2007-03-31: What Once Was Lost


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Because it has video games, Namir is in Pediatrics when Molly wakes up. He calls Matt at her behest and informs him of her location, and there's a reunion. After some discussion, Samantha releases Molly from the hospital, and Namir gives the trio a place to lay low for a little while.

Date It Happened: March 31, 2007

What Once Was Lost

Pediatrics, Mount Sinai Hospital

Sometime in the night, a young girl was dropped off at the hospital. That would be none other than Molly Walker, still dressed in her school clothes and bunny apron that she was wearing the night she was kidnapped by Kellie and Sylar. Unconscious and with obvious restrictive wounds on her wrists and ankles, the girl was just left right by the door. Quickly checked out, she was found to be in stable condition and only unconscious. After being processed and checked in their eleven year old 'Jane Doe' was changed into a hospital gown, attached to a standard IV drip, and put in a bed in Pediatrics where she could be easily monitored.

A full-grown man who /isn't/ a doctor is an odd sight in Pediatrics, but this is the only place in the hospital that has video games, and Namir has been deprived of XBox for over a week. He's overdue for some electronic entertainment; sudoku and books can only do so much for him. It took some convincing, but he managed to worm his way into Pediatrics for a couple of hours. Sitting in a wheelchair and dressed in black sweats beneath the hospital gown, he's currently engaged in some sort of Crash Bandicoot game with a couple of kids — and he's not doing too well at it. First-person shooters are his genre, not … /this/. Still, it's better than staring at unmoving words, numbers, and walls all day.

Molly's ascent into to wakefulness isn't sudden or immediate. At first she tosses one way and then another, slowly waking up as if she were still back in Brooklyn. However, there's something itchy on the back of her hand and the sounds she's hearing are different than Brooklyn. Still sleepy and surprisingly warm and comfortable, it takes her a few moments before she remembers where she was last. On a rooftop, almost being thrown off of it. Fire, guns…Mohinder. That's when she gasps and sits straight up, confused and scared of her surroundings. /Where is she/. /Where is Mohinder/? Fearfully, her head snaps around in all directions, like trapped prey trying to find where she is and if Mohinder's here. Her wrists are wrapped in gauze and there's an IV in her hand. If it looks like a hospital and sounds like a hospital, it must be one. But she doesn't see Mohinder anywhere. "Mohinder?" she calls out in a tiny voice. "Matt?"

He's no doctor, but Namir at least likes children enough not to neglect them when they're afraid. When Molly sits up suddenly, he glances up from the screen, which costs him dearly in the game. The telltale sounds of failure bring his attention back to the screen and he shakes his head, passing the controller off to another kid standing expectantly nearby. "Here, you can take my spot." The little boy grabs the controller eagerly, and Namir rises from his wheelchair — using his arms to propel himself causes pain in his side — and starts to shuffle over to Molly's bedside, dragging the wheelchair behind him with his left hand. He offers her a reassuring smile as he brings the chair around parallel to the bed and sits once again. "It's all right," he murmurs quietly. "You're all right now." Well … he supposes. He doesn't know why she's in here exactly.

When Namir shuffles over to her bed, Molly automatically pulls herself to the opposite side until her side hits the safety bars. It's an automatic and quick reaction from being in captivity with Sylar and Kellie for those couple of days. She doesn't know this man and she still doesn't know where exactly she is. "Where am I? Where's Mohinder?" Even if he /seems/ to be nice, so did Kellie when she first appeared in their lives. Clutching the sheets that are still covering her in lieu of anything more comforting, she stares at Namir, trying to decide if he's going to turn on her and try to light her on fire.

Unfortunately, Namir lacks the capabilities of lighting anyone on fire without a bit of accelerant and a match, but he wouldn't set Molly ablaze even if he could. Noting her fear, he settles into his wheelchair in a more subdued, calm fashion, almost as though any sudden movements will make things worse. "You are in Mount Sinai Hospital," he informs her in a level voice, making no efforts to get any closer to the bed than he already is. The mention of the name 'Mohinder' gets his attention — but it's New York, there could be /many/ other Mohinders. "Who is Mohinder?" His eyes take in the bandages on the girl's wrists curiously, pondering what they might be covering.

When Namir doesn't seem to be attacking her or getting meaner, Molly relaxes her grip on the bedclothes a little. Her hair is still all mussed up and she still looks tired, despite all the sleeping she did. It's not hard to see that she's had a rough couple of days. Mount Sinai. That's a hospital. A regular hospital, right? She's so confused. Where is Kellie? And Sylar? Realizing that /she's/ safe and Mohinder may be dead somewhere terrifies her. She's even too frightened to try and Find him, knowing there's a possibility that she won't be able to. Instead, she does something she's been doing too much of lately, crying. In big gulping sobs. "They still have him. You have to help him. They're going to kill him. And then the boogieman's going to come back and kill me and everyone else."

