2007-09-19: What Happened


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Summary: A couple days after the events taking place in Lucky Stars, Kory makes her painful way through the workday and the inevitable questions from looking a little busted up.

Date It Happened: September 19th, 2007

What Happened

The Secret Lair

Tito is doing all the running around this afternoon. But there isn't much running around to be done. Even the most boisterous of the geek contingent are a little well behaved. Lee growled at them shortly after school, and Kory? Well, Kory has had better days, and they at least are respecting the state she's in.

So the current operator in charge of the store is sitting with her iPod, nose wrinkled, and pretty much cheerfully ringing people up as they need anything.

Matt steps in from the outside, holding the door open with two fingertips while inquisitively peering about. He seems to be formally dressed for someone going inside of a comic book shop. Then again, he could be shopping on behalf of someone better suited for the surroundings. He hesitates for only a second before stepping further within the establishment, turning his body so that he can keep the door open for the next entrant for as long as he can manage.

Kory is apparently good with the peripheral vision. She glances up when the door opens, and calls a cheery, "Hi, Welcome to — hey. I remember you." Button nose wrinkles in thought for a moment as she works to place the face. "M-something…Mike..Marion…Matt. It was Matt, wasn't it? How'd the manga go over?"

William is still dressed from his school day in khakis and a polo shirt. Inbetween dressy and casual here. He steps inside and glances around the shop. Kory gets a quick smile, but she's talking to Matt so he doesn't intrude, yet at least. Instead he looks around at the kids. Maybe he's checking to make totally sure none of his students are here.

Matt's gait slows a little when he makes eye contact with the woman working at the register. Further mental processing is demanded when she addresses him kindly. He offers a half-smile, hesitating before he says, "And you're Kory, right?" He remembers her name, but her current condition appears to be news to him.

"…you're just lucky I don't have a Death Note!" comes a high, cracked voice from the anime section of the store. A spindly teenager stalks forward, and makes a beeline for the action figures instead. Tito watches him for a second, and the other spindly teenager who provoked the nerdy invective, then seems satisfied there will be no further drama.

Kory tosses a fleeting smile William's way, before she returns her inquisitive face back to Matt. "That's me, Kory!" she confirms, pleased he remembered. It's part of her *job* to, after all, but not necessarily part of his, under the circumstances.

William gives Kory another look over and then steps closer to shake his head. "What in the world happened?" He asks softly before Matt gets a quick smile from the man. Having assured himself that none of his students are here, he's relaxed.

Matt seems to have the same train of thought as the man approaching Kory from behind him. He offers the other fellow a reflexive nod, but then turns his inquisitive gaze back to Kory. His fingers gently rest on the countertop as he says, "Or if you don't feel comfortable discussing it right now… that's… you know… fine, too." A small dip of his head follows shortly.

"Hi, Will." Kory raises her free hand in a greeting. "Oh, this?" Kory touches the bandage on her face with the same hand. "Took a tumble off a fire escape. Long, silly story, really. Looks worse than it is." And it made page 18 on the Daily News. You can see her in the background of the pic somebody took with their camera phone. The foreground is one of the Sandhogs hugging his bawling four year old.

"No, really, it's no big. I mean, anybody would've done the same." She colors slightly at all the attention. "Can…can I get you guys anything?"

William shakes his head. "I'm just in here looking for maybe something new to read." Or just something cool. Yeah, he's a bit of a scifi geek. "Off a fire escape? In a fire?" He adds to the questions before Matt gets a friendly smile. "Afternoon. I'm Will."

"Matt," replies the other man, offering his hand for a customary shake. Though he easily goes through the motions of introduction, there is no doubt that he is taking in the details of Kory's mishap. No one hears 'fire escape' in a sentence unless there is trouble to be found. And he's not hiding his interest.

"Okay, yeah, a fire," Kory murmurs, with mild exasperation. She appreciates the concern, honestly, but she's been getting "What happened to YOU?!" for two days now, and the answer's the same every time. "I was just helping people bust windows, get down. That kind of thing. I mean, I hadda do something until the fire department came. I just misjudged a step, and then part of the building came down." She shrugs. "Whaddayagonnado, right?" She crinkles a bright smile at both men.

William gives Matt's hand a shake. It's firm, but not challenging. William gives Kory a grin. "It's nice to know I'm not the only one who goes running towards danger instead of away." William says rather lightly. He's done pressing Kory for details apparently.

