2010-05-05: Wet Adventures (The Amazon)



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Date: May 5, 2010


Day One in The Amazon: Mark tries to explain to Yossarian that he not only doesn't swing that way, but the meerkat just isn't his type.

"Wet Adventures"

Tropical Manaus Resort - Brazil

It was a long flight with a crappy inflight movie about a talking puppy and kitten, the taxi driver didn't speak a lick of English, but SOMEHOW they all made it to their temporary lodging in one piece. Tempers might have been a touch frayed though and Mark was hoping that none of his team mates would get a bout of PMS in the middle of rainforest… He didn't think he'd survive it.

Can't blame the guy, he was surrounded by women.

They had sometime before their trek into Amazon, so Mark splurged a bit on their accommodations… Okay so it wasn't all that expensive from an American point of view. The large resort had a lot too do. The rooms were all placed next too or across from each other, so everyone was within reach of everyone else. There was plenty of food — Cody probably was all over that — and a huge pool for relaxing and enjoying what was left of the warm weather — except for when it was raining, like now.

All of them checked in, Mark hasn't explored the place yet. Instead, he stands outside the front entrance of the Lobby, staring across the street at the thick foliage of the Amazon rain forest that surrounds the 'Tropical Resort' Hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans, the explorers face is thoughtful, as the sound of pouring rain surrounds him, the scent of ozone filling his nose. They haven't even really even step into the jungle and wildlife can be seen in the form of colorful macaws with their rainbow of feathers making a racket and flitting from tree to tree.

Eyes narrow behind his glasses and lips press firmly together. It is always this way for him at the beginning of an expedition. The wonder of what is within the leafy world outside and the excitement of the unknown.

Rain or shine, it's hot and there's a pool. Cody's in it. Regardless of the strange looks she's getting, the blonde has made her way downstairs in nothing but a bathing suit with a towel wrapped around her torso to spare everyone the exhibit that is her scarred body. They're war wounds and she's proud of each and ever one of them.

Taking her place at the end of the high diving board there's the yell of "CANNONBALL!!" followed by the giant splat of her body as she lands face first in a belly flop. She didn't tuck and it stings. After getting used to that little bout of pain, she slowly swims to the edge, prepared to attempt the feat again. She never was the best at diving but she's determined to get better in the few days they have at the resort. She's being spoiled and she likes it.

For the purposes of this trip, Yossarian is an exotic cat.

True to her word, she somehow managed to sneak Yossarian through the airport security with no problems whatsoever, and now he's here in the Amazon, in this awesome luxury hotel, sitting on Dee's shoulder and dreaming about all the creepy-crawlies he might find around here.

"She's a li'l crazy, aye?" Dee asks, approaching Mark and gesturing in Cody's general direction. Little meerkat paws reach across the void between their shoulders; Yossarian tries to claim Mark as a look-out post.

Dee can hear the chatter of the Macaws; it's a little different here than it is back home. It's easy for her to understand, but these animals see people differently. It might take time for them to come to trust her, but she's already well on her way. Smiling at the expedition's leader, she heads out into the rain, and Yossarian's desperate grab for Mark's shoulder ends in sorrow. It's not long before he is quite unhappily drenched.

The amusement is plain on his features as the meerkat seems ready to try and perch on the tall man's shoulders, Mark eyes it and then it's companion. When Cody is pointed out, Marks head swivels that direction and blinks, brows lifting further above the rims of his glasses. "Aye…" He murmurs in agreement, to Dee as she walks away, his eyes on Cody for a much longer moment.

Course, then he realizes he's the only one not in the rain. Glancing up, beyond his shelter, Mark looks a touch uncertain. With a sigh he pulls off his glasses and folds them. "Might as well get use to it." He murmurs before stepping out into the insane downpour.