When Molly starts sobbing, Namir does lean forward reflexively as though to reach out and comfort her, then he hesitates and instead simply rests his elbow on the opposite safety bar. Probably best not to get too close if she's so skittish. His eyebrows fold upward slightly in even deeper concern, flinching a bit at the pain such leaning causes. "It's all right," he intones again. "I work with the police. Can you tell me who has Mohinder?"
The police. He works for the police? That is enough to startle Molly out of her teras. For the first time, the girl looks hopeful. If he works for the police, he should know Matt. Though still shaking from her sobbing, she's trying to stop the crying. It's not working as well as she would like, but she finally moves forward, imploringly. "Sylar. Sylar and Kellie have him. They want him to cure Sylar. And if he does, he's going to come after everyone. You've got to get Matt. Matt Parkman. He's…" A pause. "He's my dad. He's a detective. Please. Please. Help."

Matt Parkman is not a familiar name to Namir. He's not a detective and thus has little idea as to the sorts of things that occur in the normal precincts. However, this is a name easily tracked down, and so the Middle-Eastern man nods slowly, smiling slightly. "Matt Parkman," he repeats, etching the name into his mind. "I will call him." But now he's all curious. A kidnapping — hostage situation — is right up his alley, even if he's stuck in a hospital for the rest of the week. "Do Sylar and Kellie have last names? What about Mohinder?"

Not caring about the tears still falling, Molly nods her head hopefully. "I don't know their last names. But Mohinder's last name is Suresh. He's my other dad." Yes, she is saying that with a straight face. In fact, she doesn't even seem to see where that would be weird for other people. "I don't know how I got here, but Sylar's still got him. Wait. Do you have a phone? Can I borrow it?" She's desperate. She'll call Matt if she has to. She knows his cell number by heart.

So perhaps it really /is/ the same Mohinder Suresh. Hmm. Namir frowns a bit at this revelation, then shakes his head again. "I have a phone in my room, but they don't allow cell phones inside the hospital." A moment's pause and then he rises to his feet again, taking hold of the wheelchair's back in preparation of dragging it behind him. "I will go call him now. What was your name?"

"Molly. Molly Walker." Molly looks almost radiant with hope at the idea of Namir getting in touch with Matt. "Tell him…tell him Monkey's here." It's his pet name for her, so he'll know that Namir is telling the truth. "Thank you. Thank you so much. Who are you?" He's gone from being someone to be scared of to her savior in the span of a couple minutes.

"My name is Namir Dayan." He offers a warm smile. "Pleasure to meet you, Molly. I will be back." And with that, dragging his wheelchair behind him, he moves off to make the phone call.
PHONE: You dial the number 283-1172. It begins to ring.

"Mr. Dayan. Thank you." Molly finally seems to have calmed down slightly by this, but she follows Namir's progress out the door and waits eagerly for him to return with news.

PHONE: Before there is a voice on the other end of the phone, there is the sound of traffic. It's not a number that Matt recognizes, so his tone is business-like, if not a little tired. "Parkman."

Mohinder is still driving around, retracing his steps. He's exhausted, but alert and feels as if he's in some sort of overdrive, hyper-alert state. When Matt's phone rings, he jerks upright some and glances briefly in the man's direction. Please let it be good news.

PHONE: There is no background noise on the other end of the phone, and the voice responding is likely strange to Matt. It is lightly accented: Israeli and native New Yorker, should the detective be familiar with such things. "Detective Parkman? This is Namir Dayan — I work with the ESU."

PHONE: Matt, like Mohinder, sits up a little straighter. He covers the phone with his other hand in order to muffle the mouthpiece when he says, "ESU," as an explanation. He too just got a second wind. "Whad'ya have for me, Dayan?" It's late…did Holcome wake up when she heard the text message beep into her phone?

Mohinder blinks once as he tries to process 'ESU'. His mind's just too focused on one thing at the moment. He continues driving, and keeping his mind on that, even as he's aware Matt has a second wind.

PHONE: Namir grunts softly and there's the sound of quiet shuffling as though he's adjusting his position in a chair or bed. "I am at Mount Sinai Hospital — unofficial business. However, I happened to be in Pediatrics earlier and there's a girl here named Molly Walker. She says you are her father?" The last is spoken questioningly.

