What, No Trumpet?


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With guest appearances by:

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Summary: It all started with three simple words…

What, No Trumpet?

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Kitty plays organ.
Jack says, "See, now /that/ sounded perverted."
Jack says, "You have to pick your moments, champ."
Nathan was backspacing madly.
Steiner grins.
Jack says, "Trust me, around here there's no shortage."
Kitty says, "If only Kitty knew how to play piano, I would have had to do a scene like that when her face was all burned."
Peter chokes.
Jack says, "ORGAN."
Pierce says, "That's Lachlan's job."
Jack clears throat.
Nathan says, "Just go get a bad sun burn."
Jack says, "That is all."
Peter dies.
Pierce plays Jack's organ.
Nathan says, "That was all it took for the Phantom in the movie to be horribly disfigured."
Pierce says, "Truth."
Jack :D
Nathan says, "Airquote airquote."
Jack says, "Wait."
Jack says, "Who the hell are you?"
Jack says, "Ahh, who cares."
Jack :D
Niki dies.
Nathan says, "It's true."
Pierce says, "I'm Sean Bean, damn you."
Kitty says, "…"
Jack says, "Well, in that case."
Jack :D :D :D
Pierce :D
Nathan says, "Slut."
Kitty says, "ORGAN???"
Pierce says, "Whore."
Nathan fdjkgskld
Randall says, "OTP."
Pierce says, "ORGAN."
Jack says, "ORGAN."
Kitty says, "Organ…"
Nathan says, "Everyone needs to stop yelligbhdfgbvaduj"
Jack bahahaha.
Pierce says, "/Orrrrrgan/."
Niki stares.
Peter cries on Nathan.
Nathan holds Peter.
Jack ORGAN Nathan.
Nathan kjfgu;eq
Pierce says, "I love how that word is about two letters away from being really truly dirty."
Steiner says, "Penis."
Pierce ORGAN Kitty.
Steiner might be doing it wrong.
Nathan FLOUNVES. >(
Randall says, "The failboat is /that/ way, Steiner."
Jack ORGAN Kitty's otherside, thus making the ORGAN trai--
Kitty says, "…."
Pierce says, "ORGAN TRAIL?"
Nathan says, "Man that was maybe amazing. 'Slut.' 'ORGAN???' I love you Kityy."
Jack grins.
Randall | "Am I supposed to paint with my penis?"
Steiner has died from cholera.
Jack DIES.
Pierce alskd
Kitty …DIES.
Nathan says, "Bahahaha."
Pierce says, "Chololera."
Kitty smooches Nathan. "Love ya too"
Jack says, "That was pretty good, Mr. Urinating Professional Wrestler. Thanks for playing."
Peter cries more.
Niki says, "I"
Niki says, "wh"
Nathan says, "Slut."
Pierce says, "ORGAN."
Jack takes Nathan for a ride on the ORGAN Trail.
Steiner says, "Just wait until I get to fixin' yer wagon wheel, buddy."
Nathan says, "That's my new favourite thing."
Pierce shoots a buffalo.
Jack hunts some BUFFALO.
Jack asljkdhg
Pierce Askflj
Pierce high-fives.
Jack ^5s.
Niki /stares/.
Nathan hides behind Niki.
Jack says, "You never bothered with anything but the buffalo, man."
Randall cries. http://sciencespot.net/Pages/otrail.html
Nathan w/o organaskew
Niki doesn't trust Nathan back there.
Jack says, "Buffalo gots meat like whoa."
Pierce says, "Serious."
Jack cough.
Kitty says, "What- I was ORGAN'd by Jack and Pierce?"
Pierce says, "organaskew oh god"
Jack says, "You were."
Nathan jkfdgl
Pierce ORGANS.
Nathan says, "Kitty what have you DONE."
Jack gots ORGAN like whoa.
Jack says, "Just ask Google."
Niki fnrlgnjlw
Jack grins.
Steiner says, "Do you want the truth or my side of the story?"
