West Rosen
West Rosen
Portrayed By Nicholas D'Agosto
Gender Male
Date of Birth
Age 19
Zodiac Sign
Aliases Fly Boy, Peter Pan, Mini Nathan, Model Airplane
Place of Birth St. Louis, MO, USA
Last Knowen Location Somewhere above Oregan headed toward Costa Verde
Occupation Ex College Stundent(On the run)
Known Relatives Mother Father
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Flight
First Appearance The One That Got Away

A self proclaimed alien West isn’t afraid to break some rules to follow his own path. Just more or less going through the motions of school this fly boy has just graduated Costa Verde High. He is living with his parents and doing the College thing while he attempts to sort out who he is and where he should go in life. Why does it always seem that everyone else was born with a road map to who they want to be?


West was born in St. Louis, Missouri where he lived and went to school till one day on his way to school a man with horn rimmed glasses stepped out from behind a bush and called the twelve year olds name. The next thing West remembers he was back in his room and an entire day of memory was gone. All he could remember was a man calling his name.

He later noticed a scare on his neck. Suddenly junior high didn't seem as scary anymore. It was a souvenir of the day he can't remember. Soon after the family moved to Costa Verde where West's powers began to manifest. The boy spent the next six years using his ability in secret to go on joy rides. If he was angry or needed time to think things through he would fly away to a secluded location and watch the full moon or the beauty of an ocean. The boy began exploring the world after school each day. He'd say he was out studying with friends when in Reality he'd be flying over the golden gate bridge or the Hollywood sign.

It was an invigorating experience and the boy soon grew to love and cherish his power. As he got into high school West joined various clubs like Beta, the debate team, and Chess club. He was a smart enough kid and being the 'Alien' he was liked to show off his skills. The boy wasn't without his problems though. He lived in constant fear that someone would discover him, that his power would get him locked up, or that the man with the horn rimmed glasses would come for him again. West also had a harder time making friends now. He had to keep such a big secret from them. Not trusting someone isn't the best way to start a friend ship. Around the age of seventeen West began just going through the motions of school. He felt like it was pretty pointless over all, the same old same old every day, and nothing was changing. Pretty soon he'd have to think about college and what he wanted to do with his life. The boy felt he was meant for so much more.

He had this ability, so why not use it to help people? It was an idle thought. One West had thought many times but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to reveal his power. He was just too scared of what the consequences would be. The now adult West is set to go off to college this August. He told his parents that he would be attending the local college in Costa Verde but in reality he is going to a four year college in Oregon using his ability of flight as transportation. Trying to find his place in life West goes on doing what is expected of people his age.


Flight: the ability to defy gravity in order to propel oneself through the air. West’s body projects an electromagnetic aura around him which allows him to repel himself against the Earth’s own magnetic field. Basically putting his body in a weightless state that allows him to defy the Earth’s gravity. West’s ability also gives him the ability to withstand extreme wind pressures (so one isn't disoriented or deprived of normal breathing capacity by them) along with immunity to vertigo. He has been able to go up to a height of 30,000 feet or more for at least short periods without serious discomfort. He would get cold at these heights though. He can carry someone with him but for how long depends on how much the person weighs.

He could carry small children and average sized full grown woman almost effortlessly by holding them in his arms. Carrying a full grown man is harder and would tire him out in just a few minutes. Anyone heaver than your average full grown man and he could no longer carry them. The person would have to rid piggy back and even then West would tire out quickly and not be able to fly very high. He doesn’t have super strength after all.


  • Notable IC events.


  • "So what are you?"– West must know, Alien? Robot?


  • Was a member of a debate club back in Costa Verde High School in California.
  • Costa Verde's ZIP code is 90734 as shown on West’s license.(Okay it was really shown on Lyle’s but hey, West’s license would have to have it too.)
  • Self proclaimed Alien
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