2010-05-15: WHAT IS THAT THING!?



Date: May 15, 2010


It is a perfectly normal thing! That isn't allowed to be seen on network television.


Taine's Apartment

Morgan has not had the best time in this world. Scratch that - so far, things have sucked. After suddenly 'waking up' here and being confronted by Erin's insane sister, she pretended to be an actress at the studio. Playing herself.

Thankfully, she was able to leave early. Meaning to enjoy herself while she had the time, she purchased a nice pair of shoes, some earrings, and a few odds and ends that she got the strangest feeling that Erin would just love. Retail therapy doesn't do everything, though, and so before she headed back to Taine's apartment… She picked up some other things, like candles.

Now, where Morgan's from, candles are purely romantic. You can literally fill a room with them and feel no heat, and certainly not set off smoke detectors. Thankfully, coincidentally, someone jokingly said to her on the way upstairs, 'I hope you're not planning to light all of those. You'll set off the sprinklers!'

Not to be deterred, Morgan still managed to get 'home' before Taine. She figured three candles would be all right; it gives a nice ambiance to his dark room, anyway, and she's searing something that Erin wouldn't be caught dead in. Ever.

…But it's probably something that Taine will like a whole lot.

Candles can have good qualities. For one, many are fragrant. As soon as Taine unlocks the door and steps inside, he can smell the tangy scent of tropical fruits and flowers. Luckily, he doesn't mind scented things too much, so there's a smile on his face as he drops his belongings and moves through the apartment, toward the source of the smell.

"Did someone recommend aroma therapy?" he's asking as the door opens and allows him to see the mood lighting and the way the flickering light plays off of—


"I— I know Erin didn't have that in the closet here," he manages finally, as he stays at the door, looking at her quietly, eyes slightly widened, eyebrows raised a little, lips remaining parted.

Yeah. He likes it a whole lot. Even if it's very surprising for him.

Yeah. She looks damn good. It's almost as if her awesomeness from those intimate scenes in Afterlife have somehow translated into real life. And that look she's giving him. So familiar, because he's gotten it before.

In front of a camera.

She slides off the bed. It doesn't take many steps for her to reach Taine, at which point, Morgan puts her hands on his chest, looking up at him. Somehow, she's managed to settle down enough so that the only thing in her eyes is, well. It's more lust than love, but at least they're not glowing.

"Be my Kenny for me. Just one night," she says quietly, leaning close. "Show me what it's like…"

Dramatic pause.

"To feel."

Sure, Morgan knows what it's like. Two beautiful people between soft, satiny sheets, while the glow of candlelight burns around them, setting the amorous mood. Her fingers walk up Taine's chest, until they unbutton the top button of his shirt.

Sometimes on desks, too. But that is beside the point. Those scenes are usually quicker cut, and often less than romantic. Frantic love scenes that denote the soap opera version of a quickie. Such things have been rare between Pryce and Morgan, but that doesn't mean they haven't happened.

Still— it's usually slow, and fire lit, with background music and—

Taine knows for a fact they're no fun to film. At all. Eyes watching over, the fact that Erin had been pretending to hate him for much of their onscreen relationship. There's no move to stop her fingers as they unbutton his shirt, gaining access to his chest, his shoulders, his neck…

"Are you trying to seduce me? Even though I'm not— him?" He just plays him on TV?

"You look like him," Morgan says matter-of-factly. "And I saw the pictures. It's not like you and Erin aren't an item." Smirking, she undoes another couple buttons, and runs cool fingers down his chest. "I seriously doubt she'd mind."

Despite the lack of background music, this is the perfect soap opera love scene. Are there rose petals in his bed? Why yes, yes there are!

Another button open. "I've had a bad day. Make it better for me, Kenny." When she leans against him, her hair smells like honey and roses; as she's leaning, she pulls open the last button.

She chuckles a bit. "I'm not trying. I already have. It's just a matter of how long you can hold out."

