2007-08-11: DF: Weight of the World


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Summary: Feels like the weight of the world. Like all my screaming has gone unheard. And, oh, I know you don't believe in me. Safe in the dark, how can you see?

Dark Future Date: August 11, 2009

Weight of the World

Marriott Marquis

In a setting identical to the one where President Petrelli stood only days earlier and spoke - minus a Presidential Seal or two - Kate Petrelli stands at a podium. Her blonde hair is held back on her left side and, conspicuously to anyone familiar with the woman, both arms are covered by long sleeves - a fashionable and form-fitting top lined horizontally in black and white, not unlike prison stripes. She smiles a closed-lipped smile to the press and their cameras.

"Thank you all for coming. For those of you who don't already know me, my name is Kaydence Lee Petrelli, and I am married to Peter Petrelli." The woman at the podium pauses in order to take a deep breath. All traces of her previous smile have vanished. "You're already aware of the tragedy that occurred on the fourth of this month, but that is only half of why I am standing here before you."

"Since he took office, I have been in support of my brother-in-law, President Petrelli. I have told you all how thrilled I am to see his efforts to unite the people of this country, Evolved or otherwise. My position has not changed. A house divided cannot stand, and our country - my people - are a house divided. We have to come together to fix these tragedies and to create a better world."

"As you know, my husband has been accused of causing the crash that killed three-hundred-sixteen people. I can tell you now that, regardless of who perpetrated this attack, no lives should have been lost. The facts are these: someone tore apart the tracks along the Acela Express Amtrak line. But more importantly, there was not supposed to be a train on that line at the time of the attack. A terrorist meaning to cause damage of this nature and of this level would surely have struck during a time where they had confirmation that they would have a target like that train car. I encourage you all to question why there was a train running on that line when there should have been nothing. Someone, perhaps a rival cell, but someone knew about the plans to destroy the stretch of track, and made sure that there would be more destruction than intended by whoever coordinated this attack. We, the Evolved, are a people divided."

"As I said earlier, the events of the fourth are only half of the reason I am here. I once told my dear brother, we are on the edge of something great. The world need not be afraid of us. Not as a whole. There will always be monsters in society. Of every race, colour, and creed. Black, white, Human or Evolved, there will always be those among us who would seek to destroy and strike fear and terror in the hearts of those around them. There are such terrorists in our great States, there is no denying this fact. But the real monster is still among us."

There's a pause. Perhaps it's for dramatic effect, or perhaps Kate is just waiting to see if the plug is about to be pulled on her conference. She take a quick glance around and coughs demurely into the back of her hand to clear her throat before continuing.

"The Evolved killer known as-" Kate stops short and shakes her head. "Gabriel Gray was not killed as we all believed. He is alive and he has killed again. He will continue to kill unless we stop him. I speak to every single person in this country when I beg you not to take matters into your own hands. That man is dangerous and without rules. If you see him, contact Homeland Security immediately."

The woman behind the podium has a look on her pale face somewhat akin to a deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming Mack truck. "Gabriel Gray is the stuff of my nightmares, ladies and gentlemen." She forces a brief smile, nervous and shaky. "And I'm married to this country's most wanted terrorist, if you believe the rumours." The rattled attempt at humour falls flat, much as she expected. "I will not be taking questions at this time. The evidence I have gathered will be turned over to Homeland Security. In light of the recent tragedies that have ravaged this country - this world - do not lose hope."

"I promise you all, the dawn is coming. Thank you for listening." The blonde turns away from podium and strides away quickly, flanked by a man some may recognise as Cyprus Donovan.

And he didn't stop a single second of it. If one were to judge by the look on his face, however, he had no reason to. For someone who walked into potentially dangerous situation, everything seems to have paid off. He looks positively triumphant. "Right this way, Mrs. Petrelli," he insists, as a pair of agents take up a stride to flank the pair of them. "You have done your country a true service today." Not that she needs that kind of encouragement, but it seems that Cyprus can almost barely contain it.

Kate's expression is somber. What she delivered today was not happy news, and Cyprus Donovan needs to stop looking like a cat who's just gotten a bowl of cream. "Ditch the guard detail. We need to talk." She glances over first one shoulder and then the other at the agents in suits. You'd think she'd be used to it by now. But they have ears, whether they're sworn to secrecy or not.

"After revealing that Gabriel Gray was alive, Mrs. Petrelli, I would think you should be at least concerned about your safety," Cyprus questions. Still, he waves the guards back as they reach one of the briefing rooms. He opens the door, and waits for Kate to walk through before closing it behind them. The guards will be waiting outside the door, it would seem. But at least its private.

"He's been alive this whole time. If he was going to kill me, he would have done it by now." Or so Kate would like to believe. It's a hollow sort of comfort. Once the briefing room is shut off, the blonde plants her palms on the table and levels her gaze at Cyprus. "I've given you a far better target now. You tell Logan to focus on Gray and to leave Peter be. You and I both know that killing three-hundred-some-odd people is not my husband's style." If she notices her slip up where she would have normally plugged in 'Mister President,' she doesn't show it in her face. Fatigue must be getting to her.

Cyprus focuses on Kate for a long moment, and blinks once. "You're serious," he comments, looking actually a little bit surprised. "Gabriel Gray… Sylar… He really is alive." He lets his gaze trail off, and shakes his head slowly. "Amazing." He takes a deep breath. "How did you find out?"

Kate physically flinches at the emphasised name. All this time, and she still cannot speak it herself. "He murdered a friend of mine. I had the vision of it." She withholds certain details, a good detective until the end. The less details you release to the public, the more you have to trap people with later when they know more than what was told.

Shaking his head slowly, Cyprus seems to mull the matter over. He steps deeper into the conference room. and seems lost entirely in his own thoughts. After a minute, he finally pulls himself free of them. "We'll have to begin organizing immediately," he says. "We still have some of the old artist renditions. And we'll find him." With that, he glances towards Kate. "Though, we may need your husband, after all. He may be the only one who can actually stop him. Provided, of course, you believe your husband is capable of that."

"Capable and willing," Kate confirms. She takes a seat and rests her arms on the table with a quiet sigh. "Doesn't mean he'll work with you people. It just means that he's working to achieve the same ends."

"They may not have a choice but to work together," says Cyprus simply. "Unless your husband has the means of finding Sy… Mr. Gray, he may be stuck flying around searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack." Murderous, power-stealing needle, but still a needle. "We have an entire force of skilled and intelligent investigators. If anyone can find him, it will be us. But I highly doubt our ability to stop him when we do."

"I'll talk to Peter. See what he wants to do." Kate's head comes to settle against her arms, exhausted. "He's not about to let Gray run around free." Especially not since he scares her so very much. "And calling him Mister Gray is giving him far too much respect. And using that chosen name of his only gives him power he doesn't deserve."

"Once you have come to a decision, you have my number," says Cyprus evenly. He watches Kate for a long moment, then smiles. There is nothing warm there. "When you are ready to return to your home, call in the agents. It has been a pleasure, Mrs. Petrelli." He begins to move towards the door, and pauses a moment. His voice is much quieter, and much more subdued than normal. Almost considerate. "And… thank you. For doing the right thing." And with that, he's reaching for the door handle.

For someone who's just done the right thing, Kate feels miserable for it. She watches Cyprus move for the door with raised brows and a forlorn expression. "I'll contact you when I hear what he would like to do," she affirms. With a heavy sigh, she shuts her eyes and silently begs for the world to disappear for just a few moments. The world isn't listening.

And with that, Cyprus steps through the door, closing it behind him.

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