news is staying, so I don't think I have to tell you how important it is that it stays an unknown."

There's a hesitation. The last time Candice agreed to babysitting duties, she got smacked in the face by a superstrong blonde. "The Palisades are a pretty long drive from the city. Be hard to do that, and focus on the AP issue. How much surveillance do you want on this? I mean, sure, I can drive up once, twice a week and check it out…but I can't fulltime it, and work the AP angle, and work with Nathan. I'm an illusionist, not a replicator."

"Not twenty-four-seven, it just helps to have an extra eye from time to time. Passaic is only forty minutes by train. The teacher is a moron. Smart, good with the kids, but incorrigible." In the cold yard, Angela slowly turns to face the doors she slipped out. "You want in, you'll take what jobs you can get. I'll make sure Nathan has a use for you."

The words grate, just a bit, but she's not going to argue with Angela. "I'll check in; see what the situation is. Put a few toys in place so I can keep ears and eyes from range now and again. I'll call you when I know more." But she hasn't missed the earlier silence. "Peter's number?" There's something to her tone that hints she's been pushed as far as she'll be pushed…it's the tone she had the other night in the restaurant, the "I'm not sure I trust you 100% anymore" tone.

A quiet, rigid little sigh can be heard from Angela's end of the phone. It expresses, in even less words, "and I'm not sure I can trust you either". While the sound is hardly conceding, nor is the voice that follows, she does answer. Appropriately. "Fine. Give me a moment…" She slips inside the house, giving an assuring smile to someone just out of sight as she moves through the house. Finally, she comes upon a closet and from that, a coat, and from that, a pocket, and from that— you get the idea. "He can decide for himself. Play nice," she says and announces a phone number.

With the number, and a new assignment, and Angela handling her bona fides with Nathan, Candice has accomplished her goals, even if she had to choke on some of her pride to do it. But it's what was said about her before…she always gets the job done. "I'll be nice as can be. Talk to you when I know more about Palisades." And with that, she'll end the call.

Another strand in the web. Only question is, which spider's spinning?

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