2007-09-09: What Have We Learned Today?


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Summary: Benny learns that scary Noah is scary.

Date It Happened: September 9th, 2007

Log Title What Have We Learned Today?

Primatech Research - Hartsdale Facility

A paper clip is pulled out from a mangled thing resembling a cup. Or maybe it was supposed to be an ashtray. The owner never figured it out really, but it's here just the same. It's been broken and taped back up, a few small shards sticking to the scotch tape rather falling into the cracks they used to fill. The papers are tapped on the desk to get them in line with both hands and the files are given a neat little clip to put them into place. There, way too many things requiring a signature… signed. Placing them on his out pile, the man with the glasses continues his work, looking over papers in his usual business suit.

With his urgent work done for the time being, the Company Man observes his surroundings. His jacket is hung up neatly on his coat rack, though his gun holster is still on, much like a cop while on duty. His office is surprisingly larger than his last one in Texas, but file folders and a mini-fridge do well to take up the space. Of course, there is a chair in front of his desk, one that he expects to be filled soon.

After all, everyone knows that Noah Bennet doesn't like his time wasted.

And right on time, there's a knock at Bennet's office door. On the other side, Benjamin waits for permission to enter.. as you don't just barge into the office of a superior, regardless of the job. Not empty handed, Ben has a hard copy in hand of his report, a little more detailed than what was sent out via company email.

HRG gets up, just in case one of HIS higher-ups are here to see him. Seeing that it's just Benjamin, Mr. Bennet gives him a nod. "Come in." Seeing that it's who he thought it was, Noah gives a small nod with a faint smile. There is a bit of professional cheer in his voice, positive tone, but calm and not very dynamic. "Mr. Winters. Please, close the door behind you and let me look at that report."

Once Ben has done all of that, he reaches out a hand for the report before offering his other hand to give a brief handshake. It's one firm shake if Ben accepts and then Noah sits down, motioning to the empty seat as he speaks to Benji. "Before we discuss the matter at hand, I wanted to see how you're doing. Seemed like you had a rather rough time as of late."

Benjamin offers a polite smile to the person who is effectively a boss to him. The door is shut as requested before he takes the offered seat. "Here, I put more detail into the report based one the information I could remember. There was a lot to take in." The explanation is short, to the point as he hands the report over. It's all in there. What he was told about the tornados, Evelyn, the nasty aspect the future holds. He does shake Noah's hand at the offering and looks around the office briefly as he gets comfortable. "Things are getting better. I'm sure everyone has an adjustment period when they start working here. Some things are still.. surreal." Not meaning to swipe Felix's apt description for his own, but it's a very fitting term.

"Not all people are given the motivation. Some people just come for the promise of violence and the good dental." Noah's words are slow, likely due to the fact that he is browsing the report for the things he considers important. Names and how the future was found out. Pausing as he flips through a couple of pages, he glances up to Ben from the report. "But you're no killer, are you, Winters?"

Benjamin doesn't know whether to laugh or not at Noah's words. He settles for giving a stare. "I.. was given the incentive to work here and do a good job of it." Incentive that Noah can understand and respect to be sure. The question takes him a little off guard but he answers honestly. "No. I doubt I'll ever be able to take another's life. Hopefully I'll never be put in that position." Could be why he doesn't mind the pushing on training with his ability.

"I recommend for your sake that you never give that answer again." The firm reply is swift, almost like Noah was expecting that answer. "But yes, hopefully, you'll never be put in that position. Do not be surprised if you are." The order is one of kindness. Kind hearts are not ones that survive this Company. Compassion is only seen as a weakness. If Noah can teach that to Benji, he'll consider that his 'good' deed for the day.

Twenty seconds pass as Bennet checks over the work, hrmming as he intently studies the forms. Once he is finished, he reaches over toward his trash can and flicks a switch. A soft whirling can be heard as Noah takes the file And drops it in with a calm grace. If it's a thick report, he'll take it apart and send each part in. "Next tip if you want to do well here: Don't submit work that's half done," he states, his voice carrying over the shredding of the documents.

"Yessir," Benjamin says, hiding the flinch that wants to come out after the rebuke. He should have known to expect that, considering he's in a job that could be considered on par with secret government agencies. As that sinks in, the whirring of the paper shredder is heard and has his attention. "Half done? That was my full report on what I was told." Perplexed, his gaze focuses on Noah.