PHONE: "Mount Sinai. /NOW./" But the words aren't meant for Namir. They're nearly shouted across the car at Mohinder, as if it were possible for the doctor not to hear him. Swallowing in an effort to get his heart back down into his chest, Matt grips the phone tighter. "How is she?" Only worried fathers sound this distraught.

Mohinder doesn't question the change in direction, he just does it. "Did they find her?" he asks hurriedly, and well, shows disregard for the traffic laws of the good city of New York. Like any respectable cab driver, really.

PHONE: Namir smiles, and the expression carries over into his voice. It's a relieved sort of tone. "She seemed all right, if not a bit shaken." A brief pause and the smile disappears. "She was talking about two people named Sylar and Kellie — said that they had Mohinder Suresh and were threatening to kill him. Would you know anything about that?"

PHONE: Matt sighs, and nods. "She's alright," he says to Mohinder before he focuses on the phone call again. "Tell her Mohinder's fine. We're on our way to you right now. There's a file on it all down at the precinct, and it will be added to as soon as possible. Sylar and Kellie are both very dangerous. I've texted Holcome, but…but if you could call dispatch and let them know that we can focus all of our efforts on tracking /them/ down, I'd appreciate it."

Mohinder breathes a very audible sigh of relief. "Thank whatever Gods choose to be listening at this time." He grips the wheel a little tighter, as he presses the vehicle on towards the hospital. (No offense Matt, but my faith isn't in the police department's ability to apprehend Kellie or Sylar. I know appearances must be kept up.. This is maddening. Why did he not stay dead?)

PHONE: Namir sounds relieved once again, odd as it may seem. "Of course. I'll tell her. I'm sure she'll be glad to hear it." Another quiet grunt as he moves once more. "We will see you when you get here, then."

PHONE: "Let us, /try,/" Matt says with a tired and soft plea to the man beside him before he grunts into the phone. "Sorry. Yes. See you soon." With that, the phone clicks off. There are advantages to driving with a cabbie-geneticist.

Mohinder says nothing else as he focuses on getting them to Mt. Sinai, faster. Damn Sylar, damn Kellie, and damn himself for caving to demands.

Some time has passed — perhaps fifteen, twenty minutes — before Namir returns to Pediatrics, this time being helpfully wheeled by a nurse who caught him in the hallway and demanded that he sit down and let himself be pushed. It's a relief in some ways and an embarrassment in others, but ah well. Once he's back at Molly's bedside, the Middle-Eastern man wears a broad smile. "Well, Molly, I have some very good news," he chuckles. "Matt is on his way here, and he says that Mohinder is all right."

It might have been years to Molly. Sitting in her bed in her hospital gown, still all mussed up from being passed out to the world, the girl has been watching the door like a hawk. Her wrists are wrapped up where she was tightly bound by Kellie and she's got an IV stuck into the back of her arm. She wants to know the moment Namir comes back and wants to be able to tell on his face the news. Right from the beginning, she can tell it's good. Beaming at Namir, she rushes forward to engulf him in a hug. This is the best news ever. "Thank you. Oh, thank you thank you thank you."

Hnnf! The attack of Little Girl Hugs is certainly appreciated, but the exuberance thereof is /not/ so appreciated by Namir's injured side. He tenses and squeezes his eyes shut, but the smile never once really fades from his face and he grins once the pain has subsided. The embrace is returned, albeit with a little less enthusiasm, complete with a patpat on Molly's back. "You're welcome," he chuckles again.

As she's hugging Namir, Molly can tell that she's hurt him. Or at least made him uncomfortable. Slowly, she pulls away and sits herself properly back down on her bed. "Sorry," she replies sheepishly, blushing a little at the emotion she just showed and for possibly wounding him further. Now she finally has the confidence, she closes her eyes and focuses on Matt and Mohinder. It takes mere moments to find them. "They'll be here soon," she beams. "I know it." Of course, that could just be her having confidence in the speed both are willing to put on to see her rather than anything more supernatural.

The entire way to the hospital, Matt can only focus on one thing. Molly. Molly. Mollymollymollymolly-HOLYCRAPMOLLY! When he feels the same connection he did hours before, he latches onto it like a dog in a rabbit and doesn't let go for the life of him, even if it means closing his eyes and bumping into the back of the elevator. OW. He can hear her say those words, and so tries to answer with his own. (Molly! Molly, god, Molly. Molly we're coming.)

Parking spaces? Zones? Mohinder's in a police vehicle, with one of New York's finest. To hell with all of those. He can move the car later! The car is parked haphazardly, and as close to the hospital entrance as he can manage. He's right on Matt's heels as the pair bail out of the car and make their way to where Molly is.