"Congratulate you on a job well done," answers Matt as a smile slowly creeps back onto his features. "I could have sworn I saw an article on that in the paper. Page seventeen, maybe? To walk away from a fire is always good news, but to hear that you helped people along in the process is even better." As for the handshake he shared with William, the squeeze was mutual and polite. No challenge from him, either.

Kory really blushes, significantly. "My mom'n'dad raised me to do the right thing. Y'know…help people whenever I can. Can't do that lookin' the other way. I just better get better at lookin' where I'm goin'." She gives a sheepish little smile. "But seriously, guys, getcha anything?" Please?

William shrugs. "I need to find something to read, but I'm not in any kind of hurry. No school for tomorrow, so I feel like the kids, set free for the weekend." Except for, you know, grading and lesson planning.

"I was going to poke around at other books similar to what you recommended," admits Matt. What he doesn't admit is the painstaking difficulty he would have in finding a similar book when manga seems all too homogeneous. He then reaches into his back pocket, retrieving his wallet. "But maybe I have something else…"

"So she liked Ed and Alphonse, then?" Kory nods, but doesn't get down from her perch behind the counter. "You remember where you found it? There's more of the same, and some other stuff along the same lines. Just avoid Empowered. Not as kid-friendly as it looks." She turns to thoughtfully regard William. "Video, or readable?"

"No, honestly, every seven year old girl in America needs a Princess Leia action figure," Felix is apparently trying to convince Mariska of this as a necessity, as he holds open the door for the black haired Russian woman. "Have you never seen those movies?" It's an odd sight, to say the least - a Fed in his perfectly tailored suit, gun under the arm momentarily visible as he leans to open the door, insistent upon toys.

William looks over to Kory. "Readable. I usually read in the novel form, but I'm open. I like stuff with action. Card, Butcher, space fighting, not so much elves and faries." Will tells her before his attention is drawn to the door. Felix gets a smile and Mariska a bit less warm of one as they make their way in. "Hey." William greets simply.

Matt ignores William's address of the people behind him, instead withdrawing a small business card and sliding it over to Kory. He keeps them tucked in the small fold behind his badge. "The next time you're in trouble and you want an additional advantage," he says as he offers a small smile. "You've heard it enough, so let me be the last: it was brave of you."

…which probably looks all the more odd considering it looks like Mariska has recently opened a few doors of her own — with her face. Her nose has definitely seen the worst of it; there's a cut over the bridge and tell-tale bruising beneath her eyes as well as a greenish-yellow tinge to the skin over her right cheekbone. Her lower lip is also split, but not severely so. Ouch. Let's hope the other guy came away from it looking worse, alright? She steps in after Felix's gentlemanly gesture and continues their conversation in her heavy accent, now turned thickly nasal, "When I was a girl, but that was…" Wait. Don't admit to being old.

Tito hears the door, and comes up front, the better to assist the semi-invalid Kory. "Hi, I'm Tito. If Kory can't point you to what you need, just ask me."

"Mm. Butcher has the less urban series, but I don't know it well enough to speak on it. Yet. The place across the street might have something if you don't find it here." Lee would probably lose his mind to hear her say that, for all that he scoffs at what people read here.

"Hi, I'm Kory, and that's Tito. Just give a shout if ya need anything, okay?" This directed at Felix. "And as long as it's not Slave Leia, you're on the money there, sport." She winces slightly at the sight of Mariska, but doesn't ask. She knows what it's like to be asked, over and over again.

Kory blinks down at the counter as Matt slides the card toward her. "Oh…uhm, thanks." She fights down the blush at the compliment. "Didn't do anything I wouldn't hope somebody wouldn't do for me." She plucks the card up and examines it.

Oh, it's Will. And honestly, telepathy is not necessary, because there's awkward breaking out all over the place. The smile he gives Will is completely sheepish. "Oh, hey, William," he says, gently, even as he shuts the door behind Mariska. He seems completely comfortable with Misha, so presumably that bruising wasn't from a domestic. "No. Maybe, like, Leia in the last movie? In the camo commando gear? This is for a kid, not some grownup fanboy." Matt? Well, Matt's got John Law stamped on him, so Fel's eyeing him. Someone I used to know from the force?

"You could even do Leia in a dress with her hair in the buns if it's for a little girl. Just not the chainmail bikini." William states before he winces at the bruising on Mariska's face. For all he asked about Kory, he's not asking about that though. He's suddenly not so relaxed as Felix is here. With Mariska. "So, um, books. I might even branch out for a graphic novel." He states towards Kory. Cannot look at Felix too much. Can't. Can't. Can't.