"You know," Taine says, as his hands slide up her arm and toward her neck. There's a lot of places he could be touching her right now, but even this is done with intimacy, even if he's choosing to keep his hands relatively neutral. She has seduced him. He kissed Erin more when she was playing 'Morgan' than he thinks he has when she wasn't. Not that he's kept track, but it'd taken her quite a lot of time to…

"Erin isn't as forgiving as you can be," he continues, voice toned with some quiet amusement, as if that's one of the things he happens to like about her. "But sometimes she really is, too… I was kind of an ass to her once."

And he'd apologized with a room full of stuffed animals, and a card with a donkey on it. Sorry for being an ass.

"You're Erin, and Erin's you…" The character of Morgan had been created for Erin, and was fleshed out by her. Just like he fleshed out Pryce. "Just like I'm Kenneth— and Kenneth is me." It's not like acting, but it's close, as he leans down to clear the distance between them, kissing her, as his hand slips against her scalp and into her hair.

Her breath shudders as he moves closer, a smile playing on her lips. Morgan is far less closed off than Erin is, because characters on soap operas have to be more open. It's the nature of the beast.

Her eyes narrow as Taine mentions being an ass to her. And for just a split second… She remembers. It's simply a flash of a memory with no context, and then it's gone. Strange.

But this is their moment. Something that's filling all her senses - his smell, his touch, the way he looks in the candle light; and she leans closer, gently pulling him toward the bed as he kisses her. Together, they are beautiful, whether they're on the camera or not.

For Taine, this whole experience is already starting out nicer than his love scenes with "Morgan". No cameras, no one yelling that his arm was in the way of a shot, no one asking them to kiss faster or harder. And just no one watching. Which is definitely a plus. Hands wander, lips wander, voice whispers in her ear. It goes much like the love scenes would be shown on the screen…

With one obvious exception…

If this were a soap scene, this is about where they'd be getting busy under the blankets, showing nothing except just enough to tease the audience, before the camera faded to black. And it all goes according to plan.

Fade to black.

…Two minutes later…


Morgan, clearly traumatised, runs out of the bedroom, wrapped in a sheet, and hides behind the couch. "What— What!? How the— ARE YOU OKAY!? Is that normal!? What's wrong with you!?" Maybe people in this world are just like that! Morgan's not, which means Erin's not! For being such a sensual character on TV, it rapidly becomes clear that when it comes to male anatomy, Morgan is helplessly naive. She's just peeking over the back of the couch, her eyes just barely visible. They're glowing slightly.

"It's— This is normal! There's nothing wrong with it!" Taine exclaims at first, defensively. There are some things that ruin a guys mood faster than— well— actually not very many things can ruin the mood faster than that. When he spots her glowing eyes, he quickly retreats back into the bedroom and pulls his pants back on. "It won't be okay if your eyes keep glowing!" Of all the places he doesn't want diseases, that's one of them.

"WELL TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT STOP, AND I'LL MAKE IT STOP!" Morgan returns, ducking completely behind the couch, turning, and drawing her knees up to her chest. Gawd, how does she get herself into these situations!? Suddenly, she has this weird power to make people sick, but she can't call Erin a freak, because Morgan herself is a freak!

I am not a freak!

Who the hell said THAT?!


"Whaddaya mean there's nothing wrong with it!? Have you ever… seen… It!? I mean, have you ever looked in a mirror!?" Closing her eyes, she tries to shut out the mental image and calm herself down. Seriously, though, she's going to be scarred for life!

"Just— calm down and… It's called a penis. I know it looks weird, but it's supposed to look like that. You've just never seen it cause our show is network television! Look at what you got down there in the mirror sometime and I bet you'll realize you've never seen it either." Taine says, trying to be patient, but— there's nothing wrong with his penis! "Erin certainly never complained about it!" Though— after a moment, with his defensiveness starting to settle, he leans against the door frame and starts to laugh.

"You know, how about we try this again, and this time you close your eyes and trust me. Cause really, once it happens, you won't mind it that much."

"No! No way! What is it, some sort of… Animal or…?!" Yeah, Morgan is clearly disturbed. "I have never seen that."