"Quite all right." But even if it is, Namir still lets out a soft, relieved exhale when Molly releases him and sits back on her bed. It /was/ a bit painful. The smile remains as he settles into his wheelchair and glances toward the door. "I'm sure they will be. It sounded like they were in traffic when I ca— " wait, what? He raises an eyebrow and glances over at Molly with a lifted eyebrow. "They?" He hadn't mentioned that Matt was with anyone else.

Namir's suspicions about Molly are all but ignored. In fact, she doesn't get the fact that she's said anything off. "Yes! Matt and Mohinder!" She's too excited about the fact that Mohinder is safe and that there are right in this very building. Matt's voice ringing out in her head makes her sit up straighter and she immediately looks to the door as if expecting him to come bursting through at any moment.

It's as if Molly had the power to open doors with her mind, because no sooner does she look at it again that it bursts open to reveal a bedraggled Matt and Mohinder. The former lets out a sigh as he lunges forward, nearly collapsing on the side of Molly's bed so that he can gather the girl up into his arms as carefully as he can. There are tubes and such, and pulling those out would be bad. "Molly," he sighs, tears in his voice. "Molly." Namir? Who's Namir?

Mohinder looks very much like Molly last saw him as he appears in the door behind Matt. Exhausted, signs of being bound as well by the rope burns on his wrists. But he's smiling. Molly's alive and safe. He's too tired to argue or put up a fuss about who gets dibs on the first hugs, so Matt's given first rush. However, that doesn't stop Mohinder from walking over to the opposite side of Molly's bed. Matt's got his arms around the girl, so Mohinder drops a hand to smooth over the girl's hair.

Hmm. Namir didn't mention Mohinder /being/ with Matt, but he doesn't get to inquire further because then the door bursts open and there's a Caucasian bulk heading in this general direction. The Muslim barely manages to forcefully push his wheelchair back with his feet, bumping to a halt against the nearby wall — but at least he's out of the line of fire. He's content to watch the scene with a faint smile. This sort of reunion never gets old, and it's the same sort of satisfaction that he'd feel if he'd just pulled Molly out of a besieged building and passed her off to her parents.

That's something that Molly didn't exactly pick up on. Subtlety isn't really her forte. She's just a little girl and glad to see her two dads okay. "Matt! Mohinder!" Suddenly, she's wrapped in hugs and she holds on tightly to both of them. "I was so scared. I thought I wouldn't see either of you again."

After a moment, Matt finally lets go of Molly enough for her other guardian to have some room, but he remains close. "I'm so glad you're safe," says a bleary eyed Matt, and he turns to look over his shoulder at Namir. Smiling only makes his reddening cheeks stand out. "Thank you for finding her and calling me." It's likely that the hospital's day shift would have been the ones to notify the precinct that a person on the watch list had been admitted.

"I was scared too Molly, I didn't know where she had gone with you," Mohinder admits as he's involved in the mini-hug-a-thon. He's not meaning to ignore Namir, in fact, he looks up and over at the man to give him a nod of thanks. For what, he's not sure, perhaps because the man appeared to be keeping a watch on Molly. That itself deserves thanks. Once Matt's pulled away, he throws his own arms tight around the girl. This is just a little bizarre, and the last place he expected Molly to turn up at.

While the little reunion continues, Namir's gaze strays to Mohinder, whom he studies carefully. Perhaps it's racial profiling, but he figures that the Indian man is the one known as Mohinder Suresh, while the other one is Matt Parkman. It's the former that Namir has an interest in, but now isn't the time to be mentioning such things. When he's addressed, the Muslim's attention goes to Matt, and his smile breaks into a brief grin. "It was no problem at all," he assures. "If she were mine, I would have wanted someone to show me the same courtesy, and she sounded urgent." Plenty of questions abound about this situation, but he refrains from asking.

There's nothing really else to say to her two guardians other than the same repeated things again. Of course, they're still comforting. And being able to hug Matt and Mohinder again is really comforting. But, something tugs at Molly's memory. She forgets about Namir being in the room - even for all the help that he gave her. There's something more important in her mind. She clutches onto Mohinder. "Did he get it? Is…is he cured?" Hopefully it's vague enough that Namir won't catch on.

"Yes," Matt says in reply to both Molly and Namir, but he clears his throat soon after. "Mohinder," and now his voice rings with immediacy. "We can't go back to the apartment. He knows it, and it'll be the first place he comes if he comes for…" Molly? Himself? "…if he comes for us again. We have to get into protective custody or…or just /move./" Looking to the little girl again, Matt sighs. (We need to get you out of here as soon as we can. Do they know you're here? How did you get here?) Other than Kellie running off with her. Matt knows that much.