After reaching over to flick off the shredder, Noah just lifts his head back up to peer toward Benjamin. It isn't a 'look, it's a new and shiny person, I wonder how huggable they are' peer. It isn't a 'I'm gunna kill you, I just need to figure out how' peer. It's a peer that is almost a stare. It's a simple look of 'what the heck are you thinking' concentrated to a level that makes many think 'he's gunna kill me'. Behold, Benji, for you are now viewing for the first time…

The Bennet stare.

"…Excuse me?"

This.. is a stare Ben never wants to see again. He does think.. this man with the glasses is going to kill me and it's not gonna be pleasant. It's a few moments before Ben finds his voice and he tries to not sound like he's backed up against a corner. "That.. was all I was told. I know that couldn't have been everything. I don't know who traveled to the future, who came back. I just know.. that Miss Tash.. She needs to be helped so that this doesn't happen." He believes Ramon, and trusts what he was told. So he states this with firm conviction, "My source. I know they wouldn't lie to me. I trust this information."

"I think you are making a mistake right now, you just don't know it," Noah offers. The stare lessens in intensity, but it would seem from his tone there is an ocean of irritation that only a mighty floodgate of self-control keeps in check. "So I am going to ask you to use your imagination for just one moment. I know it isn't something the company here encourages for those new here, but indulge me this once." Leaning forward in his chair, Noah begins his tale.

"Let us pretend that you are in my shoes. An experienced man, charged with preventing Evolved from accidentally or intentionally ruining the world. One that has been doing this work for years. Now, let's pretend that I am someone brought into this company forcefully, trusted in the loosest sense of the word, and considered very expendable by those at the top." Noah stands up, picking up his clay ashtray/cup for a moment. He frowns as he pauses, but he puts it down and continues. "…Do you follow me so far?"

Noah is correct about the mistake and Ben not realizing it. Silent, uncomfortable, Ben fights the urge to shift a little in his seat. He can't recall ever being dressed down in this manner. EVER. It's a little distressing to say the least. "I.. yes. I follow you." Although, Benjamin still isn't seeing where his mistake is. He thought he was doing the right thing by bringing attention to what he was told.

No worries, Benji, Noah is a methodical man, he'll get there. The chew down is harsh, but there are well intentioned reasons for it. If the intents are understood? Well, that's another matter all together.

"Glad to hear," Bennet states as he moves to his mini-fridge. He pulls out a couple of bottled waters, placing them on the desk. Going on in a rare speech, he offers one bottle out. If Ben wants it, he gets it. If not, it gets placed in the fridge. "Now, I claim to have a report involving an apocalyptical future that may or may not be happening. But I give no names on who said it or any explanation for how they discovered it. Then when confronted indirectly about it," Noah gets right into Benjamin's face as he places his hands on his desk, though his voice is actually getting calmer as he goes on. "I decided to try and hold out on one of the bosses here that actually cares if you live or die." Slowly, Noah sits down and opens the water. "Tell me if you were in my shoes… What would you do?"

Benjamin takes the offered bottle, but doesn't open it yet. Trying to look away, even when Noah's practically in his face, he caves. Because he gets what Noah's saying, and the not so thinly veiled meanings behind the words. "Ramon Gomez.. he's a friend of mine. I trust his word. I swear to you Mr. Bennet, he only gave me one name. And that was Evelyn Tash. He didn't tell me who traveled to the future. As I put into the report, he came to my apartment. He already knew about my Company affiliation when I've been careful to say nothing. He came to me, knowing I could get this information to the higher ups and to get that girl some help."

A tired sigh of relief comes from Noah before he washes his throat with cool spring water. Putting the cap back on and placing it on the desk, Noah rubs his nose. "Mr. Winters, you have no idea what this means, do you? This organization? It runs on secrets. The Evolved that work here are usually chosen for their abilities to work effectively, but more importantly without getting noticed. Like it or not, he's gotten himself into matters much bigger than himself with this knowledge of what may or may not be the future and just as importantly, knowledge of this Company and your involvement."