Matt is indeed John Law. He wears a suit off of the rack, his tie isn't impeccable but is still at a half-windsor, there is a shadow of a beard despite having shaved in the morning. He also carries both badge and gun, too. Felix has many clues at his disposal as to the man's profession. As far as recognition, he may be dealing with a newer detective. One whose career got started off late. Matt murmurs to Kory,

"Not everyone could have acted as you did." That said, he turns to see why more voices can be heard behind him and William.

Yeah, so, this isn't awkward IN THE LEAST… Mariska pretends not to notice that Felix has gone all 'odd sheep' on her again with as much vehemency as she pretends not to recognize that it has more to do with that William guy being here than the state of her face. Instead, she focuses her attention on Kory and Tito (and probably Matt on the periphery), approaching the counter if only to put some space between her and the man she arrived with. Someone did something noteworthy? Mariska wants to eavesdrop up close and personal.

"I know, I know. Nobody in New York cares about anybody else. We get such bad press." Kory sighs, then turns her attention to doing her job.

"Well, if you want something you can show your older students — that is, if you don't tell the faculty guys — Empowered'd work," Kory suggests to William. "Or you could read From Hell. Or one of the graphic novelizations of one of the classics?" One brow goes up, but Kory conscientiously tugs it back down. Body language weirdness happening with William, but she's not asking any more than he asked about Mariska. "Oh, hi there. We seem to keep bumping into each other," she chirps, as Mariska approaches.

"Right. Thanks," Fel says, made curt by embarassment, rather than temper. "Um. The action figures?" he wonders, glancing around the store hopefully, only to be distracted by little Star Wars themed matroshkas. No, for real. "Those…" he elbows Misha gently, to point them out to her. "Pretty funny, huh?" Matt gets another glance. No. I don't remember that guy. Guess he made detective since I left. Or was out in one of those outer borough precincts.

Mariska manages to make smiling look painful and yet somehow worthwhile as she replies to Kory's recognition, "We do." She then notes their mutual bruised condition and makes a vague gesture as if to comment further but then gets an ulna to the ribs in the gentlest gesture of 'hey, lookit!' Felix can dole out. Hold that thought. The Russian woman turns her head to eye up the bric-a-brac and — aw! Chubby, stacking, nerd toys! «So cute!» Must… fondle… incapable of resisting the cute, Misha reaches out to begin nesting the matroshkas.

William is about to make some comment about life in general maybe when his phone rings. He reaches into his pocket to pull out his cell. After glancing at the caller I.D. he answers the phone in animated Spanish, they way you would talk to a good friend. With a wave to the others, he steps outside the door to have an non-interrupting conversation with whoever called.

"Another sale approaches," Matt murmurs sidelong to Kory as he watches both Mariska and Felix, opting not to interrupt them as they poke and prod at the merchandise. He slowly inclines his head, lips parted and expression going blank as he loses himself in his own thoughts. Or at least that is what the casual observer could believe to have happened.

Kory simply smiles contentedly. The store's doing brisk trade, and that means she and her friends will do well. Tito is moving to and fro amongst all the customers, making sure nobody needs anything, or if they do, that he gets it quickly. "Indeed. But you were saying something about more anime?" The business card gets tucked into the flap of the dust cover of a book on the counter. "When did we get those?" she asks Tito, of the matroshkas. Tito shrugs, and grins. "Nima," he replies, as if that should be answer enough.

Felix watches Will go, despite himself….and his expression is momentarily hangdog, before he wrenches his attention back to the toys, and his quest for a Princess Leia that isn't indecent. HE finally finds one, as well as a Luke that seems to go with it, and heads for the counter.

Insert jumble of terse Russian thought here. Mariska's brain is churning out thoughts that are all but screaming to be heard. Where's Babelfish when you need it? (Actually, he just left.) Pale green eyes fix especially firm on the stacking dolls as if the Russian woman found them to be oh-so-very-suddenly that much more fascinating. In fact, she stacks them all up again for the fourth or fifth time and joins Felix at the counter, keeping her eyes on Kory instead of her companion. Or maybe Matt. Yeah, sure, she'll offer Matt a bruised smile, too. No need to make with the creepy overstaring, right?

Leia figures are purchased. Matt finds something on his cellphone has to drag his attention away. With an apologetic look, he too makes his way out.

Kory glances at Tito, glad of the business, but relieved for the respite.

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