Mohinder presses his lips to the top of Molly's head. "Sssh.. not now," he murmurs. He pulls back, but remains by Molly's side as he looks over to Namir. "Thank you for calling us, and watching over her. When will she be able to leave the hospital?" About to 'think' just that very same thing to Matt, he glances over to the other co-dad. "I know. I don't like any options that we already discussed." Yes Molly, your dads discussed things without your input. "I can see about protection.." (I know you don't want her back in Company custody, I don't either, but if it comes down to that as our best option.. so be it.)

The smile fades from Namir's face and becomes a concerned frown as there is discussion about danger and needing to get out of the apartment and so forth. He shakes his head at Mohinder. "I don't know. I am not a doctor." Obviously; he's dressed in a hospital gown and black sweats. "I know a couple of people here on staff, however — you've actually met one, I believe: Doctor Samantha Applebaum?" He lifts an eyebrow inquisitively, but doesn't wait for a response or acknowledgement. "I can talk to them. Perhaps they can get her discharged quickly and discreetly. And if you'd all like a place to stay, I'm not going to be discharged until Thursday; I wouldn't mind if you used my apartment until you can find someplace more suitable."

"I don't know," Molly responds to Matt's unspoken thoughts with words. Everything is moving so fast she can't think correctly. Then, she remembers. ~ I just woke up here. And Mr. Dayan was there. ~ "Protection?" The thought is strange for her. She thought she /was/ being protected with Matt and Mohinder. By the looks on their faces, she can tell they're having 'internal' conversations. And she doesn't like it. "That's not fair, guys," she pouts. Then, Namir's speaking again and she smiles at him before looking back her two dads. This is really their decision.

No, it isn't fair, and Matt gives Molly an apologetic kiss to the head. (Sorry.) He looks over his shoulder at Namir, then to Mohinder again. "Sounds like as good a plan as any." At least the discharge part. "I'd hate to inconvenience you any once you get out, Dayan. You've already been very helpful." Almost suspiciously helpful, but Matt's been a little too paranoid for his own good lately.

Mohinder blinks and looks directly at Namir. He nods his head, "Yes, I've met with Dr. Applebaum. She mentioned you to me, Mr. Dayan." He raises a hand to smooth over Molly's back in a comforting manner. "That would be greatly appreciated, the discretion." As to the offer of a temporary haven, he glances to Matt even as he speaks to the girl. "I'm sorry Molly, you're right, it's not fair." But that's just how it's going to have to be. "Our options are slim at the moment and your offer is greatly appreciated."

Naturally, Namir's intentions are entirely honorable. He's just a helpful guy. His smile grows again and he nods at Mohinder again. "So she told me. I wish we could have met under better circumstances." To Matt, he adds, "It's not an inconvenience, really. I'm not using the apartment this week, so you may as well, and I sincerely doubt this … Sylar and Kellie duo know where I live. It's already stocked with food— " if they don't mind a halal diet "— and anything you'll need, and it's cheaper than a hotel. So long as you don't mind rats — /pet/ rats — " the quick clarification is added with a grin "— I would appreciate it if you kept an eye on them in the meanwhile. Think of it as payment."

"Pet rats?" Molly perks up at the idea of something living and furry that she can play with. This is definitely better than protective custody in the Company. She looks between Matt and then Mohinder with hopeful eyes. /Pet rats/. Come on, dads, this is a great place to stay.

(But only for awhile,) is Matt's initial response to Molly's hopeful thought. To Mohinder, he nods. (That…it might be the best. Talk to Bob? I want her comfortable. And I don't want them to…) but hopefully Matt won't even have to think what he fears. "Just so long as something happens soon. I don't want either of you snatched up again."

"As do I," Mohinder says in return to Namir. The diet may only be an issue with the geneticist, but it's easily dealt with. (What do you think Matt? I'm wary, but at the moment, I could simply fall over on my face and sleep for days… and I think Molly likes the idea of pet rats. As for Bob, yes, I'll speak with him. My next stop is to speak with him and Mr. Madson. I'll do all of my work from there, so I can be with her.) He smiles faintly at Namir, "I think.. we shall take you up on the generous offer. All you had to do was mention the pet rats."

The door to the room opens, and in comes Sam, clad in her white doctor's coat, jeans and sweater underneath. "Hope you're getting prepped for a pop quiz on that boo - " She pauses, chart cradled in her arm as she takes in the sight of Matt, Molly, and Mohinder. "Dr. Suresh," she greets with a puzzled smile. "Hello, there." she adds to Matt and Molly, though she gives Namir a whiskey-tango-foxtrot expression as she approaches the bed.

