2010-05-11: What Family Is For





Date: May 11, 2010


After the events of Crazy-Crazy, Kitty brings Harley back to the manor for answers. She doesn't get enough of them, but she gets enough to blow her mind.

Previously on Heroes Mush…

Kitty's eyes widen but she still rushes outside and crouches down as she opens fire on the van, trying to hit the person in the driver's seat. "Robin, duck!" as she says this, another figure enters the scene. Harley.


Dressed as nice and fancy as always, the lapels of his grey suit swing around him as he runs sideways coming towards Kitty but firing a gun the whole time. "Kitty." He says through his teeth as he crouches down with her. But the doors are closed, as the men jump in and begin to drive off. "Fuck!" Kitty says loudly and stops firing.


"Come on.. we need to get out of here." Harley says softly and he goes into the coffee shop and grabs Robin by the arm. "To our car!" he yells and then Kitty quickly catches up and opens the car door. "Are we following him?" she asks as she slides in and turns the Mustang on. "No.." he says, "That comes later." Before Kitty or Robin can ask a question, he raises his hand. "No questions, just drive. I'll explain in a bit." As Kitty drives off.

"What Family Is For"

Hanner Manor- Study

As the door to the study closes, Kitty turns around and looks at the man in front of her. “Look.. why did you tell Robin to go away?” she crosses her arms and taps her foot against her desk in the room. Hair flowing down past her shoulders, the young CEO is glaring at Harley.

The man in question is beginning to pull out a cigarette and light it when he sees Kitty’s expression on her face. If Suzie Q was on her.. “Look,” he says and then he’s looking around the room. As if he doesn’t trust his surroundings.

“I know this is confusing and all and it’s gonna be hard to hear what I have to tell you.. but you have to trust me.” He says and he’s placing his hands in his pockets, leaning against a bookcase. Hair falling in his eyes, he blows it out of his face. “That man.. his name is Roberto Harlin. He’s very dangerous.”

“Okay, dangerous but why does he-.” Before Kitty can finish her sentence Harley holds his hand up. “He’s not just dangerous to the whole city. He’s especially dangerous to you and your family.” He says the last bit with a sigh, walking over to the window to look out over the ground of Hanner Manor.

“He has this.. //ability,” at the mention of ability, Kitty raises her eyebrows. “He can control people’s minds. You need to be careful Kitty, all of you.” The young man stares at Kitty straight in the eye and then he’s walking over to the desk and bending down to write something on a piece of paper.

“You.. how do you know all of this?” Kit asks with a tilt of her head, brown eyes studying the man in a suit in front of him. She wonders on whether or not she should call Fox and Robin inside, it seems like Harley is going to explain everything after all.

“I work for someone.. someone that knows about all of this. About you, Fox, Robin, Lyndon.. all of them. There are thirteen of you out there. There are five of the Hanner children in New York City right now, five that have been brought together.”

13.. What the hell..? “I.. thirteen?” her jaw drops. Bobby Hanner has been busy that’s for sure. Kitty settles down in the armchair by the door and looks at Harley as he leaves the paper he was writing on and walks around the desk to regard Kitty with a amused look.

“Come on, you know he was a man-whore.” He being, her father. “Besides..” he looks away. “Four of them are dead. Maybe five but we can’t be sure.” He says the last bit as if he knew the people. As if he cares.

“Five.. plus four..” Kitty looks up at Harley. “That means that there are four more of my brothers and sisters out there somewhere huh?” she stands up fast as Harley begins to make his way towards the door. “Wait! You can’t leave, not after only explaining half of what’s going on!” she’s being frantic and her hands begin to shake.

“I can’t stay.. I have things to do. Just.. just look on the desk. We’ll talk soon, alright?” he says and then he’s moving Kitty out of the way. As he puts his hands on hers, Kitty’s eyes go wide and fade to white.

“They’ve been brought together.” A male’s voice says, Harley’s over the back drop of a faucet or something leaking. The sound of the water dropping like the sound a clock makes when it ticks.

“Good, how do they look? Is Kitty handling the change of becoming a CEO okay?” another voice says, this one older.. more mature.

“She’s doing fine, I’m watching her the most. You always said she was the key, right?” Harley asks the older man, and then the rustling of clothes can be heard as the older man must be standing up and moving.

“She is the key, but you must protect her.. whatever the cost. She is the only one that can make him see.” The older man says to Harley, to which the younger man snorts.

“He’ll never see. He’s insane dad.” Is that Harley’s father? The older man?

“He //will, he has too. He needs help and we have to give it to him.” Harley’s father says and then footsteps can be heard. “Do your best to find the others. Allegra, Luis, Robbie and Simon are.. dead. He made sure of that. I need you to get to the others.” The older man explains as a door can be heard opening. “We can’t let him harm the rest, son.”

Kitty gasps and sags against the wall as Harley looks at her and then shakes his head and leaves the room.

“And don’t worry about thanking me,” he says loudly as he opens the front door and prepares to leave the house. “It’s what family is for.” And with that the door is closed. Minutes later when the effects of hearing the past has worn off of Kitty, she will stand and come to the desk to see just what Harley wrote. Knowing that he is already gone, he has a knack for getting away when he wants too.

On the piece of paper lying on the desk is a phone number, most likely a cellphone. What makes Kitty gasp and back away isn’t the phone number though.. it’s the name underneath it.

Harley Hanner.

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