2009-11-28: What's Coming to Him



Date: November 28, 2009


Three blondes meet in a bar. One causes euphoria, one spills her drink, and the last plays mom. No, it's not a joke… Or is it?

"Log Title"

Somewhere in NYC — Underground Salsa Club

The clique, quite possibly the trendiest and fashion forward group of girls in New York city. More than once their members have been graced with the title of 'It Girl'. It just so happens that tonight is the night of the wildest party of the year (so says Olivia). Inside the basement of an abandoned building, in the middle of nowhere, there is music pumping, people jumping, and what? Yes. Dirty dancing.

Hallis is among them, full on Hallis. As though nothing had changed in her life. She's out with her friends and they're all out to forget their worries and troubles (they have those?). Currently, Hallis is in the corner of the club, staring up at the ceiling, and Trenton is leaning over her tapping her cheek.

Decidedly not dressed for a party, but rather, another day of walk-ins at Hope Hearth. Dressed in her sleeveless little black dress, heavy peacoat, and pointed black boots, her dress is somewhere between dressy and business. She pads into the abandoned building as she'd been called out by a patient (not Hallis) to this location (or one near it… considering Syd's sense of direction). She glances around for her client and pads towards the back of the club only to have a creeper glom onto her.

"Hey baby! You wanna dance?!" the well-dressed, but equally slimy creeper asks.

"No," Sydney's reply is simple enough as she continues to peer about the room. "Do you know a girl named Thandie? I suspect I'm in the wrong spot…"

"My name could be Thandie if you'd dance with me…" the creeper responds. Sydney rolls her eyes as she continues to look about the room of people.

Thank goodness Sydney's still near the entrance, too bad the patient she is looking for is sitting in a group of chairs right near the group of socialites. As Trenton taps her face, Hallis smacks his hand away, scowling at him. "Don't touch me. Go find your girlfriend." Better yet, find Hallis' girlfriend.

Trent's eyes darken and he flops down in the couch next to her, unwilling to be forced away. "Hallis, we're good for each other. You know it, I know it. Just dump that guy and come back to me." This earns a narrowed eyed glare from Hallis and she jumps up off the chair.

"Get lost Trenton, I never want to see you again." And she loses herself in the crowd, grabbing some nondescript man and beginning the motions of a very sensuous dance.

The man is left at the chairs, glowering, and being alternately taunted and hit on by Mitsy. "Get lost, skank." he mutters in a dangerous tone, his eyes following the blonde until she disappears from view.

Creeper continues to follow Sydney like a lost puppy, continuing to glom onto her as she pads towards the back of the room, "Look buddy! I don't want to dance. Go away. Go. GO." Finally the creeper gets the message. Shaking her head in mild irritation, Sydney makes her way towards the back of the room, but she still can't see Thandie. So instinctively she reaches into her pocket and texts her client. Seconds later the text comes through. "Okay, back of the room, Falkland. Don't let down your guard…"

Finally she pads up to Thandie and arches an eyebrow, "Why the 911?" Her lips are pursed. This certainly doesn't look like an emergency.

"Well, there's this guy who keeps trying to dance with me, but he reminds me of my ex, so I keep saying no, but… yeah…"

The things that rich people consider problems would make Sydney laugh if she was any less professional, "I think you already know the answer to your request. You're not over your last relationship and you told me you feel like you're not ready for another relationship…"

It's uncanny how when Sydney got irritated, everyone within a five foot radius of her followed suit. A few stepped on toes, a few body bumps, and a few scuffles later finds Hallis landing in one of the chairs back with her crowd, somewhat unwilling to get involved in all of it. She was outside of Sydney's influence, and because of it, she's still riding her high.


"Oh shit, Trent, hide me." The young woman murmurs, turning her body and shaking out her hair to somewhat disguise herself from the therapist sitting not more than three feet away from her. Good thing that Sydney's in a good mood, because the request has Trenton simply beaming.

"You don't even have to ask, my one true love." His voice drips like honey. And it's probably sweet enough to give a woman cavities.

The madness of the underground salsa club is a hubub of activity. Sydney sits in the back talking to Thandie, a patient who has been tempted to jump off the wagon when it comes to the wrong kind of guys (her own words, not Syd's). Only a few feet away is Hallis trying to hide from her therapist behind Trenton.

"But Dr. Falkland!" Thandie whines. Sydney raises a finger to her lips, "None of this. It's your decision and they're your actions. If you fall off the wagon again, I'm dropping you as a client as per our agreement." It seems Syd is capable of tough love. That said, she glances around and sees… Hallis. Looking …off. Great.