Sitting beside Molly (or Jane Doe's) bed in Pediatrics in his handy wheelchair (which carted him over to play video games shamelessly earlier today), Namir grins at the girl's enthusiastic reception of pet rats. "Yes, Dahlia and Lamis. They're very friendly; I think you'll like them." He lets out a quiet laugh at Mohinder's addition. "Yes, it's always the rats that do it — though if I ever got the urge to sell, I don't think mentioning rats would help an— " And then there's a door opening and a Sam. The mention of a pop quiz causes Namir's grin to widen slightly, but it's a somewhat nervous expression. Not /now/, there are /people/. "Samantha," he greets. "I was just going to come looking for you. I just … offered these three my apartment until Thursday. They're in a bit of a tight spot, and I was wondering if you could swing an early release for Molly there." An indicative nod is given toward Molly.

"Doctor Applebaum," Matt says like a respectable adult and representative of the law. He stands up and steps toward her, away from Molly's bed, and extends a hand. But this gives Namir time to speak, and Matt squints a bit as if flicked with a pebble. It's his own acronym-moment. "Detective Matt Parkman." Or maybe he just doesn't like being left out. Or maybe he likes the feel of that title. "How soon can Molly be safely released?" He then projects a thought, robot-master-wise: (The longer she stays, the less safe she is.)

When Samantha enters, Molly blinks at the doctor, unsure of who she is. Other than a doctor, from what everyone is saying. "I really feel fine now," she says, oh so helpfully. Then she gives the woman a winning smile. Because that will show just how healthy she is now! Even if she still looks tired and haunted from her ordeal.
Mohinder glances towards the door as it opens and Samantha enters. He gives the incoming woman a nod. "Dr. Applebaum, it's good to see you again. Although, I had hoped under better circumstances, the same as with finally meeting Mr. Dayan here. An early release, a discreet one, would be most appreciated," he adds after Namir makes his request. He tries to sound as pleasant as he can, being exhausted and running on empty.

"Officer." Sam shakes Matt's hand, and then picks up Molly's chart, opening it up. "Hi, Molly." she says. "I see here you're listed as a Jane Doe." She closes the folder. "My name's Dr. Applebaum, but you can call me Sam." She pulls up a free chair, and holds out her hands. "Show me your wrists, please." She says this quietly but firmly, without condescenscion. Turning to look briefly at the men, she blinks as she takes note of Mohinder's wrists. A brow flicks upward, and she explains, "I'd like to help you get discharged, and I'm willing to do so, but there are some things I need to see and find out first. So if you help me, I'll help you. Is that okay?" she asks of Molly.

If Namir knew about Matt's abilities, he'd probably be a little more guarded with his thoughts. The glance he's given is enough to make him frown a bit, however. He didn't … /hear/ that, did he? Was Namir not using his inside voice? Maybe it was for something else. Yeah. That's it. The Muslim shakes it off and is content to go silent and let the good doctor handle things.

"I'm not a Jane Doe, though. I'm a Molly Walker." Molly gives her best attempt at a grin, making small talk with the doctor. The better she seems, the more likely it is that she'll be released. Holding out her already bandaged wrists for Samantha to check, she stows away the smile to nod solemnly. "Okay."
Matt stands aside to let the good doctor do her work, but he also makes a point to relax his mind a little, letting the volume be turned up a bit. It's actually easier, as if relaxing muscles that are kept perpetually tight.

Mohinder leans slightly against the edge of Molly's bed for support. "It's alright, go ahead and show Dr. Applebaum," he encourages gently with a pat on the girl's shoulder. He chuckles slightly at Molly, "It's a name assigned to people they don't have an identification on… such as in your case." The explanation is given patiently to the girl.

"Who takes care of you at home, Molly?" She considers Molly's bandages a moment, and then seems to decide they're well enough taken care of, and besides, it would just add extra uneccessary time. She has this sense of urgency, though concerns nag at her. She'll feel more at ease if they can be satisfied and then why shouldn't she discharge the girl?

"Matt and Mohinder," Molly replies quickly. Now that one's an easy one. This is all quite painless and she wrinkles her nose at Mohinder. "I know that. I was trying to make a joke." She doesn't have to be serious /all/ the time.

Namir's thoughts drift as he watches doctor and patient. He's going to have to call Fahd and warn him about people staying in his empty apartment. Fahd walking in on a gay couple and their adopted daughter living in his brother's apartment would be very bad. The Muslim smirks slightly at Molly's statement. "Someone ought to change her name to Jane Doe. Imagine the confusion when she checked into hospitals."