The large drops of rain sting a little themselves when they hit bare skin, but Cody simply ignores it as she climbs up to the high board again. This time when she shouts her warning to the water below, she does tuck and makes a rather impressive splash that is only clouded by the sheer amount of rain that makes it almost impossible to see.

When she finally emerges from the water again, she smiles as she spies Mark's form stepping into the downpour after Dee and her cat thing. Pulling herself out of the water, she walks over to the little fence separating the two of them and calls out into the downpour, "Hey! If you're going to get wet, you might as well enjoy yourself. Why not come for a swim?"

"Mm. B'cause ya told me to pack light, so I didnae bring a suit," Dee says, though there's a hint of a smile on her face. Like that really matters anyway, now that they're all completely soaked. "'sides, I always liked running thru' the sprink'ler better when I was a kid, n' I think th'rain's pretty close to that." She looks up, and Yossarian takes the opportunity to hide under her hair. On the other side of the fence, Dee leans roughly next to where Cody's at.

"Nooo… no no." Mark says waving his hands in front of him. "I'm crazy, but not that crazy." A soft rumbling rolls across the sky in the distance. "Haven't you heard about how you don't swim during a storm?" Let's forget that Mark is standing out in the open, though the building circle around them, trees throughout the courtyard.

"It's going to be likes this most of the trip I think… We'll have to watch it when we are crossing rivers." Mark comments blandly, rivulets of rain water rolling down his face. His hand smooths his hair back with fingers, the water making it slick. "With hope we'll be in the jeeps most of the time."

"You're also not supposed to walk in front of a bullet too, but I remember someone clearly breaking that rule." Cody says quiet cheerfully as she leans against the fence. Turning her head to look at Dee, she grins at the meerkat and tilts her head. "How the heck did you get him across the border? I hope you had the right paperwork!" It's all said with a rather good natured grin, she's on holiday and she's not letting anything spoil it right now.

Looking out into the rain forest, she glances at Mark before squinting against the rain and shrugging somewhat. "Well the jeeps'll only help us so far, won't they? I mean, we've got the rubber boats for something."

Dee actually feels like she's at home with these people, and she doesn't even know them yet. They've been through stuff. They'd probably understand her own story, if she ever decided to tell it. While there's something to be said for having a best friend as a shoulder to cry on, there's something different about comradrie. It's nice.

"'e followed me home. And ev'rywhere else," Dee says with a shrug. Yossarian tries to climb over onto Cody's head, hoping it is, by some chance, dryer over there.

"Didn't 'ave jeeps in Africa. If I wanted t'get somewhere, it was zebraback or nothin'." It sounds like she's joking, but she's not. She's really not. "'ard t'saddle those bastards, though," is added as a somewhat introspective afterthought, before raising her voice to say, "Don't think there's any zebras in the Amazon, though."

"They will get us pretty far actually." Mark comments lightly, watching the meerkat with fascination. "There are roads to the lumber camp… muddy roads, but roads. And the way they have been modified will help them keep running when we go across shallow rivers… I have never seen one up close before."

Yes, Mark just spun out on the discussion and dropped off a cliff onto another train of thought. He actually reaches out with a finger to touch touch the tip of the tail, while it's distracted with Cody's head. "I mean I saw them at a distance with binoculars."

Cody doesn't actually fight it when the meerkat leaps onto her head and begins scrambling around. Though the thought of letting it all fall out had occured to her, it might give the critter a reason to panick and that might result in a very injured scalp in the middle of the rain forest. Not a good thing to have. Instead she just holds very, very still.

"I think I saw one of these things on a television show, actually." She's been watching a lot of television lately, she blames that on her room mates. Mostly the baby one that seems to know how to turn a television on all by himself. As the meerkat tries to make itself comfortable on her head, the blonde has a little moment where she's actually thinking about what it would taste like with a nice garlic sauce but that's put right out again. "Uhm.. does it always crawl on heads?"

Well, at least there's a way there. Dee's kind of hoping they'll see a whole lot of wildlife. She'd like to make friends with some of the local fauna.