Nathan says, "I remember in Anne Rice, she would always use the word 'organ' for penis. Always."
Jack says, "Or Niki."
Niki had blocked it from her memory.
Jack cackles.
Kitty says, "I didn't know Nathan!"
Jack says, "WAIT."
Jack says, "WAIT."
Nathan ORGANS Jack.
Niki says, "What?!"
Kitty stays awway from the corner.
Nathan …
Niki says, "KG$JTPOJUIOP"
Nathan says, "what"
Kitty says, "…"
Niki AFK
Nathan says, "WHAT"
Nathan says, "what is going on"
Steiner >_>
Jack says, "YOU KNOW."
Rochelle has left.
Jack says, "BULLSHIT, MISS."
Jack dying so much.
Randall says, "Epic Moments, here we c-- wait."
Niki says, "wait"
Niki says, "uh."
Jack DIES.
Niki AFK.
Jack says, "WAIT."
Jack D:
Kitty says, "ffdnujfdn"
Steiner If she's not, I am.
Nathan backspaces frantically.
Steiner might use the right command next time.
Peter covers his eyes. D:
Jack says, "Nathan knows."
Nathan says, "I do not."
Jack five-limb tackle.
Nathan jhdsfhfgs
Nathan says, "It's touching meee. ;_;"
Kitty touches something to 'KNOW'.
GAME: Kitty has rolled MAKE MYSELF SEE and got a result of AVERAGE.
Jack asdjlghka
Jack says, "Did you just have a vision from touching my ORGAN?"
Jack says, "I don't know if that's scary or awesome."
Kitty says, "…Yeah.. I believe I did."
Peter cries so much.
Nathan says, "Alternatively I could hang myself."
Steiner is envious.
Jack breathes.
Jack breathes deep.
Nathan massages.
Nathan FLOUNVES. >*
Nathan says, "…yes."
Jack prrrrsnuggl---
Niki comes back.
Peter says, "So. Does this mean Jack!Peter had an askew dork?"
Nathan says, "Yes."
Niki mfkrjgkr
Jack says, "Hey Niki."
Nathan says, "Which is why Nathan put you in a cab and sent you away."
Niki !!
Kitty dances on the stripper pole.
Zorra likes. :3
Pierce dances on the stripper pole.
Crowd says: Oh, that's nice. o/‘
Peter dances on the stripper pole.
Nathan says, "WILD HORSES!!"
Jack :D
Peter says, "…"
Pierce sjfkj
Peter cries.
Randall no.
Nathan hkjfdgd
Niki dances on the stripper pole.
Crowd says: Oh, that’s nice. o/‘
Kitty chokes.
Nathan says, "Also Peter, the next time (there is always a next time) I stumble into your domain falling-over-drunk, you can’t bitch. Even if I start hunting for your porn."
Jack says, "Speaking of."
Pierce says, "There needs to be one about organ now."
Randall says, "There's a cure for that, Kitty--"
Jack says, "Niki, I totally need to have a business meeting at your club."
Niki says, "TOO MANY ORGANS--"
Niki says, "Oh yeah."
Pierce says, "ORGANNN."
Niki says, "You do."
Nathan says, "Slut. ORGAN???"
Jack DIES.
Jack says, "TOO MANY ORGANS."
Pierce says, "Lachlan still needs to see you at your club, Niki."
Niki falls over.
Jack says, "Just that phrase coming out of Ali Larter's mouth."
Jack breathes.
Pierce Dies.
Jack breathes deep.
Niki says, "Well why doesn't he just have a "business meeting" with Lachasklnrdklfaeos59r c ROFL"
Nathan XD
Peter cries
Pierce says, "N-Niki."
Pierce says, "Don't put 'business meeting' in quotes."
Niki laughing so hard.
Cam has disconnected.
Jack gives Lachlan "the business."
Kitty says, "A cure for choking?!?!"
Niki puts Lachlan and Jack in the Champagne Room.
Lachlan ORGANS Jack.
Nathan says, "I."
Jack says, "No, I don't have any cure around here."
Kitty ; wants ORGANS?
Randall gives Kitty an unmarked videotape. "This will explain everything."
Nathan leaves this window forever.