Frowning, Sydney marches over to Trent and Hallis and forces a strained smile, "Hallis." Her greeting is simple enough. She peers at Trenton skeptically and wrinkles her nose, "Who's your friend?"

Turning her head to face the woman she was trying to avoid, Hallis gives Sydney a strained smile. "Dr. Falkland, what are you doing here?" Then she turns toward Mitsy and narrows her eyes, "Mitsy, get lost. Go find another Walmart stocker to pick up."

It's an insult, a very bold one, and Trenton laughs loudly and points at the brunette. "Whoah, Mits, that was… Wow. Yeah you should go." And he settles his arm around Hallis' shoulders, looking straight at Sydney. "I'm her fiance," he replies smoothly, looking at Sydney as though challenging her to argue.

"He isn't my fiance. It's Trenton Hawthorne." Hallis growls, her high suddenly ruined and leaving her feeling quite angry. "He's a man that I used to date… off and on. We're still off."

"I had some business to attend to," Sydney chimes as she shoots a pointed look towards Thandie who promptly turns away. "This isn't really the kind of place I'd normally come to…" Especially in an abandoned building. She likes to dance, but the whole underground club movement doesn't exactly appeal to her. "And how are you doing, Hallis? You and … Mister Hawthorne look like you're having a good time." She purses her lips together. There's a pointed pause before Sydney asks the question on her mind, "So, have you gave up on giving up your vices then?"

There'd been rumors of this place being here tonight that Emily had heard while out and about…an underground club masquerading as a salsa club. A place where drugs and booze flow freely…the advantage of not having nor making any pretenses to obtain a permit. It's the kind of atmosphere Emily thrives in, amidst the music, booze, and drug-addled minds of the people there to dance. There's nobody to stop her from entering the club…but had there been, a few bills would've taken care.

Her entrance to the club is nothing out of the ordinary, beyond the fact that she's pushed to nearly the sky. The patrons can easily pinpoint the blonde head looming over many of the club goers, pushed up to near 6'2" in the python-skin boots that Hallis thankfully footed the bill for. The blonde hair, slightly curled at the end, is left free to bounce and bob around, and the rest is packaged into a strapless black dress that hugs every curve and leaves miles of leg exposed. She'd weathered the cold to get here in this getup, and she expects heads to turn.

Trenton places his arm on the back of Hallis' chair, somewhat possessively as he gazes up at Sydney. "Why does she have to give up on anything? I love her just the way she is, the way she's always been." No, the man hasn't been the biggest fan of Hallis' little karma quest. It's a needless passtime that only drives her further away from him.

"I took a night off." Hallis mumbles, reaching toward the table for her very colorful cocktail. The blonde therapist is enough to drive a drinking woman to drink more… alternatively, Hallis could just be using her presence as an excuse. "Besides, I didn't think you really cared any more. Considering you're always too busy. I think I have an appointment in three weeks or so though." A quick glance is given behind Sydney and the petite woman's face brightens a little, "Is Eric here?"

For now… Emily has escaped unnoticed.

An eyebrow is arched at Trenton. Yes, he's irritating the therapist. "We make choices Mister Hawthorne. Some people like to aspire to more than just partying. I don't see why this should be squandered." Her jaw tightens, but she continues to smile politely.

Eyebrows are furrowed further. "Hallis, I have time for you. I went on leave this last week because I was finishing my dissertation and… well… I suffered some personal trauma that I've since dealt with." She presses her lips together, "I'm not too busy for you. You're on my exception list anyways. Although, I'm sure Tara didn't tell you that" Seriously, why hasn't the terrible receptionist been fired yet?! Her cheeks flush at the mention of Eric, however. "Um… I don't think Eric's here. Why he be?" Flush.

Sliding into the club and bee lining for whatever bar they have, Emily puts in her drink order…a peppermint schnapps. Looking over the crowd, made easy by a rather sparse dance floor and her height, she…is frankly a little shocked to find some faces she knows. Hallis, of course, with some man who's practically fawning all over her, and postured to protect her against some other woman…that woman Sydney that was in the park with Hallis the other day. Before she gets her drink, she drifts away from the bar, and drifts through what crowd there is.

A grin only a hair short of predatory is on her face, as she slides closer and closer to Hallis, hoping not to be seen. She's approaching from the back of their table…Sydney would be the one to see her, if she's seen, but thankfully she's not! When she reaches the table, she does a little 90 degree turn away from the table, back toward the floor, but not before she stretches out and lets her fingertips slide over the top of one of Hallis's bare shoulders. It's a surgical strike, as she fades into the crowd to observe.