"Yeah, Mohinder," Matt says with an easy smirk. It's good to be around Molly again. "She even knows what ESU means." He saw that look earlier. "Mollywog's going to catch bad guys someday, aren't you?" Or not. But it's nice to think she will. But…wait, what?! Matt frowns and gives Namir a brief, sidelong dirty look as he tries to delve into the specialized officer's mind. (They aren't gay,) he projects, but as with Samantha, it's not in Matt's voice, but an attempt at telepathic persuasion. (They just have similar goals. Like raising that little girl.)

Mohinder's brows raise at Samantha's question. Okay, he's going to take that a little personally. "We were both kidnapped, held against our will the past few days.. It's.. a very long story." One that explains the wounds, the weariness. To Molly, he smiles and says, "Oh, sorry sweetheart, I did not mean to ruin your joke then." He rolls his eyes at Matt, smart alec. The dirty look Matt gives in Namir's direction, it's missed as the geneticist is concerning himself with Molly and Samantha.

"Really?" Sam smiles. "I think it's wonderful that the state is recognizing the validity of alternative couples for viable parenthood. I'm sure they treat you like a princess, huh?" She turns to smile at Mohinder and Matt - hey, why is looking at Namir like that? Is he giving her boyfriend the eye? Hrrrrrm. She looks up to Mohinder, and notes his wounded expression. "Generally when a child would enter the ER in the circumstances Molly has, the immediate thing to do is call social services. I'm trying to circumvent that." Unsaid: Take it personally if you want, but suck it up. She reaches into her pocket to pull out a 'scrip sheet. "Okay, Molly. I'm gonna give one of your dads a 'scrip for some ointment to help your wrists heal a little faster, and then we'll see about getting you discharged so you can go home, okay?"

But then again, men who take care of children together aren't always gay, right? They might just both care for her deeply. Hmm. Still, Namir will call his brother to avoid any misconceptions. And then Samantha pipes up with her little input, and the Muslim smirks wide. So he's not the /only/ one making assumptions. /Ha/. Even if it might be inaccurate. The mention of Social Services causes him to glance at Mohinder's own wrists and he frowns. "I don't think that would really be necessary," he utters.

"Alternate couples?" Molly looks confused about that wording of that for her two dads. "But, Matt and Mohinder aren't a couple." As far as she can see. Who knows. "They're the best, though. They give me ice cream. And Matt lets me have hamburgers when Mohinder isn't watching." Sacred cow burgers. "Okay! Thank you so much, doctor! I really just want to go home." Even if it's not really home where she's going.

"No," Matt agrees and disagrees at the same time. "I mean…we're not…" but Molly, wonderful Molly, has taken care of it. "Thank you, Dr. Applebaum." Matt lifts a hand to run it through his shortly cropped hair and rub the back of his neck.

Mohinder blinks and looks straight at Samantha. Okay, maybe that sort of assumption is one that could be made of this arrangement over Molly's raising. "…. We both take care of her, but it's not like that. Although we do treat her like a princess," he says to correct the doctor's jump to conclusions. (Even if it's a valid one.) "The precaution, and the question, it's understandable. Better to be safe than sorry." He clears his throat and lightly squeezes Molly's shoulder. It's a sign to uhm, please stop talking.

Samantha writes the perscription and hands it to Mohinder. It's a salve for Molly's injuries, though the dosage given would be enough for both her and someone else if needed. "Oh, one more thing." She reaches into her pocket again, and pulls out a card. This she hands to Molly. "If you have questions, or would like to talk." Sam did a lot of work with kids while in Africa and South America, kids who saw (and did) some pretty horrific things. At worst, Molly will chuck it or forget about it, but if she needs it? Well, it's there. "Officer Parkman, Dr. Suresh - could we step outside for a moment?" She takes Molly's chart, and flips it open in preparation to sign her out for release.

"Mm, I'll write up directions to my apartment." Namir casts around for something with which and upon which to write — and comes up with some crayons and a small notebook kept in the nearby nightstand. Crayons. But they work. He starts to sketch out and write with the black crayon, since it's the clearest.

Molly gets the little squeeze on her shoulder message and does stay silent. Or as silent as she can while answering questions. Taking Samantha's card, she looks at it and nods. She has no pockets because she's in a hospital gown, so she gives it to Mohinder so he can give it back to her later when she can actually put it someplace she won't lose it. "Thank you."

"Right," Matt says with a nod, looking to Namir. "Thank you again." Molly and rats. Well, maybe they'll have some untainted ones at the Company to play with.
Mohinder takes the prescription and glances over it. The dosage is made note of. They'll get that on the way home, along with a few pints of ice cream he thinks. The card is taken from Molly and the prescription folded around it. Both are pocketed for safe keeping. He nods to Samantha and pushes himself away from Molly's bedside to accompany her out into the hallway.