Yossarian doesn't seem much inclined to injure Cody at all. For one, he lacks the sharp claws necessary to scratch. Though he does pick up a mouthful of blonde hair in his teeth and tries to see if it's edible. He's much more used to brunettes.

Dee's momentary confusion is replaced with a smile as Mark reaches out to touch Yossarian's tail. Cody's question is answered as the meerkat turns around, uses Dee's shoulder as a stepping stone, and puts his paws all over Mark's face, if allowed. "Yeah— " Dee starts. And then, Yossarian tries to work his nose under the man's shirt collar. AH! Perhaps an escape from the rain! If he's not caught, he will definitely disappear in just a couple seconds.

Dee chuckles. "He does that, too."

"Well.. TV yeah, but it is never the same." Mark says quietly, brows dropping thoughtfully. When his face is pawed, it takes everything for Mark not to flinch away, never know what he's had those paws into!"He he starts singing Hakua Matata, I'm runn —- eeeah!" As the meerkat sticks his wet cold head down his collar. Hands encompass the meerkat's lower half, before he completely disappears.

"Okay… his fur is wet and nose is cold… Hey… don't put that nose there." Never mind Mark is wet too, never the less, his grip is gentle as he leans towards Dee so that she can help with extraction. "He's cute… but he has to buy me a lobster dinner before I let him get to second base."

When Yoassarian leaps over to Mark, Cody's relief is evident. She relaxes and folds her arms over the fence, leaning heavily against it. Then dinner is mentioned and her stomach growls, audible even over the rain. "Mmm you know, I could probably go for some sea spider right now." Yes, Cody tells it exactly like it is… Sea spider. That's all lobsters and crabs really are to her.

"If he's buying the lobster dinners I'm going to shower and dry off before hitting the dining room." She grins over at Mark and gives him a wink as he tries to get help with the meerkat extraction. "Meet you guys in the dining room in a bit?"

"Ah— yeh, Yossarrian." She could just order him to back his little meerkat butt up and get back on her shoulder, but she doesn't, because it's not fair to him. She doesn't really like to interfere with their free will. So she'll do this the hard way, reaching over to help pull the meerkat out of Mark's clothing before it's too late. "He just likes new people. And bein' dry, hah!"

Lobster dinner does sound rather good, actually. Lobsters are one of those creatures that just don't say much, which means eating them doesn't make her feel horrendously guilty afterward. "Shower? Jes' go getcher soap an' shower out'ere. Save the water." After Yossarian is safely back on her shoulder, she reaches to give Mark a pat on the arm, if allowed. "Thanks fer the dinner, mate," she says, before turning to Cody. "Shall we, then?"

"Sea Spider? That's about right." Mark says sounds rather relieved as the Meerkat is extracted from his shirt. "I hear they evolved long the same family tree as cockroaches." He points out helpfully, as he tugs his shirt straight, eyeing the meerkat. "Dr. Ray told me that."

Reaching out he scratches the top of the critters head with the tip of his fingers, "Sorry little guy. No hard feelings I hope?" He glances at both girls. "You both go get dry.. I need some dry clothes and I'll meet you at the Karu Grill. I hear the food is decent. All local exotic dishes and regional foods. I want to enjoy tonight, cause tomorrow I go meet our guide… Or that's when I was told to show up… he — sounded kind of out of it."

If there's one thing that Cody doesn't need, it's a second invitation when food's on the line. "Alright, I'm going to grab a quick shower then and make a quick phone call and meet you down there." Then she ducks back behind the gate and pads back to the pool. Her towel is of course sopping from the rain, but she wrings it out anyway and tries to tie it around her waist. It doesn't actually work.

So, slinging it over her shoulder, she walks into the main lobby and parades through. The looks she gets for being so brazen are completely ignored. Heck, it's Brazil, they probably have naked people walking around every once in a while.

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