Hallis freezes and then takes a deep breath, giving Trenton a very surprised look. Grateful though… She hasn't felt like that since about an hour before George left her bed the other night. It is very possible that the strength of Hallis' reaction could cause Sydney to feel exactly the same way. "H-how did you do that? Are you studying that tantra or something?"

Trenton is confused for a second, but smooth enough to take credit for the reaction, assuming it was simply his presence that has the young blonde perspiring and breathing heavily. He reaches forward and places his arms around her shoulders, trying to draw her closer to him. "Yeah, that's exactly what I did… I've been trying everything to get you back."

Unfortunately for Trenton, that is not the touch that Hallis just experienced, and she knows it. "No, it wasn't you, get off me! You're…" And she gets up in a little daze, looking around for someone, or something.

The emotional vibes in the air are very… euphoric. The therapist calms some in the environment. It's a happy place after all. Her pursed lips twitch into a broad grin as she tilts her head at Trenton and Hallis. "This is a happy place isn't it? Lots of people dancing and enjoying themselves!" She grins before she quizzically raises an eyebrow at Hallis as the celebutante looks for someone, "What's wrong Hallis?"

Blending in as best she can with the few folks dancing, Emily just has to step back and take a look at her handiwork…quite literally! With a hand on her hips, the shear silken sleeves of her dress billowing a little with her every move, she catches a peek over her shoulder to see Hallis' reaction to the magic fingers, as it were. It shouldn't be too hard to spot her in the crowd though, if Hallis has even a little bit of sense…or knows a lot of amazons.

The touch was simply euphoric, Hallis has only felt something like that once before. Still in her little daze, she shakes her head absently at Sydney and murmurs something. If her therapist is experienced at reading lips it is plain that Hallis is saying It's her… Whipping her head around to look through the throngs of people, the young socialite finally spots the tall woman in the crowd.

A small smile graces her face and she raises a hand to wave her fingers at the Amazon. Uncannily, the shorter blonde is wearing an outfit similar to the tall woman, just with a pair of stiletto booties rather than high boots. Brushing past Sydney, she makes a beeline for the woman, leaving her to the mercy of Trent and the rest of the clique.

"What's with—" Trenton begins, spotting the tall woman that Hallis is approaching. Then a slow smile spreads across his face as the images of what his night could turn into (if he plays his cards right) flow through his mind. As a side to the therapist, he nods his head in the direction of the two women and licks his lips. "Did she start swinging for the other team?"

As Hallis departs, Sydney's own euphoria dissipates some. "Come on Syd, get a grip…" she murmurs to herself with a shake of her head. She takes a few deep breaths to clear her head as her gaze follows Hallis towards Emily. Frown. Her own emotions fight against the euphoria. A glance is given to the door and then back towards the pair. She can't — in good conscience — leave Hallis alone with Emily. With a swallow, she glances at Trent and merely hmmms. Decidedly, she smooths her coat and pads up to the pair, fighting the strength of the euphoria as best she can. Her arms cross over her chest as she studies the pair, but she doesn't speak. She just watches only a couple of feet behind Hallis.

"Hallis…darling!" Emily calls out, spinning around and acting 'shocked' to see Hallis here in the club. Clearly, that's a total lie. "How are you?" she asks, making with the faux cheek kisses…which means bending down a good deal! "See anything familiar?" she asks, motioning down her legs to the python-skin boots, the scales shimmering in the mood lighting of the club. "I heard rumors about this place, and just had to come down and see it!" she says, motioning around the place with her hands, which of course, sets the sleeves of her dress in motion again. "Oh! And is that Sydney?" Emily looks over Hallis' shoulder and smiles, giving Sydney a little finger wave, moving those long fingers slowly in the air.

Hallis brightens the moment Emily acknowledges her. "Hi… uhm— What's your name?" The young woman's voice is a bit breathless at the sight of the tall Amazon. Is it so strange that she bought a pair of expensive boots for a woman that she didn't even know? Probably not, Emily needed them, besides, they look really good on her. The smile on the celebutante's face widens even more when the tall woman talks about the underground club. "Good thing, it won't be here tomorrow and the crowd'll move on."

When Emily points out Sydney, Hallis turns to face her and gives the therapist an uneasy smile. "Yeah, I think she's checking up on me… or something. It's like she's got a sixth sense." And Hallis raises her hand to give her therapist a similar wave, the feelings of euphoria only escalating as she stands next to the source. "Seriously, when I'm at home, she avoids me… The second I step out with my friends, bam! She's there."