When Taine starts laughing, she peeks over the couch again, eyes narrowed. "She's laughing, too. Inside my head. I can sense it." It's not something she can actually hear anymore, but it's more of an amused feeling asserting itself under the layers of TRAUMA she's just been through. Her eyes are still glowing, but they're not as bright.

There's a pause.

Things come together.

"You mean Kenny has one of those things, too!?" Oh god. She's never going to look at him the same way again! Christ, what sort of cruel creator would put such a thing on their creation? Hugging the sheet more closely around her, she ducks behind the couch again!

"Okay, okay, pants are back on. It's been put away." Taine says, gesturing at his lower body. It'd been ready to go a few moments before, but there's few things that can deflate a male ego faster than a girl going 'WHAT IS THAT' and fleeing from the room.

"You can hear Erin?" he shifts his focus to a topic that doesn't talk about his penis like it's a horrible monster. "Yeah, I can picture her finding this whole situation really funny." He kinda does too, but…

Morgan turns to look over her shoulder, but there's nothing but couch there. "Barely. It's more like a feeling that I know she's there. It's… a little weird, actually. I think she's… seeing all this?" Morgan blinks, looking at the floor. It's kind of weird knowing you have a passenger in your own head. "I get that feeling more and more, like every day that passes, she's coming through just a little more, like bad reception."

It kinda makes her a little sad, because … what happens to Morgan when Erin returns? "I guess it's how I knew she wouldn't be mad. She didn't tell me, but I can kind of tell what kind of mood she's in. I think that's why I was so scared the first couple days."

Moving toward the couch, Taine sits down, shirtless, but with his unseemly bits decently covered. "That's a relief for me, actually— knowing that she's still in there." His weight settles down into the couch, but he doesn't try to pull her around toward him, or anything. She's welcome to keep hiding. Not physically, at least. He does make gestures with his hand, whether she can see them or not, "Come on. You had a bad day, and I made it worse, but maybe I can just hold you for a while and that'll make it better." It won't be sex but it can be nice, anyway.

Morgan wanted to spend whatever time she had here in a good mood, doing things she enjoyed, seeing New York, but the more she talks to people, the more it seems like everyone wants her gone. Even Taine is relieved. It's understandable. Still, before she crawls up on the couch with him, Morgan just needs a second to feel sad. And since Erin will be relieved to be back in the driver's seat of her own body… Well, the feeling isn't mutual. Morgan is alone.

Still, she forces a smile and climbs up on the couch - somewhat ungracefully, since she's wrapped in a sheet - and leans against Taine. "I'm still scared," she says quietly. "I don't know if I have anything to go back to. I'm just going to fade away."

"That's not true. You won't fade away," Taine says, looking towards his television set. "People know Morgan more than they know Erin. They know Pryce more than they know me. You live on there, where you lived before. On the television, and in the hearts and minds of all out viewers who watch you as often as they can. In fact, you'll live on in more than that. You should see the fanfic." There's a pause. She'd never seen a penis before, he's not sure how she'd handle the descriptive pornography that can be fanfiction. Yes, he knows about fanfiction. Including the fics that pair Pryce with Morgan's brother.

"Actually, forget the fanfic. But you won't fade away."

Maybe all that's true, and maybe she's some sort of star, but eventually, she's not going to see or move or know anything. She's just going to be part of peoples' imaginations. And she'll live on, like a person diagnosed with terminal cancer, who eventually just passes away.

"Thanks, Taine," she says, smiling. Morgan isn't as good an actor as Erin. She can't keep the sadness from her voice, but she's trying not to let it bother her. She reaches for his hand. "I think it'll be okay. Someway. You know? I just wish I could— Ah, don't worry about that now. Look, it's not too late yet. What if we go out for dinner or something? Your favourite place. Just so I have something to remember."

"If this hadn't happened, then the only place you would have existed would be in there," Taine says, motioning toward the television as he pulls her closer against his bare chest. "We'll go out and get something to eat tomorrow, and I'll take you to the Statue of Liberty too. I know you've never been." A couple good memories, as the Statue of Liberty is a nice thing to see.

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