"I think he may have told other people. I realize my position here has been compromised now." Benjamin just doesn't know what he's supposed to do about it. "I realize we run on secrecy. I realized that from day one, when I was first brought here." Finally, he untwists the cap off his bottle and takes a few drinks. "I also recognize that this could be a very bad thing, which is why I adhered to the strict non-disclosure policies. I didn't want to jeopardize myself as well as my daughter." That thought is enough to steel him back on track and to get a bit of a spine. "What happens now?"

"You were honest with me and I think you have promise… So there is still a chance for you." Noah's tone is still firm, but it lacks the anger that it once had. "If you find the source of the leak, it will save face. Right now, leave the report you originally sent as your primary. If higher ups ask questions, tell them what you know and you're still working on the final report at my request. Do not bring up Ramon's name to anyone else unless they are my level or higher." There is a chance that Noah will get a talk from Bob or Rainer from this, but he's got this worked out. Unlike Benji, he's learned how to work the system.

"You need this work out in our favor. To start off with… What do you know about Ramon? Do you think he's had any run-ins with the Company before?"

"I've known Ramon for a few months now. Almost a year. I sometimes have dinner with his family." As to the Company run-in, Benjamin nods. "He witnessed Alvarez and Anders taking me into Company custody back in February. Alvarez incapacitated him at the time. Since I was a patient here, I wasn't privy to any information on how that was handled. He's a widower. I've been helping him track down information on his wife's murderer. He has several children, and he's a telepath." Ben hates himself for doing what amounts to ratting out his friend, but he doesn't have a choice that he can see in the matter. As to Noah's instructions, they're quietly accepted. "I don't consider Ramon to be a threat. He just wants to continue his life and he knows how to use his ability just fine."

"Telepath." The fact is given a long pause as Noah is forced to re-evaluate the situation, the man looking toward Benjamin with a solid gaze. "This situation is getting messier by the moment, Winters." An Evolved with several children. He knows the procedures for that. Those procedures are how Bennet got himself a daughter. "You are going to continue your work at the facility you are currently gathering Intel on. Anything of interest, whether it's new Evolved and their powers, anything about this Tash girl, or one with the visions of the future… You are going to give it to me directly in weekly reports. Say nothing to anyone else unless they are a man with the last name of Rainer or Bishop. Are we clear?"

Benjamin knows the situation is messy. Which is why he had a bit of tequila and has been more subdued than usual. "Yes sir. In the event that I am not allowed in, what should I do? I don't expect that Ramon kept this information to himself. Miss Aldric might still welcome me, but if others know.." He's not complaining or weaseling out, he wants to know the procedure. "And we're clear. Perfectly."

"Just let me know if there're any problems with that. For their sake, let's hope that it never becomes an issue." That's Company talk for 'It's gunna suck to be them'. Noah is silent for roughly ten seconds. After taking a small breath in, Noah announces, "Now that we've gotten that hashed out, anything we else we need to talk about?"

This deal is getting worse all the time. That's a understatement and one that goes through Benjamin's mind as he considers the possibilities of what he's just brought onto people he likes. "No sir. I think that was everything." And thank you for not shooting him is thought, but not said. "I won't screw up again." Not that the scenario in regards to the future is his fault. Rising from his seat, he waits for an official dismissal before leaving the room. This.. has been enough of an ass chewing to last him for the rest of his life.

There is no dismissal yet. "What did you learn something from today?" comes the simple question, Noah's hands folding together as he gazes directly on the clay bowl/cup/paperclip holder.

Expecting to be dismissed, and ready to leave, Benjamin stops in his tracks and stares at Noah. He's completely derailed by the question, one he hasn't heard the likes of since he was a schoolboy. "I'm expendable, so make no mistakes if I expect to continue here." Or continue breathing. "and leave nothing out. I have a job to do with this Company, and I can't afford the luxury of protecting my friends on the outside." Does that about cover it?

"That's a start. We'll talk more on this later. Good day, Agent Winters." Figuring Ben has earned getting called Agent at least once today, Bennet merely waits for the ex-accountant to leave before glancing toward the odd piece of pottery that he's been obsessed with the entire day. While the gloss reflects 'the Symbol' for a split second, that's not what catches Noah's attention, but rather a piece of masking tape at the bottom. He peels it away for a second, merely giving a sad smile to what he sees.

Frum Claire N Lyle Hoppy Father's Day!!!

"Good day."

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