Jack says, "Just a workplace safe metaphor for my penis."
Kitty watches the tape.
Kitty mgfdiugnfsduig
Peter covers Kitty's eyes--- too late.
Jack dies.
Kitty says, "Where is the HAITIAN!"
Niki says, "Oh god yes please."
Peter does not have Haitian power.:(
Jack just looks up and sees: Kitty ; wants ORGANS?
Jack says, "Like she's not really sure."
Peter cries.
Jack says, "Gotta love that punctuation."
Niki chokes on her damn cupcake.
Kitty pokes Jack.
Jack has been trying to light a cigarette for like five minutes and is laughing too hard.
Jack pokes Kitty.
Kitty likes it.
Jack says, "I'm never going to get tired of that."
Jack says, "Because I'm mentally ten."
Jack :O
Rochelle has arrived.
Kitty says, "Oh wait.. I hope Trina doesn't see that.."
Randall | "I Kissed an Organ"
Jack says, "You and me both, kiddo."
Niki hides behind Rochelle.
Rochelle …
Niki says, "…"
Rochelle has left.
Jack dies.
Niki says, "It."
Niki says, "Were you saying that to the Trina thing, Jack?"
Niki says, "Because."
Jack says, "Yes."
Pierce says, "Trina likes Jack's organ, mmkay."
Jack says, "I didn't kiss any organs."
Niki says, "It didn't look that way."
Jack says, "Today."
Jack says, "Although I have a few minutes. :3"
Lachlan says, "Well get on it. My organ's not gonna kiss itself."
Peter says, "Oh God. The people I'm staying with probably think I'm insane."
Peter keeps cracking up.
Steiner says, "mine might."
Niki dies.
Steiner takes a minute to check.
Kitty kisses the ORGAN. Oh wait…. ?
Jack says, "Which one? Like Niki says, there's so goddamn many in here."
Steiner says, "DAMMIT. Apparently it won't. Man, back to saving up for hooker money."
Jack says, "And they all seem to be askew."
Niki says, "I don't even know what I'm laughing at any more."
Steiner says, "i mean… erm…"
Randall feels some spin-the-bottle coming on…
Pierce's might be straight and narrow.
Jack says, "Nothing wrong with hookers. They're a perfectly acceptable alternative to getting married."
Pierce is ORGAN.
Aileen has arrived.
Pierce is not.
Pierce ORGANS Aileen.
Tyson has arrived.
Jack ORGANS Aileen also.
Jack says, "Welcome to the party."
Kitty waves the ORGAN flag.
Rochelle has arrived.
Niki KDFepojtprew
Nathan says, "It's still going why why oh god."
Rochelle …peels.
Rochelle peek.
Rochelle says, "You guys scared me."
Tyson has left.
Nathan ORGANS everyone in the face.
Rochelle ER:g erfsdfc
Randall winces. /Shelly/. Ow.
Rochelle has left.
Nathan FLOUNVES. >(
Jack puts his shot.
Steiner is organned… btu holds off on forming an opinon.
Steiner has left.
GAME: Peter has rolled ORGAN+TOUCH and got a result of OH GOD MAKE IT STOP.
Nathan jkfdghj
Jack cackles.
Jack touches Peter's ORGAN.
Nathan says, "Someone mentioned Valerie Vili the other day, Jack, and all I could think was this face >("
Jack grins.
Niki says, "I like how it's always in all caps."
Gabriel has arrived.
Jack says, "It's so incredible."
Nathan ORGANS Gabriel.
Niki says, "Gabriel."
Jack says, "Also."
Peter dies
Kitty says, "Somebody get Gab-"
Jack sings >O
Niki clings to Gabriel.
Nathan says, "There I broke him in."
Gabriel …
Gabriel has left.
Peter cries.
Randall says, "Broke him, full stop."
Nathan heeheehees.
Kitty DIES,
Randall says, "If your ORGAN isn't in all caps, that means it's small and unsatisfying."

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