Samantha looks over her shoulder. "Write food and care instructions for the rats too, so Molly has instructions she suggests, and leads Molly's Two Dads out the door. In the hall, she puts her sig to the discharge but says quietly to Mohinder and Matt, "Is there any way I can convince you two to find someone that Molly can talk to? A professional, perhaps a specialist. She's bene through a harrowing ordeal." So she's got no clue of just how much in terms of harrowing Molly's been through, but hey, she's only trying to help.

"Mm!" Namir nods his head in agreement of Samantha's suggestion and quickly proceeds to add care instructions for the rats. He finishes not long after the trio has left the room, then reads over the paper again carefully before smiling and presenting for Molly's perusal. "I think it's my greatest masterpiece yet." There's a crude road map along with instructions scribbled onto the paper in fairly neat writing. At the bottom is something written in Arabic.

Perhaps it's because it's the end of a very long day, or perhaps it's simply Matt's lack of patience. Outside the room, he licks his lips and wrings his hands. "Dr. Applebaum, I'm sure there are plenty of things that aren't in that file of yours, and that you're just doing your job. And you're doing a very excellent job. Don't think I'm telling you /aren't./ You've been helpful, and can't even begin to tell you how much Mohinder and I appreciate it. But… Molly's a very tough little girl. And I'm sure if she ever felt the need to talk to someone aside from us, she'd let us know."

Molly takes the map from Namir with a smile and studies it very carefully. Just like she normally does with any map she's given - crudely drawn or not. "It's good! Look, see, I can tell this is where you live. And this is where are now." She points it out to Namir as if he wasn't the one that drew it. She squints at the Arabic written at the bottom. "What's this say?"

Mohinder clears his throat some before addressing Samantha. "The last few days have been horrible, there is no denying that. Molly is however, a very strong girl Dr. Applebaum. I think, between Matt and I, we can make sure her mind is put at ease. Please don't mistake me, I do take your suggestion seriously." He glances aside to Matt, "As does Matt here," only not as diplomatically. "There are counselors at his precinct, and I know of a few as well. We're quite connected should it be necessary, and it's a very good suggestion." Too bad the only shrinks equipped to handle talking to Molly are on the Company dole.

Samantha tries to suppress her amusement that Matt is fretting like a Jewish mother, and actually succeeds. "She is a very starwalt, brave little girl." she agrees with both men. "But children often expression their emotions related to trauma in ways that adults don't always catch on to. If she exhibits any severe changes in behavior, a sudden excessive tendency toward solitude, has a marked increase in nightmares or if her play habits change…please do consider it." She offers both men a rueful smile, "And I'll leave my lecture at that, I swear." And with that, she turns to head back into Molly's room.

"That," states Namir with a smile, "is how your name is spelled in Arabic." As an afterthought, he takes the map from Molly again and scribbles down a number. "And this is the number to my room, in case you get lost on the way there and need to call for clarification." Because that's always a good idea.

Matt nods. "Thank you again, Doctor," he says before he heaves a sigh and pulls the keys out of his pocket where he stuffed them after grabbing them from Mohinder. His car. His keys. "I'll go get the car and meet you in the lobby." With that, the detective turns and starts to leave.

Molly takes the paper back and smiles at the Arabic writing. "I like it. It makes my name look prettier." All the swirlies and things. "Thank you. I don't think we'll get lost, but it's good to know."
Mohinder glances aside to Matt. That pretty much describes some of Molly's issues as they were before this latest incident. (Well, that's nothing new about her behavior.) "I appreciate your concern and suggestions Dr. Applebaum. Honestly." He nods to Matt, "We'll be down shortly." Samantha is followed back into the room and he smiles at his ward. "Matt's gone down to get the car, we'll be leaving shortly Molly… again Mr. Dayan, I can't thank you enough for this."

Samantha nods. "I handed off the paperwork, so a nurse should be coming to help you and escort you to pick up shortly." She smiles at the pair, walking up behind Namir. "As for you, Speed Racer, we're going to get you back to your own room."

"I certainly hope you don't." Namir grins and settles back into his chair again, just as Mohinder and Samantha return to the room. He looks to the former and shakes his head. "Really, it's no problem. I'm happy to help, and at least now I know there is someone there to make sure the milk doesn't go bad." And then his wheelchair is being threatened with /mobility/ and he cranes his head back to frown up at the doctor playfully. "Do I have to?" he groans. "They have video games here." Even if he's terrible at them. Stupid children's games.

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