Focus. Focus. Focus. Sydney smiles easily despite her apprehension about Emily and waggles her fingers back at the blonde amazon, while recalling her name as per her conversation with Gene, "Hi Emily." This is, of course because of Hallis' already-heightened emotions playing with Sydney's own. But euphoria or not, she needs to try to focus on the task at hand.

"I wasn't here to check on Hallis, actually. I have other patients too." She narrows her eyes at the pair. Clearly she wasn't successful at keeping Emily from Hallis. "Hallis, that's ridiculous. I don't avoid you when you're at home. I took a leave of absence this week to deal with some … issues of my own. Besides, you're one of three patients with my cellphone number" all others have to go through the office "if you needed me you still could've reached me." She offers a smile that is somewhere between joy and suspicion. It really is an odd combination.

"Girls…girls. Why don't you just enjoy your time here tonight? Like Hallis said, it'll be gone tomorrow, right?" Now, time for a little psych-out action. "What do you say we make a trip to the bar, and we get you two a drink to help relax? Or maybe Hallis will have a drink, and you can go back to your patient…since, after all, you're not here to check on Hallis. I'll take good care of her, I promise." That being said, Emily slides her hand onto Hallis' shoulder, and turns her toward the bar; she doesn't do anything strange, just wanting to see Hallis' reaction to those fingers sliding onto the bare skin there without using her powers. That should tell her a one or two things about Hallis!

Before Emily has the chance to turn the young socialite toward the bar, Hallis counters Sydney's objection with "Really Sydney? Really? Because what could possibly be more important than me?" With that challenge set, the young socialite turns easily, smiling up to her new friend and stepping toward the bar. "I think I could use a few drinks…" she chatters idly to the tall woman. A visible shiver courses through her at Emily's touch and more than a few of her own inhibitions go out the window. Tentatively, she reaches around Emily and rests her hand on the tall woman's opposite hip.

"Heh heh.. Aaalllright." Trent murmurs in Sydney's ear as he watches the pair move toward the bear. "I think I just hit the jackpot. Excuse me…" He pulls a small packet of white powder from his pocket, shaking it. Though he will never admit to needing to resort to such tactics, Trent sidles up to the duo at the bar and pulls out some money with his other hand, waving the pair away from their wallets. Once the drinks have been set in front of him, he reaches for them and discreetly dumps the powder in both drinks before handing them to the girls.

"Hallis, I have mental health too. How am I supposed to help anyone when it's been compromised?" the question is rhetorical. Sydney's lips curl into a frown, but only for a moment. Seconds later they curl back up into a smile, "Well, I'm sure when I speak to him, Prometheus will be pleased to hear that you're keeping such company." SMILE. She mentally encourages herself to stand her ground, and just keeps smiling at the pair. "I can't drink; on call tonight." The smile fades, however, at Hallis' reaction.

The therapist pauses to turn to the door and then sees…. Trenton drugging the drinks. "Just call me mom… always caring for everyone else… awesome," she mutters as she follows the pair to the bar, but she's a bit behind them, not enough time to stop them if they should trust the drinks in front of them.

Emily, at least, seems more concerned with the act of ordering the drinks and sitting at the bar rather than actually drinking it. Like the initial drink she ordered when she arrived, this one sits on the bar too, untouched for the moment. "Ahh, Prometheus. He'd be glad to know I haven't done anything bad since we last talked. I'm following the rules." She smirks, finally content to settle herself on a bar stool and crosses those legs. But that IS intriguing. If Sydney knows who Prometheus is, for real, maybe it's worth finding out…by force, if necessary.

"Prometheus?" Trenton guffaws, sliding up to Hallis and looking down at her, nodding his head as encouragement to drink. "That's the worst name I've ever heard. Some douche actually named his kid Prometheus?" The man doesn't seem at all afraid of imposing himself on the situation, especially if it means more than one bed partner at the end of the night. Tonight's menu? He's looking at 3 blondes: Appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Hallis shifts away from the man and gives him a glare, placing the drink down on the bar to match Emily. She's turned into the woman's Mitsy, the clingon. Intriguing though, Sydney seems to be acting the part of the jealous boyfriend tonight. Not leaving Hallis alone to enjoy her night away from her life as the Stepford Wife. Absently, she takes one of the three drinks from the bar and takes a sip.

"Hallis don't drink that!" Sydney urges as she steps towards the younger blonde and attempts to bat the drink from her hand. She points towards Trenton, "He drugged them." Of course, she's already taken a sip. Redirecting her attention to Trenton, she shakes a finger at the man, "It's people like you —" the thought isn't finished. And where she was going with it is entirely unknown.

"I'm sure that would be of interest to Prometheus," she quips back to Emily.

"People like him what? What did he do?" Emily asks, furrowing her brows at Sydney. But…well, the way Sydney slaps the drink away from her hand, that's pretty much the story. "Hallis…I don't much care for your friend. Would you care to make him leave?" Emily's not shy with her methods, and sitting on the bar stool, is easily able to rub Hallis' shoulder a bit. This time, she gives a few little finger movements rather than a simple touch, a little hint at an untrained massage of some sort, before she pulls her stunt once more…this time making sure Sydney can see everything.

The drink goes flying and lands down Sydney's front. It would have been harmlessly batted to the floor if Hallis hadn't tried catching it and flipped it toward the psychologist. "Oh shi—!" Eye wide, she just stares at Sydney, her mouth agape. "Oh geez! I'm so sorry Sydney, I was trying to catch it and…" Looks like her stubborn personality has relaxed (at least a little) in order to apologize to the woman whose peacoat she just soaked with sangria. "I'll buy you a new one, I promise!" Then she turns back to Emily, smiling a little.

If the touch was meant to convince Hallis to do something, it failed. Because as soon as Emily's fingers begin to rub the petite blonde's shoulders, she spasms and her eyes roll up into her head. Then? The goofy smile of complete joy crosses her features. "Oh man… I need…" And she falls backward, limp, right into Trenton's waiting arms. "George… and a cigarette."

The name causes a scowl to appear on Trenton's face and he lets go of the little socialite, who is not lucky enough to catch herself and falls in a crumpled heap onto the sangria slick floor…. ruining her sequined shift.

Covered in sangria, Syd reaches for napkins and attempts to mop up as much of the drink as she can. Eyebrows are raised at Emily as Sydney watches in horror as Emily touches Hallis, and then… what? Total confusion paints Sydney's face. That was… unexpected. Fortunately, focusing on the situation at hand helps her not get caught up in the emotional energy of it all. Instead she shakes her head, and offers Hallis a hand. "Hallis, I think you may have partied enough for tonight… What would George say about all of this?" she finally asks the socialite, still keeping an eye on Emily.

Emily sits, perched on her bar stool. Hallis lies in a sangria-soaked heap on the floor at her feet…and Emily doesn't seem to be making any sort of move to help her up. "Well, that wasn't what I was trying for, I assure you." The most she can do, after quipping, is ensure that there's nothing spilled on those fine new boots as Hallis is offered a hand to get back on her feet. Seemingly bored with these occurrences, she spins to look at Trenton. "Any particular reason you felt you had to roofie our drinks?" Something tells her that putting her back to Hallis and Syd while talking with Trenton won't go over well…

"Ugh…" Hallis cries out, trying to get to her feet as her dress soaks up all the sticky mess on the floor. Emily and Trenton are both ignored in favor of Syndey, who is offering a little bit of assistance. Once she's up on her feet, Hallis tosses Emily an apologetic look and wrinkles her nose. "I'm sorry, I have to get home… Sydney's right. I need to call George." Her eyes are a little watery as she turns to show off the new bright purple stain on her gradient blue/black dress.

Hallis is completely ignored by Trenton, she doesn't deserve him or his money. Let her have the politician that's almost twice her age. "Darling, I don't know what you're talking about." He drips, that same honey in his voice. He pulls out his wallet and slides another twenty across the bar, making a motion to get the Amazon another drink. "But maybe we could get to know each other better over a couple of drinks?"

Quickly, Sydney raises a hand towards Hallis' back to usher her out. "Come on, let's catch a cab and get you cleaned up." She glances back at Trenton. Considering he just tried to drug three women, he is only given a head shake. She purses her lips at Emily, but says nothing.

Emily's clearly aware of the two women, soaked in booze and looking to make their escape. She's had her fun for the night, after all, given the pleasant surprise of running into these two here. Shushing Trenton's lame ass pickup attempts by putting a finger on his lips, she turns to wave good night to Hallis and Sydney…somewhat genuinely now. She's got an alternate plan tonight…a real gift to pay Hallis back for the shoes; he's sitting on the stool next to her, and seems very interested in getting her in his bed. One socialite is trying to reform…and one mass-murderer is trying to clean up her act. This is a good place to start; Trenton will make for a lovely present.

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